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If My Blog Were An Outfit...

I'm late on this, but I first saw this on Sophie's blog, Sophierocious. Then, I saw it on Elyse's blog: Cuddly as a Cactus, and Usagi's at Usagi in Wonderland! And recently I've seen it on Gwen's site: A Geek and Her Oven, and, Megan's The Nerdy Girlie.

Each time I thought: "That is so awesome and fun! I need to make one!"
Well, I FINALLY have!
The idea stems from A Dose Of Paige, and, Hairspray and High-heels! I liked the idea as a kind of envisioning as to WHAT do I think about my blog and it's style.
Well, here's mine:

If My Blog Were An Outfit...Joie Fatale

I actually own 1 (I love this backpack!), 8 (my "signature" perfume), and, 9 (in different colors)! I based the outfit around my fitness goals, and yet, still with a geeky "Cartoon Rocker" flair (seriously if I had that jacket, I'm pretty sure I would become invincible)!

I tend to layer shorts and capris under shorts with pockets (6 & 7). But, to show humorous side of the blog (and me) I thought the classy water polo suit was grand (#bowtiesarecool).

I feel like these outfits should be equal parts the blog, and the writer as they are supposed to be hand in hand already eh? It's a quirky outfit...something that I would wear on the way to working out, and I think, since that's my theme for this year, it's an accurate representation.

Do you have an Outfit for your blog? Put a link to it in the comment section!