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Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) Workout Cosplay

One of my all-time favorite video game heroines is the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft!

To me Lara is the greatest (yes! Even more than Indiana) relic/ treasure hunter, and even Nate Drake wants to be her! She's a bad ass, and got two movies that did really well at the box office despite "female lead movies not doing well" (and despite the fact that it was based on a video game ;P).

I decided that since it's winter and, I envy the snow, Lara Croft's outfit would be equal parts inspired by her more "classic" outfit, and a hike in the snow! (I'm such a California girl lol)! Also, I really just want to go out to the snow!

And, here is a Lara inspired playlist!

Any way, this is the last Workout Cosplay of 2016! I'll see you next year!

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Evie Frye (Assassin's Creed: Syndicate) Workout Cosplay

This week's Workout Cosplay is also Video Game inspired, this time featuring the first (sort of) playable female Assassin in the Assassin's Creed series: Evie Frye!

Evie is the twin sister of Jacob Frye (whom you can also play in Syndicate) however, where Jacob is a brawler (he's a bit a charging bull) Evie, is a proper Assassin who actually acts like an assassin. She's stealthy, sneaky and can hide like a chameleon! Also, those rose-print workout pants? Soon English Rose, eh ;) ?

Additionally, we have ab Evie inspired workout playlist!!!

Hope you liked today's workout cosplay!

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Kirby Workout Cosplay

One of my all-time favorite game characters is Kirby! When I was little this was the only game I was ok at (yes...the game is somewhat easy) and the character is an adorable pink cream puff!!! I adore his character! He's so cute!

And of course a Kirby in Dreamland inspired playlist!

Like I said, the games are relatively easy, though, to get 100% is a bit more difficult!  Also, how cute is that face? **squees**

Who's next on the video game list? Join us next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel! And remember...

If you have any have any workout cosplays you'd like to see, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me: @Joie_Fatale!

Vault-Boy Workout Cosplay (Fallout)

Technically, this is more of a Vault-Tec Jumpsuit inspired, but, you get me yeah?

Vault Boy Workout Cosplay

Vault Boy Workout Cosplay by joie-fatale 
ft. FitBit as PIP-boy

Yes, today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by one of the reasons I'm not sleeping: Fallout 4! Super fun, sometimes a bit scary/eerie (both for scaredy cats like me lol) the latest Fallout game has got me, hook, line, and radioactive-sinker!!!

One thing that's different about this particular playlist is that it's geared not so much to the S in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Strength) but more for the E, Endurance! I made it more of a mosey/for wogging! Think: walking/jogging...speed walking...but wogging is much more fun to say (albeit, slightly dorkier heeheehee). Also, it fits the theme of one of your PIP-Boy radio stations in the game:

One thing I really love about the game is that you can make your Lone Wanderer (the character you play) look any way you want. Also, (and actually most importantly for me) I'm not permanently stuck in First-Person Shooter (FPS) land! You can switch to third person!!! Meaning if you're like me and get woozy/nauseous/sick from FPS, then you can actually play this! The game is engaging...and addicting. Don't start it to kill some time before starting homework or anything LOL.

This was such a fun post for me!

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Workout Cosplay: Mega Man X (Guest Post by Dave)

My brother Dave was kind enough to help me in this month's Guy-vember Workout Cosplays!

In fact he even chose a video game character--which I have yet to do (new goal)! He chose his favorite video game character, and, overall bad-a$$: Mega Man X!

You might recognize Mega Man X as Mega Man, but there is some variation! Mega Man X's story (and consequentially, his video game series) goes a bit more in depth thanks to the Super Nintendo (SNES) system!

Dave writes: "X (aka Mega Man X), the final creation of Dr. Thomas Light and the first of the new wave of free-willed robots called Reploids. A pacifist at heart who is the Saviour of both mankind and Reploids."

X has a lot on his plate, and being the saviour we know he has to be in shape to defeat villains that would otherwise enslave us all, right?

Here is a compilation of Mega Man X (the initial armor) workout gear:
Mega Man X Men's Workout Cosplay!

And one thing Dave & I have in common is a love of music. We especially like punk and ska! If Dave's list doesn't have you bouncing & skanking around the living room, then it will definitely have you ready to kick major evil reploid butt while working out!!!

Have you ever played Mega Man X, or any of Capcom's other Mega Man titles? What was your favorite SNES game?