David Bowie and My Nerdy Ties: A Nerd's Tribute/Hug to the Thin White Duke

David Bowie is no longer with us.

I'm a Black Star by Helen Green








I am not ok. I'm kind of writing this for me, but I'm putting it out there as place to grieve.

I've not been blessed with the ability to see him perform...and now I never will. I cried this morning when I found out. He


 had his 69th birthday on the 8th. Like, I'm flabbergasted. I kept having to go back and edit tense from present to past...WTF?! Lemmy, Bradbury, and now David Bowie?!?! As a person who loved alt rock (punk/metal with Lemmy, ska with Bradbury, and glam with David), losing three people who are icons in less than three weeks...crap!

I thought it might be ok for me to share some of my favorite slightly-nerdy-but-very-Bowie-related moments:


Under Pressure


Because as a music nerd: this song is everything. My husband I sing this song all the time. They're both great vocalists, and were visual artists. Freddie Mercury is my all-time favorite vocalists, and this song was always just perfect!


Nikola Tesla in

The Prestige


Remember that time Batman fought against Wolverine with magic? And Alfred was helping Wolverine, and Black Widow was there too?!?! Well, so was Jareth...only as Nikola-f**king-Tesla!!! I like this movie a LOT! And the random surprise of David Bowie being in it always makes me grin!


That Time Got He to Act With the Muppets


Obviously, Labyrinth is on this list. It wasn't a part of my childhood because I just didn't see it. I saw it in college because my best friend showed it to me. And like most ladies, Jareth crush for all time. The hair. The eyeshadow. The Goblin King's goblin (because I'm not going to be a liar). LOL! This is pretty much what I plan on watching today too. Soooo...


Zoolander Walk-Off


Fashion! Few musicians are as fashionable as Bowie. He married Iman, a model, and they were both happy, and gorgeous and out of this 'effing world!!! That said, I still can't think of a male musician more fashionable than him. So, in Zoolander, who else but David could judge the walk? NO ONE!!!


Forever Cosplaying His Own Characters/Himself

Bowie Over the Years by Helen Green








Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke...the man was a musical genius and a gorram chameleon. Not merely monikers, but, other versions of himself come out to play in musical form! I mean: So many musicians have him to thank, from Madonna to Lady Gaga: he was the King of reinvention!


David Bowie and Vince Noir


I'm pretty sure Vince Noir is equal parts Noel Fielding, and his obsession with musicians. Most especially, David Bowie. Both have this wicked androgynous hotness (yes! HOT!) and have great outfits they could only pull off.

7). A

s the Sovereign of The Guild of Calamitous Intent (

Venture Bros.




 David Bowie did not voice himself in the show. BUT, making him the leader (and a genius villain) of an organization that provides nemesis' to the world's do-gooders was brilliant! This just made so much sense!!! Like, if you want to see this episode it's on Hulu, Season 2, Episodes 12 and 13! It also has Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi. Their voices are (of course) impersonated. But it was a great moment in the show!


Lord Royal Highness


Spongebob Squarepants knows it's royals, and Lord Royal Highness was voiced by Bowie. Him being in a cartoon is always great...even if the particular episode isn't.


Moulin Rouge


Star Wars

...kind of)


From the beginning of the movie we can see Bowie's singing on Nature Boy (with Massive Attack). This song has a beautiful and haunting feel. Additionally, the ladies in the Moulin Rouge are also called the Diamond Dogs. Moreover, "Heroes" is beautifully played in the Elephant Love Medley!

Now you may be asking: "yes, yes, but what about Star Wars?" Well, the set upon which Moulin Rouge was shot was torn down to make way for Star Wars Ep. II: Attack of the Clones! So...6 degrees!

The movie is filled with glam rock references! And like the next bullet point, stars Ewan McGregor.


Velvet Goldmine


Velvet Goldmine which is loosely based/fan-fictiony story of Iggy Pop and David Bowie. It also stars Ewan McGregor (as Curt Wilde). It's such a beautiful, 90's-meets-the-70's glam-rock, music video tribute of a movie! The soundtrack is amazing, and the costumes are some of my major cosplay goals! I don't care if no one knows who I'll be!


Guardians of the Galaxy


Moonage Daydream was perfectly placed in the most perfect of soundtracks yet to be created. The second I heard the guitar riff in the theater, I got chills! You can't make a movie in/about space without David Bowie (/Ziggy Stardust). So say we all!

I'm sorry if this was a bit a long, but I wanted to get this out. I'm so sad and devastated by this, and the knowledge that I won't get to see him live. But, I am glad that I get to remember him, and think of him fondly not just when listening to music, but, in other mediums such a movie, TV, and even cartoons.

Thank you Mr. Bowie! Thank you for the music you made, and the things you made us feel that no musician before you had before, and that no other musician will!