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Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Fa Mulan

Of all the Disney Princesses, Fa Mulan was the first bad-a$$! (yes, I too could argue the "princess" semantics but in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow "for what point and purpose" savvy?)
The movie had this great animation style, and a great message about being true to you!!!
I always thought the songs were great because "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was hilarious because there were all these preconceived notions of strength being something only a man could have, but Mulan (a young woman) aced all of these "manly requisites." Your strength, is your ability to persevere, and in turn, you succeed.
Also Reflection hit me on a pretty emotional level too. I digress...let me just end the feels here and...

heehee...see what I did there?
(if you made the GIF lemme know!)
There are a few Disney Princess inspired shirts for working out in, and when I saw this one, I knew I had my muse!

Since it's winter, I would put this long sleeve tee beneath it to keep a bit toasty:
And to match her skirt were these gym shorts. I like that the band looks thick on these as, I like to have my shorts stay still when I work out, and don't have to worry about them slipping, or riding up (while running).
For cold weather, check out these cool and fun printed thermal leggings!

Since the weather is about to be RAINY (huzzah!) I figure a hoodie is rather apt...and this looks like a good fit!
I think these shoes are a good wrap up in the Mulan workout scheme! The red laces are the perfect touch (to me) in bringing things together!
Like I said...I love the Mulan shirt because it reminds me of squats. But you know what?

I HATE squats. I really do. I don't ever do them correctly. I don't mind that they hurt, but I don't know what's wrong with me. Luckily, Nicole at Pumps and Iron puts some AWESOME workouts on her blog for free. And this one's only 25 minutes! You can do this at home, or  in a gym!
Click for larger
And when you get back from the track/trail/weight room/etc.: relax with this Fa Mulan inspired candle. Because if you do squats, the above exercise: I promise you'll be sore!
from Walter and Rosie
listed here
Finally, we wrap up with what I like to call: "Bad-A! Mulan Playlist" just so you know, its gunna hit you hard like a sword from a warrior princess! (Also, I feel like its a good pre-board meeting/school presentation/running hills/lifting weights type of playlist--I was a bit selfish this week :P)

Work and Workouts Playlist!

To be honest, since Monday, this week has been productive, but INTENSE!
I'm kicking butt and taking names, but I'm really tired. I haven't even had a chance to read.

I am REALLY proud though! I caught up, and SHREDDED through some work these last three days. So much so in fact, that by the end of this week, I am hoping our team will be ahead of the curve!!!

I will resume Wednesday workout cosplays next week.

I work in an office environment. Sometimes the best way to just kick tail at work, is to listen to music that make you wanna kick tail. The tail I want to kick? Mine! I want to kick it in to shape. I've been failing at it a bit.

But I thought I'd share a playlist that, while not necessarily #CK4C inspired, has been getting me through most of this week, and is run/cardio friendly.

In other words, a bit drum and guitar heavy with some great timing/syncopation for one's pace! Well, at least I think so! (I can NEVER not run to The Donna's cover of Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself. It's PERFECT for my pace, and has the right kind of Grrrl growl to keep me all: "frak yeah! I can do this!" And well, I LOVE I apologize for it's lack of flow, but I'm not sorry it's a great movie! :-P ).

Admittedly, I also listen to musicals, scores, and classical at work. But these songs were on heavy rotation this week, and it's been awesome!

Each of these songs are feel good one's for me when I'm at work. I'm totally working for the weekend this week!

My brother will be in town from Northern California for his birthday (we share this month! Joint birthday party? I think so!). I'm really excited to see him as I haven't seen him since Comic Con last year!

What are your go to motivating songs? What are your plans this weekend?

Fun Finds

Have you seen this trailer for Maleficent?! Lana del Rey's cover of Once Upon a Dream is PERFECT for the darkness of the fairy tale. It's haunting, luring, and beautiful! I can't wait to see this and I apologize in advance should my excitement become...repetitive.

Cait at Kitsch Vixen posted a link to this AMAZING post about Smash[ing] the Scale (Please read it and SHARE it!). She also shared the below video featuring styles throughout the last century, and both of them make me smile!

I want this wallet and bag from Loungefly! They are simple enough for dressing up, but they have a cute Tinkerbell print on them!
via LoungeFly
via LoungeFly

Think Geek has this Dalek watch (and this amazing T.A.R.D.I.S. watch...but it's already sold out) and I feel as though I could use this timepiece:
via ThinkGeek
And for something completely unique for valentines day--especially if you're like me and not really a roses person--Think Geek has a bouquet of plush kittens, or this plush of UNICORNS!!!
via ThinkGeek
be sure to check out this post about Moffet -era companions by Amber West of A Day Without Sushi wrote. She makes some great points so check them out!

Last but not least, a friend shared this with me, and yeah...I cried along with the girl at 8:46!

"Great job" I say to their parents! 

It's my Birthday month, and it's going to be so busy! I'm super excited! Have a great weekend, and welcome to February!

Albums of Awesome Part 2 - Dookie



by Green Day

While this is my favorite album, of all time, this get’s #2, as the album above I feel has a slightly better track listing and theme.

Ok, technicalities out of the way:

Dookie is the album that shook my world and being. Good or bad—I like to think it’s mostly good—but on the cusp of teenager-dom (maybe this should be: teenager-dumb, as I was heading to junior high when I first heard this) this album had questions that mirrored my own growing pain questions.

The inevitable onset of teenage angst was somewhat subdued by this record too. This probably made my parents somewhat happy. I did however keep things inside to bubble…eh, who knows the correct way to handle things…ok, never mind, we know these things, but who can execute all of that…really?

Anyway, my favorite songs by and far are:

Having A Blast


Basket Case


When I Come Around

, and

Coming Clean

. But overall, it’s a SOLID offering of self-analyzing love, and confusion over what we are supposed to be, who we


we are, and who we really are and who we will end up being.

A few excerpts:

1). Burnout: “

Apathy has rained on me

”, “

I’m not growing up, I’m just burning out, and I’ve stepped in line to walk amongst the dead

2). Having a Blast: “

Do you ever think back, to another time? Does it bring you so down that you thought you lost your mind?

3). Chump (this song became most poignant in 2009): “

I don’t know you, but I think I hate you. You’re the reason for my misery. Strange how you’ve become my biggest enemy and I’ve never even seen your face. Well, maybe it’s just jealousy, mixing up with a violent mind a circumstance that doesn’t make much sense. Or, maybe I’m just dumb.

4). Longview: “

Peel me off this Velcro seat, and get me moving. I sure as hell can’t do it by myself.

5). Welcome to Paradise: “

Dear Mother can you hear me laughing!

7). Basket Case: The entire song…It’s my favorite. One of my theme songs!

8). She: The entire song. Also a theme song!

10). When I Come Around: “

I’m a loser and a user, and I don’t need no accuser, to try and flag me down because I know you’re right

This album changed my life. It’s my favorite of all-time, but my favorite band of all-time. Dookie was my perspective changer.

Up until that point I had been trying, REALLY trying to like R&B and other music, that—up until I first heard Billie Joe sing; “

Do you have the time, to listen to me whine?

” —I had never even realized I felt I NEEDED to fit in to some concept that race was not only my defining element, but also the guide by whom I could choose the things I liked. It was that moment, at a 6


grade “promotion” (from elementary to junior high) party that I thought: “why am I trying to fit this mold? I like this way better than Toni Braxton!” (I brought my mom’s Toni Braxton CD to said party, because I didn’t own any of my own music, or own any of me).

Maybe that’s it too.

Dookie is where I first took ownership of me. As stated previously, I first heard it on the cusp of teenager beginnings, and so its timing was perfection. When I listen to it, I think in part I get nostalgic. I feel like it’s taking me back, but at the same time, the ideas on the album became more important, because I understand the words more, or the words change



, because it’s something I feel I need to hear, and it always applies.