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Swimming and Self Like/Love

I'm not afraid of swimsuit season. Hell, I'm planning on getting a two piece (the second I can afford it). And I'm not a conventionally-ideal-sized woman either! Sure, I WANT to fit that commercialized norm (I'd be liying if I said I didn't...but I know it's taken years of conditioning from media too), but when it comes to swimsuits:  I want whatever I want (and for it to fit in a way where ocean waves won't peel it's happened before...and it SUCKS!). Yes, I occasionally get self-conscious in a swimsuit...but at the same time, I don't let it get in the way.

First, PLAYLIST (since this was for Wednesday!):

I was thinking about what is it that has made me this way. And I know having done swim and water polo in high school helped.
Too accurate...via
I was never great at either sport (NOT fishing for compliments, I'm genuinely uncoordinated), but I enjoy how those sports make me feel after doing them. I feel like my muscles are liquid a cat. Sorry that seems silly (cause cats don't usually care for water), but I remember reading Animorphs, and that's what I most closely relate this to LOL!
Any way, after swimming, I feel my muscles in that "good" ache of use/fatigue that says, NO! my muscles scream: "I am invincible!"
Those muscles being used make me feel strong! My body cuts through the water, like a hot knife through butter (or some such analogy)! I can tread water, I can do flip-turns, I can be in water and know what regardless of my BMI standings (which PS, is BS!) I can kick butt in it! Heck, if it wasn't for the sun's rays being so intense here, I would stay more than four hours in the water (yup! I've done this!). I LOVE water! When I get out of the pool (or ocean) I feel like a brand new person! Like, I changed from Joie, into Bishoujo Senshi: Sailor Fatale!
Also, I remember that if anyone has a problem with how I look, I could probably hold them under-water (not that I would) and make them cry gurgle "uncle" while below surface. So haters can suck it!
OMG! I actually used a T. Swift gif **slaps own hand**
I wish I could give this to every person. I think it's insane for us to not enjoy that cool refreshing feeling of water and staying cool during the summer! It bugs the living crap out of me! Everyone has a right to be at the beach and not have to worry about how they look (and curse people who take pictures of strangers and post them online to be ridiculed. Curse them, may shame, dishonor and BAD LUCK forever curse their name).
All I'm saying is, get your a$$ in the water if you want to. Have fun! Stay cool! Wear a two piece if you want! Wear whatever! Have fun, get prune-fingers! Rock that eau de chlorine, or have those natural beach waves from being at the beach! Also, being in the sun will give you vitamin D, which will make you happy! And as Elle Woods said: "Happy people don't kill..."

Frozen - Movie Review

Let's travel back in time.


To the year 1991. On November 22.
An animated MASTERPIECE graced theaters (yeah, I said graced) by the company that has made some of the best animated films (...but not so much in the 80's)

This movie was Beauty and the Beast (BatB).
Belle will always be one of my favorite princesses. I mean, did you SEE that library she was given by Beast/Beau?!?!
Boys: it doesn't matter what you look like.
It's the size of your library that counts!
Books are totally the way to my heart!!! Any way, BatB was beautifully and lovingly done. It was the first animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture, had brilliant songs, beautiful artwork, a timeless score and...

Dang! I really can't get over that library!

Anyway, to say Belle--and my library envy-- is one of my favorites would be an understatement. I love Tiana, Meridah, Kida, and Pocahontas, too. But Belle...I got her. It will always be my favorite "classic" Disney film, and how it really sets the standard.

Which brings me to Frozen.

Ok, admittedly this may not be Beauty and the Beast (maybe its the CGI?). But you know what? My favorite Disney song is now Let It Go as sung by the ever amazing Idina Menzel the voice of one of my now favorite Disney Princesses--well Queen--Elsa!

Speaking of vocal prowess, I was also surprised by Kristen Bell's singing talent. I didn't know she could sing, but after finding this out, my Veronica Mars-based girl crush got that much more serious!

Oh, and Anna (Bell's character) is so delightfully awkward! YES. Awkward is being WAY over used right now...but it was just perfect for the sheltered princess that she is.

The beginning of the movie has Elsa and Anna playing together, and delighting in Elsa's uniqueness. But when an accident happens, Elsa is forced to hide her special gift, and Anna--with the aid from some rock trolls--is made to forget. The King forbids Elsa from using her powers, and Elsa shuts out Anna from her life, in fear of hurting her again, and of other repercussions that may befall.

When the girls are in their teens, the king and queen leave on a ship, which is wrecked, and thus, a coronation for a new regal must take place for the eldest daughter Elsa when she comes of age. Elsa is naturally feeling a lot of pressure, and Anna is glad for the company after years of isolation in the castle (as exemplified by Anna's friendship with the paintings in the royal gallery...VERY funny scene btw).

Anna meets Hansel

(he's so hot right now)

The two  fall in typical Disney "Love-At-First-Sight." The two ask Elsa for permission to marry, and she (wisely, in my opinion) says no. Anna and Elsa have an argument (which was really due after how many years with a door between them) and Elsa loses control of her icy powers.

Elsa runs for the mountains with Anna on her trail.
Insert this amazing song:
Let It Go by Idina Menzel on Grooveshark

Or this video that was just posted 2013/12/7

Every time she sings: "the cold never bothered me anyway" I seriously get goose skin! This just booted "Be a Man" from Mulan as my favorite Disney song (and I love that song!!!).

And Anna runs into the slightly crazy Kristoff, whom she hires to take her up the Matterhorn mountain. On the way they meet Olaf voiced by Josh Gad (who is BRILLIANT in Book of Mormon btw!) a snowman who "love[s] warm hugs."

I was perfectly content in my preparation to HATE Olaf based on my impression from the teaser trailer. But he had me laughing SOOOO much! I mean, his song and the animation...and his vacant stares?!?! I almost want to see the movie again just because of him.

I would go on, but to avoid spoilers, let's just say that I like how true love won out in this Disney movie.

Additionally, I would not be surprised if in a decade this was a would make a really fun one!

On a social note:
I have seen some fan art wishing that Disney would be a little more diverse with their princesses. While I love Frozen, I can't help but agree with this statement. Don't mistake my, or anyone else's desire for more representation as dislike/hate for this film. I don't dislike the movie in any way; in fact, I LOVED it!!! I would seriously recommend this movie! But, I would have loved to have seen an Inuit or, Japanese princess (Yuki-onna and The Snow Queen may share some similar roots). Maybe next time?

Regardless, please go see this film! Unless you hate musicals, or animation, you will probably really enjoy it.

8.5/10 (lost 1.5 for some lack of originality, and overused "awkward" archetypes, and not enough Olaf).