Charizard Workout Cosplay

Happy April Fool's Day! Today's Workout Cosplay is based on one of the "OG Starters:" Charizard!!! That dragon (though strangely, not "Dragon-Type" in the game) of fire, and flying. This is more of an all-gym-terrain cosplay! Cardio, weights, or yoga should be comfy in this (also, my current addiction: SPIN heehee).

While I'm a more of a Squirtle-starter kinda gal myself, but I think it's fair to say that Charizard really is a bad-a$$ Pokemon!

I really do like Pokemon! (lol, can you tell?!)

Which was your favorite starter of the first Pokemon game? Bulbasaur, Charmander, or, Squirtle?

Let me know in the comments!

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Let's Get Tuff Jigglypuff!

I've been playing a LOT of Pokemon (and Assassin's Creed) lately, and I felt like I'd pay tribute to the Normal-type Pokemon, who is anything but: Jigglypuff!

I remember when Pokemon first came stateside I was in High School, and my brothers and I loved the game, and the accompanying commercial anime! While I wasn't a fan of the "normal" type Pokemon, Jigglypuff on the cartoon was highly entertaining.

You see, J-Puff (his professional performer's handle) had aspirations of becoming a star and liked to sing, rap, and serenade the Kanto region. Sadly, J-Puff's music proved far to soothing, and put Pokemon and trainers alike to sleep. Luckily, J-Puff also packed a sharpie that was hidden in his microphone so--like any young sensitive artist might do--he would draw on his slumbering audeinces. Never anything crude of course...just something to tell Kantonians (it's real): "J-Puff was here!" Luckily, J-Puff reverted back to his name Jigglypuff, and became an extremely successful singer for young children and small Pokemon, as his soothing voice, lifted them to Slumberland for much needed naps (also, he proved to be helpful to insomniac trainers). As it turns out, Jigglypuff had his lineage traced by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and found out he is not only a Normal-type, but, also Fairy-type Pokemon!

In all seriousness, Jigglypuff is one of the Pokemon that when I talk to people about Pokemon, he's one of the most mentioned (after that heavily touted electrical one). But the microphone...and the sharpie, and the cute face Jigglepuff makes when angry? I get it!


Do you have a favorite Pokemon? How about a Pokemon memory?