Weekly Intentions # 11

This week, let's try it: Countdown Style!!!

5). Water Polo- Classes at the local community colleges commence today, and I plan on crashing Water Polo. Even though I am a slow swimmer, I know I need the challenge, confidence boost, and calorie burn! Also, I just bought a new suit, and I don't want that to go to waste!
My Swimsuit pattern from Instagram
4). Drink More Water and Juice- I got a random case of the flu last week, and was sick (thus the "No-Post-Since-Wednesay" status). So I need to focus on maintaing vitamins and such so I don't get ill again.

3). Stress Less- Part of last weeks icky-sicky was stress has already taken quite a toll on my body. I might need to use some of my vacation time. I keep telling myself, but I still haven't picked any time frame. But, March is the Tenor's and my anniversary, so I might save until then.

2). Bleach More of My Hair- back in November I bleached some of it, but I am attempting to gradually bleach all of it, and white it out. I want to have it like Storm, or Elsa's!  (and if I could gain weather/ice manipulation like either of them, that would be a bonus!)
Always loved her with the mohawk! (via)
Elsa from Disney's FROZEN by princekido
by princekido
1). Birthdays Wishes- This is kind of a intention for the year actually. I want to text people I know on their birthdays, and not just Happy Birthday, but, let them know what they mean to me! I think receiving Happy Birthday is nice, but this year, I want to focus on those people too! Ideally I will send via a text message, or a phone call. And if that's not available, Facebook will suffice. But, I want me to be more appreciative of my friends and family this year! It's a totally doable goal too!

Now for something COMPLETELY different!!!
I'm going to be an auntie! OK yes I am already an aunt as my two of my Sister-In-Laws (SIL) have children. BUT for the first time one of my siblings is having a baby!

Wait, correction: she's having TWO babies!!! Twins!!!

They are fraternal twins so they might be boy and girl! (OK maybe we are all hoping so☺).

I can't wait to find out!!! So amazing!

I know its still early so if you could say a little prayer/some good thoughts for these future littles that would be groovy!

I'm excited.
But not as excited as my mum! Holy moley! She is stoked!

How about you? What are your intentions for the week? Exciting news?
Hope you have a wonderful week!!