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Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods That Make Me Dance and Sing!

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!  
I don't know about you, but I totally believe/suffer from "hangry"! I know how Bruce Banner feels as the fourth hour between a meal rolls around. Hell, I think the main purpose of my purse is to prevent this from happening, via a Quest Bar or another snack being nestled in it.

But then, there are foods that not only take me out of Hulk-smashing-stuff-up-mode, but, into singing and dancing (even if only at the table).

That dear reader, is that list..for me!

5). Pho

via Pho Across America
Whether in sickness, or, in health: Pho is great! Well, to be clear, great pho, is great! I grew up in a neighborhood with an average of two pho restaurants  at every intersection (science!...not really). I'm still looking to find a a good pho restaurant here in P-Cola!
If you don't know what pho is, check out my friend Victoria's handy guide HERE

4). Spicy Cha Cha from Loving Hut!
There are two things you should know about me: (1) I'm not vegan, but, (2) I LOVE vegan food options! And Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant that has franchises all over! They have amazing desserts, soups, and sandwiches. But the Spicy Cha Cha is hands down my favorite. It's skrimp (not shrimp?) and has delicious seasoning and brown rice...I love it! when my hubby and I had a "One Night Only" stint in San Diego last week (this post to come) we made sure to eat at Loving Hut! It's OUR place! Alas, the closest Loving Hut is in Tampa!

3). My Mom's Mac 'n' Cheese
Picture by Bored Inc.
This is a meal is only available seasonally. Every Thanksgiving my mom makes Mac 'n' Cheese, and it is literally a gift from above. I swear, Thursday evening, after grace, and everyone is served, the clouds open up, and moonlight shines in through the window upon this most delicious of food! I don't have a picture of it because I am always too busy eating it!  One year, my mom didn't make it. I told her that I would forgive her that one time. If it happened again, I will not be doing "the whole Thanksgiving thing."
It IS the holiday to me. Judge me if you must. But you'll have to try it for yourself to judge fairly.

2). Cake from Edelweiss Bakery
via the Bakery's Website
"I love cake!" And when I say that, I mean cake from this bakery. I LOVE their icing! I love their cake! I love their whole bakery! When people ask if I want cake, I always hope it will be from them! I'm often disappointed slightly when it's not though because this cake makes me happy beyond belief!

1). Sashimi
I like sushi rolls. But I LOVE sashimi! I am not sure how but my mom got me into sushi early on in life she says (I don't know why either, cause I don't know if I could share my sushi with a little kid #sorrynotsorry). But I will always say "yes" to a sushi invite!

And an honarable mention to...
a). Coffee
Ok, not technically a food, so not technically on the list. But I couldn't not menction it as I'm a coffee addict, so much so that it could be 2 am, and I could be in a desperate need of sleep; but if I so much as smell that delicious brown gift from God...well, I'm getting me a cup of coffee--in the words of Debbie Harry:-- One Way or Another!!!

Those are foods that not only keep me in Bruce Banner mode, but a singing dancing with Thor and Loki, Bruce mode!

What are your comfort foods?

For Cereal?!?!

Want to hear an interesting story that just happened?
We have a wall, and then, my cubicle’s wall; there’s a gap between them. My cubicle’s wall is 5’9”. So when something falls, it’s practically gone for good!
I had a Ziploc bag of cereal. My co-worker said she was hungry. i hand her the bag and she goes "I don't want any more healthy food!" This we joke about--making her healthy, cause she loves McD's--so I go on and do an impression and am like "NO! Eff eating healthy!" while holding said bag of cereal in my left hand, and—at the end of my sentence—I bat at the bag with my right hand…
Well, I must have had She-Hulk mode on or something cause I just “volleyed” that bag over my cubicle’s wall, and directly into the gap between!
And so my coworker and I are like “WTF?!?! That seriously just happened!” and we get to thinking, CRAP! There’s going to be mice and roaches (we’re in a crappy little bungalow) all up in our space. So I come up with a “genius” and “scientific” plan to grab the bag!
I stand on the desk and pull our office vacuum up on to my desk and fasten ALL the tubes/attachments to the tube thingy. And after a game that felt like “the claw”…I retrieved the bag of cereal! I'm pretty sure I just made Thursday interesting. Or, at least, entertaining!
Welcome to Wonderland! We’re ALL mad here!!!
The End

Caffeine Addict

I have been hiatus like for a while.

Work has been BUSY and strenuous! But, I am grateful to have one.

But I have an early day as I start at 6:30 am.

And so, for that reason I am a caffeine addict!

While I love me some Starbucks, its a bit pricey.  A few weeks back we went to go see The Dark Knight Rises at the drive in. We went to the 1:45 am showing, and needed something to keep us awake. Since the 'Bucks was closed, we went to 7-11!

And I got to try my new custom drink.

Cafe de Fatale

1/2 vanilla latte

1.5 pumps of honey syrup

Fill to top with Blueberry coffee

Add mallow sprinklings or others to your desire.

Perhaps this is also a sugar high? I reeally want it, and really need it to get by.


The cup o' Joe  is not bad and is my new pick me up.

I really hope they start a punch card program or something!

I would love to hear about other coffee shop alternatives, even if they are exclusive to one's township.