Six Weeks Later

It's been a while eh?
I've been in a bit of a rut. One that if it weren't for this past Halloween, I would probably still be stuck in. 

Luckily, I've had (in the words of The Beatles) a little help from my friends! Some of that helps includes:

~ Started The Nerdy Rebellion with Gladys, Gwen, and Travis!!!
~ Feels talks with friends
~ Phone calls that were much needed
~ ACTUALLY running, and pushing myself to limits I didn't think I'd be able to do!
~ Got a new job I'm totally stoked about
~ Making some personal crafts
~ drawing and painting
~ Assassin's Creed Syndicate (I adore Evie Frye)

It's been an interesting few months, and I'm trying to catch up on blog posts. But, I'll be honest, I won't get to all the one's I've missed, so PLEASE let me know of especially important ones to you, as I NEED to read those as well!

Thanks for sticking with me if you have.

And: see you Wednesday (tomorrow)!!! ;)

5 Times I Flipped Out Like A Fangirl

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

When you're a fangirl, you know, more than any other type of fan, the importance of keeping your cool. This goes against our innate nature though. We are like little magpies fighting our desire to go straight to the shiny things, so too, is the fangirl.

IDK if these literally fit today's prompt, but, I thought I'd share with you some embarrassing, but strongly fangirl-powered moments. And with that, here are sometimes where I lost my fangirl cool!!

1). Stan Lee at the Viz Media Shonen Jump panel
Up until 2008 if you wanted to go to a panel (that is, if you wanted to sit up front) at SDCC, you only had to show up to the panel before it started. At the time, I was reading Shojo Beat magazine (R.I.P.) and wanted to subscribe to Shonen Jump. My brother and I were excited since we both liked the mangas in the magazine; and, we both like Naruto & Bleach. But the most important thing in the panel description, for me, was that they would be talking about the Ultimo manga venture. I KNEW Stan Lee would show up, even though my brother insisted there would be no chance of this, and you know what?...HE DID!
My brother and I jumped out of our seats filled with pure glee, grasped each others arms and found ourselves jumping up and down (I'm NOT exaggerating). I fangirled so hard, that I broke the cardinal rule--I asked for a picture! I also tried to bring my brother up there, but he fanboyed so hard he didn't even feel me pulling at him, and just sat next to me, smiling the BIGGEST smile and looking on in awe at Stan! And though I'm sad I broke the rule, I'm glad I got this pic for free! :D
🌸#SorryNotSorry 😜
2). Billie Joe x Joie = Kiss!!!
So technically, my first kiss was Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.
Technically, when he called pulled me on stage I made sure my demand was quite clear.
Technically, my friend Ben and the Tenor (then, "just a friend") helped me get on stage to make this magical moment possible.
Technically, I'm not really sure how much of this is really "technical" but it seemed right at the time I was writing this.

3). The Geek Girl Meet Up at SDCC 2014
OK, so I don't know if this counts, but I'm putting it on here anyway! First let me preface this with the fact that I actually have a little bit of social anxiety. I push it to the side at cons and concerts, mostly because I know I NEED to, in order to enjoy them and have fun.
The amazing and sweet Megan (The Nerdy Girlie) put together a Geek Girl blogger meet up last SDCC! And I was really excited to go. I was able to meet the ultra kind, and comic book knowledgy Gladys (Usagi in Wonderland) earlier that day, trying really hard to "stay cool" and be sure to say hi versus, say, gush WAY too much...which I do...IDK if I did that day, and got to see her again at the meet up! But that evening by the end of the con, at the meet up, it was so excited to see some more of the geek girl bloggers! Especially those who I hadn't met yet, and who lived in San Diego. I got to meet Meli (Melificent) who I saw again at SherlockeDCC! I got super tearful when I started talking to Liz Locksley ( & Mia (XO Mia) who had started SuperHeroesque and basically were the reason I FINALLY cosplayed for the first time EVER at SDCC (I've been going for 10+ years, and was too self-conscious). So yeah...I cried...I lost my fangirl "cool" with my fangirl peers.
Basically, I found out I had (and continue to) become a fangirl of my fellow fangirls and fanboys!
Everyone is AWESOME!
Pic courtesy of The Nerdy Girlie

4). Meeting Cree Summer...and Crying
Also at SDCC (2014 was my SDCC of Happy Tears) I was at the Black Panel which, if you haven't been to it: DO IT! It's the most fun in a panel, there's never a line, and, you can MEET the celebrities! Some celebrities include Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow), Phil LaMarr (who might sit down right next to you, and has voiced at least one character in nearly EVERYTHING, including Futurama!), and, my voice acting hero: Cree Summer! Since I was a kid there were three jobs that I wanted; the most important of which is being a voice actor! Cree Summer was one of the FIRST names I ever memorized from those speedy cartoon credits! She was really cool, and the sweetest!
And--since I was fangirling too hard--I of course forgot to take a pic...yay Joie! (I actually do this a lot sadly). So, here's a picture of her with some of the voices she has done:
5). Geek Out Together/Peggy's Peeps/Daredevil
This is my home. These are my folks!
Incase you missed it, Gwen, Gladys, Travis, and I started a fan recap of Agent Carter! We had SO MUCH FUN that, we decided we wanted to do some more Geek Out hangouts! This month and next we'll be covering Daredevil! I love doing this with these with my fellow nerds! It's so much fun!

Fandom 5 Friday: This is Halloween--Nerd Style!

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

This week's Fandom Friday is based around characters you'd love to dress up as for Halloween!
To be honest my five are comprised of my all time dream costumes--including when I was a kid!
And with that we begin!

1). Catwoman (Batman Returns)

Since I was a in elementary school and I saw this movie I have want to be this version of Catwoman (check out Tim Burton's concept sketch here)! She's sexy, fierce, and so stinking bad-a$$! Also, like Indiana Jones, home-girl wields a whip! (OK, I'm seriously about to watch this movie cause it's so effing awesome)

2). Cerise Hood (Ever After High)

Cerise is my fave from Ever After High...mostly cause she has cute boots! I would LOVE to dress up as her! She'd scare any Big Bad Wolf away! Also, this wouldn't be too hard to put together for Halloween! And her SDCC exclusive version was so effing awesome! I want to Cosplay as that for a con! (PS: shout out to Usagi from Usagi in Wonderland! She knows why!).

3). Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Pinkie Pie is the life, strike that! Pinkie Pie IS the party! That, and I love 4th-Wall-Breakers! 'Nough said!

4). Rilakkumma (by San-X)

I can't! That little face is so effing adorable! I'm so addicted to San-X (and Sanrio too) for just, sheer adorableness! It's so much cute, I can't help but smile! Also, there's this kigurumi so it can function as a warm winter wear! It looks super cozy.

5). Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)

Like Catwoman, I've wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween! But I've wanted to be her for even longer.

What about you? What are your top five Halloween costumes...for this year? ;)

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Yoruichi Shihouin

I'm back! I'm trying to have a few posts set up since I will be moving at the end of the month! And while I pack up I've been catching up on BLEACH!!!

I remember watching the anime back in 2008 and being super excited that I recognized my favorite Power Ranger's voice as the main character, Ichigo: Johnny Yong Bosch (seriously, he was the ranger I crushed on while everyone else was all about Tommy)!

Any who, I LOVED this show! And catching up has been awesome! And a few episodes in a cute talking cat shows up, and I was SOLD! As it turns out, the cute talking cat ends up being my favorite character in the show: Yoruichi Shihouin!

FACT: She has purple hair!

FACT: She turns into a cat!

FACT: She's a fighting bad-ass!

FACT: she's effing cool!

Also, she was the first anime character since like, Sailor Pluto that I had seenwho was dark skinned woman! The realization of that also seared her into my favorites list as it was a). something I didn't even realize would impact me on that level and, b). she was a character I wanted to be like too!

And with that, here's the cosplay workout gear!

1). Mesh open back tank- I used the black one of this tank for Meleficent, but if you've ever seen Bleach you know that an open back tank would have to be involved! Bad ass chick, has awesome shoulders!

2). Purple Headband-Ok this is a fancy headband, but it's the perfect purple, and I would use it to workout regardless! And it's the perfect purple for her hair! I love it!

3). Running Kicks- these will keep you quick on your feet, whether you're running, or, doing shunpo/flash step!

4). Yoruichi badge- motivation on your exercise gear push yourself and be the best!

5). Compression Capris-These compression capris will keep your muscles together and working! Also, compression helps prevent fatigue, so, they will be

6). Sports Bra- I have this particular sports bra and let me tell you: it is SOOOOO comfy!! Seriously! It's the best! And it comes in a cute tangerine color! It's got AMAZING support and coverage, but doesn't feel like like it would.

Last but not least, a workout to get you Flash Step ready!

A good agility booster (in addition to stairs, and sand running) is an agility ladder.

Here's a few to look at!

Have you seen Bleach? Who's your favorite character?

Better late than never, eh? And just under the Wednesday wire!

Lumberjanes: A Tiny Review & Playlists!

LumberJanes L to R: Ripley, April, Jo, Molly, Mal
If you're looking to pick up a comic sereies RIGHT NOW, may I highly recommend Lumberjanes!!! Other bloggers have recommended the series, and I immediately picked it up, especially Cazz from Nerdburger whose review can be found here, and Gwen of A Geek & Her Oven whose review is here!

Like the ladies above, I love Lumberjanes' genuine use of girl's kicking butt and having fun action! It reminds me of Powerpuff Girls x Scooby Doo x Buffy, and--as another review noted--a little bit of Ann M. Martin's Babys-Sitter's Club for measure!

I like the comic's style as it colorful, and on the zanier side. The second those three-eyed foxes showed up in issue one, the series pretty much stole my heart!

Fox Fight!!!

The comic also has an all inclusive feel with diverse characters who all get along and have friendship as their glue (a la the BSC). No character comes across as a "token," either! Each of these young ladies is a person who contributes to the group, making up their solid 20 percent of the group! This is such a refreshing element to me. Each character is well balanced, and has her own specialty. In the most recent issue (number three) I swear I heard the Doctor saying to Molly "...I've never met anyone who wasn't important." Also, Ripley--the youngest, and most hyper of the 'Janes--gets thrown in a "Fastball Special" (which happens to be 1 of 5 things that I actually like about Wolverine). This is totally a comic for comic lovers, and, newbies a like though (don't let the references scare you, let them inspire you, young padawan).

At the end of every issue, I feel like I've earned a merit badge along with Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley! (I should make some! Someone on Etsy needs to get on that, stat! LOL).

While I would read this series based on all of the things above, you know what signed, sealed, and, CEMENTED the deal?

Those Playlists! If you've been here with you friendly neighborhood Joie for a while you know I love me a good PLAYLIST/MIX TAPE! (Even though I'm not a T. Swift fan/person/respector at all, the playlists are BOMB!)

In short I would HIGHLY recommend picking up Lumberjanes. Especially to those of you who are tired of just toeing the water, and are looking to jump in the pool!

Here are the playlists from one and two (except in 2 I took out Avril Lavine...because she is my enemy and if my life were a video game, she'd be the penultimate boss battle I'd fight). Also Fefe is luv!

Fox Fight Jams:
Fox Fight Jams by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

River Adventure Mix of Doom:
River Adventure Mix of Dooooooom! by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

I'll get to volume 3 later...
Have you read Lumberjanes? What comics are you reading now?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay & GIVEAWAY: Poison Ivy

This month is very exciting! Spider-Man has opened, and Maleficent opens on the 30th!
And like I said, April showers bring May flowers!
Or, Ivy!

Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy is a great villain who prowls Gotham City's streets, and though she may go a bit too far, she cares about our planet. Also, she is best gal pal's with a little lady who I had a winter workout cosplay of back in January: Harley Quinn!

Poison Ivy Workout Cosplay

1). Unless You Can Be Poison Ivy Shirt- What I like most about cotton tees, is that you can wear them ANYWHERE! And tbh, this shirt is probably too cute to workout in. But it's super soft, and cotton breathes! Also, I love the design! Everyone always says to "be Batman." But I'd rather be one of the member of his Rogues Gallery, thank you!
2). Forest Emerald Track Jacket - This jacket is such a great shade of forest green. And I think, Adidas makes track jackets like nobody's business!!
3). Crossfit Training Shoe- No joke: shoes are important! And these puppies, are great for helping with stability, because if you're like me (occasionally klutzy with a side of mishap) today's featured exercise can be...tricky.
4). Speed Rope- I often see Ivy with, well, ivy as an accessory! I feel like a little chibi Ivy would have a vine as a jump rope, and so: jump rope! (note to self, doodle a chibi Ivy skipping vine!).
5). Play Shorts- These shorts provide a lot of movement and fit comfortable. So whether you're running from the commish, or Batman, or skipping rope in Arkham, you'll be nice and comfy in these.
6). Poison Ivy Bow- I love bows! I confess, I forget to put one on my ponytail before working out most of the time, but, I like them as a workout accessory, since they are relatively unobtrusive, and pretty darn cute!

Besides just skipping rope you might wonder what other exercise you can do with a vine rope. Well, here's an exercise routine (that's only 10 minutes) you can do!

This workout playlist is a collaboration with Amanda from Geekphoria!

Amanda has also helped make today EXTRA special! She has made my FIRST GIVEAWAY possible!
(This is a photo I took, I'm not a photographer)
She has made it possible for me to giveaway this ULTRA cool shirt!
Amanda Brand is a just a life-long geek dying to share her love of video games, fantasy, sci-fi, crafting, and, cosplay with the rest of Geekdom. By day she's a mild-mannered political science Ph.D [AMAZING!!!] student, and by night she is marathoning Star Trek on Netflix, sewing costumes and crafting props, and reading everything she can get her hands on. is dedicated to sharing these passions with people who are equally passionate, and, celebrating the women, and creativity within the geek subculture!

Amanda has been in each of the Female Geek Bloggers community's Con-At-Home panel thus far, and has created some amazing content at her blog Geekphoria! Be sure to check her out!!!

For the giveaway, use the Rafflecoptor below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Liebster Award 2.0!

Say WHAT?!  I got Liebster Award again from the super-awesome Steph at Nerdjoy (check out her Liebster Award here)!

On my previous award--found here--I had to answer 11 questions and tag 11 people (if you're on that list...I would still like to see your answers;] ). However, for this one, there are five questions, and five nominees, so be sure to check them out, eh?

Without further ado:

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Monster High. Seriously. I think they're adorable. I can't help it. I call it "The Flinstone Effect" where, all the puns, and gadgets are "monster" themed (like "ghoulfriend" and "iCoffin" and "gore-geous"). LOVE them!
2. Who would be in your dream Comic Con meet and greet?
David Tennent, Yazawa Ai, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Joss Whedon. Seriously, I'd probably smile so much my face would be KILLING me, but it would be so awesome!
From Facebook...sorry

3. Spa day! What would be your ideal way to unwind?
Oooh...I've actually never been to a spa, so I like walking this resevoir out here, and, I also like to surf/swim to relax.

4. What has been your greatest achievement in life?
Ok, While getting married was awesome (I never thought that would happen, but am glad it did as he's perfect for me) I have to go with: Getting a picture with Stan Lee was pretty awesome!
"Uncle" Stan and I!!! (I was much less healthy here than before, and
my brother decided he was too stunned by Stan Lee's presence to get a picture with us)
5. How would you describe your blog in five words?
Geek tries to get fit!

And with this, here are my five questions:
1). Why did you start blogging, and what have you learned so far?
2). Describe your blog in 5 words (stolen from Steph) , or, write a haiku about your blog (5-7-5 syllables)?
3). What is your favorite song that perfectly describes your life? AND What is your favorite lyric from that song?
4). I'm recycling this one: You get to have lunch with three people: one historical (real), one fictional BOOK character, and one fictional film/TV character. Who are they, and, how do think this melding of minds would go?
5). What is your favorite Manga/anime? If you don't have one, which one have been interested in the most, but haven't seen?

And my nominees are:
1). Luka Riot @ Rando Calrissian - a totally amazing designer who creates things right up my alley! A little geek, a lot of metal and punk! Be sure to check out here label Hellhound Fashion!
2). Desiree @ The Skinny Geek Within- At Skinny Geek Within, Desiree shares her journey to get fit and healthy! Also, I'm learning a bit about Tennis from her via her blog!
3). Amber from The Shiny Happy - Amber shares her life, and loves on her blog, and has been knocking out items on her "35 before 35" list. (Psst! It's also her birthday month, soooo stop by and wish her a happy birthday!).
4). Kelsey @ April Sprinkles - Kelsey is a super nifty crocheter and knitter, and has created some geeky projects such as the cunning hat, Hogwarts house flowers, and, brain slugs (a la Futurama).
5). Victoria @ Pho Across America - Victoria is a wicked ace restaurant reviewer, and she specializes in one of the most glorious foods this world has been blessed with: Pho (pronounced: in "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads). Victoria also spotlights a lot of Asian culture; not just in food, but books as well!

Please be sure to check out everyone else's blog, and even if your not listed (since the list says five, I tried to limit myself), PLEASE feel free to share your answers in the comments, OR, totally do it on your blog cause I AM nominating you...NOW! (Let me know if you post your answers, I will put you up here on the post too!).

Have a great week!

The Frame Job

Last weekend, we finally, FINALLY got some frames for some of our favorite pieces from the past two Comic Cons.
I've been going to Comic Con since 2004 (a recent reminisent trip to LJ reminded me) and the Tenor has been going since 2011 when my brother kindly lent to his pass to Sunday to his (then) future bro-in-law.

In 2012 Tenor and I were married and we got our first piece of art together:
by Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying
Not going to lie, when we saw this...the Tenor and I "awww'd" cause it was our first con as a married couple (I have some sappy moments...I blame him for bring that out heehee).

Next we framed a gift from our friends Topher and Jay:
by Tom Richmond
I think caricatures are really entertaining and seeing all 11 (pre-Capaldi announcement) in this form makes for a funny comparison. I love that it's different shape too! Makes for a interesting piece!

Last up is an epic calendar we found last year! It can tell you what day, any date (say your birthday) will land on on in any year between 1600 and 9999 (you might have seen it already on my Instagram).
by  Russell Walks
And, I got a frame for this photo I won from a giveaway at Harlynn's blog Mind Your Madness, taken by Mandy of Ginger Mandy Photography
by Ginger Mandy Photography
So the walls in the apartment are looking a lot better!

This week I've been working on mailing some stuff, and playing around with clay. I've made a snitch and Thor's helmet so far (I blame my dad's love for comics and mythology,  Adventures in Babysitting, and, EverWorld for my love of Thor and Loki...and then Tom Hiddleston [: )
OK, they're a bit dinky, but it was my
first try at anything like this in l3 years
And Well, that's what I working on...and this here blog.

How was your week?

Wednesdsay Workout Cosplay: Princess Tiana

Today's Cosplay inspiration is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog!

I thought I'd try to utilize my Polyvore account this time around. I'm hoping this helps on any load times for your browsers.

Princess Tiana Workout Inspiration

1) Since we are still hopping into spring, I figure light weight jackets like this Nike one would be nice at keeping the cold out, but not too much body warmth in.
2). I was kind of sad I couldn't find any Tiana Workout shirts, but this "Excuses Suck" one seemed in the vein of Tiana's ethic of "hard work pays off, excuses get you no where." And let's be honest, it's true in goals like working out. 
3). I'm a big fan of Capris and I liked how these looked like water reflections--like the water in a bayou!
4). Speaking of water...Since I'm a self-professed water baby, you know I have to throw in a swimsuit! I love this suit's retro cut (albeit from the 50's, not 20's). It looks like it would look great on any body type too!
5). These shoes were perfect! They remind me of the design of Tiana's flower crown!
6). If you're already in warmer weather, you might enjoy these compression shorts a bit more since they won't be as warm. 
7). OMG, I LOVE this bag!!! If you haven't seen Tim Shumate's interpretations of Disney Princesses in tattoo/pin-up form do so! I loved his Tinkerbell & Pocahontas design (so much so, I want to get them tattooed!) but I also like his Tiana design and it would make a great tote for post gym change of clothes. 

Since this is Tiana we're talking about, and she turns into a frog via a curse, let me share with you an exercise that YES you feel the results, but, feel like a curse (at least to me) to do. I give you, BURPEES!!! You will jump at the end and get air just like a little froggy!
Tiana has like 3 jobs! You can make time for this burpee workout!
Oh, you need some music for those burpees? No problem-o home skillet! I've got you covered with a New Orleans inspired playlist!

Tiana is easily one of my favorite princesses! I loved The Princess and the Frog (though, to be honest I was kind of let down by the soundtrack) for its throwback to 2D animation, beautiful scenes and characters. But, what I really liked was Tiana's go-getter attitude! 

She was determined, and worked hard to get what she wanted (no matter what the social climate of the 1920's south had to offer). She was self-reliant, and didn't need a prince to save her. In fact, she used her knowledge, and cool headed thinking to save the prince! She reminds me of another of my favorite princesses in the heroine/princess department--just, sans warrior training. In addition to being a beautiful princess, I thought she was adorable as a frog too.
Also Tiana cooks beignets...if you've had them, I think you know why that's a good enough argument. It is.

Have you seen The Princess and the Frog?

Get Your Geek On! (Weekend Recap!)

This past weekend was a blast!
Friday night kicked it off with:  BODY BEAST!

I started lifting some weights with my friend B!
Here's a glimpse of Body Beast in action (I use lighter weights). Starting today I'm going to try and get T25 in before going to B's!

Also, B and her hubby (who was The Tenor's best man, and The Tenor was his) have a puppy and a kitty!!! I'm actually a allergic to little Dove, but she's so cute!!! I can't help it! Here's a post work out walk where Dove decided to play Pirate's Parrot for me! I

Arrr! Dove be a cat that likes to go on walks!
Then Saturday morning, I got to hang out with the lovely ladies from our San Diego Nerd Girls Meet up!
It was a lot of fun just plain old geeking out with some of my fellow geeky/nerdy ladies! We talked shop, and shared books and went over comic con plans as well! Check out The Nerdy Girlie's (who organized this meet up: Thank you Megan!!!!) recap here! It was a GORGEOUS day!

Check out these ladies groovy content:

  • Gen and Autumn put out an amazing nerdy podcast called Nerd In Transit which I finally got to listen to Saturday and Sunday! These ladies are HILARIOUS beyond all belief! Also Gen has done the most AMAZING Lady Loki cosplay ever! And Autumn, had me at (in reference to the book I brought) "Is that a Thursday Next book?" 
  • Rebecca is an artist and writer and she has an adorable and fun web comic called Little Vampires! I LOVE classic monster movies, and since I've started reading this Saturday afternoon, I've been grinning at how genuinely fun the comic is! There's not just vampire, but also Frank (Frankenstein's monster), and Wolfie (wolfman!). This comic in particular had me literally LOL!
  • Tomika is a fellow book-lover and artist! Her blog features some great reviews and book musings at her blog book/art/love!
  • Brooke  is the writer of The Adventure is Afoot (who had a GREAT countdown to Sherlock series) and I'm excited to read what's next as her countdown to..., and her Sherlock recaps were really fun reads!
  • The lovely Syl made us these awesome bookmarks for our book themed meet! All of us were stunned/happy/squeed! It's like having a little bit of Benedict of our own! Seriously: Thank you!!!!

Thank you @syllykay!
Sunday after church we went to this eat out as a group, and we all sang AC/DC and Journey and Meatloaf at our dining table...we were those people.
Hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

What did you do this weekend? Any plans for this upcoming one?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Fa Mulan

Of all the Disney Princesses, Fa Mulan was the first bad-a$$! (yes, I too could argue the "princess" semantics but in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow "for what point and purpose" savvy?)
The movie had this great animation style, and a great message about being true to you!!!
I always thought the songs were great because "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was hilarious because there were all these preconceived notions of strength being something only a man could have, but Mulan (a young woman) aced all of these "manly requisites." Your strength, is your ability to persevere, and in turn, you succeed.
Also Reflection hit me on a pretty emotional level too. I digress...let me just end the feels here and...

heehee...see what I did there?
(if you made the GIF lemme know!)
There are a few Disney Princess inspired shirts for working out in, and when I saw this one, I knew I had my muse!

Since it's winter, I would put this long sleeve tee beneath it to keep a bit toasty:
And to match her skirt were these gym shorts. I like that the band looks thick on these as, I like to have my shorts stay still when I work out, and don't have to worry about them slipping, or riding up (while running).
For cold weather, check out these cool and fun printed thermal leggings!

Since the weather is about to be RAINY (huzzah!) I figure a hoodie is rather apt...and this looks like a good fit!
I think these shoes are a good wrap up in the Mulan workout scheme! The red laces are the perfect touch (to me) in bringing things together!
Like I said...I love the Mulan shirt because it reminds me of squats. But you know what?

I HATE squats. I really do. I don't ever do them correctly. I don't mind that they hurt, but I don't know what's wrong with me. Luckily, Nicole at Pumps and Iron puts some AWESOME workouts on her blog for free. And this one's only 25 minutes! You can do this at home, or  in a gym!
Click for larger
And when you get back from the track/trail/weight room/etc.: relax with this Fa Mulan inspired candle. Because if you do squats, the above exercise: I promise you'll be sore!
from Walter and Rosie
listed here
Finally, we wrap up with what I like to call: "Bad-A! Mulan Playlist" just so you know, its gunna hit you hard like a sword from a warrior princess! (Also, I feel like its a good pre-board meeting/school presentation/running hills/lifting weights type of playlist--I was a bit selfish this week :P)

Birthday Wish List!

This is my birthday week and I've seen some of my FAVORITE bloggers post birthday wishlists, and since I REALLY like the idea, I thought I would do the same! (Thank you ladies!)

Joie's Birthday Wishlist!!!
Birthday Wishes for 2014!

1). Ok, so MAYBE I already got this for myself for my birthday. And MAYBE I'm a bit obsessed with of a CatBug fan. But can you blame me?!?!

2). I'm in need of a biker jacket to deck out, and purple or green are the colors I need!

3). If you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But you know what? It's ok, cause you can get the COMPLETE series and catch up! (just buy me a copy eh?)

4). This is out of my budget, but damn! This ring is wicked sweet! I have a costume Nana Osaki ring that's based on a previous Vivienne ring and I LOVE wearing it. But, this one is, I mean, I'm just saying.

5). I love the Island of Misfit Toys, and the little elephant (and King Moonracer) are my island faves. Since I've been collecting POP! Figures since my dad bought my first one a few years back, I've had an addiction to them. And I just can't say no to his little face!

6). I got a free sample of this for my birthday month from Sephora. It's Make Up Forever: Rouge Artist in "N9 Copper Pink" and I REALLY like it! Alas, they are perpetually out of stock on the darn thing!

7). Oh, sweet, sweet Disneyland pass...*sigh* you are what my dreams are not-so-secretly made of! If only petrol prices would decline; then, land of Disney; you would be mine!

8). Grape Docs = life goal/bucket list item fulfillment! I have two black pairs that I bought the moment I knew I was done growing. I just want my purple ones!

9). I am sorted Slytherin (like Merlin, and a wizard I won't talk about) and this swimsuit would TOTALLY be awesome to wear. School Spirit and junk you know!?

10). I love this bag! One day Vivienne...ONE DAAAAY! **shakes fist**

I'm excited for this week! I took my birthday off (my own personal holiday)! I honestly have NO IDEA what I'm going to do, but, I'm going to do something in my city I've never done before, so, yeah!

What's something in your hometown that you've always wanted to give a shot, but haven't done so yet?

Interweb Discoveries

Let start out with double the dose of people-empowering-awesomosity!

First is the AMAZING blog Superheroesque that was put together by Mia & Liz who's mission is: " encourage every geek to become their own superhero through a happy community of self-love and pop culture." It's a place or EVERY geek to call home, and embrace our differences where we can think critically, make funny/punny references and joke, and more importantly encourage you to be comforable wit YOU!

Next, we have the tumblr Bettersupes where as Alexandria Law put it: "Kids are more impressionable than you, but kids can also be less restricted by cultural gender norms than you. Kids are more creative than you, and they're better at making superheroes than you...This is a mini art project where I draw superheroes based on the costumes worn by little girls..."
It's adorable & inspiring! I can't wait to go home and try and create my own character cause the one's on the tumblr are so rad!

And Danielle's AMAZING watercolor painting! It's such a beautiful piece, and it brings out so much emotion! Also check out her doodle Friday's!

this post
And this video about Ronald McNair made me so happy :')! (Though, I do feel like any librarian who won't allow someone to read, should be fired, and banished from Earth...I don't care WHAT time period it is, you're a librarian! Wear that title with pride!!!)

And, this tourist's advice to Japanese traveller's visiting America is funny!

This and this one post about changing dreams and goals!

The uber talented Luka Riot (her shop here) posted a link to these If-Tim-Burton-Animated-Doctor-Who : GIF's found here!

This 25-minute booty workout from Pumps and Iron, who--and I am stressing this to me more than anyone--I need to read more cause she posts FREE resources for body weight based exercises. I want to at least be strong enoug to move my body around for the impending zombie apocalypse!

This poor wittle Hawley (little voice) from SuperEmoFriends made me "awwww" out loud (is that "aol"?)
I've kept post-poning, the inevitable that is Parks and Rec, I was trying not to Netflix it all at once and then this episode ruined it! All she needs to do is lather vaseline, throw on some Docs or Tims and she is ready to fight!!!

(sorry, I forgot where)
My birthday is next week, and I am so excited to take the day off! LOL a gift to myself! I'm exctied for this weekend cause I get to see my sister and am having a little get together at home! Excited!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Your First Time...

What is/was your first FANDOM memory?
My first memory is watching Star Wars with my family.
A little bit of history:

My dad grew up during the 60's, and collected a lot of comics. He even had a Spider-Man number one!

That is until his mom's--my Big Mama's--house caught fire. All the comics were gone, but thank God she made it out!

He also watched the old Batman series with Adam West. He loved the adventures, the utility belt, and of course the boss-est car to ever roam the earth: the Batmobile!

Later, he saw the premiere of Star Trek! He like many people  loved the stories! The writing spoke to, and continues to speak to people. Also, he loved Roddenberry and crew's vision of the future which included ALL people of all backgrounds! AND a future where it wasn't just us Earthlings, but some aliens as well.

In his late 20's Star Wars A New Hope came out. Light sabers, space saga, and DARTH-frakking-VADER! How could he not like it? and then, in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back came out, and we met Lando Calrissian, Jedi Master Yoda, saw the ice planet Hoth, and learned one of the greatest shockers of all time:

And with the Return of the Jedi helped signal a new era for my dad: fatherhood! Via your's truly!

With this change my father became a Jedi master in his own right and we--my siblings and I--his young padawans.

Which comes down to me.

Growing up, I know we watched Star Trek, and my dad got us into action figures pretty early on. And the old Batman show?

KUSI 9/51 used to play it all the time (I've kept my old KUSI Kids Club Card all these years). We even have a VHS tape full of episodes including Black Widow (not the Marvel assassin, but an older bank robber). Like my dad, I loved the Batmobile and wanted my own utility belt.

 My dad would watch these shows with us, and my mom would watch us all play together. We all had
I'll admit, I'm blessed to have parents that let us play cool games, and read awesome books, rather than being the superstitious kind.

But Star Wars? I LOVED Star Wars!!! I wanted a light saber more than anything in the world. And I definitely wanted to be able to wield the force. The Millenium Falcon; Han Solo; Leia; Luke; Yoda; Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi!

To me, Star Wars was brilliant because it can be enjoyed at any age. Leia was a smart diplomat with a warrior streak. Luke was a sincere kid trying to make his way; Han was the quintessential bad boy with a heart of gold! It was awesome! I liked how at the end of the trilogy Vader redeemed himself and did the right thing in the end and gets to be with Obi-Wan and Yoda (sorry, but I do have the original theatrical versions, and I prefer it...can't help it).

To go back to the opening question:
What is/was your first FANDOM memory?
Was it a video game? The star who played your favorite hero? Something you watched with one of your favorite people?

Please share in the comments! And if you want to write, or have written a post, share a bit about it AND link to your post in the comment box yo'! I would love to read it!

Pre Preregistration Jitters

Let me just say I've watched this twice already.

I am so scared, and excited about tomorrow.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel really stressed? That's been mine!
Because my week has been my thoughts about tomorrow are much like a tennis ball, bouncing between two opponents named: "Will-the-bad-week-continue-to-tomorrow?" and, "Surely-this-bad-week-will-lead-to-good-things-tomorrow"

I am worried and hopeful about badge sales tomorrow morning.

Things tend to work out ok...but I don't want to get too cocky. I keep reading The Nerdy Girlie's SDCC info, and trying to remind myself not to worry.

But putting this into practice? Oi Vey!

And the Starbucks Double shot I just had isn't helping LOL

So what to do? Here's some things to re-happy before tomorrow morning:

  • Check this 24 Hour Music Video! It's by Pharrell, but the song is really chipper, and I like the idea of a 24 hour video, mostly because I want to know if this is legitimately 24 hours.
  • Naruto! Sasuke! Goku!...Goku?! :D
  • Saban's opening theme and version for Sailor Moon (this makes me feel good because it DIDN'T happen!...Though at that time I was in elementary, and probably would have watched it anyway. Still glad). 
  • How adorable is Sandy?
Alright...see you in an hour or two!
Send me you prayers, good thoughts, and luck! 

I'm going for my Comic Con badge!


Weekly Intentions #12

1). Swim- Got to swim twice last week. Not bad, but not my ideal from last week, so this puppy is back up here! I want to improve my times too! Also, I feel really happy when I’m done.
2). Buttons- some for me, some for friends. Photoshop Extracurricular Activities!!! Also, practice for it too!
3). Learn Three NEW Words- This will be on these Intentions more than once. I want to both learn new words, and refresh my memory on others. Pretty excited to start doing this!
4). Do Three New Exercises- Whether they are brand new, or, new to routine, I’d like to try and do three new ones each month. No Plateau!
5). Listen More, Speak Less- difficult, because when I get really excited, or passionate…I pretty much turn into a puppy. I wiggle in my seat, even. But I do listen, but I want to listen more intentionally. And maybe work on being less of a puppy LOL. Seriously though, I like meeting people, and when I do I either clam up, or, I get really excited.

This week I will post a recap of the AWESOME time I had with some fellow geeky San Diego gals! It was so, so, SOOOOO fun!
I can without a doubt, and with all sincerity say: this is something I have been truly missing from my life! Thank God for the internet! LOL
I hope you have a wonderful week!

Fun Finds

Have you seen this trailer for Maleficent?! Lana del Rey's cover of Once Upon a Dream is PERFECT for the darkness of the fairy tale. It's haunting, luring, and beautiful! I can't wait to see this and I apologize in advance should my excitement become...repetitive.

Cait at Kitsch Vixen posted a link to this AMAZING post about Smash[ing] the Scale (Please read it and SHARE it!). She also shared the below video featuring styles throughout the last century, and both of them make me smile!

I want this wallet and bag from Loungefly! They are simple enough for dressing up, but they have a cute Tinkerbell print on them!
via LoungeFly
via LoungeFly

Think Geek has this Dalek watch (and this amazing T.A.R.D.I.S. watch...but it's already sold out) and I feel as though I could use this timepiece:
via ThinkGeek
And for something completely unique for valentines day--especially if you're like me and not really a roses person--Think Geek has a bouquet of plush kittens, or this plush of UNICORNS!!!
via ThinkGeek
be sure to check out this post about Moffet -era companions by Amber West of A Day Without Sushi wrote. She makes some great points so check them out!

Last but not least, a friend shared this with me, and yeah...I cried along with the girl at 8:46!

"Great job" I say to their parents! 

It's my Birthday month, and it's going to be so busy! I'm super excited! Have a great weekend, and welcome to February!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Lumpy Space Princess

Occasionally when you work out you need to bring out your inner diva.
Now, I'm not saying be a diva to others, but you have to bring the diva out on yourself...bring out your inner:
Lumpy Space Princess!
Before we kick this party off, here's a work-out mix I loosely based on this (two songs are for sure for poops and giggles!)

LSP is so full of Valley-Girl-esque sass, that if you're not feeling those squats, or weights, just imagine your inner LSP (or scarier, LSP as your trainer). I went swimming Monday, thinking about this planned post, and when I considered this information, I went crazy"hardcore" with my swimming. I'm still a bit sore, but in that good way that lets me know that I'm:

This muscle tank is perfect motivation for hitting the weights, and doing some of those tricep dips. This would also be great for running!
And just in case you get a bit chilly, here's a cute jacket/seatshirt/jumper!

I think these cool leggings would be great at checking out your lumps turning into muscle definition! Now one place I need a LSP-esque boost is using weights, and squats. I always feel like I'm doing these wrong. But that's what's really great about leggings, they will help show your legs getting into shape and work.
But in case you want to see your own skin's definition these far-out shorts are PERFECT (they even have the pop of yellow, like her star)!
And then there are the these cross training shoes with (and I quote) "Lunarlon" cushion (that's space!!!) that will take quite a bit of the impact while you do jump rope, or jog! Also, the soles have good traction for a variety of surfaces. Maybe even...Lumpy Space!
And you will need to be able to listen to some sweet tunes here are some earphones...that I will be purchasing soon.

And I found a totally fun Adventure Time themed Workout from Accountablogity's tumblr! (She has some GREAT motivating posts on there!):


And if you wanna throw in some zero-gravity lighter density exercise, here's some swim gear (just don't wear the boots)
And to totally tote all of your totally totable, totables (and towels), here is a REALLY nice backpack (that I really want...I have a thing for backpacks):
And last but not least, I could stick this on my car to show off my lovely...Ok...I'm stopping...

I love purple, so LSP was fun to find workout gear for! Stay tunned for next week's post!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 to you!
I'm going to start the year by sharing some of my favorite blogs!

xo Mia
Mia Moore  - Mia is an amazing Cosplayer, and snazzy dresser (check out her Daily Outfit tag here) from Texas. She has just posted some of her plans for her cosplays this year and I am uber excited to see them. I also really loved this post about how to de-tangle a wig (so far, I own one wig, and's a rat's nest but only for a little while until I get to do the tutorial!).

Glitzy Geek Girl - Anna is also a cosplayer from Texas who I am stoked to see what she will be doing this upcoming year! She also has great tutorials, my personal favorite was the one she shared on making your own personal Wizard wand (totally would've used this for my engagement pictures), and a Light Saber Hilt!

Nerd Burger - Run by Cazz, Nerd Burger has been great for some extra title recommendations for comics (I'm picking up Fearless Defenders : Doom Maidens from my favorite comic shop thanks to her review here). Cazz also has a FUNCELLENT (=fun+excellent) YouTube channel, that I highly suggest checking out!
We also share a liking for the incomparable Mr. Hankey!

A Very Sweet Blog - Kim at a very sweet blog focuses on beauty and fashion and food! I especially love her reviews of treats, teas, and other drinks (quite a few I have never heard of until reading her blog). I also enjoy her reviews of fashion magazines from around the globe, and her product reviews have become invaluable for me as I am always looking for things to try!
The Nerdy Girlie - Fellow San Diegan Megan looks forward to the same event every July that I do: San Diego Comic Con! In fact, Megan has written one of the most comprehensive guides for SDCC, all of which she has conveniently tagged here. I also REALLY enjoyed her DIY of T.A.R.D.I.S. Shoes! She has also started a Google+ group that kind makes me feel like I joined the Justice League (dibs on being the Flash!!!)

Gamerwife blog button
GamerWife- Mariko is a wife and a gamer, and let me tell, she's got both down to an art! I look forward to Tuesdays due to her "Take My Money Tuesdays" where she highlights a video game, or other geeky ventures that otherwise, I would probably have never heard of. She has a LOT of great content, but I have to say I am unabashedly a fan of Cat-urdays since a). I'm a total cat-lady and b). I'm a cat-lady in an apartment complex that while affordable, does not allow pets. I've also been checking out her decor and DIY posts as my little apartment can always use some sprucing up!

Usagi in Wonderland - Usagi is a fan of many of my fandoms as well, and I love how she shares not just a peek at her fandoms, but a peek into her life as well! She even got to go to England before the Doctor Who 50th festivities ended! She also has some REALLY cute outfits that she shares--I especially love her Sailor Moon sweatshirt found here!

ADHD and Geekery (soon to be "The Shiny Happy")- Amber is a Star Wars fan and Unicorn lover and while one of the newer blogs I've been reading, I've been enjoying her posts a bunch! I also thing her little boxer pup Jax is too cute for words (my old running buddy was my dad's boxer Ali, so I kind of adore this breed). I am really liking her 35 Before 35 list, and am working on a 32 Before 32 list to post next month when I turn 31!
KTJ Weighing In- KT has been a real inspiration into health! She is from Philly, and has been working out super hard. She too is doing Shawn T.'s T25 Workout (which I have sidelined due to San Diego's dry summer weather as I figure I should go outside while I can). KT's emotional and physical journey often has me saying to my computer screen "you can do it"...out loud! I love her emotional honesty too. Very inspiring!

Those are just some of the blogs I am inspired by, so try to check them out when you have a second!

Who are some of the bloggers you enjoy?

Frozen - Movie Review

Let's travel back in time.


To the year 1991. On November 22.
An animated MASTERPIECE graced theaters (yeah, I said graced) by the company that has made some of the best animated films (...but not so much in the 80's)

This movie was Beauty and the Beast (BatB).
Belle will always be one of my favorite princesses. I mean, did you SEE that library she was given by Beast/Beau?!?!
Boys: it doesn't matter what you look like.
It's the size of your library that counts!
Books are totally the way to my heart!!! Any way, BatB was beautifully and lovingly done. It was the first animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture, had brilliant songs, beautiful artwork, a timeless score and...

Dang! I really can't get over that library!

Anyway, to say Belle--and my library envy-- is one of my favorites would be an understatement. I love Tiana, Meridah, Kida, and Pocahontas, too. But Belle...I got her. It will always be my favorite "classic" Disney film, and how it really sets the standard.

Which brings me to Frozen.

Ok, admittedly this may not be Beauty and the Beast (maybe its the CGI?). But you know what? My favorite Disney song is now Let It Go as sung by the ever amazing Idina Menzel the voice of one of my now favorite Disney Princesses--well Queen--Elsa!

Speaking of vocal prowess, I was also surprised by Kristen Bell's singing talent. I didn't know she could sing, but after finding this out, my Veronica Mars-based girl crush got that much more serious!

Oh, and Anna (Bell's character) is so delightfully awkward! YES. Awkward is being WAY over used right now...but it was just perfect for the sheltered princess that she is.

The beginning of the movie has Elsa and Anna playing together, and delighting in Elsa's uniqueness. But when an accident happens, Elsa is forced to hide her special gift, and Anna--with the aid from some rock trolls--is made to forget. The King forbids Elsa from using her powers, and Elsa shuts out Anna from her life, in fear of hurting her again, and of other repercussions that may befall.

When the girls are in their teens, the king and queen leave on a ship, which is wrecked, and thus, a coronation for a new regal must take place for the eldest daughter Elsa when she comes of age. Elsa is naturally feeling a lot of pressure, and Anna is glad for the company after years of isolation in the castle (as exemplified by Anna's friendship with the paintings in the royal gallery...VERY funny scene btw).

Anna meets Hansel

(he's so hot right now)

The two  fall in typical Disney "Love-At-First-Sight." The two ask Elsa for permission to marry, and she (wisely, in my opinion) says no. Anna and Elsa have an argument (which was really due after how many years with a door between them) and Elsa loses control of her icy powers.

Elsa runs for the mountains with Anna on her trail.
Insert this amazing song:
Let It Go by Idina Menzel on Grooveshark

Or this video that was just posted 2013/12/7

Every time she sings: "the cold never bothered me anyway" I seriously get goose skin! This just booted "Be a Man" from Mulan as my favorite Disney song (and I love that song!!!).

And Anna runs into the slightly crazy Kristoff, whom she hires to take her up the Matterhorn mountain. On the way they meet Olaf voiced by Josh Gad (who is BRILLIANT in Book of Mormon btw!) a snowman who "love[s] warm hugs."

I was perfectly content in my preparation to HATE Olaf based on my impression from the teaser trailer. But he had me laughing SOOOO much! I mean, his song and the animation...and his vacant stares?!?! I almost want to see the movie again just because of him.

I would go on, but to avoid spoilers, let's just say that I like how true love won out in this Disney movie.

Additionally, I would not be surprised if in a decade this was a would make a really fun one!

On a social note:
I have seen some fan art wishing that Disney would be a little more diverse with their princesses. While I love Frozen, I can't help but agree with this statement. Don't mistake my, or anyone else's desire for more representation as dislike/hate for this film. I don't dislike the movie in any way; in fact, I LOVED it!!! I would seriously recommend this movie! But, I would have loved to have seen an Inuit or, Japanese princess (Yuki-onna and The Snow Queen may share some similar roots). Maybe next time?

Regardless, please go see this film! Unless you hate musicals, or animation, you will probably really enjoy it.

8.5/10 (lost 1.5 for some lack of originality, and overused "awkward" archetypes, and not enough Olaf).