Slytherin Workout Cosplay

"...in Slytherin you'll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends."

As you likely guessed by now, this last November Workout Cosplay is for my Hogwarts house: Slytherin! Here's a cunning little number in silver, green, and black!

And a playlist for us Snakes!

While my house gets a bad-rep thanks to "legacy folks" (born Slytherins like Malfoy, Parkinson, Goyle, Crabbe...you know, the more jerky students) there's the other half that I like to the see as the cunning rebels who are pulling more pranks on the legacy brats than Fred & George ever did. And we know that's a LOT!

More importantly MERLIN was in Slytherin! And that pretty much trumps everything, cause Merlin was the greatest mother flipping wizard to ever exist. **drops mic**

But really I love my house. I love Hogwarts! I love the Harry Potter series! There, I said it (but we all knew eh? LOL

If you have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me @Joie_Fatale!

Gryffindor Workout Cosplay

"You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave of heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry, Set Gryffindors apart."

I will always have a lot of respect for Gryffindor. I mean, it not only was Hermione and Ginny there, but  Neville Longbottom was a part of this house! Those three are the epitome of Gryffindor. And add to the fact that Albus Dumbledore was there?! Well in one enthusiastic word: yay! They were brave, did what was right, and didn't care about popularity. They cared about people over glory. I like that, and that is what I like that about this house. They are very unit-oriented...mostly.

For Gryffindor, I chose to go with Ox-blood instead of straight up red because a). the "Official" memorabilia has more of that ox-blood/burgandy color to it (not the headband) with gold; b). it looks slick as heck; and, c). "OMG you guys! They have ladies items in burgundy and ox blood! Woot!" (*calms down*). Any who, workout cosplay!!!

And here is a ferocious playlist to workout to:

One more Hogwarts House to go! Save the best for last, they say ;P

If you have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me @Joie_Fatale!

Six Weeks Later

It's been a while eh?
I've been in a bit of a rut. One that if it weren't for this past Halloween, I would probably still be stuck in. 

Luckily, I've had (in the words of The Beatles) a little help from my friends! Some of that helps includes:

~ Started The Nerdy Rebellion with Gladys, Gwen, and Travis!!!
~ Feels talks with friends
~ Phone calls that were much needed
~ ACTUALLY running, and pushing myself to limits I didn't think I'd be able to do!
~ Got a new job I'm totally stoked about
~ Making some personal crafts
~ drawing and painting
~ Assassin's Creed Syndicate (I adore Evie Frye)

It's been an interesting few months, and I'm trying to catch up on blog posts. But, I'll be honest, I won't get to all the one's I've missed, so PLEASE let me know of especially important ones to you, as I NEED to read those as well!

Thanks for sticking with me if you have.

And: see you Wednesday (tomorrow)!!! ;)

Swimming and Self Like/Love

I'm not afraid of swimsuit season. Hell, I'm planning on getting a two piece (the second I can afford it). And I'm not a conventionally-ideal-sized woman either! Sure, I WANT to fit that commercialized norm (I'd be liying if I said I didn't...but I know it's taken years of conditioning from media too), but when it comes to swimsuits:  I want whatever I want (and for it to fit in a way where ocean waves won't peel it off...it's happened before...and it SUCKS!). Yes, I occasionally get self-conscious in a swimsuit...but at the same time, I don't let it get in the way.

First, PLAYLIST (since this was for Wednesday!):

I was thinking about what is it that has made me this way. And I know having done swim and water polo in high school helped.
Too accurate...via
I was never great at either sport (NOT fishing for compliments, I'm genuinely uncoordinated), but I enjoy how those sports make me feel after doing them. I feel like my muscles are liquid steel...like a cat. Sorry that seems silly (cause cats don't usually care for water), but I remember reading Animorphs, and that's what I most closely relate this to LOL!
Any way, after swimming, I feel my muscles in that "good" ache of use/fatigue that says, NO! my muscles scream: "I am invincible!"
Those muscles being used make me feel strong! My body cuts through the water, like a hot knife through butter (or some such analogy)! I can tread water, I can do flip-turns, I can be in water and know what regardless of my BMI standings (which PS, is BS!) I can kick butt in it! Heck, if it wasn't for the sun's rays being so intense here, I would stay more than four hours in the water (yup! I've done this!). I LOVE water! When I get out of the pool (or ocean) I feel like a brand new person! Like, I changed from Joie, into Bishoujo Senshi: Sailor Fatale!
Also, I remember that if anyone has a problem with how I look, I could probably hold them under-water (not that I would) and make them cry gurgle "uncle" while below surface. So haters can suck it!
OMG! I actually used a T. Swift gif **slaps own hand**
I wish I could give this to every person. I think it's insane for us to not enjoy that cool refreshing feeling of water and staying cool during the summer! It bugs the living crap out of me! Everyone has a right to be at the beach and not have to worry about how they look (and curse people who take pictures of strangers and post them online to be ridiculed. Curse them, may shame, dishonor and BAD LUCK forever curse their name).
All I'm saying is, get your a$$ in the water if you want to. Have fun! Stay cool! Wear a two piece if you want! Wear whatever! Have fun, get prune-fingers! Rock that eau de chlorine, or have those natural beach waves from being at the beach! Also, being in the sun will give you vitamin D, which will make you happy! And as Elle Woods said: "Happy people don't kill..."

Bender Bending Rodriguez Workout Cosplay

Futurama is a Fatale family staple. We love this show! It's consistently funny to the Tenor and I, even if we've seen it all...more than once! And as for fitness, let's be honest, I wouldn't mind being as strong as Bender, the loveable rascal! ;)


Also, I LOVE that Hydro Flask bottle! Its evocative of a beer bottle--you know, one of Bender's favorite things EVER,--but this is for water, and, it's 64 oz. which fits the daily "recommendation" of 8 glasses of water. PS. those shorts are for running, and will give you a shiny metal...Bender Bootie! ;)

Bender is a loveable scamp, and one of my favorite Futurama characters!

Have you seen Futurama (if you haven't, its ALL on Netflix)? Who's your favorite character?

If you have someone you'd like to see a workout cosplay of, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Hiyori Sarugaki

Wednesday's are back in full effect! And today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by Hiyori Sarugaki from Bleach! Like I said on my last Workout Cosplay, I've been trying to catch up on the anime of Tite Kubo's Bleach! Due to the move (and lack of a good connection to the internet) that has been on a bit of a hiatus as well. Also with the move I've made some friends and we've been working out and running together, so I haven't watched too much of it.

Anyway, Bleach has some awesome female characters who kick butt (see Yoruichi Shihouin from my last post)! Hiyori is a feisty and, well...aggressive former shinigami turn Visored. And I like her! I find her funny as she's so pint-size in relation to everyone else, but, she tries to take them on anyway. Her favorite attack is "smacking fools upside the head"...with her chonkla (Spanish for flip-flops and much more fun to say).


She reminds me of a modern, sassy, violent Tinkerbell who can talk!

Here's the cosplay:

What have you been up to? (I promise, I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs).

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Yoruichi Shihouin

I'm back! I'm trying to have a few posts set up since I will be moving at the end of the month! And while I pack up I've been catching up on BLEACH!!!

I remember watching the anime back in 2008 and being super excited that I recognized my favorite Power Ranger's voice as the main character, Ichigo: Johnny Yong Bosch (seriously, he was the ranger I crushed on while everyone else was all about Tommy)!

Any who, I LOVED this show! And catching up has been awesome! And a few episodes in a cute talking cat shows up, and I was SOLD! As it turns out, the cute talking cat ends up being my favorite character in the show: Yoruichi Shihouin!


FACT: She has purple hair!

FACT: She turns into a cat!

FACT: She's a fighting bad-ass!

FACT: she's effing cool!

Also, she was the first anime character since like, Sailor Pluto that I had seenwho was dark skinned woman! The realization of that also seared her into my favorites list as it was a). something I didn't even realize would impact me on that level and, b). she was a character I wanted to be like too!

And with that, here's the cosplay workout gear!

1). Mesh open back tank- I used the black one of this tank for Meleficent, but if you've ever seen Bleach you know that an open back tank would have to be involved! Bad ass chick, has awesome shoulders!

2). Purple Headband-Ok this is a fancy headband, but it's the perfect purple, and I would use it to workout regardless! And it's the perfect purple for her hair! I love it!

3). Running Kicks- these will keep you quick on your feet, whether you're running, or, doing shunpo/flash step!

4). Yoruichi badge- motivation on your exercise gear push yourself and be the best!

5). Compression Capris-These compression capris will keep your muscles together and working! Also, compression helps prevent fatigue, so, they will be

6). Sports Bra- I have this particular sports bra and let me tell you: it is SOOOOO comfy!! Seriously! It's the best! And it comes in a cute tangerine color! It's got AMAZING support and coverage, but doesn't feel like like it would.

Last but not least, a workout to get you Flash Step ready!

A good agility booster (in addition to stairs, and sand running) is an agility ladder.

Here's a few to look at!

Have you seen Bleach? Who's your favorite character?

Better late than never, eh? And just under the Wednesday wire!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Dora, the Explorer

Oddly enough, I've heard something Dora related EVERY. DAY since last Wednesday! Maybe not that odd, but still...

My mum was a day care provider until I was a Freshman in high school. Combine that, and already apparent addiction to cartoons, and it was only natural that I was a Nick Jr. (NJ) fan--regardless of my age. Eureka's Castle, Blue's Clues, Gulla Gulla Island and Dora were my sick day shows! Maybe it was their simplicity, and a complete lack of flashing animation, but I found them relaxing (especially Blue's Clues...I still frigging love that show). Dora came out after the daycare years, but I still watched NJ on my sick days (ok, I still would if I had cable).

1). HeatGear shirt - perfect for the jungle, or, you know, that trail by your house! Explore this summer, and don't worry about the heat!
2). Wasatch Mochila- this day pack matches Dora's but is lightweight for running whether it be pavement, or a trail, and has pockets for your water bottle, and, can safely house your laptop too (in case you have to run to class or work).
3). GPS Mini Running Watch- Dora always has her trusty map, but if you're looking to gauge how far you've run/walked, this watch will be much less cumbersome!
4). Sweatband- Dora's signature accessory (besides her backpack) is her little bracelet. But, when your working out a watch and sweatband are usually all one can tolerate for "bracelets". Also, I find these puppies convenient for the occasional wiping or the forehead.
5). Crossfit Nano- So, while Dora's shoes are white, I wanted to bring a bit more color. Also I think these shoes look better! These are nice and breathable so your feet will stay nice and cool!
6). Running Shorts- I really like these shorts and they come in SOOOO many COLORS!

I liked Dora the Explorer for a few fairly simple reasons. Dora teaches kids (and adults) another language! Additionally, growing up in the 80's most POC characters were sidekicks not the star of a show, and that was a kind of shock to me about Dora, even in High school (a good one, but a shock all the same). And, of course: the GIRL adventurer aspect. This show easily could have had a male protagonist (only the cheap imitation spin-off did five years later). But, boys and girls alike love this show! Kids I baby-sat thought of this show as their jam!

I have seen the bottom corner face on a two-year-old...just saying.
And last but not least: BOOTS!
cute talking monkey + little boots= my <3 td="">
And to wrap things up, a "RUN from Swiper" playlist!

Do you have any favorite "little kid"/"Sick Day" shows that YOU watch?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Alison Hendrix

Last year at Comic Con the Tenor's and my friend told us to checkout Orphan Black! She sold us the first season which we marathon-ed the following weekend.

I adore all the clones--yes, I am looking forward to learning more about Rachel--but for some reason Alison consistantly surprises me, but, not in an "out-of-character" way. This is such a GREAT testament to the writing and acting of this show! I love how all the clone have a little bit of crazy, and, three-big-scoops of bad-a$$ery in their genetic make-up!

While season two is well into it's stride, this past weekends episode reminded me why I love Alison Hendrix!

Basically this scene sealed the deal for this Workout cosplay:

All 3 images via
This scene (also featuring my beloved Felix) nearly cause me to fall of my couch from laughter! And so...Alison!!!
Alison Hendrix from Orphan Black

1). Run Swiftly Tee - I swear I saw this shirt on the show...but in longsleeve! AND I saw it on Alison! And While I wish LuLuLemon would change a few things (especially their prices) I like that detail as it can be really slimming. 
2). LunarFly Shoe - These running shoes are cute, super lightweight, and cushioned! It also has GREAT reviews! 
3). DNA Strand Charm - So while the clones have matching cellphones, I feel like this charm would be something Alison would find cute after she warmed up to an ironic little item such as this. It would look great on a necklace, or charm bracelet!
4). Moisture Wicking Headband- It wouldn't be Alison without a headband! And this cute little headband has a braided knot for detail and it happens to take moisture away. But mostly its Pink! ;P
5). Sonic Capris- these capris are great, and they help sweat evaporat, and are uber lightweight (I LOVE capris for working out).
6). Short Bra Top- This is a sport bra, meets tank! Racerback with preppy stripes? Sounds like this was made for Seestra Alison!

So back in Season 1, Alison is seen doing a Shaun T workout: Hip Hop Abs
wurk it gurl!
Now, you may know (if you're following me on Instgram) that I am doing T25, which is by the same dude. He also did the ludicrously popular Insanity (which is as it's title suggests: INSANE). I have yet to do Hip Hop Abs, but thanks to YouTube, I will by trying! And now, you can too! ;)

And of course, our playlist...which is an tongue-in-cheek pop list. You know, on the outside she's little miss Soccer Mom...but she will cut someone (and she packs heat! Gangsta!). (I also feel bad for not including a certain song that I used last week...so here's the video!)

Do you watch Orphan Black? Do you have a favorite clone? Or, are you like me, and have equal opportunity Clone love? 
If you have not watched OB yet: STOP what you're doing, and go do so!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Maleficent!!!

I am quite sure you knew from last weeks cosplay who was up next. I had actually been wanting to do this post since I knew the date the movie would be opening up!
While this cosplay is DEFINITELY based on the animated feature film version, I just can't contain my excitement for the movie that comes out the day after tomorrow! (side note: May seriously flew by didn't it?!?!). Also I think Mrs. Jolie looks so gorgeous as my favorite villain! She's been my favorite video game heroine, my favorite villainess! Heck if she ever plays Thursday Next, (which, now that I think about it she would do the character justice!) I would so asking her to marry me!

Or adopt me. Whatever's easier LOL!

Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain. She was cool as a cucumber (and due to a technical error, as green as one) and had such a commanding voice thanks to Eleanor Audley! She had a boss robe in purple and black a magical scepter, and a crow companion. And above all else, she could turn herself into the bossest of mythical creatures: a dragon!!!

Any who: on with the cosplay!
Maleficent Workout Cosplay

Maleficent Workout Cosplay by joie-fatale

1). Extra Long RunningTank with Mesh back - In addition to keeping you nice and cool during the impending heat, this tank has that edge of bad chick workout chic! I think it's brilliant and fits perfectly!
3). Asics Trail Running Shoes - Perfect for any fairy outcast who is cast off to the mountains, trails, or the moors!
4). Maleficent No-Show Socks - I got this set for my birthday because I LOVE designed socks! AND they are in my colors! I wear them to work and to work out! I love them and...well, they are cool!
5). Maleficent iPhone Case - Dear iPhone people: Why you hog all the phone cases? Seriously though, I swear that I am saving so much money having an S3 (what I tell myself to get over my case jealousy) because if I had an iPhone, I would have SO many cases!!! I don't know how anyone holds back! And This case would be mine RIGHT now, and on my phone.
6). Maleficent Bow - I LOVE this bow! It's a little dark, a little kawaii! And all Maleficent-y! I want it soooo bad!!!

And of course here's your playlist!
Maleficent by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

Are you planning on seeing Maleficent? Are there any parts you're looking forward to?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Marceline the Vampire Queen

My favorite character from Adventure Time will be today's Workout Cosplay character.

Marceline: The Vampire Queen!

Adventure Time is such a zany show, and Marceline is my FAVORITE character (followed very closely by Lumpy Space Princess). She also voiced by Olivia Olsen, whom you may remember from Love Actually (one of my favorite Christmas movies) as the little girl who sings "All I Want for Christmas (Is You)." Also. Marceline sings and has an alto voice...so for me, her little songs and ditties in AT are songs I can actually sing a-long to!

Also...that AX! Like...litteral, ax+bass= the most awesome of animated guitars since...IDK what! Seriously...Marceline...you are my vampire queen!! And since we're talking about the ax, here's your playlist!

I decided that if Marceline particiated in a team sport (I've only seen seasons 1 and 2...lemme know if she's played anything else) it would be a something, fun, but would allow for mischief, and some aggression.
And of course, something you could play air-bass and air-guitar with (**raises hand** I'm so guilty of this)!

Enter, Field Hockey Marceline cosplay!

Marceline the Vampire Queen

1). Under Armour Red Sonic Print Shirt- This shirt boasts the ability to beat the heat from this springs beating sun--you know, something vampires like to avoid--and has the ability wick away sweat and fight, well, odor. Also I think the print is really flashy!
2). Marceline Necklace - While I don't often workout with jewelry the only thing I can really ever handle is a necklace (I even had a "lucky" necklace I hid in my suit for water polo sometimes). And This neckalce is too adorable not to include!
3). Basic Blue Team skirt- While field hockey does allow for shorts (I mean, this IS the 21st century eh?) I chose the skirt for this as when I managed, our team had this universally flattering A-line kilt for the uniform and we had ladies of ALL sizes, and all the girls looked FANTASTIC...and well, I wanted to join the team so I could get one of these skirts...but I was too late.
4). Nike Compression Shorts - And while I like the skirt, I do like to rock that late-80s/early-90s look whenever possible and these fun shorts would be great to layer under the skirt, and would bring in the signature grey of Marceline!
5). Nike Storage Band - I think I'm in love with this thing, so don't be surprised if you see it again! This thing is pocket that you can wear around your wrist like a sweatband. It can hold keys, chapstick, a small snack...or if you're on an all red diet, you can sip at the red dye! ;)
6). Brine Vintage Field Hockey Stick - Like Marceline's sweet ax, this beautiful red hockey stick is going to slay the opposition, and totally provide some fun pretend air bass/guitar playing (don't judge me).
7). Adidas Women's adiZero Cleats- Playing on a field you could be prone to some serious slipping and sliding on the grass, so cleats are completely necessary in games such as Proper Football and Field Hockey. This pair seemed like a really cool fit!
8). CranBerry Glitter Practice Ball - to practice for this sport a ball is required. And this one is super cute and sparkly! You know, adding a little glam to the ultra rockin' Marceline!
9). Shock Doctor Mouth-guard - Marceline would need to protect those fangs, and you should protect your chompers as well! With sticks and a hard-as-a-puck ball flying around the field, a mouth-guard is a necessary piece of equipment. But this guard is the coolest since it's flavored as Fruit Punch--the quintessential "red" flavor!

And (since I'm in a Field Hockey mood) some fundamental drill sets for this sport.

That's this week's workout cosplay PLEASE be sure to check out the Ice King cosplay debuting today on PonyChops!!!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Princess Bubblegum

I'm thinking April is going to be full. Full of what? ADVENTURE! And to celebrate, I'm going to use a theme again!
And so on to another Princess (trying to smoothly transition in from last month **winks**): Princess Bubblegum!

I like PB because she's a frigging scientist! I always wanted a chemistry set, and since P-Bubs is a princess, and a scientist how could I now like her (seriously, that is one FIERCE combo)! This look is a running, and lifting (definitely a heavy sweating session) since PB is always running from the Ice King, and lifting mad science gizmos and gadgets.

1). Princess Bubblegum Headband by WithYarnandGlue- I cannot run without a headband, and that's part of why I tend to feature them a lot. The other part? They're basically the workout tiara! Just saying!
2). ASICS Quinn Running Jacket - We are in that temperamental time with weather where if you're in the sunshine, it gets warm quickly, but the second you move to the shade, its all "shiver me timbers" This jacket is just right for that in between! It's moisture wicking, but will keep you warm until winter finally goes away.
3). Bionic Fitness Gloves - These gloves are really neat! Not only were they designed by a orthopedic hand surgeon, but, these gloves also promote less fatigue. So you can lift weights (or test tubes) all day!
4). ASICS Gel-evate Running Shoe- whether hitting the asphault, or hitting the Peanut Brittle streets, these gel-soled shoes should help absorb any of the nasty shock while running or jumping around on your exercise adventure!
5). Nike Women's Running Skirt - I'll be the first to admit: I don't know if I could run in a skirt. Ok, I could cause I've played some Field Hockey, but just running? It does leave me miffed. But PB seems like the girlie type and TBH...its pretty cute. I kind of want to try it! And since we're going with pink, this felt like the right character to do this with :)
6). ASICS Courtenay Running Top - we're getting to that time of year where longsleeves won't be an option anymore, and this one was too cool not to use! Since the sun is shining a bit more this shirt is extra awesome as it provides UV Protection on sunny days! Also the design is fun, and it looks like it might be reflective (extra safety is mathmatical!).
7). UnderArmor Wristband - wristbands are great! They're like little power bracelets in the gym, or, like mini towels on a run (wipe that glisten from yo' brow!). And these puppies are as pink as a gumball! I really like them as a place to hold a key ring-bracelet in place while working out!

Since we're talking about weights, I thought I'd share this FitnessBlender weight training video:

Also, some info about why you need to incorporate weights in your workout (to become strong really! It helps your core and arms. And if you wanted to lose weight, it will help there too).

Here is a sweet-and-pink playlist to run and lift to:

My Adventure Time story is a weird but brief one. I didn't know what all the fuss was about, and so I had seen many things and cool shirts for the show, and, I had done the last two Comic Con scavenger hunts for a medallion at SDCC 2012-13 (but TBH, I just really like scavenger hunts, they make me feel like Sherlock Holme, or, Hercule Poirot). Any way, last September a good friend was in town and we went to dinner. I asked him what the show was about, and he said that though at first it seems pointless, there's actually a darker story involving WWIII (The Great Mushroom War) and that it's technically post-apocalyptic. He told the Tenor and more about the show and I was sold. As I watched I saw very quickly that the shows randomness was something I could completely be on board with! And thus, the Tenor and I became fans! 

We're almost done with Season 2 (YAY! Netflix finally got season 2 and our next episode is: Mortal Folly) and, you may have seen the workout cosplay I already did for Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) if not, check it HERE yo!


Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Royal Sisters Elsa & Anna

To close out March's [Un]Official Princess Month, we're capping off with Princess Anna, and Queen Elsa!
I loved Frozen and, I'm dedicating this post to my little sister (whom I love too)! (^_^)

Let me start with Princess Anna!
Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Princess Anna

1). Anna's iconic magenta cape would have translated well to a hoodie...but that seemed too predictable, which Anna does not like. So, I figured, this vest would be good combination between her black vest, and cape.
2). I was debating this black longsleeve and a teal, but I felt like, with all the blue in frozen, the neutral of the black top would help break up the coloring and bring together the shoes!
3). These shoes in fact which have a GREAT combination of the colors featured, also have a cute polka dot design on the insignia!
4).I've worn pigtails while working out and the only problem for me were the whisps of hair that liked to poke me in the eye...not fun! So I think this headband is a great compliment to the overall outfit!
5). I'll admit it: I'm a huge Roxy fan! and so when I saw these capri's that have the Frozen teal band, and Anna's skirt blue, I couldn't help using them in this outfit!
6). And, just in case you're region is warming up and that long sleeve is a little to much to commit to, these sleeves (by Groovy Baby Action Gear, whom you know I LOVE!) would go great with this short sleeved tee.

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Queen Elsa

1). I LOVE this sweatshirt! It's so cute, looks so warm, and you can't beat that design for Elsa! I like how it has a snowflake design and is in icy white and blue!
2). This icy blue shirt is perfect Elsa it even has a shimmery print that matches Elsa's iconic dress!
3). Let It Go with these awesome shoes! It has Free flex grooves that will "keep you ready for extra mileage"...like the way Elsa hiked from Arendelle to her snowy mountain!
4). As much as I love Elsa's hair, I don't think I would sport her bangs during a workout. So, this headband would be great for keeping those awesome bangs off of your face. Plus, it has 360 reflection on it so it will keep you safe, and have you sparkling a little bit like Elsa does! (sparkle-age= RADICAL!!!)
5). How AWESOME are these training leggings? They even have a glacial look to them, and, remind me of Elsa's ice castle!
6). Alright, I'm guilty...I love these sleeves! LOL! There are three different Elsa types, but these had that cool point towards the middle of the hand!

And since this post is unofficially a sister and/or besties/your sister from another mister ;) post, how awesome are these phone cases!
Matching Sister Frozen Cases

Elsa and Anna - Artwork by Teo Hoble
FacebookTumblr | Deviant Art | Store

Frozen won best animated feature (The Wind Rises was my next hope for winning) and it was well deserved. The music was so, so, so good, and Olaf was funny as heck too (whom I though I would not like btw). I wrote a small attempt at a review back in December after I saw it.

The workout I chose for this was based on two things: first, Anna's crazy rope climbing scene:
And, Elsa's dress and the shimmery shoulders:
Soooooo, here's a shoulder workout!!!

There were there things I wish the movie would have done differently? I would scream YES! in just as fervent a manner as I would exclaim my adoration for it! But I really like it! That disclaimer being said, if you haven't seen it yet, please skip the blue sentence below:
One of the things I loved the most about the movie was that the "true love" mentioned was not based on the typical prince/princess coupling. It was instead the love of family, and the bond that siblings--specifically sisters--share. That being said, I felt like the proper end to this month's princess theme would be Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!

Even if you don't have a sister, you probably have best friends that are sisters! These people are important and you would fight for them too! Your "Sister from another mister" (not to discount brothers).

And with that, I leave you with this "Sisters in Ice" Playlist!
Sisters R Cool Playlist by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

Also...the only parody of Let It Go you need to see (caution: language!)!

Have you seen Frozen?

Wednesdsay Workout Cosplay: Princess Tiana

Today's Cosplay inspiration is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog!

I thought I'd try to utilize my Polyvore account this time around. I'm hoping this helps on any load times for your browsers.

Princess Tiana Workout Inspiration

1) Since we are still hopping into spring, I figure light weight jackets like this Nike one would be nice at keeping the cold out, but not too much body warmth in.
2). I was kind of sad I couldn't find any Tiana Workout shirts, but this "Excuses Suck" one seemed in the vein of Tiana's ethic of "hard work pays off, excuses get you no where." And let's be honest, it's true in goals like working out. 
3). I'm a big fan of Capris and I liked how these looked like water reflections--like the water in a bayou!
4). Speaking of water...Since I'm a self-professed water baby, you know I have to throw in a swimsuit! I love this suit's retro cut (albeit from the 50's, not 20's). It looks like it would look great on any body type too!
5). These shoes were perfect! They remind me of the design of Tiana's flower crown!
6). If you're already in warmer weather, you might enjoy these compression shorts a bit more since they won't be as warm. 
7). OMG, I LOVE this bag!!! If you haven't seen Tim Shumate's interpretations of Disney Princesses in tattoo/pin-up form do so! I loved his Tinkerbell & Pocahontas design (so much so, I want to get them tattooed!) but I also like his Tiana design and it would make a great tote for post gym change of clothes. 

Since this is Tiana we're talking about, and she turns into a frog via a curse, let me share with you an exercise that YES you feel the results, but, feel like a curse (at least to me) to do. I give you, BURPEES!!! You will jump at the end and get air just like a little froggy!
Tiana has like 3 jobs! You can make time for this burpee workout!
Oh, you need some music for those burpees? No problem-o home skillet! I've got you covered with a New Orleans inspired playlist!

Tiana is easily one of my favorite princesses! I loved The Princess and the Frog (though, to be honest I was kind of let down by the soundtrack) for its throwback to 2D animation, beautiful scenes and characters. But, what I really liked was Tiana's go-getter attitude! 

She was determined, and worked hard to get what she wanted (no matter what the social climate of the 1920's south had to offer). She was self-reliant, and didn't need a prince to save her. In fact, she used her knowledge, and cool headed thinking to save the prince! She reminds me of another of my favorite princesses in the heroine/princess department--just, sans warrior training. In addition to being a beautiful princess, I thought she was adorable as a frog too.
Also Tiana cooks beignets...if you've had them, I think you know why that's a good enough argument. It is.

Have you seen The Princess and the Frog?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Being in the water; hair flowing in the ocean; and abs of steel from mermaid kick/swimming!
So I--like many a young girl in the 90's and today--naturally gravitated to Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Ariel is a part of the feisty princess era from the 90's. She hoards has her own collection of ave the sea items in a really cool sea cavern; sings; and has aspirations of becoming a human. This desire starts as curiosity, and solidifies into a soul-bargaining-desperate-desire upon seeing dreamy Prince Eric!

It's the dark hair & blue eyes I think
Ariel is fun, and spunky, and lives in the water! She's awesome! And I have to say this is definitely one of the times I'm glad Disney changed a classic fairy tale's ending.

Since we're talking mermaids, and oceans I will start with a VERY cute swimsuit, that looks like it could hold up in some surf (just be cautious of big waves)! I think its adorable! (This and this are cute too!)
Top  -  Bottoms
But since I'm focusing more on running and lifting some weights right now I'll come back to swimming when it's warmer! ;)

After finding the above swimsuit at Hot Topic, I looked for other Ariel  accessories and found the PERFECT thing for all of us "bright young women" who are attempting to walk/run on land.
Ok, it's not seashell bra, but it is a really cool sports bra!
This shirt I actually purchased! It's VERY soft and dries quickly! And, it's Purple!!!
And these awesome, bright green shorts should not only keep you safe at dusk, but they are a really spring green!
And since Ah-ree-el (Sebastian voice!) wished to ditch two fins for ten toes, I figured shoes that emulate running barefoot were most appropriate! There wasn't a green pair, so, let's just pretend ok? (psst! "normal" shoes here)

Hideous? YES! Comfortable? HELL YEAH!
Remember last week's post featuring Cinderella? I featured this and this by Groovy Baby Action Gear from Etsy!
Well, she also has  A LOT of other character items for cosplaying geared towards fun runs and working out!
Like these Little Mermaid one's being worn by your's truly!

You can find them here at her store!
I ran with them on Monday, and, Tuesday and they were a lot of fun. I'm going to try my hand at a product review (hopefully tomorrow or Friday). But the one thing I will go ahead and say up front: They are so fun!!! And it's nice to add a little pizazz to your workout attire! They are so cool (and as my husband made the note that they can double as Poison Ivy as well as Ariel!).

And now for what felt like the most difficult playlist to come up with, but, I feel like I got to do secret "shout outs" to parts of the movie and other characters...totally beach friendly dude! (Also, check out Sade's Mermaid, it's too slow for workouts for me, but its so relaxing!)

Hope you enjoyed this! 
Did you ever wish you were a mermaid/merman?


Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Fa Mulan

Of all the Disney Princesses, Fa Mulan was the first bad-a$$! (yes, I too could argue the "princess" semantics but in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow "for what point and purpose" savvy?)
The movie had this great animation style, and a great message about being true to you!!!
I always thought the songs were great because "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was hilarious because there were all these preconceived notions of strength being something only a man could have, but Mulan (a young woman) aced all of these "manly requisites." Your strength, is your ability to persevere, and in turn, you succeed.
Also Reflection hit me on a pretty emotional level too. I digress...let me just end the feels here and...

heehee...see what I did there?
(if you made the GIF lemme know!)
There are a few Disney Princess inspired shirts for working out in, and when I saw this one, I knew I had my muse!

Since it's winter, I would put this long sleeve tee beneath it to keep a bit toasty:
And to match her skirt were these gym shorts. I like that the band looks thick on these as, I like to have my shorts stay still when I work out, and don't have to worry about them slipping, or riding up (while running).
For cold weather, check out these cool and fun printed thermal leggings!

Since the weather is about to be RAINY (huzzah!) I figure a hoodie is rather apt...and this looks like a good fit!
I think these shoes are a good wrap up in the Mulan workout scheme! The red laces are the perfect touch (to me) in bringing things together!
Like I said...I love the Mulan shirt because it reminds me of squats. But you know what?

I HATE squats. I really do. I don't ever do them correctly. I don't mind that they hurt, but I don't know what's wrong with me. Luckily, Nicole at Pumps and Iron puts some AWESOME workouts on her blog for free. And this one's only 25 minutes! You can do this at home, or  in a gym!
Click for larger
And when you get back from the track/trail/weight room/etc.: relax with this Fa Mulan inspired candle. Because if you do squats, the above exercise: I promise you'll be sore!
from Walter and Rosie
listed here
Finally, we wrap up with what I like to call: "Bad-A! Mulan Playlist" just so you know, its gunna hit you hard like a sword from a warrior princess! (Also, I feel like its a good pre-board meeting/school presentation/running hills/lifting weights type of playlist--I was a bit selfish this week :P)

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: DJ Pon-3

I apologize in advance as I know I'm complaining, but, this past weekend was warm, and not in a good way. It was summery warm.
Which left me with my realization...which I conveniently had at work:
"I'd rather be snowboarding!"
So, I had to change today's post to Snowboarding featuring  DJ Pon-3 (or, Vinyl Scratch, whichever you prefer)!

Let's start with the outer garments as they are the first shield against the powder!
This coat by O'Neill (like April!) looks so warm and I love the different tones/shades of teal! It reminds me of DJ's hair! (*o*)  What I like most about this particular coat is the wrist gaiters and powder skirt which help to prevent snow from creeping up in your jacket. Hide yo' wrists, Hide yo' side...never mind. Anyway, I love it!
And of course, you want some SWEET powder pants so your bum doesn't get soggy. The one thing I would add to these are patches of two bridged 8th notes on each side of the bum. Because "Gotta have your cutie mark!"
And of course we need some warm clothes under the shells. I found that Compression Thermal Thingys (this is a legit title...trust me) are best. I like this duo from Spyder. They look like maybe they will make me faster...like, 20% faster and cooler.

And some Snowboarding boots and goggles:
 The shiny blue is how they normally reflect!

You will of course need a board. I found this one, that looks pretty awesome. But then I remembered "Bronies are pretty awesome at ponifieing (sp) all the the things! I bet someone has customized a board?" And what do you know, I found these beauties by idontruntoofast! Seriously: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
And lest I forget, you need to keep your head warm! A lot of your body heat will escape from there. But, since we are keeping this DJ Pon-3 inspired, why not rock your brony/pegasister pride with this sweet cap! It even has ear flaps and ties so your ears stay toasty, and you cap stays on your head!

From Daretodreamca (portfolio)
listed here
And of course, some headphones to listen to your sweet powder-shredding-inspired grooves:

I will leave you with a DJ Pon-3 inspired mix; it also features music from the "greatest snowboarding movie of all time" Johnny Tsunami! Head's up, its' pretty bass heavy, I find that for snowboarding, I like DJ type stuff (and punk and ska, but that's just my favorite stuff). Enjoy!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Annie from Being Human

Ok, small confession:
I LOVE Being Human! I love both the US and UK versions. The UK version I watched first, and I like their werewolf concept better, and **sigh**the vampire Mitchell (whom you may know as Kili in The Hobbit films).

But we're here to talk about the UK's Annie!

via I

One of my goals last week--and all year for that matter, was to try 3 new exercises. One of those is yoga. I've been having a lot of work and SDCC related stress. Luckily the latter is no longer an issue (queue fan fare!). I have a yoga DVD that is supposed to help calm your nerves, and so for that reason, I thought I'd focus on a yoga inspired outfit via this ghost girlie!

Let's start with that cozy-of-coziest sweaters shall we? This sweater I actually saw at my local Target, And it looks so comfy! Perfect for bundling up and keeping yourself warm after a hot yoga session and heading out into the cold!

While Annie seems to prefer the quintessential white tank, I veered to a more athletically friendly top (in case one wants to switch things up, and go running?).

This tank has some cool pixelated print too, so, win-win-win!

Additionally, yoga pants...so, here's the thing: I looked for some, but for some reason, I couldn't find a single pair I liked, that would also transition to a cardio based workout. And then I remembered: ZUMBA! And I found these little leggings and they looked pretty comfy too!

If you do some yoga, and want to keep those toes warm, try these gripped toe socks:

And after yoga, or swim, or an activity you want to keep comfy and warm. I'm not usually a fan of shoes like this, except to keep warm. But to each her own eh? Also, these remind me a little of Annie's boots, but a post-Workout friendly version!

And in case you want to do some Zumba, running, or weights:

image: adidas adipure Trainer 360 Shoes Q34792
Like I said stress reduction yoga! And you know what I like about YouTube? FREE exercise videos! It's also, a good cool down stretch!

Also! Check out this video inspired by Robsen Green who plays the werewolf McNair!

I will leave you now with a ghostly-HIIT/ moderate-jog inspired playlist:

Weekly Intentions #12

1). Swim- Got to swim twice last week. Not bad, but not my ideal from last week, so this puppy is back up here! I want to improve my times too! Also, I feel really happy when I’m done.
2). Buttons- some for me, some for friends. Photoshop Extracurricular Activities!!! Also, practice for it too!
3). Learn Three NEW Words- This will be on these Intentions more than once. I want to both learn new words, and refresh my memory on others. Pretty excited to start doing this!
4). Do Three New Exercises- Whether they are brand new, or, new to routine, I’d like to try and do three new ones each month. No Plateau!
5). Listen More, Speak Less- difficult, because when I get really excited, or passionate…I pretty much turn into a puppy. I wiggle in my seat, even. But I do listen, but I want to listen more intentionally. And maybe work on being less of a puppy LOL. Seriously though, I like meeting people, and when I do I either clam up, or, I get really excited.

This week I will post a recap of the AWESOME time I had with some fellow geeky San Diego gals! It was so, so, SOOOOO fun!
I can without a doubt, and with all sincerity say: this is something I have been truly missing from my life! Thank God for the internet! LOL
I hope you have a wonderful week!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Lumpy Space Princess

Occasionally when you work out you need to bring out your inner diva.
Now, I'm not saying be a diva to others, but you have to bring the diva out on yourself...bring out your inner:
Lumpy Space Princess!
Before we kick this party off, here's a work-out mix I loosely based on this (two songs are for sure for poops and giggles!)

LSP is so full of Valley-Girl-esque sass, that if you're not feeling those squats, or weights, just imagine your inner LSP (or scarier, LSP as your trainer). I went swimming Monday, thinking about this planned post, and when I considered this information, I went crazy"hardcore" with my swimming. I'm still a bit sore, but in that good way that lets me know that I'm:

This muscle tank is perfect motivation for hitting the weights, and doing some of those tricep dips. This would also be great for running!
And just in case you get a bit chilly, here's a cute jacket/seatshirt/jumper!

I think these cool leggings would be great at checking out your lumps turning into muscle definition! Now one place I need a LSP-esque boost is using weights, and squats. I always feel like I'm doing these wrong. But that's what's really great about leggings, they will help show your legs getting into shape and work.
But in case you want to see your own skin's definition these far-out shorts are PERFECT (they even have the pop of yellow, like her star)!
And then there are the these cross training shoes with (and I quote) "Lunarlon" cushion (that's lunar...like space!!!) that will take quite a bit of the impact while you do jump rope, or jog! Also, the soles have good traction for a variety of surfaces. Maybe even...Lumpy Space!
And you will need to be able to listen to some sweet tunes here are some earphones...that I will be purchasing soon.

And I found a totally fun Adventure Time themed Workout from Accountablogity's tumblr! (She has some GREAT motivating posts on there!):


And if you wanna throw in some zero-gravity lighter density exercise, here's some swim gear (just don't wear the boots)
And to totally tote all of your totally totable, totables (and towels), here is a REALLY nice backpack (that I really want...I have a thing for backpacks):
And last but not least, I could stick this on my car to show off my lumps...my lumps...my lovely...Ok...I'm stopping...

I love purple, so LSP was fun to find workout gear for! Stay tunned for next week's post!