Geek Out Day 11: Favorite Manga and Comic Series

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

Let’s start with my two favorite comics (I realize manga is just comics in japanese, but I’m using these for distinction):

1). Bone by Jeff Smith

Bone vol 1.jpg

Bone is an underrated (well, actually “Not-as-well-known-as-it-should-be” would be more accurate) all ages comic series. I first heard about the series in the long defunct Disney Adventures Magazine. And honestly: it was the main reason I tried to collect all the issues (though the covers were also cool af and i’m 98% sure it would do well now-a-days). Smith tells an epic fantasy with a WARRIOR princess who truly is multi-dimensional. Also, there are dragons! Also, also there are Stupid stupid rat creatures (the creature in which an early meme tag/usage got the title from).

2). The Astonishing X-Men’s Age of Apocalypse series


This was my first or second comic book ever and I bought it at a class “auction” in school. It was my introduction to Clarice “Blink” Ferguson (my fave X-Man of all) and why I don’t completely hate Sabertooth anymore. Also: hot af Iceman ;) lol. I love re-reading them. And I try to buy ANY blink stuff (except when she had the mullet). Also: Morph in this series made me laugh aloud like a loon.

As for number 3, it is my most favorite manga (even more than Sailor Moon):

3). Nana


Nana is my most favorite manga, and Yazawa Ai my favorite manga-ka. The reason I got into Nana was via Paradise Kiss (another of her manga titles that serves as a pseudo-sequal to Gokinjo Monogatari). But Nana? Nana resonated! Even thinking of this manga makes me feel like a whole new person. The story and its puns, and its art?!?! It’s so beautifully realized and clever! I adore it. Sadly, around 2007 Yazawa-san got very ill, and the completion of the story has been on hiatus ever since. I wish I could writer her and ask even for the most basic essay form for what happens, and how it ends. But alas, I’d still want all the beautiful minor details.

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Batman for Bryen

This month has been No Shave November, and I've loved having some really awesome guys be guests for this month's Wednesday posts. I hope you enjoyed this month's guest posts! Special thank you to the ever-awesome Travis (Spider-Man!) and Dave (Mega Man X)!

In fact, I have a particular person, who was the main inspiration for this: my nephew Bryen.

This year, my nephew Bryen was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (a type of sarcoma which is a form of cancer in the soft tissue). Bryen has been in, and, out of chemo a lot this year. He loves to sing, and, is an amazing big brother! Bryen loves to go on walks to the Trader Joe's and Golden Spoon (but with the chemo, and, the constant threat of catching a cold (his immune system is significantly weaker). Bryen also, loves comic books! He's even gotten me comics such as Exiles, just because it features my favorite character on the cover! The Tenor and I have snuck him to see The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2!

But, by far his favorite hero is Batman! Not that grouchy douchey Batman in Lego Movie, but the Batman that works his mind and body to be The World's Greatest Detective!

And that's really, who No Shave November has been for our household (while I hate facial hair, The Tenor's reason for trying it this month, is worth it)!

So this week's post is not only dude-oriented, but young-dude-oriented for Bryen!
Batman (for Bryen's Future Strength)

Batman (to Bryen's Full Recovery) by joie-fatale
1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6 

TBH, the songs I've chosen aren't Batman themed, but Bryen themed. Some are songs I've heard him singing and others are songs I think he'd enjoy (I know there's a certain movie's soundtrack on here more than once...but it really was AWESOME), so forgive the general lack of a theme, but rather, the mix CD I had made for him.
Bryen's gotta a support page on facebook, and, a general info website, where--if you're so inclined--you can donate to him and his family as medical bills are not the cheapest, and, providing food to Bryen and his four siblings is hard. Also if any of you are looking to get rid of old comics, or books, or action figures, a letter, or, want to draw him a picture, send them (or me) an email! He could really use the encouragement!

Are there any workout cosplays you'd like to see? 
Check out the right hand side of the blog, and shoot me an email! 

Until next time: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Lumberjanes: A Tiny Review & Playlists!

LumberJanes L to R: Ripley, April, Jo, Molly, Mal
If you're looking to pick up a comic sereies RIGHT NOW, may I highly recommend Lumberjanes!!! Other bloggers have recommended the series, and I immediately picked it up, especially Cazz from Nerdburger whose review can be found here, and Gwen of A Geek & Her Oven whose review is here!

Like the ladies above, I love Lumberjanes' genuine use of girl's kicking butt and having fun action! It reminds me of Powerpuff Girls x Scooby Doo x Buffy, and--as another review noted--a little bit of Ann M. Martin's Babys-Sitter's Club for measure!

I like the comic's style as it colorful, and on the zanier side. The second those three-eyed foxes showed up in issue one, the series pretty much stole my heart!

Fox Fight!!!

The comic also has an all inclusive feel with diverse characters who all get along and have friendship as their glue (a la the BSC). No character comes across as a "token," either! Each of these young ladies is a person who contributes to the group, making up their solid 20 percent of the group! This is such a refreshing element to me. Each character is well balanced, and has her own specialty. In the most recent issue (number three) I swear I heard the Doctor saying to Molly "...I've never met anyone who wasn't important." Also, Ripley--the youngest, and most hyper of the 'Janes--gets thrown in a "Fastball Special" (which happens to be 1 of 5 things that I actually like about Wolverine). This is totally a comic for comic lovers, and, newbies a like though (don't let the references scare you, let them inspire you, young padawan).

At the end of every issue, I feel like I've earned a merit badge along with Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley! (I should make some! Someone on Etsy needs to get on that, stat! LOL).

While I would read this series based on all of the things above, you know what signed, sealed, and, CEMENTED the deal?

Those Playlists! If you've been here with you friendly neighborhood Joie for a while you know I love me a good PLAYLIST/MIX TAPE! (Even though I'm not a T. Swift fan/person/respector at all, the playlists are BOMB!)

In short I would HIGHLY recommend picking up Lumberjanes. Especially to those of you who are tired of just toeing the water, and are looking to jump in the pool!

Here are the playlists from one and two (except in 2 I took out Avril Lavine...because she is my enemy and if my life were a video game, she'd be the penultimate boss battle I'd fight). Also Fefe is luv!

Fox Fight Jams:
Fox Fight Jams by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

River Adventure Mix of Doom:
River Adventure Mix of Dooooooom! by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

I'll get to volume 3 later...
Have you read Lumberjanes? What comics are you reading now?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Jake the Dog

Man! Where has this month gone?
Did "Adventure Time April" fly by for anyone else? *raises hand*

Don't get me wrong it's been an a great month! I just wish it hadn't flown by like Lady Rainicorn on her way to meet up with today's cosplay inspiration: Jake the dog!

One of the reason's I quickly latched on to the show was Jake. Not only was he voiced by the same actor as one of my favorite robots: Bender--the lovable rascal! John Di Maggio plays another deuteragonist (sidekick/second protaganist)!

Also, Jake is a loyal friend to Finn! They both go on crazy adventures full of daring and rescue in the land of Ooo!

And here for you are some Jake inspired Adventure-ready workout items:
Jake the Dog Workout Fitness Cosplay

Jake the Dog Workout Fitness Cosplay by joie-fatale

1). Track Jacket - I really like this track jacket! Like orange, yellow is not one of my favorite colors to wear. But this yellow is a nice spring pastel, that isn't overwhelmingly daffodil-like. Also--as with all the other pieces--this can easily complement some white pieces for a Cake ;)
2). Iron-on Patch - I would use this super cute to iron on the track jacket...over my heart...cause Jake *hearts* Lady R! :]
3). Techfit Sportsbra - Just in case you detest yellow, you can have Jake close to your heart with this supportive, and, cooling sports bra. It has mest panels to keep you as cool as one of the coolest dogs ever!
4). Studio Shorts - these shorts are a collaboration between adidas and Stella McCartney, and I really like their design! But what's really cool about these shorts is that there are pockets!!! With snap closures so your phone or keys shouldn't fall out!
5). Premium Basic Tee - with all the spring breezes, and warm sunny rays, this jersey tee will keep you nice and cool with it's mesh shoulder panels, and it's scoop neck. I really like the curved hem too!
6). Run Seven-Eight Tights - So, not technically tights, but, not normal capris either. These puppies will give a lot of room to move and be flexible just like Jake! They also have a zipped pocket on the bum!
7). SeeYa LS - comfort beyond measure, like Jake (and other pups) you too can run more naturally and almost barefoot!!! The SeeYa's are especially light and extra flexible to encourage a more natural movement when running!
8). Pet Collar - While I'm more of a cat person, I'll admit one of the best workout buddies besides your friends--hands down has to be, a well behaved dog. They will learn your schedule and on the days you don't want to workout? Well, tough! They got used to that afternoon/evening walk and you kind of have to take them. Just be courteous and keep your pet leashed. But this collar can be for any pet, and I'm not ashamed to admit: I've walked a cat! They enjoy going out too! Well, some of them do.

Anyway, I would normally post a video, but keeping the pet theme in mind, here are some exercises for you and your dog: here, here, here and here.
You could do these with your cat,  but I'm sure they will scratch the crap out of you.

And your playlist:

Do you own a pet? Do you workout with them at all? Will you now, if you haven't before?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Marceline the Vampire Queen

My favorite character from Adventure Time will be today's Workout Cosplay character.

Marceline: The Vampire Queen!

Adventure Time is such a zany show, and Marceline is my FAVORITE character (followed very closely by Lumpy Space Princess). She also voiced by Olivia Olsen, whom you may remember from Love Actually (one of my favorite Christmas movies) as the little girl who sings "All I Want for Christmas (Is You)." Also. Marceline sings and has an alto for me, her little songs and ditties in AT are songs I can actually sing a-long to!

Also...that AX! Like...litteral, ax+bass= the most awesome of animated guitars since...IDK what! are my vampire queen!! And since we're talking about the ax, here's your playlist!

I decided that if Marceline particiated in a team sport (I've only seen seasons 1 and 2...lemme know if she's played anything else) it would be a something, fun, but would allow for mischief, and some aggression.
And of course, something you could play air-bass and air-guitar with (**raises hand** I'm so guilty of this)!

Enter, Field Hockey Marceline cosplay!

Marceline the Vampire Queen

1). Under Armour Red Sonic Print Shirt- This shirt boasts the ability to beat the heat from this springs beating sun--you know, something vampires like to avoid--and has the ability wick away sweat and fight, well, odor. Also I think the print is really flashy!
2). Marceline Necklace - While I don't often workout with jewelry the only thing I can really ever handle is a necklace (I even had a "lucky" necklace I hid in my suit for water polo sometimes). And This neckalce is too adorable not to include!
3). Basic Blue Team skirt- While field hockey does allow for shorts (I mean, this IS the 21st century eh?) I chose the skirt for this as when I managed, our team had this universally flattering A-line kilt for the uniform and we had ladies of ALL sizes, and all the girls looked FANTASTIC...and well, I wanted to join the team so I could get one of these skirts...but I was too late.
4). Nike Compression Shorts - And while I like the skirt, I do like to rock that late-80s/early-90s look whenever possible and these fun shorts would be great to layer under the skirt, and would bring in the signature grey of Marceline!
5). Nike Storage Band - I think I'm in love with this thing, so don't be surprised if you see it again! This thing is pocket that you can wear around your wrist like a sweatband. It can hold keys, chapstick, a small snack...or if you're on an all red diet, you can sip at the red dye! ;)
6). Brine Vintage Field Hockey Stick - Like Marceline's sweet ax, this beautiful red hockey stick is going to slay the opposition, and totally provide some fun pretend air bass/guitar playing (don't judge me).
7). Adidas Women's adiZero Cleats- Playing on a field you could be prone to some serious slipping and sliding on the grass, so cleats are completely necessary in games such as Proper Football and Field Hockey. This pair seemed like a really cool fit!
8). CranBerry Glitter Practice Ball - to practice for this sport a ball is required. And this one is super cute and sparkly! You know, adding a little glam to the ultra rockin' Marceline!
9). Shock Doctor Mouth-guard - Marceline would need to protect those fangs, and you should protect your chompers as well! With sticks and a hard-as-a-puck ball flying around the field, a mouth-guard is a necessary piece of equipment. But this guard is the coolest since it's flavored as Fruit Punch--the quintessential "red" flavor!

And (since I'm in a Field Hockey mood) some fundamental drill sets for this sport.

That's this week's workout cosplay PLEASE be sure to check out the Ice King cosplay debuting today on PonyChops!!!

Birthday Wish List!

This is my birthday week and I've seen some of my FAVORITE bloggers post birthday wishlists, and since I REALLY like the idea, I thought I would do the same! (Thank you ladies!)

Joie's Birthday Wishlist!!!
Birthday Wishes for 2014!

1). Ok, so MAYBE I already got this for myself for my birthday. And MAYBE I'm a bit obsessed with of a CatBug fan. But can you blame me?!?!

2). I'm in need of a biker jacket to deck out, and purple or green are the colors I need!

3). If you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But you know what? It's ok, cause you can get the COMPLETE series and catch up! (just buy me a copy eh?)

4). This is out of my budget, but damn! This ring is wicked sweet! I have a costume Nana Osaki ring that's based on a previous Vivienne ring and I LOVE wearing it. But, this one is, I mean, I'm just saying.

5). I love the Island of Misfit Toys, and the little elephant (and King Moonracer) are my island faves. Since I've been collecting POP! Figures since my dad bought my first one a few years back, I've had an addiction to them. And I just can't say no to his little face!

6). I got a free sample of this for my birthday month from Sephora. It's Make Up Forever: Rouge Artist in "N9 Copper Pink" and I REALLY like it! Alas, they are perpetually out of stock on the darn thing!

7). Oh, sweet, sweet Disneyland pass...*sigh* you are what my dreams are not-so-secretly made of! If only petrol prices would decline; then, land of Disney; you would be mine!

8). Grape Docs = life goal/bucket list item fulfillment! I have two black pairs that I bought the moment I knew I was done growing. I just want my purple ones!

9). I am sorted Slytherin (like Merlin, and a wizard I won't talk about) and this swimsuit would TOTALLY be awesome to wear. School Spirit and junk you know!?

10). I love this bag! One day Vivienne...ONE DAAAAY! **shakes fist**

I'm excited for this week! I took my birthday off (my own personal holiday)! I honestly have NO IDEA what I'm going to do, but, I'm going to do something in my city I've never done before, so, yeah!

What's something in your hometown that you've always wanted to give a shot, but haven't done so yet?

Interweb Discoveries

Let start out with double the dose of people-empowering-awesomosity!

First is the AMAZING blog Superheroesque that was put together by Mia & Liz who's mission is: " encourage every geek to become their own superhero through a happy community of self-love and pop culture." It's a place or EVERY geek to call home, and embrace our differences where we can think critically, make funny/punny references and joke, and more importantly encourage you to be comforable wit YOU!

Next, we have the tumblr Bettersupes where as Alexandria Law put it: "Kids are more impressionable than you, but kids can also be less restricted by cultural gender norms than you. Kids are more creative than you, and they're better at making superheroes than you...This is a mini art project where I draw superheroes based on the costumes worn by little girls..."
It's adorable & inspiring! I can't wait to go home and try and create my own character cause the one's on the tumblr are so rad!

And Danielle's AMAZING watercolor painting! It's such a beautiful piece, and it brings out so much emotion! Also check out her doodle Friday's!

this post
And this video about Ronald McNair made me so happy :')! (Though, I do feel like any librarian who won't allow someone to read, should be fired, and banished from Earth...I don't care WHAT time period it is, you're a librarian! Wear that title with pride!!!)

And, this tourist's advice to Japanese traveller's visiting America is funny!

This and this one post about changing dreams and goals!

The uber talented Luka Riot (her shop here) posted a link to these If-Tim-Burton-Animated-Doctor-Who : GIF's found here!

This 25-minute booty workout from Pumps and Iron, who--and I am stressing this to me more than anyone--I need to read more cause she posts FREE resources for body weight based exercises. I want to at least be strong enoug to move my body around for the impending zombie apocalypse!

This poor wittle Hawley (little voice) from SuperEmoFriends made me "awwww" out loud (is that "aol"?)
I've kept post-poning, the inevitable that is Parks and Rec, I was trying not to Netflix it all at once and then this episode ruined it! All she needs to do is lather vaseline, throw on some Docs or Tims and she is ready to fight!!!

(sorry, I forgot where)
My birthday is next week, and I am so excited to take the day off! LOL a gift to myself! I'm exctied for this weekend cause I get to see my sister and am having a little get together at home! Excited!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: DJ Pon-3

I apologize in advance as I know I'm complaining, but, this past weekend was warm, and not in a good way. It was summery warm.
Which left me with my realization...which I conveniently had at work:
"I'd rather be snowboarding!"
So, I had to change today's post to Snowboarding featuring  DJ Pon-3 (or, Vinyl Scratch, whichever you prefer)!

Let's start with the outer garments as they are the first shield against the powder!
This coat by O'Neill (like April!) looks so warm and I love the different tones/shades of teal! It reminds me of DJ's hair! (*o*)  What I like most about this particular coat is the wrist gaiters and powder skirt which help to prevent snow from creeping up in your jacket. Hide yo' wrists, Hide yo' side...never mind. Anyway, I love it!
And of course, you want some SWEET powder pants so your bum doesn't get soggy. The one thing I would add to these are patches of two bridged 8th notes on each side of the bum. Because "Gotta have your cutie mark!"
And of course we need some warm clothes under the shells. I found that Compression Thermal Thingys (this is a legit me) are best. I like this duo from Spyder. They look like maybe they will make me, 20% faster and cooler.

And some Snowboarding boots and goggles:
 The shiny blue is how they normally reflect!

You will of course need a board. I found this one, that looks pretty awesome. But then I remembered "Bronies are pretty awesome at ponifieing (sp) all the the things! I bet someone has customized a board?" And what do you know, I found these beauties by idontruntoofast! Seriously: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
And lest I forget, you need to keep your head warm! A lot of your body heat will escape from there. But, since we are keeping this DJ Pon-3 inspired, why not rock your brony/pegasister pride with this sweet cap! It even has ear flaps and ties so your ears stay toasty, and you cap stays on your head!

From Daretodreamca (portfolio)
listed here
And of course, some headphones to listen to your sweet powder-shredding-inspired grooves:

I will leave you with a DJ Pon-3 inspired mix; it also features music from the "greatest snowboarding movie of all time" Johnny Tsunami! Head's up, its' pretty bass heavy, I find that for snowboarding, I like DJ type stuff (and punk and ska, but that's just my favorite stuff). Enjoy!

Your First Time...

What is/was your first FANDOM memory?
My first memory is watching Star Wars with my family.
A little bit of history:

My dad grew up during the 60's, and collected a lot of comics. He even had a Spider-Man number one!

That is until his mom's--my Big Mama's--house caught fire. All the comics were gone, but thank God she made it out!

He also watched the old Batman series with Adam West. He loved the adventures, the utility belt, and of course the boss-est car to ever roam the earth: the Batmobile!

Later, he saw the premiere of Star Trek! He like many people  loved the stories! The writing spoke to, and continues to speak to people. Also, he loved Roddenberry and crew's vision of the future which included ALL people of all backgrounds! AND a future where it wasn't just us Earthlings, but some aliens as well.

In his late 20's Star Wars A New Hope came out. Light sabers, space saga, and DARTH-frakking-VADER! How could he not like it? and then, in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back came out, and we met Lando Calrissian, Jedi Master Yoda, saw the ice planet Hoth, and learned one of the greatest shockers of all time:

And with the Return of the Jedi helped signal a new era for my dad: fatherhood! Via your's truly!

With this change my father became a Jedi master in his own right and we--my siblings and I--his young padawans.

Which comes down to me.

Growing up, I know we watched Star Trek, and my dad got us into action figures pretty early on. And the old Batman show?

KUSI 9/51 used to play it all the time (I've kept my old KUSI Kids Club Card all these years). We even have a VHS tape full of episodes including Black Widow (not the Marvel assassin, but an older bank robber). Like my dad, I loved the Batmobile and wanted my own utility belt.

 My dad would watch these shows with us, and my mom would watch us all play together. We all had
I'll admit, I'm blessed to have parents that let us play cool games, and read awesome books, rather than being the superstitious kind.

But Star Wars? I LOVED Star Wars!!! I wanted a light saber more than anything in the world. And I definitely wanted to be able to wield the force. The Millenium Falcon; Han Solo; Leia; Luke; Yoda; Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi!

To me, Star Wars was brilliant because it can be enjoyed at any age. Leia was a smart diplomat with a warrior streak. Luke was a sincere kid trying to make his way; Han was the quintessential bad boy with a heart of gold! It was awesome! I liked how at the end of the trilogy Vader redeemed himself and did the right thing in the end and gets to be with Obi-Wan and Yoda (sorry, but I do have the original theatrical versions, and I prefer it...can't help it).

To go back to the opening question:
What is/was your first FANDOM memory?
Was it a video game? The star who played your favorite hero? Something you watched with one of your favorite people?

Please share in the comments! And if you want to write, or have written a post, share a bit about it AND link to your post in the comment box yo'! I would love to read it!

Pre Preregistration Jitters

Let me just say I've watched this twice already.

I am so scared, and excited about tomorrow.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel really stressed? That's been mine!
Because my week has been my thoughts about tomorrow are much like a tennis ball, bouncing between two opponents named: "Will-the-bad-week-continue-to-tomorrow?" and, "Surely-this-bad-week-will-lead-to-good-things-tomorrow"

I am worried and hopeful about badge sales tomorrow morning.

Things tend to work out ok...but I don't want to get too cocky. I keep reading The Nerdy Girlie's SDCC info, and trying to remind myself not to worry.

But putting this into practice? Oi Vey!

And the Starbucks Double shot I just had isn't helping LOL

So what to do? Here's some things to re-happy before tomorrow morning:

  • Check this 24 Hour Music Video! It's by Pharrell, but the song is really chipper, and I like the idea of a 24 hour video, mostly because I want to know if this is legitimately 24 hours.
  • Naruto! Sasuke! Goku!...Goku?! :D
  • Saban's opening theme and version for Sailor Moon (this makes me feel good because it DIDN'T happen!...Though at that time I was in elementary, and probably would have watched it anyway. Still glad). 
  • How adorable is Sandy?
Alright...see you in an hour or two!
Send me you prayers, good thoughts, and luck! 

I'm going for my Comic Con badge!


Harley Quinn Workout Inspiration

Good morning Puddin' s!

Today's Cosplay fitness gear features one of my favorite femme fatales. She's just written so well. She's effervescent and evil (but in an oddly innocent way). Crazy, and cute. 

She manages to hold the eye of one the most notorious men ever created--well, better than anyone else at least, other than Bats. And honestly: home-girl is hot to trot!

Yup, we are talking about none other than Dr. Harleen Quinzel M.D., better known by her more notorious--and "surprisingly" apt--moniker Harley Quinn. 

Not going to lie, I had a hard time finding cute Harley items for working out that were...well, affordable/reasonable. But looking at most workout clothes...very little of it is. I decided to share two different looks for this particular villainess (and sometimes least to me LOL).

First I am inspired by the sport I'm jumping back into this week: SWIMMING! Water is the one thing I'm less body conscious. I'm not featuring a cute swimsuit...but more of a athletic working out suit!
The traditional lap swim suit can be, well boring, even if the colors are perfect and Our Lady of Perpetual Mischief (can I get a "Here! Here!" on calling her this?) deserves something a bit more shiny:
But if you want some more flattering tanlines, and easier changing than this thing (**raises hand** I'm a total deck-changer if I have to), or, to REALLY motivate yourself into working out, well, here's a performance two piece:

From here & here

But check out this one that Mariko from Gamer Wife showed me! So FUN!!!

Dr. Quinzel was athletic before she became Quinn. She was a gymnist! If you're not a gymnast these next items are also good for running/yoga/weights/general training, and more importantly casual gymnastics training from know, so you too can be Harley Agile!

While, I'm not sure if Harley is a cheetah print girl, we can just pretend its hyena print right? Right! I'm not usually a cheetah print girl! It's got some pizzazz like her, and I can totally see her rocking this while she walks the "dogs" or, post workout to keep from catching a cold. But anyway, I really think this jacket is cute:

These leggings are cute, but a bit pricey! I do like the black panels on the outside of the calf, and (if you follow the link) the leggings are hemmed on to give a great Harley-esque boost to your own **ehem** ASSets.  Seriously, if these leggings really do shape "what yo' mama gave you," well, maybe they're worth the investment? I'll leave that up to you.
From NinBRoze on etsy
If  like me you like affordable, I would stick with these compression capris as they are HALF the price, and a more trusted workout brand:
And, most importantly, you gotta own working out to be like Harley! This athletic fitted shirt is perfect whether you're lifting--so you can have guns to carry guns with punching gloves at the end (or bags of cash)--or, if you need to work on your sprinting and running like you're running from Batman! Or, like Dr. Quinzel, take up gymnastics! Either way, this shirt totally gives you credit as the maven of mischief, while still providing plausible deniability!
via (I am totally ordering this!)
For either of these workouts the two following items will come in handy:
First is the much needed sports bag. I prefer the backpack type as I always feel like I am slanting to one side with the over the shoulder type (though the OtS usually is easier to open and see in). I thought this one was a good one (those buckles are great for holding your shower/pool towel versus it being in your me on this one):
And this cute key ring would be great to hold your locker keys, or if you're running, carry some cash in case you need to pick up some Gatorade in the middle of your jog, or, from the pool/gym's vending machine. Why carry the whole wallet?:
And last but not least, a workout! If you've never been in gymnastics (or need an at home refresher), this is a workout inspired by gymnasts, but is more living room friendly. Though, I would suggest a pull up bar as you will need them to scale small buildings and pull yourself onto rooftops--you know, to get away from Bats, his boy blunder, and the PoPo!

(OK, I still can't do a pull up, but I'm hanging like nobody's business!)

Any way, I hope you enjoyed this, and get out there and work out like you're Harley preppin' to break out Mistah J from Arkham!

I will be! ;)

#CK4C or, Cardio and Kettle-Bells for Cosplay

Cardio and Kettle Bells for Cosplay.

I am tagging this as #CK4C.

This last year I have put on quite a bit of weight.

I am neither comfortable, nor, OK with this. So, for the last few weeks my husband and I have been making efforts to change our outer shells.

We have been eating really healthy. This is something we struggle with. We live very close to the Best Blessed Burger—you may have heard of it as “In-N-Out Burger”…seriously, this place is a gift from above! So GOOD!!! 

Also, pasta. Pasta is easy and quick to make. And it’s EASY to fill up on it. And, it's not the best for everyday.

We LOVE vegetables, but we often forget the best rule of cooking: mise en place (putting in place, or, setting things up before hand, so all cooking time is strictly cooking time). So, we choose quick, and easy foods, which are usually, not the best for you.

These last three weeks, we have changed that.

We have been eating LOTS more veggies and lean protein (which believe it or not, IS our normal). We are consuming beets and Brussels sprouts like they are going out of style! And—the real game changer—we are making sure to eat breakfast.

This has been making a huge difference.

But, while diet is about 75% of weight loss EXERCISE is a HUGE help in achieving fitness goal. I will be doing cardio, and weights.

I am starting with primarily cardio. Running was something I was NOT a fan of. In 2009 I started running/walking/jogging (it was all three as I had very little endurance, but I would push myself) and lost A LOT of weight. Like, 30 pounds in the first 3.5 months, and 60 over a year. 

Then I started grad school. Stress, plus homework, and long work hours...oh, and planning my wedding, I let myself kind of go.

Well, no more I tell you. NO MORE!

The hubby and I have been walking about 3 miles together after work every evening we have off together. This past Thursday I worked on learning how to use weights--primarily : KETTLE BELLS!!!! 

I really like the exercises she helped me with (OMG! SQUATS! My quads are still sore!), as well as the ones from

Pumps & Iron

! Such as this:

500-rep kettle bell workout

As for cardio, in addition to running, I want to do Zumba, and, T25.

I already have Zumba, and believe it or not, it is kind of fun. I do feel goofy, BUT, Zumba


 improved my dancing skills from non-existent to not-the-most-embarrassing-person-at-a-wedding. It is a GREAT way to level up your "dancing game"


 get in shape.

As for T25, my friend has become a Beach Body coach, and has had amazing results. T25 is by Shawn T. You may know him as the guy who created Insanity. Allegedly, T25 is the 25-minute (NOT 25-Day) version of Insanity. I like short workouts, because I can combine them with other ones and not lose all my free time. Also, with 25-minutes, let's be honest: there's NO excuse not to work out, right?

Also--thanks to the power of YouTube--I have been able to try out T25 for new inspiration for Cardio! 

I might have to save up some money, but based on the YouTube preview I just did...DANG! It's pretty awesome. You can check it


, if you want to try it too.

My friend


is planning on starting his cardio for cosplay in January. He and his partner attend Comic Con with my husband and I. All four of us want to get in shape. We have an AWESOME group costume idea (or two **winky-face**) we want to do, and we all just want to get healthier! Including Queen Emeraldas!

Queen Emeraldas

Anyway, I am on my journey for Cosplay readiness. And, cute clothes wearing again times!

So, wish me luck, cause I want this! And I plan on getting it.

Cardio and Kettle-bells for Cosplay!!!


One Does Not Merely See the Avengers Once

I saw the Avengers twice this weekend. I knew I would, because even if the movie were not so good, I wanted Joss Whedon to get the credit he deserved, even if the credit was purely financial in this particular vehicle (forget you Michael Bay!).

However, I was right in having nothing to fear. And both of the credit endings were the epitome of my hopes and expectations of what I could expected in Whedon, Marvel, and super hero movies alike. In fact the consumption of Swarma was the entire reason that the States had a later release than the rest of the world!

This review will contain spoilers. I will try my best to cut them or hide them behind a color to be highlighted. But this is my first Blogger post.

On to the review

From the start we learn that the fight will be fought not merely on our world and its dimension. But the opposition is from another corner of the universe entirely. This is only news if you have not kept up with the Marvel films preceding this. NOTE: Do NOT confuse those with Fox’s ultra-bastardized-X-Men-franchise/money-maker, or Sony’s sloppy Spider-Man—who, thank God, is back in Marvel’s hands.

The opening shot of Nick “Bad-A$$ Mutha’ F**ka’” Fury (played by Samuel L. “Bad-A$$ Mutha’ F**kin’” Jackson) was to me a big sign of the adventures in store! I knew I was in for a ride! This was followed by Hawkeye’s (played by the “new” Jason Bourne: Jeremy Renner) spinning glide-down from his rope after he had been watching from a far

Right away VERY BIG THINGS are happening!

The Tesseract or, in comics, the Cosmic Cube (the shiny inter-dimension-opening cube that reminds me of how I envisioned the Andalite Escafil Device) which we have seen high-lighted most strongly in Thor, is acting up like a K-Mart blue light special on crack.

Just as Fury begins to investigate with Professor Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) the Cosmic Cu…I mean—the Tesseract bursts in blue and opens a gateway where the Norse god of mischief Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) bursts through in a hostile way. People shoot, Loki scepters, and he takes the Tesseract. Nick then calls on his Avengers initiative, bringing together Earth’s (and and Asgard’s) mightiest heroes…that are available to Marvel studios (seriously, I would like to again stress how important you NOT PAYING IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM—DVD or movie ticket—for any of Fox’s further outputs in the X-continent of the Marvel world are for some GREAT story-telling). And JUST SO you know, Deadpool should be brought to marvel cause of THANOS! I am just saying…look it up if you need to.


The movie unfolds with the gathering of our hero’s the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans…seen in Fantastic Four as Johnny “Human Torch” Storm, but smart-actor-guy left that horrible FOX franchise…Marvel needs to reboot!) and the loveable green giant (hey, it could help in getting your kids to eat vegetables) known as Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). We also get to see Maria Hill. A Spidey cameo would have been cherry, but alas, that must wait until summer (please Jesus: let there be an Avengers 2 tease after Spider man…he’s played with the gang).

Shortly after the finding of Cap, we are off on adventure to Sweden. Cap engages Loki, Iron Man helps out, and Loki…allows his capture. Odd, seeing as how he has the Tesseract Whilst on a plane ride to the good old US of A, suddenly its thunder and rainclouds. Loki looks a bit nervous, the only possible genuine emotion from him in the plane ride.

A rumble between Iron Man (the socs) and Thor (I think he’s the greaser here, as he has groovy hair *le sigh*) happens. Cap intervenes and Loki by stands.

While on the S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicarrier, Thor tells our team of Loki’s army known as the Chitauri awaiting a massacre of earth-kind. Jokes are made, things blow up, and Black Widow proves to be a real bad-a$$ in interrogation in getting Loki to be the sexist jerk he is, and spill the essential beans as to why he really is there: HULK!

Loki’s goons help him escape the Helicarrier leaving it nearly incapacitated. And then…the showdown starts. Everything culminates into a battle in New York, in an effort to make sure Loki’s aspirations for Earth domination are foiled because of his sheer arrogance really, and because he wasn’t really destined to win, but to test. He was there to test what would happen if earth went to war!

The main thing I LOVED about the Avengers was that it felt like a comic! Panel for panel the shots focused on centering on the characters. You know those “movie” comics, where they take stills and make it comic? This could be done easily with The Avengers. Normally, that would scare me, and make me fear for extreme cheesiness in execution. But it was done wonderfully. And, like the comics, there was humor! I cannot tell you how important that is…to me! Iron Man was snarky, Thor & Cap were ignorant much to my bliss, and Bruce Banner was self-deprecating…I am such a giddy fan girl for this movie!!!

Also, like the comic Avengers, all the characters were there. It wasn’t “Iron Man…and the Avengers” It was THE Avengers. This was my second greatest fear. But—and my “faith” in one human is frightening—Joss Whedon once again showed his aptitude for brining dynamic people/characters into one world.

I also enjoyed that it was not a “kids” nor and “adult” super hero movie, it was very balanced and recognized the familial audience attending, but it didn’t really dumb it down.

And as a woman, I loved that Scarlett Johansson stayed clothed! No lingerie shots, no extreme cleavage. Just a bad, butt-kicking woman!!! She’s gorgeous, and it shows! I also loved that she wasn’t “weaker” than the guys, and she was key! Loved her as Black Widow so much, that my husband is only allowed to fancy her in this movie :P

And, to my extreme delight: a proper portrayal of the Hulk! Edward Norton did a great job, but I was still reeling from Eric Bana and Ang Lee (I spit on your grave Ang Lee…when you die I mean) in that HORRIBLE interpretation. Mark Ruffalo is a perfect Banner, and the Hulk was back to the loveable-green-rage-a-holic I grew up liking!


THANOS! My brother had a freaking action figure of Thanos! I would call him “California Raisin Man” to tick of David…though I am sure he doesn’t remember. Anyway, the part that would be most exciting is also one of the saddest parts of the movie for me.

You see kids, Thanos is the reason Deadpool cannot die! It’s not merely regeneration!!! And guess who we WON’T see in the Next Avengers movie? Not only will we NOT see Wolverine (who personally, is my least favorite X-Man, but me, I like mash-ups…darn you Fox!!!). Anyway, long story short: Thanos, is in love with Death…not just “death you dead” but the grim reaper persona essentially. He shows his love for Death by destroying life. I doubt this is the story they will go into…but, it would be really nice. Romantic even LOL!

The other thing I hated was the CGI aliens. Not very believable at all! This almost killed the movie for me. I want to go back to Make up, and stop motion. CGI was anti-climatic for me.

But those are my only real complaints.

That’s it.

In the name of the moon, I give this movie a:

6 out of 7 stars – the missing star being the CGI flub…but that’s my opinion…we really need to catch up with cameras…