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So, here are seven facts about me:

1). I'm kind of a shut in. I like going out with people, but that first step outside the door is really hard. I'm bad at making the plans. And often have a little anxiety about going out.

2). I wish my hair and eyes were naturally purple! Like, vibrant purple, not a color "close to it". It's my favorite color...I just want purple...purple!!! Is that so bad?

3). At one point I wanted to have one the following "odd" occupations when I "grew-up": rodeo bronco rider (cause: horses! Duh!); semi-truck driver (seemed like freedom); and voice actor (still want to do this actually).

4). I read A Little Princess by Frances Hodgeson Burnett 3 times in a row. When I was in the 4th grade, my teacher played the BEST version of this story at the end of the year (Miriam Margoyles is in it too). And as a girl who was insanely obsessed with Victorian era clothes (thanks Samantha) I was probably one of the only kids enraptured by the video, and the one who was extremely sad there wasn't enough time to watch it. Luckily, the teacher lent it to me! So I got to finish it and returned it to her the following week! Over the summer, we found the book at PriceClub and it came with The Secret Garden (which I read once...but do not remember a thing). I read that book so fast, and then, read it again, and again. I seriously toted that book EVERYWHERE! I still have that worn-out, tried and true copy! I've read it a couple times since. It's my go to comfort book! Its so bad that I actually get VERY mad, whenever the dad lives in movie/stage renditions (in the book, he doesn't...sorry) because it REALLY takes away from Sara Crewe's character.

5). I will always play Rock Band if you ask me! And if you let me pick the songs, I will perform like we're in a real band. Like power-slides, duck walk, mic twirling a la Davey Havok...the whole nine yards.

6). I still love Tamagotchi toys! I don't know why. But I do know that every time a new one comes out, I fight the urge to buy one. I often lose this battle.

7). I love to name people's cars. And if you haven't named yours: I will. (And what I name it, is what I will forever call it).

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