Day 3 Your Anime Crush (30 Days of Anime)

30 Days of Anime with Joie Fatale

While Howl of

Howl's Moving Castle

is on the "list" (if this is ever a fandom friday post I have this at the ready) as well as Spike Spiegel of

Cowboy Bebop


I gotta say Vash the Stampede is my anime crush.


For a character who is known in his universe for being a walking disaster, he's got a heart of gold, and a good sense of humor! Also the dude's a dork hahaha! Also Johnny Yong Bosch does his voice!!! <3 p="">

This dork, hamming it up.


Also, the dude kicks all sorts of ass! I also recommend this anime as the story is more than meets the eyes!



Day 2 Favorite Anime...So Far (30 Days of Anime)

30 Days of Anime with Joie Fatale

This is easily the toughest question...and I have two answers because:


Answer number one is of course: Sailor Moon.

The magical girl of all magical girls. While not the first magical girl in existence from anime or manga, it was the one where many of us learned of this type of anime. For western audiences this anime was one of the first girl-oriented anime's available in the US (well, that I recall).

I'm not going to go over the premise but, one the things I loved about the show was the outfits. They were so cute! You can judge me, but my dream cosplay is STILL to be a Sailor Scout! Also, since there are 10 different scouts, there's nearly a character for anyone to relate to! The 90's animation is not as polished and shiny as the new Crystal season, but, back then it was golden...and adorable af!

The second show is Cowboy Bebop

In addition to being one of my all time favorite anime, its also one of the best shows ever! Not only is the animation beautiful, but it boasts one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) soundtracks in Television history. Yoko Kanno the composer helped carry the series into the phenomena it became. From jazz, to blues, to rock to country and of course: bebop! She covered the whole gambit! Additionally she's composed other beautiful piece for anime's like Escaflowne!

From ep. 1. (


From ep. 20 (



From Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (



Also: the animation is top notch! The fight scenes are some of my favorite (along side that hallway fight from Daredevil). And while each episode is practically a self contained story, it all flows into the finale of the series. The downside of this show? it's one season. But not like a "Firefly-one-season-that-NEEDED-more" it actually was supposed to end. In fact, one of the best parts of this is that you can recycle from episode 26 and go back to episode 1, and see more in the series.

art by 


Those are my favorite anime's so far.

See you later space cowboy...

Day 1 Very First Anime (30 Days of Anime)

You know what: I've missed writing...a LOT! These last few months have been trying...on us all if I'm not mistaken. But, to alleviate some of the gravity of the year so far, I'm doing the 30 day anime challenge this month.

30 Days of Anime with Joie Fatale

My first introduction to anime was when my family was stationed in the Philippines. While I'm 90% sure it was voltron...I just don't remember. So I'll go with the first one I truly recall: Unico.


Unico is an adorable little cinnamon-bun eared unicorn, and being the magical-girl-in-training-child I was in love with Unico. He was created by the great Osamu Tezuka who also created Astro-Boy, Phoenix, and Kimba the White Lion (ALSO! He's a descendent of Hatori Hanzo the ninja and samurai)!

I don't remember much about Unico to be honest. I remember it was one of the movies, and, that we used to rent it on VHS tape. But, I believe it was The Fantastic Adventures of Unico based on the covers of the two movies (which I am going to now purchase on



While I don't remember anything plot-wise I remember being in love with the aesthetic style (I remember telling my parents that it reminded me of my favorite cartoons when we were stationed abroad) and well...I mean LOOK AT UNICO!

Cute af! (



I mean, that cuteness!

Magical af! (



Any who, stay tuned for more anime love! Tomorrow: Favorite Anime I've Watched so Far (god! How do I pick?!?!

5 Binge-Worthy Shows

his Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

Today's post is also brought to you by the lovely Meli who suggested featuring our five favorite binge-worthy shows!

Here are mine (in no particular order):

 The Mighty Boosh
Old Gregg the Sea Manster
This odd, but AWESOME show is one that I had two very different friends tell me "you know, I think you'd love this show called The Mighty Boosh." So I bumped the show to the top of my Netflix list (sadly, no longer streaming :'[ but still DVD) and I was hooked! You've probably seen Old Gregg cosplays at conventions, or the Hitcher. They are all played by Noel Fielding who also plays Richmond in The IT Crowd (PS if you like IT, I would suggest Boosh as its very similar writing...just a little more outrageous). TBH I do have one critique that makes me cringe in this show as it does pull some occasional offensiveness. But overall, I do LOVE this show, and I never just watch "one" episode.

Princess Jellyfish
Moon. Jellyfish. TRANSFORMATION! ;)
This is a sweet, comedic, and just plain old fun anime. It has one of the more realistic (and HILARIOUS) makeover scenes which is more about "best-foot-forward" than "change-who-you-are"! I remember that the first time I was watching it, I started from the beginning cause the Tenor started some of it and was like: "I think I need to see this from the beginning" he loved it too!

Ouran High School Host Club
This episode cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!
I used to read the Ouran High School Host Club (OHSHC) manga (and actually really want to pick it up again, as I left before it was finished because: moneys) and remember busting up laughing out loud while reading it...regardless of where I was. When I got hold of the anime it was just with subtitles and visually devoured the whole season! Then, Funimation did a dubbed version and I was curious about how it would sound. It was actually pretty spot on! You can enjoy it on Netflix now in either language! This show always makes me laugh, and whenever I don't know what to watch, I pretty much marathon this show! (PS the pic is from a scene I legit go into a laughing fit at every time no matter how often I watch).

Pushing Daisies
While I don't really remember this being on TV (sad Joie) I remember buying the DVD because it looked interesting...and was on sale. I ended up finishing the first season in about 2 days (no judging), and the next day went back to buy season 2 while it was still on sale!
The narration, colors, wardrobe, story, actors (including Lee Pace & Kristin Chenoweth)...just ALL OF IT is so beautifully executed, and hooks you in! Also, Daisies writer is BryAn Fuller, who writes for Hannibal (my #6 binge show ;] )

Orphan Black
In 2013, the Tenor's and my friend recommended a little show to us that we should check out on DVD. Little did we know that we would quickly become a part of the Clone Club! The writing is engaging, and suspenseful, and Tatiana Maslany's acting is worth just checking out a few episodes, even if this isn't your thing! Also, homegirl should be winning ALL the awards, because her acting is top notch! Also, there's some mystery each season, leading to one greater one with a natural build in the shows tension. Seasons 1 & 2 are available on Amazon Prime, and since season 3 kind of just started, you're in a great position to marathon!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Hannibal
  • Sherlock (its so easy to watch)
  • Bleach
  • Doctor Who (esp. the Russell T. Davies seasons)

What are some of your more binge-watching worthy shows?

Colossal Titan Workout Cosplay (Attack on Titan)

Today's Workout Cosplay is a loose interpretation from an AMAZING anime (which you can watch on Netflix) called: Attack on Titan! This is primarily (for spoiler reasons) based on the colossal titan from the beginning of the anime.


This one is inspired by both the Titan, and, the wall he breaks through (thus the hints of concrete grey). I also think the titans are freaking creepy as hell! And...maybe I feel like when I "run" I look like a few of the more dorky ones lol!

One thing that REALLY inspired me are those leggings from Hot Topic! I think it would be so cool to be working out wearing those because it would be kind of like being able to "see" your muscles at work! Or like

Mr. Goodbody

from back in the day lol!

Here's a workout playlist for you:

If you haven't seen Attack on Titan I would highly suggest it! It's so good, and though a bit eerie, there's a lot of intrigue, and BONUS! Fights are NOT seven episodes long ;P heehee!

Have you seen Attack on Titan? Do you enjoy anime?

Have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see? 

Leave me a comment, or,

tweet me

and let me know!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Hiyori Sarugaki

Wednesday's are back in full effect! And today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by Hiyori Sarugaki from Bleach! Like I said on my last Workout Cosplay, I've been trying to catch up on the anime of Tite Kubo's Bleach! Due to the move (and lack of a good connection to the internet) that has been on a bit of a hiatus as well. Also with the move I've made some friends and we've been working out and running together, so I haven't watched too much of it.

Anyway, Bleach has some awesome female characters who kick butt (see Yoruichi Shihouin from my last post)! Hiyori is a feisty and, well...aggressive former shinigami turn Visored. And I like her! I find her funny as she's so pint-size in relation to everyone else, but, she tries to take them on anyway. Her favorite attack is "smacking fools upside the head"...with her chonkla (Spanish for flip-flops and much more fun to say).


She reminds me of a modern, sassy, violent Tinkerbell who can talk!

Here's the cosplay:

What have you been up to? (I promise, I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs).

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Yoruichi Shihouin

I'm back! I'm trying to have a few posts set up since I will be moving at the end of the month! And while I pack up I've been catching up on BLEACH!!!

I remember watching the anime back in 2008 and being super excited that I recognized my favorite Power Ranger's voice as the main character, Ichigo: Johnny Yong Bosch (seriously, he was the ranger I crushed on while everyone else was all about Tommy)!

Any who, I LOVED this show! And catching up has been awesome! And a few episodes in a cute talking cat shows up, and I was SOLD! As it turns out, the cute talking cat ends up being my favorite character in the show: Yoruichi Shihouin!

FACT: She has purple hair!

FACT: She turns into a cat!

FACT: She's a fighting bad-ass!

FACT: she's effing cool!

Also, she was the first anime character since like, Sailor Pluto that I had seenwho was dark skinned woman! The realization of that also seared her into my favorites list as it was a). something I didn't even realize would impact me on that level and, b). she was a character I wanted to be like too!

And with that, here's the cosplay workout gear!

1). Mesh open back tank- I used the black one of this tank for Meleficent, but if you've ever seen Bleach you know that an open back tank would have to be involved! Bad ass chick, has awesome shoulders!

2). Purple Headband-Ok this is a fancy headband, but it's the perfect purple, and I would use it to workout regardless! And it's the perfect purple for her hair! I love it!

3). Running Kicks- these will keep you quick on your feet, whether you're running, or, doing shunpo/flash step!

4). Yoruichi badge- motivation on your exercise gear push yourself and be the best!

5). Compression Capris-These compression capris will keep your muscles together and working! Also, compression helps prevent fatigue, so, they will be

6). Sports Bra- I have this particular sports bra and let me tell you: it is SOOOOO comfy!! Seriously! It's the best! And it comes in a cute tangerine color! It's got AMAZING support and coverage, but doesn't feel like like it would.

Last but not least, a workout to get you Flash Step ready!

A good agility booster (in addition to stairs, and sand running) is an agility ladder.

Here's a few to look at!

Have you seen Bleach? Who's your favorite character?

Better late than never, eh? And just under the Wednesday wire!

Wednedsay Workout Cosplay: Super Saiyan Mode!

Today's WedWorkCos is not on one character, but a race. I am basing it on my newest hair style change:

*insert menacing laugh*

Any who, I've been busy with some Comic Con prep, plus a huge lifestyle change since my hubs left for the military. Also I'm stepping up my workout game cause I want to surprise him at his graduation!

So I'm going: SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! And that's part of the reason I've been bad at keeping up with things. I'll be back in full swing once I work some things out--especially myself :D

I liked playing a few of the Dragonball/Dragonball Z games, but didn't really watch the show except for the fight sequences cause they were soooo frigging awesome! Which is funny, because the fights were also why I didn't watch the show since they lasted a bit too long for my preference. But my brothers watched it!

Have you seen Dragonball (any of them)? Who was your favorite? Or, do you have a memory of this show, even if you didn't watch?