For Cereal?!?!

Want to hear an interesting story that just happened?
We have a wall, and then, my cubicle’s wall; there’s a gap between them. My cubicle’s wall is 5’9”. So when something falls, it’s practically gone for good!
I had a Ziploc bag of cereal. My co-worker said she was hungry. i hand her the bag and she goes "I don't want any more healthy food!" This we joke about--making her healthy, cause she loves McD's--so I go on and do an impression and am like "NO! Eff eating healthy!" while holding said bag of cereal in my left hand, and—at the end of my sentence—I bat at the bag with my right hand…
Well, I must have had She-Hulk mode on or something cause I just “volleyed” that bag over my cubicle’s wall, and directly into the gap between!
And so my coworker and I are like “WTF?!?! That seriously just happened!” and we get to thinking, CRAP! There’s going to be mice and roaches (we’re in a crappy little bungalow) all up in our space. So I come up with a “genius” and “scientific” plan to grab the bag!
I stand on the desk and pull our office vacuum up on to my desk and fasten ALL the tubes/attachments to the tube thingy. And after a game that felt like “the claw”…I retrieved the bag of cereal! I'm pretty sure I just made Thursday interesting. Or, at least, entertaining!
Welcome to Wonderland! We’re ALL mad here!!!
The End