Star Wars

Finn (Stormtrooper) Workout Cosplay

Stormtrooper Finn Workout Cosplay

Stormtrooper Finn Workout Cosplay



Back on track!

I need to finish out my Star Wars theme, and give some love to Finnie-Finn-Finn! I really loved The Force Awakens, and Finn was that perfect blend of familiar, and yet fresh! And I REALLY wanted to do a Stormtrooper outfit, but needed it to be Finn too! Also: that


is so cool! It's available through

Chicky Bands

! I want a few more from there (especially the Rey one 😍).

Here is a Finn inspired playlist!

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Rey (Star Wars) Workout Cosplay

Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens Workout Cosplay

Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens Workout Cosplay



Today is of course Rey...who's last name we "don't know." **

Spoilers Ahead

** (though by now you


 seen the movie): She is also a bad mamma jamma and a brilliant pilot...which I assume "runs in the family." I apologize for the quotation marks, but I'm pretty sure she's a Skywalker. Anyway, Rey is a fierce fighter, and becomes even more fierce as a Jedi bad-ass! That's why this outfit is based around outdoor terrain running...but also so you can use a bo staff like Rey

(and Donatello)


And here's a hand-holding/bo-staff swinging playlist:

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Kylo Ren Workout Cosplay

Today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by Kylo Ren!

Kylo Ren Workout Cosplay

Kylo Ren Workout Cosplay



I really LOVE that vest! I want one so bad! Kylo does dress in my favorite color (to wear): black! And since there's still a lot of cool weather, I tried to make this a warm for all (...ish?) outfit. I also really like the water bottle as these are a great way to bring some of your nerdy inspiration to the gym!

Here's a Kylo inspired's a moody-movement inspired, 'cause Kylo ;P

Hope you liked today's Workout Cosplay!

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Poe Dameron Workout Cosplay

Today's workout cosplay ties into last week's! Where BB-8 is a CSO, Poe is the pilot!

Poe Dameron Workout Cosplay

Poe Dameron Workout Cosplay



Oh, Oscar Isaac...why you be so dreamy. But seriously, Poe was such an awesome character in The Force Awakens (TFA), and I'm super stoked he was not killed off! Can't wait to see more of his and Finn's Bromance (/romance?).

As for the playlist...

Did you know: Oscar Isaac played in some florida ska bands in his youth? My Rude-Joie heart is fluttering! In fact,


article is 100% to blame for this week's workout playlist, dubbed "

Poe Skameron

"! Hope you enjoy this (mostly) 90's nostalgia trip!

Bonus points: for cardio,


-ing to the beat is not a bad cardio at all! In fact, it's really fun and makes you work your obliques if you swing your arms right.

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BB-8 (Workout Cosplay)

Today's workout cosplay is inspired by the



BB-8 Workout Cosplay

BB-8 Workout Cosplay



I love the Star Wars droids, and just generally love robots! But BB-8 is the cutest thing since R2-D2 and G.I.R. (from

Invader Zim

...told you I love robots)! I'm going to hold off on gushing about BB-8, but know: I have seriously thought about changing my pup Thorin's name to BB-8! Also: that gym bag! <3 p="">

Here's a BB-8 inspired playlist to help you


 a-long your workout ;)

Be week will be a strait up "Nostalgia Trip" in terms of the playlist, but it'll be FUN!

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Fandom Fridays: Gateway Fandoms!

I'm finally WiFi equipped!
And what better way to kick off, than with my fellow Female Geek Bloggers in: FANDOM FRIDAYS (imagine here, a dramatic echo). Megan from The Nerdy Girlie, and, Kristin from Super Space Chick

This Friday we are looking at our Gateway Fandoms--Our fandoms that got us into fandoms, the nerd life, the things we unabashedly *squee* about!!!
Here, friends, are mine, ranked from the most recent of these, to my very first (and just so you know, Harry Potter was number 6...and you'll see why when you get to #1).

5). Invader Zim

I remember Friday March 30, 2001 (you see why this is on the list?) because I knew that this new show was going to be awesome, but, unfortunately, it would not be appreciated until it was cancelled, because that's how life works. I actually stumbled across the show's premiere on Nickelodeon not because I knew it was airing, but by the luck of channel-surfing. I loved Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny the Homicidal Maniac already, and when I saw the "created by" at the end of the episode, I understood the familiarty and was hooked and have been GIR-obsessed since episode one (I even got him in tattoo form!).

4). Astonishing X-Men: Age of Apocalypse
 This was the first comic series I ever bought for myself. In the fifth/sixth grade we had auctions based on these little paper gems we earned from doing our school work, being citizens, doing unexpected good things, etc. (think "House Points" from Harry Potter, but, on an individual basis); and at the end of a quarter we could use these gems to purchase another students item that they had brought/donated to the auction. At the end of the year, issue 1 of the Astonishing X-Men's Age of Apocalypse was what one student brought (clearly, he had already read it). Yes, I was the only girl to bid on it (granted, there were some REALLY cute Sanrio items at the time, but most of it was Spottie Dottie who wasn't my fave). Needless to say, I won (as I usually do with these things), and found out that the entire series had already come and gone from print which left me with the lonely #1 issue. However, in what felt like a year's time (it was probably only a month), I found (and purchased) this Astonishing... series in a four pack at Toys 'R' Us, and was able to read the story arc and furthered my love for my favorite Marvel character Blink!!!

3). Sailor Moon (anime)

There are two camps of thought. Like the Beatles vs the Stones, chances are you were fan of either Sailor Moon, or, Dragonball Z. This is not to say you couldn't/didn't like both, but, one of them is head and shoulders above the other in terms of influence on you as child in the 90's and, anime! Sailor Moon is still loved by me and I plan on making as many other fans as possible!!! It was the cute suits, at one point, but I think the coolest thing was the team of scouts who were all different people, but still fought for what was right, versus waiting to be saved by some dude. Sailor Mercury was the first person I ever wanted to cosplay as, and Sailor Saturn in still my DREAM cosplay!

2). Star Wars
 I grew up watching this...the original un-CGI tampered with version (I'm sorry, but I HATE the changes). My dad had them on VHS tapes and all four of us kids (my younger sister, two younger brothers, and I [and as it turns out, my husband and his sisters]). Back in the day each of us would occasionally get a candy as a treat and we often would pick Life Savers, and we would each have a different flavor, and pretend they were our light saber hilts (they sounded similar in our little kid ears). We all wanted to be Jedi and wanted real light sabers...ok...I still do.

1). My Dadoo!
Art by Jeffrey Brown from: Vader's Little Princess

My dad is a nerd.That's who I get it from! He's a history nerd, a Trekkie/Trekker (he's dressed as an Alien, and Captain Kirk a few times),a Sleepy-Head (Sleepy Hollow fan), a Star Wars nerd (he had a license plate that read Darth Vader--in license plate lingo), and more recently, I've been introducing him to  Doctor Who which he likes, but has some watching to do. He watched Smallville, and is excited for The Flash and is starting Arrow! Since I was little I was a fan of my parent's, but, since this is about "Gateways" I gotta say, my dad is the number one in the arena! (Addendum: The only reason Harry Potter wasn't number 5 is because my dad was the person who got me into nerdy things...EVERYTHING I love are in one way or another because of him! So I couldn't, not list him...right?).

What are your Gateway Fandoms?

Your First Time...

What is/was your first FANDOM memory?
My first memory is watching Star Wars with my family.
A little bit of history:

My dad grew up during the 60's, and collected a lot of comics. He even had a Spider-Man number one!

That is until his mom's--my Big Mama's--house caught fire. All the comics were gone, but thank God she made it out!

He also watched the old Batman series with Adam West. He loved the adventures, the utility belt, and of course the boss-est car to ever roam the earth: the Batmobile!

Later, he saw the premiere of Star Trek! He like many people  loved the stories! The writing spoke to, and continues to speak to people. Also, he loved Roddenberry and crew's vision of the future which included ALL people of all backgrounds! AND a future where it wasn't just us Earthlings, but some aliens as well.

In his late 20's Star Wars A New Hope came out. Light sabers, space saga, and DARTH-frakking-VADER! How could he not like it? and then, in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back came out, and we met Lando Calrissian, Jedi Master Yoda, saw the ice planet Hoth, and learned one of the greatest shockers of all time:

And with the Return of the Jedi helped signal a new era for my dad: fatherhood! Via your's truly!

With this change my father became a Jedi master in his own right and we--my siblings and I--his young padawans.

Which comes down to me.

Growing up, I know we watched Star Trek, and my dad got us into action figures pretty early on. And the old Batman show?

KUSI 9/51 used to play it all the time (I've kept my old KUSI Kids Club Card all these years). We even have a VHS tape full of episodes including Black Widow (not the Marvel assassin, but an older bank robber). Like my dad, I loved the Batmobile and wanted my own utility belt.

 My dad would watch these shows with us, and my mom would watch us all play together. We all had
I'll admit, I'm blessed to have parents that let us play cool games, and read awesome books, rather than being the superstitious kind.

But Star Wars? I LOVED Star Wars!!! I wanted a light saber more than anything in the world. And I definitely wanted to be able to wield the force. The Millenium Falcon; Han Solo; Leia; Luke; Yoda; Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi!

To me, Star Wars was brilliant because it can be enjoyed at any age. Leia was a smart diplomat with a warrior streak. Luke was a sincere kid trying to make his way; Han was the quintessential bad boy with a heart of gold! It was awesome! I liked how at the end of the trilogy Vader redeemed himself and did the right thing in the end and gets to be with Obi-Wan and Yoda (sorry, but I do have the original theatrical versions, and I prefer it...can't help it).

To go back to the opening question:
What is/was your first FANDOM memory?
Was it a video game? The star who played your favorite hero? Something you watched with one of your favorite people?

Please share in the comments! And if you want to write, or have written a post, share a bit about it AND link to your post in the comment box yo'! I would love to read it!