Slytherin Manifesto

Geek Out Challenge Day 7: Unexpected Fandom

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

Today’s prompt is “What Fandom do you love, but didn’t think you would?”

And there’s going to be a bit of a twist, because my answer is: Harry Potter.


It’s true.
One of the fandoms I most ardently adore was one I wasn’t sure I’d dig.

I’d heard a lot of negative things about it at my University, and frankly as a someone who worked in the library I was quite shocked we carried it.

One day while shelving books I decided to give the books a try. I had no care about the order of them (that and 1-3 were checked out for like, ever). So I checked out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (if you’re not cringing please do). See, it was the latest release and though it was the newest they had just started showing the trailer and the tv spots for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (which shows you how old I am).

I took the book back to my apartment and started reading.
Then, I grabbed a comfy blanket, and a pillow and a mug of tea and sat in my roommates’ and my hall closet and stayed up ALL DAMN NIGHT reading.

I couldn’t put it down. And I wanted more. I then reserved the first three books (and was filled in on the full Sirius Black Story) and waited for them to come in. I brought them home to my parents house that Christmas vacation, and my sister loved them too!

I didn’t think it would be a series or “my thing” but holy crow!!!! It’s the thing I love!!! My engagement pic (see my blog icon) was Harry Potter based. And honestly, though I can’t claim “biggest fan” who gives a F! I LOVE IT!

It’s even helped me coordinate clothes so I incorporate color without looking like a tacky ragamuffin.


What’s a Fandom you never thought you’d be a part of?
Please share with me in the comments!

Swimming and Self Like/Love

I'm not afraid of swimsuit season. Hell, I'm planning on getting a two piece (the second I can afford it). And I'm not a conventionally-ideal-sized woman either! Sure, I WANT to fit that commercialized norm (I'd be liying if I said I didn't...but I know it's taken years of conditioning from media too), but when it comes to swimsuits:  I want whatever I want (and for it to fit in a way where ocean waves won't peel it's happened before...and it SUCKS!). Yes, I occasionally get self-conscious in a swimsuit...but at the same time, I don't let it get in the way.

First, PLAYLIST (since this was for Wednesday!):

I was thinking about what is it that has made me this way. And I know having done swim and water polo in high school helped.
Too accurate...via
I was never great at either sport (NOT fishing for compliments, I'm genuinely uncoordinated), but I enjoy how those sports make me feel after doing them. I feel like my muscles are liquid a cat. Sorry that seems silly (cause cats don't usually care for water), but I remember reading Animorphs, and that's what I most closely relate this to LOL!
Any way, after swimming, I feel my muscles in that "good" ache of use/fatigue that says, NO! my muscles scream: "I am invincible!"
Those muscles being used make me feel strong! My body cuts through the water, like a hot knife through butter (or some such analogy)! I can tread water, I can do flip-turns, I can be in water and know what regardless of my BMI standings (which PS, is BS!) I can kick butt in it! Heck, if it wasn't for the sun's rays being so intense here, I would stay more than four hours in the water (yup! I've done this!). I LOVE water! When I get out of the pool (or ocean) I feel like a brand new person! Like, I changed from Joie, into Bishoujo Senshi: Sailor Fatale!
Also, I remember that if anyone has a problem with how I look, I could probably hold them under-water (not that I would) and make them cry gurgle "uncle" while below surface. So haters can suck it!
OMG! I actually used a T. Swift gif **slaps own hand**
I wish I could give this to every person. I think it's insane for us to not enjoy that cool refreshing feeling of water and staying cool during the summer! It bugs the living crap out of me! Everyone has a right to be at the beach and not have to worry about how they look (and curse people who take pictures of strangers and post them online to be ridiculed. Curse them, may shame, dishonor and BAD LUCK forever curse their name).
All I'm saying is, get your a$$ in the water if you want to. Have fun! Stay cool! Wear a two piece if you want! Wear whatever! Have fun, get prune-fingers! Rock that eau de chlorine, or have those natural beach waves from being at the beach! Also, being in the sun will give you vitamin D, which will make you happy! And as Elle Woods said: "Happy people don't kill..."

Birthday Wish List!

This is my birthday week and I've seen some of my FAVORITE bloggers post birthday wishlists, and since I REALLY like the idea, I thought I would do the same! (Thank you ladies!)

Joie's Birthday Wishlist!!!
Birthday Wishes for 2014!

1). Ok, so MAYBE I already got this for myself for my birthday. And MAYBE I'm a bit obsessed with of a CatBug fan. But can you blame me?!?!

2). I'm in need of a biker jacket to deck out, and purple or green are the colors I need!

3). If you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But you know what? It's ok, cause you can get the COMPLETE series and catch up! (just buy me a copy eh?)

4). This is out of my budget, but damn! This ring is wicked sweet! I have a costume Nana Osaki ring that's based on a previous Vivienne ring and I LOVE wearing it. But, this one is, I mean, I'm just saying.

5). I love the Island of Misfit Toys, and the little elephant (and King Moonracer) are my island faves. Since I've been collecting POP! Figures since my dad bought my first one a few years back, I've had an addiction to them. And I just can't say no to his little face!

6). I got a free sample of this for my birthday month from Sephora. It's Make Up Forever: Rouge Artist in "N9 Copper Pink" and I REALLY like it! Alas, they are perpetually out of stock on the darn thing!

7). Oh, sweet, sweet Disneyland pass...*sigh* you are what my dreams are not-so-secretly made of! If only petrol prices would decline; then, land of Disney; you would be mine!

8). Grape Docs = life goal/bucket list item fulfillment! I have two black pairs that I bought the moment I knew I was done growing. I just want my purple ones!

9). I am sorted Slytherin (like Merlin, and a wizard I won't talk about) and this swimsuit would TOTALLY be awesome to wear. School Spirit and junk you know!?

10). I love this bag! One day Vivienne...ONE DAAAAY! **shakes fist**

I'm excited for this week! I took my birthday off (my own personal holiday)! I honestly have NO IDEA what I'm going to do, but, I'm going to do something in my city I've never done before, so, yeah!

What's something in your hometown that you've always wanted to give a shot, but haven't done so yet?

Weekly Intentions #3 12/2/2013

GAH! So late on posting!
Holidays, am I right?

Anyway, here are the things I need to do/work on this week:

  1. Stand at my desk: Rather than just sitting all day at my cubicle, getting...well, getting Pancake-Ass, or the Secretary Spread (where one's bottom fatty cells shift to the hips) I need to working on standing as much as comfort allows for at my desk. Also, it will be grand for circulation, and keep me fitness minded!
  2. Christmas Shopping: While the Tenor and I are not too sure about gifts for everyone (we kind of stopped counting at 20 people) I DO want to get at least a little something for everyone, and, something nice for his mum, and my parents.  And the ambitious goal? I want to finish it all up by Sunday. Thank God for the interwebs!
  3. Look for a Water Polo team: I played this sport when it was brand new to my High School. It was fun. I was JV the whole time, but, I had fun, AND let me tell you swimming is a GREAT metabolism booster. Like, you could eat crappy and still lose weight. While I don't plan on doing the crap-eating (and highly advise against it) I recommend this sport as a confidence booster, like Roller Derby (hmmm...that's going on a future list). Seriously, I--like many women--have body image issues. But I am not afraid to be in a swimsuit. I am grateful to this sport for that, and, as a result recommend it to people of all sizes. It's also hecka fun, and graet for getting out aggression, and if you have problems sleeping, this may be a cure, cause your whole body will be in motion, and tired, so you will be out like a little baby kitten!
    School of Thrones will have me saying "GREYJOY" randomly though...
    GREYJOY! (watch this Awesome web series here!) But for the record, I do not like Theon...
  4. Work on posting: I have a few things I want to write...I am working on them as you read this in fact! I look forward to sharing them! 
  5. Measurements for T25: I can not seem to find my measuring tape for the life of me! But I need to as Saturday's for T25 calls for measuring parts of your body. I have seen some results. Unfortunately Turkey day preparations did get in my way!
Speaking of Turkey Day, a quick recap of my holiday is that: IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!
I got really paranoid about things...per usual. But I had fun at both Thanksgivings. We played Apples to Apples both nights. My brussel sprouts were well received, and the Jell-o shots turned out well despite a replacement ingredient! It has been fun bonding with family, and my nieces and nephews are adorable!

While I worked M-F (omitting Thurs.) last week, it was nice and quiet!!! Many people took vacation on Friday, so only 5 of us were in office! I got soooo much done!

I am excited for this season, and am working on a playlist/Mixed Tape CD for Christmas! 

Any goals set for this week or month for you?

Weekly Intentions #2 : Thanksgiving Edition!

This will be a brief post, but, this week is CRAZY!
  • Enjoy time allowed with friends! What little time that will be allowed outside of family obligations...such as tonight when we watch the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who in theaters! We bought it on the Xbox 360 already to avoid SPOILERS but I still need to see it on the big screen!!! Also, Turkey bowl on Thursday morning. Not a fan of American Football (The Anti-footbal as I often call it). But it should be fun.
  • DOUBLE THANKSGIVINGS!No panic attacks! You read that right. This week we have two thanksgivings. But these are already scheduled. However, my intentions for these two events is to enjoy them, rather than be stressed out by the social pressures of all this. Seriously...the cray-cray has already happened!
I am assuming this is how I will be feeling at one point, or another, or by the end of the week!
           Pretty sure things are going to be fine though...Just a bit anxious!
  • Write a "Thankful" List with the Tenor! I think we should each write one, and then, maybe write one together. Maybe I will post them here too?
  • Take a breather. With all the family (and maybe future family) coming in this week, it gets a little stressful. I need to make sure to take a time out so I don't make myself anxious and...well, avoid being the "Eeyore" of the group.
  • Be Health Oriented. With all the food out this week, I need to make sure to avoid what's bad for me. I need to be sure to exercise NO MATTER WHAT, and make good choices. And with the two thanksgivings going on, I can't cave into family members' cries of "oh, but it's only once a year." TBH, I am really stressing this time around! And unfortunately my FAVORITE item is my mum's mac n cheese...It's a once a year dish--with good reason; CARBS+CHEESE?!?! Sooo bad!--but dang! It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious! I'm telling myself one serving. And not "one plateful" as my serving, but one serving of a proper size! Also, I need to post pics from last weeks T25! Monday's pic, and Friday's picture of my self...I could actually see a difference! That is uber motivating!!! Yes, in friday's pic i am in a dark shirt, but I could tell without the shot! And I feel confident in possible success!!! :-D
  • BONUS INTENTION: B-Movie Night! Last month, we had a B-Movie night featuring the surprise "hit" Sharknado! I want to have one this week featuring FDR: American Badass...wherein FDR contracted polio from a werewolf bite. "FDR and a team of historic figures seek victory in World War II by defeating an army of Nazi Werewolves." How could one NOT feature this...this GEM, on a B-Movie night? But I am open to suggestions! Hoping this happens though!
Well, I hope your Thanksgiving week is a groovy one! Stay healthy while you enjoy! And remember, if your family has crazy drama, it will make a GREAT book or movie!
Also, books are wonderful friends to take to family functions! Have one ready if this week is not your thing!

Weekly Intentions #1

I am super inspired by this post.

I am sure some of these items will be on repeat, but that's not too bad eh? If it needs to be done, it needs to be done!

And with that, here are this weeks:

  • Exercise!!! Like I said, I am sure some items will be on repeat. But, this is a list for my better-ment. And this one is important.
  • Go on a nature hike this week: I live near canyons and the beach. Friday is my day off, and TBH I think a jog in the sand in the sun (huzzah! ties in with the above goal!) would be incredibly challenging, and good for me!
  • Draw I can't wait to use my supplies again. I spent all of Saturday cleaning our tiny California apartment so that we can have things in a proper place. I put hanging file folders up for my comic books, and, designated an "arts-and-crafts" drawer as well.
  • Eat at least one meal at the table! As I mentioned, we have a tiny apartment. We can call it cozy, but, damn it is small! This past cleaning on Saturday I cleaned off all the mail, books--we have more books than we have room for, but I don't think that's a bad thing (I am a Book Pimp, eh?)--and receipts off the table. I filed them all appropriately, and the Tenor and I ate at the table my mum purchased us. It was surprisingly exciting, and tbh I actually want to do this for every meal.
  • Super Weekend! The Tenor, my brother, and I (and maybe Cheech if he is in San Diego in enough time) are going to Riverside for the Hunger Games traditional viewing with our friends Topher & Jason! We are also likely to play ROCK BAND! Also, we need to talk about costumes! Also in Super Weekend is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.  I am quite literally making "squee" noises over it. Can't be helped. 

Well, that's this list. Hopefully I will have a new one for the next week!

#CK4C or, Cardio and Kettle-Bells for Cosplay

Cardio and Kettle Bells for Cosplay.

I am tagging this as #CK4C.

This last year I have put on quite a bit of weight.

I am neither comfortable, nor, OK with this. So, for the last few weeks my husband and I have been making efforts to change our outer shells.

We have been eating really healthy. This is something we struggle with. We live very close to the Best Blessed Burger—you may have heard of it as “In-N-Out Burger”…seriously, this place is a gift from above! So GOOD!!! 

Also, pasta. Pasta is easy and quick to make. And it’s EASY to fill up on it. And, it's not the best for everyday.

We LOVE vegetables, but we often forget the best rule of cooking: mise en place (putting in place, or, setting things up before hand, so all cooking time is strictly cooking time). So, we choose quick, and easy foods, which are usually, not the best for you.

These last three weeks, we have changed that.

We have been eating LOTS more veggies and lean protein (which believe it or not, IS our normal). We are consuming beets and Brussels sprouts like they are going out of style! And—the real game changer—we are making sure to eat breakfast.

This has been making a huge difference.

But, while diet is about 75% of weight loss EXERCISE is a HUGE help in achieving fitness goal. I will be doing cardio, and weights.

I am starting with primarily cardio. Running was something I was NOT a fan of. In 2009 I started running/walking/jogging (it was all three as I had very little endurance, but I would push myself) and lost A LOT of weight. Like, 30 pounds in the first 3.5 months, and 60 over a year. 

Then I started grad school. Stress, plus homework, and long work hours...oh, and planning my wedding, I let myself kind of go.

Well, no more I tell you. NO MORE!

The hubby and I have been walking about 3 miles together after work every evening we have off together. This past Thursday I worked on learning how to use weights--primarily : KETTLE BELLS!!!! 

I really like the exercises she helped me with (OMG! SQUATS! My quads are still sore!), as well as the ones from

Pumps & Iron

! Such as this:

500-rep kettle bell workout

As for cardio, in addition to running, I want to do Zumba, and, T25.

I already have Zumba, and believe it or not, it is kind of fun. I do feel goofy, BUT, Zumba


 improved my dancing skills from non-existent to not-the-most-embarrassing-person-at-a-wedding. It is a GREAT way to level up your "dancing game"


 get in shape.

As for T25, my friend has become a Beach Body coach, and has had amazing results. T25 is by Shawn T. You may know him as the guy who created Insanity. Allegedly, T25 is the 25-minute (NOT 25-Day) version of Insanity. I like short workouts, because I can combine them with other ones and not lose all my free time. Also, with 25-minutes, let's be honest: there's NO excuse not to work out, right?

Also--thanks to the power of YouTube--I have been able to try out T25 for new inspiration for Cardio! 

I might have to save up some money, but based on the YouTube preview I just did...DANG! It's pretty awesome. You can check it


, if you want to try it too.

My friend


is planning on starting his cardio for cosplay in January. He and his partner attend Comic Con with my husband and I. All four of us want to get in shape. We have an AWESOME group costume idea (or two **winky-face**) we want to do, and we all just want to get healthier! Including Queen Emeraldas!

Queen Emeraldas

Anyway, I am on my journey for Cosplay readiness. And, cute clothes wearing again times!

So, wish me luck, cause I want this! And I plan on getting it.

Cardio and Kettle-bells for Cosplay!!!


Slytherin Manifestos...

This is the part of the blog I am calling Slytherin Manifestos. I know I am not exactly using the word manifesto correctly, but deal with it. Any who, this is where I will write quirks I feel are representative of "my Hogwarts house" as though it were actually very real. I.e. I will be fan girling a bit...
Here it goes

I feel like though I might just fit some Ravenclaw quirks, the passionate Hard-nosed qualities lead ne to superior house: Slytherin.

Today I have discovered that one thing that I feel especially akin to the house of Slytherin is my general dislike of expectations. Now, the expectation of excellence is not one of these. Excellence is my own personal expectation. Please understand that I merely mean silly social stigmas and societal norms.

Today while riding in the car with some co workers they were listening to r&b.
I loathe R&B! And rap. And hip hop. The only gospel I can stand is live and in a church. And I am black.

But society has these ideas that you must like these things because you are this.

Well, I am not a jocko Gryffindor, nor pot head Hufflepuff, nor band geek Ravenclaw. I am Slytherin! And society is my b***h! Not the other way around!

Also I am consistently expected to be a republican due to my faith. I see my self as a conservative liberal, or, a liberal conservative. Which ever I feel is the most accurate for that day. Both sides are liars anyway. So I will not align with anything not loyal to me.

But mostly I am a democrat.

Slytherin out!