Fun Finds!

The internet is a place full of many wonderful things. And we all know it can trap us in like a beautiful void.
I thought I would share with you few things that have gotten me pretty stocked this week!

First, I really like Animal Crossing. I have every inception since the Game Cube, and even got my 3DS for it, AND Pokemon X/Y. But NAMCO/Bandai are teaming up with THE nostalgic company, of all nostalgic companies for a game that is being described as similar to Animal Crossing (and reminds me a little bit of this old school game that was uber fun), but with a DISNEY flair!

Disney Magical World!
It's currently available in Japan, and will be here in the US in April! Here's the Japanese advertisement:

Also, I have been meaning to post how much I want this bag from Sharodactyl!
I LOVE Capcom's fighting games, and Darkstalkers was my absolute FAVORITE title! I always flew to this game in the arcades!!! The character here Morrigan (a Succubus) was a strong Ryu-like character (originally...I think they made her a bit weaker as the games went on. But I don't often see stuff of her, or my girl Felicia (a werecat). I love monsters!

And I HAD to get this bow from Nerd Burger Jewellery
I'm watching what I eat, and since the best doughnut place is like 20 minutes away, I figure, wearing this adorable bow would keep me from trying to be overly indulgent!!! (Can't wait to wear it!!!)

And then there's this, which had me in a small giggle fit--probably cause I went ahead and imagined it happening for realsies!
Found on Twitter, unsure of OG source
Last, but not least, I've noticed a difference in the the way some of my shirts are fitting! Woot!!!
Scale-wise...not so much, BUT, I can TELL that I am gradually losing, and I think that's even better!

Have a great weekend!