San Diego Comic Con

SDCC Hall H -Westworld Season 3

I love this show so much.

I’ve yet to have been to a panel for Westworld until today. Jonathan Nolan has helped Lisa Joy in crafting an amazing sci-fi show.

One of my favorite parts of this panel however was the cast and crew actors addressing ethics in science and the development of A.I. What does it mean for us? Also: why are surveillance advancements under locked doors protecting the rich?!

Heres my (admittedly late in recording) video of Jonathan Nolan addressing some of this :

The cast was a delight and many of the actors voiced concerns on how technology is also creating a vast economic disparity between the haves and have nots .

The show and cast are extremely well spoken and honestly refreshingly the panel felt almost academic. To use a word I occasionally find pretentious: they focus on their “craft” and it’s evident.


Keep an eye out for Westworld season 3 in 2020!

SDCC Workout Cosplay

It's been a while, but TBH, part of the reason why was gearing up for,

and getting distracted by


This weeks Workout Cosplay is inspired by the SDCC-Eye logo, and, by the people I saw wearing workout attire! They looked so comfy...and ready to run after celebs and artists...or sprint to the insanity that is the Funko & Hasbro booths!


Seriously though, I really like yellow and grey together! I actually have that laptop backpack in pink and grey and used it at SDCC this year! It's SUPER comfy and lightweight! It would be great to transition from gym to work to con to whatever else life throws your way!

Speaking of life throwing things at you, here's an SDCC-Summer-Super-Powered Inspired playlist! Mostly, its songs I felt spoke to my feelings of belonging as a nerd, and how for the most part, SDCC feels like home, away from home...even when I miss home (LOL):

Hope you're having an amazing summer so far! Also, let me know if you have any workout cosplay's you like to see in either the comments or tweet me