Movies I Thought I'd Hate But, Enjoyed

Sometimes Facebook reposts have a great way of inspiring you. For instance, The Sartorial Geek reposted this blog post that has inspired todays!

The first movie on my list is Sucker Punch. There are still some slightly cringe-y bits in this movie, but overall, I enjoy a straight up super hero girl team kicking ASS as a movie!!!


Deadpool is probably the most surprising entry you’ll see as a lot of my disdain stems from my old hate fro Ryan Reynolds (of whom I’ve since become a “fan?”) and the fact that 90’s Deadpool comics were a staple growing up. I LOVED both movies and I wouldn’t be butt hurt at Marvel keeping Reynolds on in the MCU (thank God it’s no longer in Fox’s hands). But i remember being in Hall H at SDCC when they showed the trailer and thinking: “well…damn. I was wrong; this seems like it will be good” (see, I can admit to being wrong lol). Also: homeboy’s gin is amazing!!!


The Babadook was the movie that really kicked off my horror ventures. You see, I am a scaredy cat. I have straight up vivid nightmares so I avoided horror movies for the longest time. But in 2016 I started watching them and even wrote about a few of them to share how I was handling things. The Babadook I had heard was one of the scariest. It turns out, it was hard hitting and relatable for other reasons and I love the movie. I’d always had an interest in horror because I wanted to know what the deuce was happening. The Babadook helped me to start watching and enjoying!

Live.Die.Repeat. (aka Edge of Tomorrow) was by far one of the biggest surprises I have ever seen. I’m always a little iffy about a Tom Cruise movie (even though I loved him in Legend, and as Lestat in Interview With a Vampire). I do enjoy the bejeezus out of Emily Blunt. But more importantly, the movie has Tom Cruise dying over and over in a myriad of crazy and sometimes hilarious (?) ways. It really is one of the most fun SciFi movies I’ve seen. The Tenor and I bought a copy immediately after we RedBoxed it! Also Emily Blunt plays a BADASS lady soldier who is basically the savior of humanity!!!


Lastly is little more old school nowadays, but in the 90’s teenaged rom coms were all the rage (actually, tbh, since the 50’s—post WW2 to be exact—these have been a thing) and movies like Can’t Hardly Wait, and She’s All That were all the rage. I reluctantly went to see 10 Things I Hate About You and even if this follows all the tropes of then, the use of The Taming of the Shrew as a guideline (and Heath Ledger’s ridiculously adorable smile and accent) made my cold jaded grinch-y teenage heart melt.


What are some movies you were hesitant towards (regardless of reason) but ended up enjoying?

Asgardians of the Galaxy (aka Thor Ragnarok) Trailer

Holy crap! Long time no post! But we moved again, and with he holidays (and holiday shopping season) over I'm choosing to be back!

Which brings me to the amazing trailer for

Thor Ragnarok

(or as I'm actively going to call it thanks to my friend Ryan: "Asgardians of the Galaxy")

I've not been excited for a Thor movie in a long time. I did enjoy the first one enough, but let's be honest, they've been pretty weak. This one looks like it will be more fun, and actually be a bit more about Thor than his (insanely handsome) brother Loki.

ALSO: I am here for Valkyrie and Hela! Hel is one of my favorite Norse mythology characters (mostly because I was introduced to her in K.A. Applegate's post




). And Valkyrie is SERIOUS cosplay goals right now! I love her armor and the shot of her dragging Thor around with the smirk?

GURRRRL! I'm here for it!

And the Hulk bit? Frakking PRICELESS!!! "He's a friend from work!" is a great line!!!

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you stoked for it?

Friends I've Converted to Funko-Trash (Funko Fridays)

Funko Fridays hosted by and

Today's Funko Friday prompt is: "Funko Friends-How many friends have you corrupted?" or, how many friends have you turned into Funko trash lol!

I don't know who i've convinced to become hardcore Funko Pop collectors. But I have noticed some friends are now starting to collect more and more, possibly due to The Tenor's (my husband) and my influence. Some of them we've met this last year a since we've been in military life. But, I know that one couple in particular from CA has started collecting them! I don't know if it's because of us, but my friend




 (who both write for

Bears Be Gaming

, which you should totally check out!).

I know they have quite a few Pops, but I know one that they really wanted, I was able to help with! At SDCC they were selling Marvel Collector Corps boxes, including, the one with the Hulkbuster! I was out on the floor, and was able to get to the SEPARATE booth (from the rest of the Funko shenanigans) for Collector Corps. I was able to get one of the last two of the Hulkbuster for them! Woot!


On the other hand, my dad is the reason I'm into Funko Pops! He bought my first one which was Boo Berry from General Mills' Halloween cereals! It was an SDCC exclusive and it's one of my most treasured POP's!

Are you into Funko? Who, or, what particular Pop got you into them? 

Let me know as I


to hear people's Pop stories!

5 Magical Items I Need In My Purse IMMEDIATELY

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

Today's list consists of five items I would love to have in my possession!.

Without any further delay, here is my list:
via this FUN Buzzfeed nostalgia list
1). Jem's Synergy earrings- I was going to go with Sailor Moon's transformation pen, but decided that the hologram was cool since I could have my face changed too! I would cause some great mischief with these earrings! Maybe more Science Fiction than "magic" but I stand by this decision! ;)

2). Green Lantern ring- I think out of all the lantern's I would belong to green. I admit I might be confusing stubbornness with willpower, but I think I'd be ok! Anywho, with it I could fly...and that's what I want most of all!

by lurazeda found HERE
3). Thursday Next's Jurisfiction TravelBook- In my favorite book series ever, Thursday Next, the series heroine is able to travel into the world of fiction--ALL OF IT! She is apart of Jurisfiction, the Jurisdiction, that governs fiction. Anyway, the TravelBook is what helps grant her access to all of it! It's basically the "Intro to Entering Fiction" How-To book of it all. You know you want it too!

4). The Deathly Hallows- I was debating between wand and a Sonic Screwdriver...but I figured wand one works on wood, and can conjure things,! But, I also wanted an invisibility cloak...I need it! So...DEATHLY HALLOWS for the win! (Mostly I want the wand & Cloak, but if I could use the stone, I would use it to solve crimes!

5). The Keys of Keyhouse- First off, if you haven't read the series Locke & Key, please, please, PLEASE put this on your to-read list! It's brilliant! Second: these keys are fantastic! Some are a bit weird, but, I'd still love to have them in my bag. Also, while I've always collected random keys, the Tenor decided that keys would be a huge decorative theme to our house thanks to this series! YAY!

Speaking of which, I think I should address that issue, shouldn't I?

My purse of choice would be one enchanted like Hermione's in HP & the Deathly Hallows...but I'd like it to be my Avenger's bag that I was able to buy thanks to Gladys from Usagi in Wonderland!

from my Instagram!
What magical items would you like to have in your bag?

I Am Groot! (Workout Cosplay)

My favorite movie last year was Guardians of the Galaxy, and with Marvel's up-coming (just over a month away!!! **squee**) Age of Ultron (AoU) I'm going to apologize in advance if I'm a bit Marvel-crazy.

Just kiddin...I'm not sorry ;-P

So let's start with Groot!!!


I really like Groot in the movie as he felt like R2-D2's "Nature Form" in his way of speaking where at first you only hear one thing when he talks, but the more you watch/as the movie progresses, you start to understand him.

Also (SCROLL PAST if you don't want your view of this part altered

FOREVER) my friend Autumn made a funny notation about the movie:

All those shiny-twinkling-spores? Yeah...that's Groot sperm (pic via)

I've been doing HIIT, and Spin classes a lot as of late. In addition, I've been Wogging ('s awesome! Trust me!) and working with weights, especially focusing on my arms through hand-, & kettle-weights, and TRX bands (hurts so good). As you can see from the featured shirt (4): Biceps don't grow on trees! And while I'm not looking to get "swole" or, "jacked" having arm muscle is necessary! Also, I would like to be able to do a pull I need more arm/shoulder/back strength! lol

I loved Guardians of the Galaxy! I hope AoU is as good as last year's two Marvel movies (GotG & Winter Soldier are in my Top 3 comics movies with The Dark Knight...cause that movie really was perfect lol).

Are you stoked to for Age of Ultron? How about any of the other up-coming Marvel releases?

Agent Peggy Carter Workout Cosplay

I'm sure you knew today was going to happen. If you didn't know from this post, this video, this one, or this one...or any of my social media feeds, well...hello and welcome to my blog! :)

Today's Workout Cosplay is the stylish, classy, and bad-a$$ Agent Peggy Carter!


You may have noticed item number two is none other than the AMAZING Gwen's design! Not only does the shirt look awesome and represent this fantastic fandom, but, all the profits go to Wounded Warriors! So, it's an awesome fandom shirt, for a great cause! Travis also featured this amazing shirt in his Everyday Cosplay of Agent Carter here! You know you want one ;)

I also wanted to share Nina's (of Le Fancy Geek) Agent Carter necklaces, as we as a fanbase are asking: #MakeAgentCarter! They're super cute, and you can get your own here! I'm leaning towards the floral...but the lace is cute too! Decisions!!!

Pic by Nina, from her shop LFGBoutique

Today's playlist was hard in that I'm trying to accumulate songs from the tv show...which not all are available on any one music playlist site--some not at all! So, for this workout playlist, I chose fun swing and big-band songs...and few modern gems cause they fit the general theme (it was so hard not to make an all Puppini Sisters playlist). Hope you enjoy!

IDK if you're watching Agent Carter, if you aren't may I suggest changing that, and checking the show out on Hulu!

And if you like, don't forget to tweet your support for Agent Carter, and, more collectibles & toys featuring her!



I love, love, LOVE ABC's Agent Carter! She was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: The First Avenger, and, though I hadn't seen the blu-ray shorts featuring her, I was super excited that she was getting a mini-season on ABC!

I'm really excited to be one of #PeggysPeeps with Travis, Gladys, and, Gwen! On Saturdays, we are recapping Agent Carter together and going over our observations, as well as geeking out together! (#GeekOutTogether!).

During our first talk, we got on the topic of Peggy merchandise; or, more accurately, the general lack there of. And thus, the #MakeAgentCarter tag was born!

So, I ask you, dear friend, to join me in a small (polite) campaign for more availability of Agent Peggy Carter merch!

To make it easy, you can copy and paste the following (there should be about 30-35 characters left):
  "please, #MakeAgentCarter! It would be awesome to have more items featuring her! @AgentCarterTV @Marvel"

OR! Write your own heart-felt plea for Peggy.

Then, tweet to the list of purveyors of some of our favorite collectibles, below!
Disney, Disney Store - I suggest both, as: Disney=ABC! Also, Disney Store, sells/has exclusive Action Figures!
Lego (US), Lego Ideas (Denmark)
Hot Topic
Sideshow Collectibles
Kotobukiya (See their Bishoujo Marvel collection, and, their ARTFX+ figures!)
Diamond Select Toys (they sell and market the Marvel Select Action figures...especially in comic shops. I believe they'd be "in conjunction" with Marvel)
Hot Toys

So, if you're tweeting Lego: "@Lego_Group: Please, #MakeAgentCarter! It would be awesome to have more items featuring her! @AgentCarterTV @Marvel"

If there are ANY companies you want to see on this list, please leave me a comment with who they are, along with their twitter handle, and I will update!

PLEASE remember: Keep it polite! Keep it civil! And try to include either @AgentCarterTV or, @Marvel on your tweets as much as possible! They are the one's who need to hear it most! And, if I've learned anything from the internet (OK, tbh, punk music taught me that first), it is that we, the people, can make things happen!

And dang it: I WANT MY PEGGY MERCH! I mean: who knows! We could end up with another season for her next year! Also, I'd love to see #MakeAgentMay, #MakeStorm, #MakeBlackWidow and others, out there too!

We CAN do this! We can #MakeAgentCarter everything happen!

Check out our Agent Carter chat about Episode 3!

The Frame Job

Last weekend, we finally, FINALLY got some frames for some of our favorite pieces from the past two Comic Cons.
I've been going to Comic Con since 2004 (a recent reminisent trip to LJ reminded me) and the Tenor has been going since 2011 when my brother kindly lent to his pass to Sunday to his (then) future bro-in-law.

In 2012 Tenor and I were married and we got our first piece of art together:
by Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying
Not going to lie, when we saw this...the Tenor and I "awww'd" cause it was our first con as a married couple (I have some sappy moments...I blame him for bring that out heehee).

Next we framed a gift from our friends Topher and Jay:
by Tom Richmond
I think caricatures are really entertaining and seeing all 11 (pre-Capaldi announcement) in this form makes for a funny comparison. I love that it's different shape too! Makes for a interesting piece!

Last up is an epic calendar we found last year! It can tell you what day, any date (say your birthday) will land on on in any year between 1600 and 9999 (you might have seen it already on my Instagram).
by  Russell Walks
And, I got a frame for this photo I won from a giveaway at Harlynn's blog Mind Your Madness, taken by Mandy of Ginger Mandy Photography
by Ginger Mandy Photography
So the walls in the apartment are looking a lot better!

This week I've been working on mailing some stuff, and playing around with clay. I've made a snitch and Thor's helmet so far (I blame my dad's love for comics and mythology,  Adventures in Babysitting, and, EverWorld for my love of Thor and Loki...and then Tom Hiddleston [: )
OK, they're a bit dinky, but it was my
first try at anything like this in l3 years
And Well, that's what I working on...and this here blog.

How was your week?

One Does Not Merely See the Avengers Once

I saw the Avengers twice this weekend. I knew I would, because even if the movie were not so good, I wanted Joss Whedon to get the credit he deserved, even if the credit was purely financial in this particular vehicle (forget you Michael Bay!).

However, I was right in having nothing to fear. And both of the credit endings were the epitome of my hopes and expectations of what I could expected in Whedon, Marvel, and super hero movies alike. In fact the consumption of Swarma was the entire reason that the States had a later release than the rest of the world!

This review will contain spoilers. I will try my best to cut them or hide them behind a color to be highlighted. But this is my first Blogger post.

On to the review

From the start we learn that the fight will be fought not merely on our world and its dimension. But the opposition is from another corner of the universe entirely. This is only news if you have not kept up with the Marvel films preceding this. NOTE: Do NOT confuse those with Fox’s ultra-bastardized-X-Men-franchise/money-maker, or Sony’s sloppy Spider-Man—who, thank God, is back in Marvel’s hands.

The opening shot of Nick “Bad-A$$ Mutha’ F**ka’” Fury (played by Samuel L. “Bad-A$$ Mutha’ F**kin’” Jackson) was to me a big sign of the adventures in store! I knew I was in for a ride! This was followed by Hawkeye’s (played by the “new” Jason Bourne: Jeremy Renner) spinning glide-down from his rope after he had been watching from a far

Right away VERY BIG THINGS are happening!

The Tesseract or, in comics, the Cosmic Cube (the shiny inter-dimension-opening cube that reminds me of how I envisioned the Andalite Escafil Device) which we have seen high-lighted most strongly in Thor, is acting up like a K-Mart blue light special on crack.

Just as Fury begins to investigate with Professor Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) the Cosmic Cu…I mean—the Tesseract bursts in blue and opens a gateway where the Norse god of mischief Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) bursts through in a hostile way. People shoot, Loki scepters, and he takes the Tesseract. Nick then calls on his Avengers initiative, bringing together Earth’s (and and Asgard’s) mightiest heroes…that are available to Marvel studios (seriously, I would like to again stress how important you NOT PAYING IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM—DVD or movie ticket—for any of Fox’s further outputs in the X-continent of the Marvel world are for some GREAT story-telling). And JUST SO you know, Deadpool should be brought to marvel cause of THANOS! I am just saying…look it up if you need to.


The movie unfolds with the gathering of our hero’s the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans…seen in Fantastic Four as Johnny “Human Torch” Storm, but smart-actor-guy left that horrible FOX franchise…Marvel needs to reboot!) and the loveable green giant (hey, it could help in getting your kids to eat vegetables) known as Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). We also get to see Maria Hill. A Spidey cameo would have been cherry, but alas, that must wait until summer (please Jesus: let there be an Avengers 2 tease after Spider man…he’s played with the gang).

Shortly after the finding of Cap, we are off on adventure to Sweden. Cap engages Loki, Iron Man helps out, and Loki…allows his capture. Odd, seeing as how he has the Tesseract Whilst on a plane ride to the good old US of A, suddenly its thunder and rainclouds. Loki looks a bit nervous, the only possible genuine emotion from him in the plane ride.

A rumble between Iron Man (the socs) and Thor (I think he’s the greaser here, as he has groovy hair *le sigh*) happens. Cap intervenes and Loki by stands.

While on the S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicarrier, Thor tells our team of Loki’s army known as the Chitauri awaiting a massacre of earth-kind. Jokes are made, things blow up, and Black Widow proves to be a real bad-a$$ in interrogation in getting Loki to be the sexist jerk he is, and spill the essential beans as to why he really is there: HULK!

Loki’s goons help him escape the Helicarrier leaving it nearly incapacitated. And then…the showdown starts. Everything culminates into a battle in New York, in an effort to make sure Loki’s aspirations for Earth domination are foiled because of his sheer arrogance really, and because he wasn’t really destined to win, but to test. He was there to test what would happen if earth went to war!

The main thing I LOVED about the Avengers was that it felt like a comic! Panel for panel the shots focused on centering on the characters. You know those “movie” comics, where they take stills and make it comic? This could be done easily with The Avengers. Normally, that would scare me, and make me fear for extreme cheesiness in execution. But it was done wonderfully. And, like the comics, there was humor! I cannot tell you how important that is…to me! Iron Man was snarky, Thor & Cap were ignorant much to my bliss, and Bruce Banner was self-deprecating…I am such a giddy fan girl for this movie!!!

Also, like the comic Avengers, all the characters were there. It wasn’t “Iron Man…and the Avengers” It was THE Avengers. This was my second greatest fear. But—and my “faith” in one human is frightening—Joss Whedon once again showed his aptitude for brining dynamic people/characters into one world.

I also enjoyed that it was not a “kids” nor and “adult” super hero movie, it was very balanced and recognized the familial audience attending, but it didn’t really dumb it down.

And as a woman, I loved that Scarlett Johansson stayed clothed! No lingerie shots, no extreme cleavage. Just a bad, butt-kicking woman!!! She’s gorgeous, and it shows! I also loved that she wasn’t “weaker” than the guys, and she was key! Loved her as Black Widow so much, that my husband is only allowed to fancy her in this movie :P

And, to my extreme delight: a proper portrayal of the Hulk! Edward Norton did a great job, but I was still reeling from Eric Bana and Ang Lee (I spit on your grave Ang Lee…when you die I mean) in that HORRIBLE interpretation. Mark Ruffalo is a perfect Banner, and the Hulk was back to the loveable-green-rage-a-holic I grew up liking!


THANOS! My brother had a freaking action figure of Thanos! I would call him “California Raisin Man” to tick of David…though I am sure he doesn’t remember. Anyway, the part that would be most exciting is also one of the saddest parts of the movie for me.

You see kids, Thanos is the reason Deadpool cannot die! It’s not merely regeneration!!! And guess who we WON’T see in the Next Avengers movie? Not only will we NOT see Wolverine (who personally, is my least favorite X-Man, but me, I like mash-ups…darn you Fox!!!). Anyway, long story short: Thanos, is in love with Death…not just “death you dead” but the grim reaper persona essentially. He shows his love for Death by destroying life. I doubt this is the story they will go into…but, it would be really nice. Romantic even LOL!

The other thing I hated was the CGI aliens. Not very believable at all! This almost killed the movie for me. I want to go back to Make up, and stop motion. CGI was anti-climatic for me.

But those are my only real complaints.

That’s it.

In the name of the moon, I give this movie a:

6 out of 7 stars – the missing star being the CGI flub…but that’s my opinion…we really need to catch up with cameras…