@Influenster & @CoverGirl Make-Up Product Review

Recently, I received a Influenster box of CoverGirl goodies for review! In it were the Lash-Fame Mascara, and their Intensify Me eyeliner. To be honest, I was surprised how much I liked them.

I've been wearing them both quite a bit for about a week and a half (long enough for me to see if there's any sensitive eyes issues). I'll be honest, I'll probably buy them when I run out. There was a handy dandy little card in the box as well, giving an overview about what was "new" in these two new products! Also it gave tips on how to use the products to get the best bang from your product buck.

The mascara did a great job at lengthening my short lashes. Additionally, the way the bristles are intended to be used with lots of twirling--a technique that I employ, and that others do too I'm sure ;).

Here are my lash results (I am wearing the eyeliner as well, and the below pic is indoors, while the top is outdoors). They do look longer to me...but I am kind of a makeup n00b.

Top: After
Bottom: Before
The eyeliner was something I thought I wasn't going to enjoy at all. The liquid liners I've been able to use have all had a "dry-&-peel" effect, where I apply a line, and, after it dries, it becomes like a paper sticker on my lids which I can peel off in one go (ew...gross). That was NOT the case with this one! This one worked more like a heavily pigmented make-up marker. It didn't irritate my eyes, nor did it cake, or, give me sticker line!

Make-up n00b powers...ACTIVATE!
One thing I really enjoyed about this eyeliner was the paddle-shaped tip of the liner. As you can see in the pic below, it made it SUPER easy to draw a winged look and control the thickness of the eyeliner lines.
Thick or thin?

Also, the eyeliner has a more matte plastic to improve your grip on the pen-like shape! For less skilled folks (like yours truly) this helped! A lot! My hand stayed quite steady compared to just flat out glossy barreled pens (like I said, I've tried a few).

All in all, I would definitely not hesitate to recommend these! In fact, I know the Intensify Me liner is on my "shopping" list! I enjoy the mascara, but I have one that I use rather faithfully already (by Physicians Formula). However if you're a super loyal Cover Girl fan, I would definitely make sure to check it out!

Lash Fame Mascara: 4/5
Intensify Me Eyeliner:  4.5/5

I Hope you enjoyed this review! I'm trying (slowly) to do more! Let me know what you thought of this review in the comments! Or, if you have any questions on these products and my perspectives let me know too! Suggestions on improvements would be helpful too! 

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me for free from Influenster. I received these products complementary from Influenster for testing purposes. All pictures in this post are by me, unless, stated otherwise.