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Buy All the Things Thursday! SDCC Exclusive Planning v. 1

IDK, but I do so love wishlists. Sure, I may not get everything on them, but they are a great way to either get over it, or, just wish upon an internet star!

First up, is something for the Chapstick Addict--like me! Also it coincides with yesterday's post (and this one from January).
Harls and Ivy Chapstick Gift set
Next, is a pretty painted figurine of one of my favorite magical girl anime heroines: Princess Tutu! The only thing is, that price is a bit too steep for me. But it's lovely--and hand painted!

Princess Tutu
Then my magical girl love continues to my first love: Sailor Moon! This is the brooch she wears as Eternal Sailor Moon, which was a part of the "final" series Sailor Moon Stars...which never got play. I'm super ecstatic for the reboot, because I know the Stars story line will make it here (though I own 4/5 series).
Eternal Sailor Moon Brooch
My sister is having twins: a girl and a boy! And my sister has always been a Superman, and, Wonder Woman fan, so these burb cloths are so awesome, cute, and SUPER for her!
Wonder Woman Burp Cloths
Last, we have my most desired SDCC Exclusive! Gosh these things are hard to get, but I will try...yet again this year. I lucked out last year...but Mattel needs to limit these to 2-3 per person...Not SIX. They are Manny Taur and Iris Clops! I think Iris is adorable!

My most desired San Diego Comic Con Exclusive
by Mattel
The people who have stalls on the floor get six, and then, have all of their family purchase six they sell out within an hour and a half from opening the con doors. But I MUST succeed (PS, if you get to get one, I'll throw on an extra $10 "finder's thank you" they are $40 as is...more than $50 is a bit steep to me). Anyway, I apologize in advance for any future gushing about these two that will (more-than-likely) happen again!

Cheers to you this weekend! Today is my Friday, and I must say, the reprieve is much needed!

Any plans this weekend?
ALSO! Check out Geekphoria's and my giveaway HERE!

Buy All the Things Thursday!

Welcome to this weeks edition of stuff I need, but don't need as much as food, shelter and...
Eh, who am I kidding! I totally need these...right?!

Ok the first item made this song's opening lines play in my head...I don't think I need to elaborate other than Sailor Moon...Compact...MIRROR!!! Talk about Moon Cosmic/Crystal Power, eh?!
And I don't currently own leggings..don't get me wrong: I LOVE them! I'm just shy about them for some reason. But...this pair...this pair is the game changer me thinks! I first saw these on Crissy's (from Dainty FawnBirthday list! And I agree with the wishing for these!
by HellYeahSweetnSour
Speaking of Magical Girl: one of my favorites (and perhaps, underrated) is Ahiru from Princess Tutu! I love these cute little badges...I wants them!
Blueberry earrings! (I have nothing I can add! They're just AWESOME!)
And with Mother's day just around the corner, here's a card with just enough time to get for your mum! (This card was close to being up her, but perhaps, NSFW? Wasn't sure)
Anything you're craving this week? Also, what are you getting your mum for Mom's day (seriously...I might need your ideas...maybe...just asking)

Buy All the Things Thursday!

Welcome to another addition of Take All The Things Thursdays! I'm your hostess with the mostest: Joie Fatale!
Here I will feature some things I wish I had more disposable income to buy. Ready? Let's get started!

This Hook shirt. Cause dude: Hook is HOT! Seriously I am a Captain Swan (I think this is the name) shipper!
Also from the Hot Topic Realm this adorable Ariel Badge holder! I use these things, so may as well get a cute one, right? **adds to cart**
And I love these House Shoes/Slippers that are little K-9s!
This Catbug stuffed animal is too adorable! And I like the shape, since I can use it as a pillow!

 And finally, this sweatshirt is in reference to my FAVORITE series...EVER!!! Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde (the series is Thrusday Next, each book has a different title). I Want this so bad! And it is so Book Pimp!!!

I'm curious: Have any of you read any of Jasper Fforde's works?
Are there any items you're super wanting this week?

Buy All the Things Thursday!

Hello and welcome to:

I know I'm not the only one with this issue, right?

This Tinkerbell shirt is so, so, soooo cute! I can't stand the fact that I don't have it (heehee).


This CUTE Gothic Lolita pouch! I love make up bags...but don't have enough use for them. But still...


And how cute is this stamp?!?! I would use it on EVERYTHING! Probably even getting into some trouble for using it everywhere, but whatever! It's cute!
I've restarted my animal Crossing New Leaf on my work lunch breaks, and gosh darn-it: Isabelle is just so cute! I really like this Maple wood necklace charm too!
Last, but not least, this BEAUTIFUL skirt by Rooby Lane! I LOVE it! Seriously, it's gorgeous!
And those are a few finds I am adoring this week!!!
Are there any items that have caught your eye this week?

Birthday Wish List!

This is my birthday week and I've seen some of my FAVORITE bloggers post birthday wishlists, and since I REALLY like the idea, I thought I would do the same! (Thank you ladies!)

Joie's Birthday Wishlist!!!
Birthday Wishes for 2014!

1). Ok, so MAYBE I already got this for myself for my birthday. And MAYBE I'm a bit obsessed with of a CatBug fan. But can you blame me?!?!

2). I'm in need of a biker jacket to deck out, and purple or green are the colors I need!

3). If you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But you know what? It's ok, cause you can get the COMPLETE series and catch up! (just buy me a copy eh?)

4). This is out of my budget, but damn! This ring is wicked sweet! I have a costume Nana Osaki ring that's based on a previous Vivienne ring and I LOVE wearing it. But, this one is, I mean, I'm just saying.

5). I love the Island of Misfit Toys, and the little elephant (and King Moonracer) are my island faves. Since I've been collecting POP! Figures since my dad bought my first one a few years back, I've had an addiction to them. And I just can't say no to his little face!

6). I got a free sample of this for my birthday month from Sephora. It's Make Up Forever: Rouge Artist in "N9 Copper Pink" and I REALLY like it! Alas, they are perpetually out of stock on the darn thing!

7). Oh, sweet, sweet Disneyland pass...*sigh* you are what my dreams are not-so-secretly made of! If only petrol prices would decline; then, land of Disney; you would be mine!

8). Grape Docs = life goal/bucket list item fulfillment! I have two black pairs that I bought the moment I knew I was done growing. I just want my purple ones!

9). I am sorted Slytherin (like Merlin, and a wizard I won't talk about) and this swimsuit would TOTALLY be awesome to wear. School Spirit and junk you know!?

10). I love this bag! One day Vivienne...ONE DAAAAY! **shakes fist**

I'm excited for this week! I took my birthday off (my own personal holiday)! I honestly have NO IDEA what I'm going to do, but, I'm going to do something in my city I've never done before, so, yeah!

What's something in your hometown that you've always wanted to give a shot, but haven't done so yet?

Interweb Discoveries

Let start out with double the dose of people-empowering-awesomosity!

First is the AMAZING blog Superheroesque that was put together by Mia & Liz who's mission is: " encourage every geek to become their own superhero through a happy community of self-love and pop culture." It's a place or EVERY geek to call home, and embrace our differences where we can think critically, make funny/punny references and joke, and more importantly encourage you to be comforable wit YOU!

Next, we have the tumblr Bettersupes where as Alexandria Law put it: "Kids are more impressionable than you, but kids can also be less restricted by cultural gender norms than you. Kids are more creative than you, and they're better at making superheroes than you...This is a mini art project where I draw superheroes based on the costumes worn by little girls..."
It's adorable & inspiring! I can't wait to go home and try and create my own character cause the one's on the tumblr are so rad!

And Danielle's AMAZING watercolor painting! It's such a beautiful piece, and it brings out so much emotion! Also check out her doodle Friday's!

this post
And this video about Ronald McNair made me so happy :')! (Though, I do feel like any librarian who won't allow someone to read, should be fired, and banished from Earth...I don't care WHAT time period it is, you're a librarian! Wear that title with pride!!!)

And, this tourist's advice to Japanese traveller's visiting America is funny!

This and this one post about changing dreams and goals!

The uber talented Luka Riot (her shop here) posted a link to these If-Tim-Burton-Animated-Doctor-Who : GIF's found here!

This 25-minute booty workout from Pumps and Iron, who--and I am stressing this to me more than anyone--I need to read more cause she posts FREE resources for body weight based exercises. I want to at least be strong enoug to move my body around for the impending zombie apocalypse!

This poor wittle Hawley (little voice) from SuperEmoFriends made me "awwww" out loud (is that "aol"?)
I've kept post-poning, the inevitable that is Parks and Rec, I was trying not to Netflix it all at once and then this episode ruined it! All she needs to do is lather vaseline, throw on some Docs or Tims and she is ready to fight!!!

(sorry, I forgot where)
My birthday is next week, and I am so excited to take the day off! LOL a gift to myself! I'm exctied for this weekend cause I get to see my sister and am having a little get together at home! Excited!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Liebster Award

Awesome sauce! I got nominated for a Liebster award from the amazingly cool Usagi from Usagi in Wonderland

"What is this Liebster Award?" you ask:

"Well, it is only an AWESOME award given to up and coming bloggers. Given by other up and coming bloggers. It's a cool way to find other blogs and feel like you are getting into the blogging stratosphere. It is simple, you get nominated by someone else, mention their page and a link to their blog in your Liebster Award Post, answer the 11 questions they give you, then tag 11 other nominees and give them a new set of 11 questions to answer."

So with that, let's get this started!!

1. What is your favorite quote? Both are from Lucas in Empire Records. The first: "Who knows where thoughts come from. They just appear." And of course:

via ( hot!)

2. What is on your bucket list that you want to cross off this year? There are a few, but number one, is to cosplay, second is to go completely platinum blonde (a la Storm, Elsa and Daenerys), third: ROAD TRIP with the Tenor.

I need to make one that has all three of my favorite platinum ladies.
Found on Pinterest. Wish to credit.
3. If you were a pizza, what toppings would you be? LOL! This is a good one! Cheesy, cause I’m pretty dorky and tell cheesy jokes. Garlic because I HATE mosquitos. Mosquitos tend to avoid you if you’ve eaten garlic I've been told, so, win! Artichoke cause I have layers (and it’s REALLY good on pizza); shrimp cause…well, I’m short (and it’s delicious).
Ok, I officially want pizza now.

pizza via (Does anyone else remember this song? LOL)

4. Which TV show are you loving so much right now and hope it doesn't get cancelled? GOSH! I feel like I might jinx it, but Sleepy Hollow has some great potential (but, it is on Fox, and i don't trust those bastards). Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D., Grimm and Sherlock (there BETTER be a fourth season...

I almost: Laughed my head off! (pun 100% intended!)

5. Which film(s) are you looking forward to this year? Captain America: Winter Soldier; Mr. Peabody and Sherman (HUGE Rocky and Bullwinkle fan, and I LOVED their shorts on the show). But VERONICA MARS has to be the big one!
How I feel as the date gets nearer!

6. Have you see The Lego Movie yet? (BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!!) Alas, not yet. **hangs head in shame**

7. Who is your current celebrity crush? Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale, and Billie Joe Armstrong (always).
8. Are you a Zombie, Vampire, or Werewolf fan? Vampires! Totally! I like werewolves too. And, I will admit I have an irrational fear of zombies. I hate it because I know it's irrational, but I am scared of the zombie runs and it's on the "no fly list" for pranks to pull on me (I don't trust what my reaction would be...just saying. 'Tis a warning). But I'm a bit self-torturing in this regard as I am always curious about zombie films/shows, and I do like The Walking Dead.

But yeah, Vampires...gotta love 'em.
And there goes my weekend...probably going to binge-watch this...again.
9. Why do you blog? Honestly: the people. It's going to sound cheesy (see question 3) but its so awesome to meet and read everyone's blogs and see how we are all similar and different. Learning about people's different perspectives, and, challenging my own ways of thinking and rational. 
Also, it's very much a release for me. I get to have fun, be creative and still I need a deadline. Since I am trying to be healthy, I also like how a blog "holds me accountable" and that's REALLY motivating.

10. What do you hope to accomplish with blogging? Meet new friends and people; get healthy; self-discovery. Most importantly: I'm having fun with it! Meeting like-minded and yet, still different-minded people so we can bounce ideas off of one another, and still learn from, and offer perspectives we might not otherwise hear.
11. What do you want to improve in 2014? (Photography skills, write some more, travel, etc.) 
I would like to improve a lot, but I am most definitely working on physical fitness and being healthy and COSPLAY!
And here are my nominees:

Kim @ A Very Sweet Blog
Brooke @ The Adventure is Afoot
Danielle @ Condensed Star Stuff
Dany @ It's Suteki 
Victoria @ Pho Across America 
Desiree @ Finding the Skinny Geek Within
The Duo of Liz and  Mia @ Superheroesque
Mariko @ GamerWife

Your questions (which are TOTALLY open to anyone to answer):
1). Why did you start blogging? What have you learned so far?
2).If you could have one person narrate your life, who would it be, and why?
3). You get to have lunch with three people: one historical, one fictional book character, and one fictional film/television character. Who are they, and how do you think it would go?
4). What book best describes your adolescence?
5). You have 4 albums: one each to describe childhood; adolescence; current "adulthood" and the last to describe what you see your future as. GO!
6). What is your favorite quote from your favorite 80's Movie?
7). What is your least favorite exercise?
8). Who is your favorite comic book character and why?
9). Remember the Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last" (the library one where he breaks his glasses & is blind without them)? What would your version Mr. Bemis' nightmare be?
10). What is on your bucket list, that you're hoping to cross off this year? (stolen from Usagi!)
11). Are you Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff? If you were sorted by Pottermore, do you agree with what you were sorted as?

Be sure to check out the blogs I tagged! I love reading each of them!

Fun Finds

Have you seen this trailer for Maleficent?! Lana del Rey's cover of Once Upon a Dream is PERFECT for the darkness of the fairy tale. It's haunting, luring, and beautiful! I can't wait to see this and I apologize in advance should my excitement become...repetitive.

Cait at Kitsch Vixen posted a link to this AMAZING post about Smash[ing] the Scale (Please read it and SHARE it!). She also shared the below video featuring styles throughout the last century, and both of them make me smile!

I want this wallet and bag from Loungefly! They are simple enough for dressing up, but they have a cute Tinkerbell print on them!
via LoungeFly
via LoungeFly

Think Geek has this Dalek watch (and this amazing T.A.R.D.I.S. watch...but it's already sold out) and I feel as though I could use this timepiece:
via ThinkGeek
And for something completely unique for valentines day--especially if you're like me and not really a roses person--Think Geek has a bouquet of plush kittens, or this plush of UNICORNS!!!
via ThinkGeek
be sure to check out this post about Moffet -era companions by Amber West of A Day Without Sushi wrote. She makes some great points so check them out!

Last but not least, a friend shared this with me, and yeah...I cried along with the girl at 8:46!

"Great job" I say to their parents! 

It's my Birthday month, and it's going to be so busy! I'm super excited! Have a great weekend, and welcome to February!

You Should Be Reading...

I've been really grateful for a few posts this week regarding info and research in the universes here, near, and far far away!

This post about breaking into the Star wars Expanded Universe made me ecstatic! I've been looking for a place to start and Have You Nerd has made it easy! I pinned the entry as I'm still at Camp Half-Blood reading Percy Jackson but plan on starting this year. I suggest you check it out too.

Sherlock is (FINALLY) having its series/season 3 US airing TONIGHT. If you want to read a GREAT countdown, checkout The Adventure is Afoot and read her 15 Days of Sherlock series! It's been making me both more anxious for it to start, as well as giving me a much needed fix for my Sherlock addiction! 

Comic-Con has me hyperventilating every time I even think about it. Last year this time I already had my badge. So yeah I'm freaking out a bit. Luckily The Nerdy Girlie is like my Comic-Con Mr Miyagi! She's been keeping me sane between this post, and, this one. Check out all her posts on Comic Con. Like Scar so famously sang: "Be PREPAAAAAARED!!!!"

Do you like Vietnamese food? If yes (or, if you've never had it) be sure to check out: Pho Across America! Written by my good friend Victoria--who I have known since we took Japanese together back in 2006. PAA follows Victoria on her many travels both here and abroad. She primarily highlights her visits to different Pho restaurants and how each place's version of this iconic dish grades/differs!

On the weight loss front, I appear to be...stagnant. I gained, and lost. So that 2 pounds I lost, is still lost but I think that's it...for now!

I've been doing T25 and trying to get some running and walking in too. My measurements are the same, but I'm firming up! I can see the difference!
This next week I plan on getting my FAVORITE exercise in: swimming! The only drawback is after swimming I am famished! Which means: make sure to have healthy provisions on hand!

Also, I've been grabbing some resources for one of my cosplays. The one thing I am unsure of is make up.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm looking for facepaint and possibly body paint (but I might use tights reconstructed as sleeves etc.

Have you found anything fun this week on the internet that you just can't get enough of?

Fun Finds!

The internet is a place full of many wonderful things. And we all know it can trap us in like a beautiful void.
I thought I would share with you few things that have gotten me pretty stocked this week!

First, I really like Animal Crossing. I have every inception since the Game Cube, and even got my 3DS for it, AND Pokemon X/Y. But NAMCO/Bandai are teaming up with THE nostalgic company, of all nostalgic companies for a game that is being described as similar to Animal Crossing (and reminds me a little bit of this old school game that was uber fun), but with a DISNEY flair!

Disney Magical World!
It's currently available in Japan, and will be here in the US in April! Here's the Japanese advertisement:

Also, I have been meaning to post how much I want this bag from Sharodactyl!
I LOVE Capcom's fighting games, and Darkstalkers was my absolute FAVORITE title! I always flew to this game in the arcades!!! The character here Morrigan (a Succubus) was a strong Ryu-like character (originally...I think they made her a bit weaker as the games went on. But I don't often see stuff of her, or my girl Felicia (a werecat). I love monsters!

And I HAD to get this bow from Nerd Burger Jewellery
I'm watching what I eat, and since the best doughnut place is like 20 minutes away, I figure, wearing this adorable bow would keep me from trying to be overly indulgent!!! (Can't wait to wear it!!!)

And then there's this, which had me in a small giggle fit--probably cause I went ahead and imagined it happening for realsies!
Found on Twitter, unsure of OG source
Last, but not least, I've noticed a difference in the the way some of my shirts are fitting! Woot!!!
Scale-wise...not so much, BUT, I can TELL that I am gradually losing, and I think that's even better!

Have a great weekend!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 to you!
I'm going to start the year by sharing some of my favorite blogs!

xo Mia
Mia Moore  - Mia is an amazing Cosplayer, and snazzy dresser (check out her Daily Outfit tag here) from Texas. She has just posted some of her plans for her cosplays this year and I am uber excited to see them. I also really loved this post about how to de-tangle a wig (so far, I own one wig, and's a rat's nest but only for a little while until I get to do the tutorial!).

Glitzy Geek Girl - Anna is also a cosplayer from Texas who I am stoked to see what she will be doing this upcoming year! She also has great tutorials, my personal favorite was the one she shared on making your own personal Wizard wand (totally would've used this for my engagement pictures), and a Light Saber Hilt!

Nerd Burger - Run by Cazz, Nerd Burger has been great for some extra title recommendations for comics (I'm picking up Fearless Defenders : Doom Maidens from my favorite comic shop thanks to her review here). Cazz also has a FUNCELLENT (=fun+excellent) YouTube channel, that I highly suggest checking out!
We also share a liking for the incomparable Mr. Hankey!

A Very Sweet Blog - Kim at a very sweet blog focuses on beauty and fashion and food! I especially love her reviews of treats, teas, and other drinks (quite a few I have never heard of until reading her blog). I also enjoy her reviews of fashion magazines from around the globe, and her product reviews have become invaluable for me as I am always looking for things to try!
The Nerdy Girlie - Fellow San Diegan Megan looks forward to the same event every July that I do: San Diego Comic Con! In fact, Megan has written one of the most comprehensive guides for SDCC, all of which she has conveniently tagged here. I also REALLY enjoyed her DIY of T.A.R.D.I.S. Shoes! She has also started a Google+ group that kind makes me feel like I joined the Justice League (dibs on being the Flash!!!)

Gamerwife blog button
GamerWife- Mariko is a wife and a gamer, and let me tell, she's got both down to an art! I look forward to Tuesdays due to her "Take My Money Tuesdays" where she highlights a video game, or other geeky ventures that otherwise, I would probably have never heard of. She has a LOT of great content, but I have to say I am unabashedly a fan of Cat-urdays since a). I'm a total cat-lady and b). I'm a cat-lady in an apartment complex that while affordable, does not allow pets. I've also been checking out her decor and DIY posts as my little apartment can always use some sprucing up!

Usagi in Wonderland - Usagi is a fan of many of my fandoms as well, and I love how she shares not just a peek at her fandoms, but a peek into her life as well! She even got to go to England before the Doctor Who 50th festivities ended! She also has some REALLY cute outfits that she shares--I especially love her Sailor Moon sweatshirt found here!

ADHD and Geekery (soon to be "The Shiny Happy")- Amber is a Star Wars fan and Unicorn lover and while one of the newer blogs I've been reading, I've been enjoying her posts a bunch! I also thing her little boxer pup Jax is too cute for words (my old running buddy was my dad's boxer Ali, so I kind of adore this breed). I am really liking her 35 Before 35 list, and am working on a 32 Before 32 list to post next month when I turn 31!
KTJ Weighing In- KT has been a real inspiration into health! She is from Philly, and has been working out super hard. She too is doing Shawn T.'s T25 Workout (which I have sidelined due to San Diego's dry summer weather as I figure I should go outside while I can). KT's emotional and physical journey often has me saying to my computer screen "you can do it"...out loud! I love her emotional honesty too. Very inspiring!

Those are just some of the blogs I am inspired by, so try to check them out when you have a second!

Who are some of the bloggers you enjoy?

Awesome Finds

Our explorer Joie while traversing the Interweb came across some  internet grooviness.
Like Indiana, and, Lara before her, our little Raider shares her findings with you now in:

Joie Fatale: and Awesome Finds from the Interwebs
(that last part was an echo...DRAMA!)
This ladies Wonderwoman is so bloody brilliant. She looks STRONG, and like a proper warrior...well, on her day off at least.

Also, I want to make one of these Pumpkin Pie in a Jar for the Tenor! He loves Pumpkin Pie! All things pumpkin actually

This Parks and Recs cast as Game of Thrones Characters--complete with bad photoshop!

And this 50 Years of Memories from Doctor Who!

And my mate's post about The Con Before the makes me laugh out loud EVERY FREAKING TIME!!!

This cute little Picwick dodo:
Tiny Dodo Bird - miniature felt extinct species
Found here.
And though I am more of a Wicked/Elphaba fan, I can not help my love for those ruby slipper. I will get a pair of those prettys! mahhahaha!

Dorothy shoe cell phone accessory. Ruby red slipper dustplug. Miniature Fits iPhone 5 4 4s ,iPad ,Samsung s2 s3, 3.5mm
I'll get you my pretty!!!

Well, have a great day!