Geeks Who Significantly Inspire Me (Fandom Friday)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

I was kind of unsure where to start on this. I have many, including famous people like Aisha Tyler, Rosario Dawson, Stephen Colbert, Rashida Jones, and Felicia Day. Bands like The Aquabats, and the Ramones! But after an awesome summer with folks, I'm going to just gush about them. I'm not afraid to say: I love these people! Friends are awesome!
Deal with it. ;)

My Geek Out Together homies!
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Gladys, Gwen, and Travis are a super amazing! I got to hang out with the four of them IRL at SDCC! We've been doing Podcasts together since Agent Carter started, and having a blast, laughing, and, well, geeking out! Gladys has this immense comic book knowledge, and if anyone ever embodied a current-day Princess Leia, it would be her! Gwen reminds me of my FAVORITE book character Thursday Next, but in a younger, Jedi rebel sense. She reads so many books, and is going to school for fashion design (#hero)!!! Travis is like my Con-attending HERO! I swear, if they EVER make a Millennium Falcon car, he should get one out pure dedication! Plus, with all the con's he attends, so many people could see it! He's like a Jedi Han Solo, traveling to different corners of the US, seeing all the cool things! His Star Wars fandom is strong!
These three are so cool, and I love them! 

The Nerdy Girlie
Megan is a sweetheart, fellow Slytherin, and my homegirl! She's an amazing writer, and I love how much of herself, and her emotions she puts into her blog! I love this girl so much! She's kicking so much ass in her blog, her life, her work, and being the best Megan she can be! I admire that, and I truly look up to her! #SheSlamsRevolvingDoors!

SuperHeroesque's Superchicks: Liz and Mia!

When Liz and Mia launched SuperHeroesque I was flabbier-gasted by all the positivity! These two ladies are socially conscious, smart, intelligent, and everything they say makes me think there is hope for this world! Like, seriously, I want them to be! Co-Presidents!!! If it werent for these two, I would still never have cosplayed! I finally did in 2014! To top that off, they are super sweet, and hilarious! And their podcasts are AMAZING!!! Be sure to check them out at Lilo+Mimo!

Video Game Heroines: Mariko, Lori, and Amanda!
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You know what? I LOVE video games. Before Junior High I was a arcade-mouse, and would play video games whenever I saw one. And then, somewhere, I stopped. Well, not really, I still played. But for one reason or another, I never thought I was a gamer. Enter these three ladies! While I'm still not amazing at video games, I know I love them so much as they are an integral part of my growing up, and...well, I like them! Mariko's game reviews, and passion for independent games have encouraged me to try games outside of the mainstream. Amanda's and Lori's live streams are amazing! Their dedication to gaming and sharing that passion helped me re-enter gaming! And thanks to these three, I know I belong with games because I LIKE THEM! I'm glad to no longer feel like "serious games are only for boys" and other similar bull-s***! Thank you!

#CosplayGoals: Mindy, Cazz, Topher, Jason, and the folks above!
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So, first off, some of the people mentioned above are also my favorite cosplayers too! But, I'd be remiss to not have these folks mentioned. Topher and Jason are my big brothers. I'm naturally the oldest of four, but I ALWAYS wanted an older brother! And now, I have two! I've been attending comic con panels with these two since they started going four years ago and they always have these awesome cosplays! And my first cosplay was apart of a group one with them! Cazz's cosplay's and personal style are always geeky-inspired, and a kawaii-force to be reckoned with! I remember thinking her Rufio from a 2nd hand jacket was so clever and it was neat to see her eye in reanimating an article of clothing and giving it new life. Mindy's sewing skills are AMAZING! Her cosplays continually leave me speechless. Like I swear every time I try to comment I'm left dumb-founded and all I can say is "A-MAZING!!!" (it's true though!). I love how cosplay takes everyone's different view of the "Nerd-World" at large and shows their own perspective, and (most importantly) it's FUN!!!

I also want to say to those who read this, but might not be listed: Thank you too! People being cool amongst one another, and sharing different things respectfully are favorite! Cheers to you!
These people are my tribe. I appreciate them for who they are, how they make me think cognitively, and inspire me, to aspire for greatness. I'm not just inspired by them. But I'm grateful to them, and FOR them! Again, I say:

Thank you!

Homesick Happens

I'm sorry if this comes off as a's not meant to be one. Just, more of a getting it off my chest, and if you want to send out a little prayer, or good thought for me, I'd appreciate it.

I'm on the opposite side of the country from people I've known and loved for nearly all of my life. It's a weird adjustment because I am still, fighting how different this is (even it's been long enough to not be doing/feeling this way). While I'll joke about missing food places such as Mexican food (it's not good here...#SendHelp...#SendBurritos), Korean food (#SendBibimbap) and of course, my beloved In-N-Out (#SendDoubleDouble #NoHouseSaucePlease). There's some weird vegetables are more expensive than meat...and there's a lot of up-charging that goes on out here.

On the plus side is, it's a new experience, and I've made some great new friends. I've been working out a lot (five times a week). I am with my husband and we are in a house, versus a sardine-can-sized apartment. We have so much more space, and we have Imogen and Thorin--which in CA, we couldn't really afford a place where we could have a big dog!

But I'm missing my family and friends. My sister had twins one month before I left, and I miss just hanging out with her and my youngest brother and my parents. I miss my car (which I plan on having shipped soon).

I miss driving/walking down the street to things too. It seems like things are so far away from our house. I miss the ocean with waves. OK, I can walk to the beach here, which is pretty awesome...but there's no waves...can't win 'em all, right? ;)

I also miss the oppurtunities that Southern California has to offer. There's more variety.

P-Cola isn't bad though...but you know:
Homesick Happens

Comic Con 2014 Hangover

So in case you missed it, this past weekend was San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)!
I attended as is tradition, and for the FIRST TIME EVER: I cosplayed!!
Jason as the Penguin, Topher as Riddler; your's truly as Joker!
I think I did ok for a my first time (I don't count Halloween, since it's Halloween. But that's just me...not a rule, or guideline, just more to challenge myself!). Also, while I thought I might scare little kids, but they LOVED my hair! Their expressions of "Your hair is so cool," and,  "mom, that's what I want my hair to look like" made my ego inflate in a much needed way. But this one little girl at the Monster High panel said "I LOVE your costume! It's the best Joker I've ever seen" made me feel like a million bucks! And luckily it was early on in the day, so I think it helped me not shy away from having my picture taken.

Cause if a kid tells you your costume is the best, then it's gotta be true, right?

So, because I have been prepping me, my costume, and my home for SDCC, I know I've been on a bit of a hiatus...and so I hate to do this again, but, I WILL resume next Wednesday with a Workout Cosplay next week! And I am hoping to picture spam you all with my SDCC photos...despite my inability to take a selfie...and my shaky hands lol!

I seriously already miss SDCC! This one was sooooo good though!

July has been an emotional month, and SDCC was so important for me to go to. My hubby missed the con this year as he has joined the Air Force at the beginning of the month. Also, family and friends have been in and out of the hospital--and not for small things either. It's been a roller Coaster.

Seriously, thank God for SDCC, cause in all it's magical geeky mayhem--it kept me sane!

Anywho, I plan on writing more later, but just a quick update for now. Catch you on the flip side!

For Cereal?!?!

Want to hear an interesting story that just happened?
We have a wall, and then, my cubicle’s wall; there’s a gap between them. My cubicle’s wall is 5’9”. So when something falls, it’s practically gone for good!
I had a Ziploc bag of cereal. My co-worker said she was hungry. i hand her the bag and she goes "I don't want any more healthy food!" This we joke about--making her healthy, cause she loves McD's--so I go on and do an impression and am like "NO! Eff eating healthy!" while holding said bag of cereal in my left hand, and—at the end of my sentence—I bat at the bag with my right hand…
Well, I must have had She-Hulk mode on or something cause I just “volleyed” that bag over my cubicle’s wall, and directly into the gap between!
And so my coworker and I are like “WTF?!?! That seriously just happened!” and we get to thinking, CRAP! There’s going to be mice and roaches (we’re in a crappy little bungalow) all up in our space. So I come up with a “genius” and “scientific” plan to grab the bag!
I stand on the desk and pull our office vacuum up on to my desk and fasten ALL the tubes/attachments to the tube thingy. And after a game that felt like “the claw”…I retrieved the bag of cereal! I'm pretty sure I just made Thursday interesting. Or, at least, entertaining!
Welcome to Wonderland! We’re ALL mad here!!!
The End