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Pho Across America's Victoria: Adventure in Mobile AL (Guest Post)

Back in 2007 my brother's and I took Japanese at a community college. In my 101 class I was extremely blessed to make a friend (something I wasn't sure would happen). Victoria was this friend!  Victoria and I have become great friends and even blogged on LJ back in the day!

Victoria currently blogs at Pho Across America where she chronicles her travels across all 50 states in the epic search for great Pho! Additionally, Victoria shares her international travels (which often also include pho), and, her passion for Asian cultures!

If I remember correctly, my friendship with Joie dates back to 2007. We took Japanese together at a college in San Diego and have been good friends since. Seven years later, many things have changed. We both have degrees and blogs. Joie is married. On the other hand, I'm still single, but I like it that way. Between working, traveling, and a general dislike of men, I guess I don't really have time for a relationship or whatever they're called these days.

Victoria & Joie

I've been running Pho Across America for almost two years now. It documents my quest to eat pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup, in all fifty states. I post about pho experiences, my personal trips, cultural notes, and random things I like. If you can get on board, I consider you a Pho King or Queen. This month, Joie joined me for a "phoventure" when I visited her in Pensacola. I'd already done a pho experience in Florida, so Joie's husband Reggie drove us all over to Mobile, Alabama to cross off my 26th state.

Making the most of our day, we first visited Mobile's main attraction, the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. Open to visitors at a low cost, it’s a cool way to spend a day. Touring the huge battleship will take a while but is a fascinating slice of military life, and there's submarine USS Drum to tour as well. There are tons of cool photo ops, and apparently, not to a soul to tell you what you can and cannot do. It's like an adult military playground!
USS Alabama.JPG
Alabama cots.JPG
Our actual pho experience was at Pot Au Pho, and you can read a detailed account of it at Pho Across America. I rate the restaurant setting along with the quality of their pho, and Pot Au Pho scored highly in both categories. Believe it or not, the pho in Mobile was actually quite tasty! It was a perfect phoventure - even if they got my order slightly wrong.

Pot Au Pho.JPG

I'd like to thank Joie and Reggie for hosting me at their place. It was a lovely time and I'm so happy I got to combine work and play during this visit. Not to mention, I was the first friend to visit Joie and Reggie! Be envious!

 Be sure to visit Victoria at Pho Across America, Instagram, and, twitter!

Workout Cosplay: Mega Man X (Guest Post by Dave)

My brother Dave was kind enough to help me in this month's Guy-vember Workout Cosplays!

In fact he even chose a video game character--which I have yet to do (new goal)! He chose his favorite video game character, and, overall bad-a$$: Mega Man X!

You might recognize Mega Man X as Mega Man, but there is some variation! Mega Man X's story (and consequentially, his video game series) goes a bit more in depth thanks to the Super Nintendo (SNES) system!

Dave writes: "X (aka Mega Man X), the final creation of Dr. Thomas Light and the first of the new wave of free-willed robots called Reploids. A pacifist at heart who is the Saviour of both mankind and Reploids."

X has a lot on his plate, and being the saviour we know he has to be in shape to defeat villains that would otherwise enslave us all, right?

Here is a compilation of Mega Man X (the initial armor) workout gear:
Mega Man X Men's Workout Cosplay!

And one thing Dave & I have in common is a love of music. We especially like punk and ska! If Dave's list doesn't have you bouncing & skanking around the living room, then it will definitely have you ready to kick major evil reploid butt while working out!!!

Have you ever played Mega Man X, or any of Capcom's other Mega Man titles? What was your favorite SNES game?