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Friends I've Converted to Funko-Trash (Funko Fridays)

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Today's Funko Friday prompt is: "Funko Friends-How many friends have you corrupted?" or, how many friends have you turned into Funko trash lol!

I don't know who i've convinced to become hardcore Funko Pop collectors. But I have noticed some friends are now starting to collect more and more, possibly due to The Tenor's (my husband) and my influence. Some of them we've met this last year a since we've been in military life. But, I know that one couple in particular from CA has started collecting them! I don't know if it's because of us, but my friend




 (who both write for

Bears Be Gaming

, which you should totally check out!).

I know they have quite a few Pops, but I know one that they really wanted, I was able to help with! At SDCC they were selling Marvel Collector Corps boxes, including, the one with the Hulkbuster! I was out on the floor, and was able to get to the SEPARATE booth (from the rest of the Funko shenanigans) for Collector Corps. I was able to get one of the last two of the Hulkbuster for them! Woot!


On the other hand, my dad is the reason I'm into Funko Pops! He bought my first one which was Boo Berry from General Mills' Halloween cereals! It was an SDCC exclusive and it's one of my most treasured POP's!

Are you into Funko? Who, or, what particular Pop got you into them? 

Let me know as I


to hear people's Pop stories!

The POP! I CURRENTLY Want Most (Funko Fridays)

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Funky Fridays! How did I not know of thee? OK, well I was kind of-sor of-definitely off radar for a while...

Any who thanks to Barb and Usagi, I've been able to check out the posts, as hosted by Pepi & Kimi!

For my first entry, one Evie Frye!
I love Assassin's Creed, and Evie has become my favorite Assassin (I'm horrible apparently as I don't seem to love Ezio as much I like her and Arno...he's #3 LOL)!

I will say however, that I'm still waiting on those Sailor Moon Pop!s and those are definitely on my list of must grabs!!!

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