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Swimming and Self Like/Love

I'm not afraid of swimsuit season. Hell, I'm planning on getting a two piece (the second I can afford it). And I'm not a conventionally-ideal-sized woman either! Sure, I WANT to fit that commercialized norm (I'd be liying if I said I didn't...but I know it's taken years of conditioning from media too), but when it comes to swimsuits:  I want whatever I want (and for it to fit in a way where ocean waves won't peel it off...it's happened before...and it SUCKS!). Yes, I occasionally get self-conscious in a swimsuit...but at the same time, I don't let it get in the way.

First, PLAYLIST (since this was for Wednesday!):

I was thinking about what is it that has made me this way. And I know having done swim and water polo in high school helped.
Too accurate...via
I was never great at either sport (NOT fishing for compliments, I'm genuinely uncoordinated), but I enjoy how those sports make me feel after doing them. I feel like my muscles are liquid steel...like a cat. Sorry that seems silly (cause cats don't usually care for water), but I remember reading Animorphs, and that's what I most closely relate this to LOL!
Any way, after swimming, I feel my muscles in that "good" ache of use/fatigue that says, NO! my muscles scream: "I am invincible!"
Those muscles being used make me feel strong! My body cuts through the water, like a hot knife through butter (or some such analogy)! I can tread water, I can do flip-turns, I can be in water and know what regardless of my BMI standings (which PS, is BS!) I can kick butt in it! Heck, if it wasn't for the sun's rays being so intense here, I would stay more than four hours in the water (yup! I've done this!). I LOVE water! When I get out of the pool (or ocean) I feel like a brand new person! Like, I changed from Joie, into Bishoujo Senshi: Sailor Fatale!
Also, I remember that if anyone has a problem with how I look, I could probably hold them under-water (not that I would) and make them cry gurgle "uncle" while below surface. So haters can suck it!
OMG! I actually used a T. Swift gif **slaps own hand**
I wish I could give this to every person. I think it's insane for us to not enjoy that cool refreshing feeling of water and staying cool during the summer! It bugs the living crap out of me! Everyone has a right to be at the beach and not have to worry about how they look (and curse people who take pictures of strangers and post them online to be ridiculed. Curse them, may shame, dishonor and BAD LUCK forever curse their name).
All I'm saying is, get your a$$ in the water if you want to. Have fun! Stay cool! Wear a two piece if you want! Wear whatever! Have fun, get prune-fingers! Rock that eau de chlorine, or have those natural beach waves from being at the beach! Also, being in the sun will give you vitamin D, which will make you happy! And as Elle Woods said: "Happy people don't kill..."

Garnet Workout Cosplay

If you've been hanging out here with me, you knew who today was going to be!

And you know what? Garnet was the most difficult! I LOVE all of the Crystal Gems (you can't make me pick a favorite! YOU CAN'T!!!) but Garnet is


 and stoic, and just amazing!

She's such a strong character: physically, and, as the leader of the Gems! Also, if you've seen the show, you know she's got super Gem abilities (**spoilers**)!

This show is so fantastic! And one of the best parts is the music, which creator Rebecca Sugar created (she did the music for Adventure Time too). Also, for Garnet in particular, she is voiced by musician Estelle!

Be sure to check out my




Workout Cosplays as well!

Have you seen Steven Universe? If not, can I encourage you to change you mind ;P heehee?

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I love, love, LOVE ABC's Agent Carter! She was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: The First Avenger, and, though I hadn't seen the blu-ray shorts featuring her, I was super excited that she was getting a mini-season on ABC!

I'm really excited to be one of #PeggysPeeps with Travis, Gladys, and, Gwen! On Saturdays, we are recapping Agent Carter together and going over our observations, as well as geeking out together! (#GeekOutTogether!).

During our first talk, we got on the topic of Peggy merchandise; or, more accurately, the general lack there of. And thus, the #MakeAgentCarter tag was born!

So, I ask you, dear friend, to join me in a small (polite) campaign for more availability of Agent Peggy Carter merch!

To make it easy, you can copy and paste the following (there should be about 30-35 characters left):
  "please, #MakeAgentCarter! It would be awesome to have more items featuring her! @AgentCarterTV @Marvel"

OR! Write your own heart-felt plea for Peggy.

Then, tweet to the list of purveyors of some of our favorite collectibles, below!
Disney, Disney Store - I suggest both, as: Disney=ABC! Also, Disney Store, sells/has exclusive Action Figures!
Lego (US), Lego Ideas (Denmark)
Hot Topic
Sideshow Collectibles
Kotobukiya (See their Bishoujo Marvel collection, and, their ARTFX+ figures!)
Diamond Select Toys (they sell and market the Marvel Select Action figures...especially in comic shops. I believe they'd be "in conjunction" with Marvel)
Hot Toys

So, if you're tweeting Lego: "@Lego_Group: Please, #MakeAgentCarter! It would be awesome to have more items featuring her! @AgentCarterTV @Marvel"

If there are ANY companies you want to see on this list, please leave me a comment with who they are, along with their twitter handle, and I will update!

PLEASE remember: Keep it polite! Keep it civil! And try to include either @AgentCarterTV or, @Marvel on your tweets as much as possible! They are the one's who need to hear it most! And, if I've learned anything from the internet (OK, tbh, punk music taught me that first), it is that we, the people, can make things happen!

And dang it: I WANT MY PEGGY MERCH! I mean: who knows! We could end up with another season for her next year! Also, I'd love to see #MakeAgentMay, #MakeStorm, #MakeBlackWidow and others, out there too!

We CAN do this! We can #MakeAgentCarter everything happen!

Check out our Agent Carter chat about Episode 3!