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5 Chances I'm GOING to Take in 2016 (5 Fandom Friday)

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This week's post is based on goals we will not merely be pursuing, but, taking a risk on!


Treat Myself


To some clothes that I like, especially more workout wear, and healthy food programs. Also, making sure I take time to relax, and read. It's been weird this last year, not getting to do much of either.


Roller Derby

Roller Derby Storm by

Kevin Bolk

Doing it! I don't care. I need to just go for it! Also, I finally found someone interested in it! So Hopefully we can go together!!!




I want to not only join a Masters swim team...but--more importantly--I want to look seriously for an (affordable? lol) place to work on my Masters degree. I wasn't looking this year, as I knew I'd be moving again. But where we're going next will be for a longer time, and that means: It's time!


Make a Team?


I want to get a team sport going (especially if the swim thing doesn't work) for Water Polo, or, Proper Football (aka Soccer), or Quidditch!!! Maybe even relay racing, or dodgeball, or (my personal favorite): Capture the Flag!


Stay Active


This year (though off to a


 bad start) should be an exciting year. One thing I'm working on doing is staying active.  consistently! From exercising hourly, to joining up in sports (seriously though, why is it so hard to find sports teams fro people out of college and high school? I don't get it!).

There's some chance I am going to take! As for my Goals (and Dreams) for 2016, check out



2015 Achievements I Unlocked (5 Fandom Friday)

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1). Geek Out Together/The Nerdy Rebellion +2500 points
Started a Podcast with my rad friends: Travis, Gladys and Gwen!!! We started out as Peggy's Peeps (we still are) but we've evolved into "The Nerdy Rebellion"! May Metatron "Shussh!" us forever! **raises glass**

2). Comic Con Parties +1000 points
I went to three this year! OMG! I gotta say, my favorite thing about SDCC this year was hanging out with all my favorite people! SO much fun! All the pictures! Yearbooks! #Funfetti! Gah! I'm so excited for SDCC this year! Since meeting fellow bloggers, SDCC has become like one big class reunion!!!

3). Gamer Revelation +500 points
I've loved video game my entire life, but like most ladies have been afraid to label myself a gamer. Well, you know what? Eff that! I like games, and I liked them so much that at our current station, I'm able to work with Video Games! It's been great! Also, I picked up my 1st FPS (the first that's "mine" vs my brothers lol) Destiny (The Taken King expansion)! I'm proud of myself for playing more and enjoying it more, and hopefully encouraging more ladies to try playing for themselves.

4). One Car Reliance +2500 points
Since we live across country, we weren't able to take my car to our new station. It's been rough doing this, however, I did learn how to coordinate better with my husband, and sync our gorram calendars lol! Luckily I will likely get a second vehicle in our new location.

5). Took a Sewing Refresher Class +1200 points
I finally took a sewing lesson/re-familiarization class with my machine at JoAnn's! I took sewing for like a half a semester in high school and I enjoyed it a lot, but I had water polo and swim, and it was a class to hold the place of it. It was a bummer that couldn't keep both, but since it was only offered at the same time...well. Cut to (lol) 2015, I took a class and have been practicing with scraps of fabric I have! This year I want to take a pattern reading class so I can hopefully learn to not just read, but, adjust a pattern if necessary.

This last year was a bit of a challenge, but REALLY necessary and fun looking back! While I haven't felt like I accomplished many things, this prompt was a great way to see that I really have overcome some things (no matter how small they may be!

I did get s**t done, and had fun doing it!

2015: You were hard, but, worth it!

Favorite Things About Autumn (Fandom Friday)

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5. Planners
The first of my favorite things about fall would have to be: PLANNER SEASON!!! I love having a planner! I'm not the most organized person nowadays...but I used to be, and want to be again!!! I like shopping for the really cute Sanrio & San-X ones more than anything! And now is the time when the companies start releasing them. They are cute (look at My Melody's adorable face!) as well as functional!
And come September, I'm ready to shop for one, especially since the new year is really, just around the bend...
4). Gingerbread Season is Coming
Thank you Lord for Starbucks
While everyone else might be ready to go on their #PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte in Starbucks' lingo) I'm just biding my time for the next seasonal flavor: GINGERBREAD! Sure, candy cane/peppermint season too, but for me it's all about Gingerbread! And it shall soon be upon us! I can't wait to make  cocktails, coffees, cakes, cookies, lattes, etc with the spicy-sweet deliciousness that is gingerbread! *smacks lips*

My favorite holiday is upon us, and while I'm sure I will (yet again) save Halloween costume-planning for the last minute, I don't care! I plan on actually watching some scary movies this year. I'm a scaredy cat, but darn, if I'm not curious!!! I also have some movies that are must watches this time of year (5 of which you can read about HERE). Also: FREE. CANDY!

2). Cooler Weather

I love summer...sort of. Well, more accurately I love parts of it.
I love SDCC.
I love the longer hours of daylight.
I wax way nostalgic for summer vacation.

But I HATE the heat! I wish fall had longer hours of daylight like summer's, but with cool weather. I'm looking forward to busting out my sweaters, jackets, hoodies, scarves and boots! The weather is such a relief!

1). The Light and the Smell
photo by Thomas Fitzgerald
This past Monday I saw my favorite thing about this upcoming season: the autumnal light.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I LOVE the light that fall emits. There's something about summer and fall..they just, make the sunshine...well, shine in different ways. It's my favorite part of this time of year.
When I see it, I know that the new season is soon upon us. I just always preferred autumn, as the light reminds me of when as a kid, we would visit my Big Mama & Big Daddy (my dad's 'rents) for Thanksgiving in Coarsegold/Oakhurst, CA. Those are years I'm really grateful for, and is a tradition of our's that I greatly miss. Every time I see the transition of the sunlight, and smell the crisp autumn air, I can't help but reminisce about those days.

What are some of your favorite parts about this season?

Fandom Deaths I'm Not Over (5 Fandom Friday)

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Let me start out by saying:
Well, on to the heartbreak!

1). Hoban "Wash" Washburne (Firefly)
I wasn't ready for this. I just wasn't. I will be the first to admit I didn't watch Firefly until I saw Serenity. No one told me about the show until 2005, when I was working at a bookstore. When I saw Serenity, I knew from the opening scene I was going to be forever upset for not having been able to experience Firefly. But at the end they killed off Wash, I was both pissed and moved. Not only had I grown attached to a character in the movie, but I was pissed because I knew I had missed out on a lot of him. And I'm still not over this. I f**king hate FOX...for many reasons, but the lack of Firefly is the icing on my Fox-hating cake!

2). Hedwig (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)
Yes, I'm upset about Tonks, Remus, Severus, Albus and Fred (damn...Fred's death hurt too). But the second I read Hedwig's death, I knew isn was about to get real...real painful! I still can't read this part without tearing up. Hedwig's and Fred's hurt me as a reader a lot. But I think since Hedwig's was the first in the last book, and, was so symbolic, her's is the one I'll list her.

3). Miss Havisham (Thursday Next book III: The Well of Lost Plots)
Havisham & Next by Aliceazzo
I remember Havisham in  Great Expectations, but her death in that book has a back story...well, according to the Thursday Next series (which if you've been a frequent guest at my blog you know is my favorite series). Havisham's death took me out because like Thursday, as you read more about her, you felt: "this old broad is crazy...but she's the crazy I can appreciate" and then she literally ZOOM! BANG! BOOM! was dead! OK, it's a little more drawn out, but those onomatopoeias (?...exclamations?) describe what happens to her. I'm still mad cause she was brilliant!

4). Joyce Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer S5 E16 "The Body")
So this summer I had a realization: I hadn't finished Buffy. I knew a few spoilers, such as this one, Tara's death (which was horrible too! I cried! But after Joyce's...well, it's like Hedwig's in the HP 'verse) and who Dawn is, etc. But Nothing could have prepared me for how well done (i.e. HEARTBREAKING) the episode would be. The dryness, the emotions, and just thinking of your own parent in that situation, and how you would feel if you were Buffy. It hurts, and makes you think and ponder. Add to the fact that Joyce and Xander are the two most "normal" characters in the Buffy-verse (that aren't background actors). IDK gives me major feels. (I'm not crying...yeah, I'm crying).

5). Nina Tucker (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Nina's deformation and death helped me know this show, for all it's funny moments was going to be dark. Hell, despite the "magical" premise of alchemy, this show rather beautifully depicts real life. Life is not just hardship, nor is it fun and light-hearted 100% of the time. There is sadness, depression, and death. And sometimes: children die. When you first meet her you're like, oh, this is a little kid, who's dad is a little creepy. I honestly thought the dad would die at the very first. But no.
Her father, Shou, is a sadistic man who decides to create a chimera from her, and their pet dog. But her torture doesn't end there. She is killed in her chimera form because she's seen as an "abomination." It was way harsher than anything I was expecting.

Those are some of the death's I wasn't readily for...and still kind of mourn.

What are some death's you're just not over?

Geeks Who Significantly Inspire Me (Fandom Friday)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

I was kind of unsure where to start on this. I have many, including famous people like Aisha Tyler, Rosario Dawson, Stephen Colbert, Rashida Jones, and Felicia Day. Bands like The Aquabats, and the Ramones! But after an awesome summer with folks, I'm going to just gush about them. I'm not afraid to say: I love these people! Friends are awesome!
Deal with it. ;)

My Geek Out Together homies!
via: 1 2 3 4
Gladys, Gwen, and Travis are a super amazing! I got to hang out with the four of them IRL at SDCC! We've been doing Podcasts together since Agent Carter started, and having a blast, laughing, and, well, geeking out! Gladys has this immense comic book knowledge, and if anyone ever embodied a current-day Princess Leia, it would be her! Gwen reminds me of my FAVORITE book character Thursday Next, but in a younger, Jedi rebel sense. She reads so many books, and is going to school for fashion design (#hero)!!! Travis is like my Con-attending HERO! I swear, if they EVER make a Millennium Falcon car, he should get one out pure dedication! Plus, with all the con's he attends, so many people could see it! He's like a Jedi Han Solo, traveling to different corners of the US, seeing all the cool things! His Star Wars fandom is strong!
These three are so cool, and I love them! 

The Nerdy Girlie
Megan is a sweetheart, fellow Slytherin, and my homegirl! She's an amazing writer, and I love how much of herself, and her emotions she puts into her blog! I love this girl so much! She's kicking so much ass in her blog, her life, her work, and being the best Megan she can be! I admire that, and I truly look up to her! #SheSlamsRevolvingDoors!

SuperHeroesque's Superchicks: Liz and Mia!

When Liz and Mia launched SuperHeroesque I was flabbier-gasted by all the positivity! These two ladies are socially conscious, smart, intelligent, and everything they say makes me think there is hope for this world! Like, seriously, I want them to be! Co-Presidents!!! If it werent for these two, I would still never have cosplayed! I finally did in 2014! To top that off, they are super sweet, and hilarious! And their podcasts are AMAZING!!! Be sure to check them out at Lilo+Mimo!

Video Game Heroines: Mariko, Lori, and Amanda!
via: 1 2 3
You know what? I LOVE video games. Before Junior High I was a arcade-mouse, and would play video games whenever I saw one. And then, somewhere, I stopped. Well, not really, I still played. But for one reason or another, I never thought I was a gamer. Enter these three ladies! While I'm still not amazing at video games, I know I love them so much as they are an integral part of my growing up, and...well, I like them! Mariko's game reviews, and passion for independent games have encouraged me to try games outside of the mainstream. Amanda's and Lori's live streams are amazing! Their dedication to gaming and sharing that passion helped me re-enter gaming! And thanks to these three, I know I belong with games because I LIKE THEM! I'm glad to no longer feel like "serious games are only for boys" and other similar bull-s***! Thank you!

#CosplayGoals: Mindy, Cazz, Topher, Jason, and the folks above!
via: 1 2 3
So, first off, some of the people mentioned above are also my favorite cosplayers too! But, I'd be remiss to not have these folks mentioned. Topher and Jason are my big brothers. I'm naturally the oldest of four, but I ALWAYS wanted an older brother! And now, I have two! I've been attending comic con panels with these two since they started going four years ago and they always have these awesome cosplays! And my first cosplay was apart of a group one with them! Cazz's cosplay's and personal style are always geeky-inspired, and a kawaii-force to be reckoned with! I remember thinking her Rufio from a 2nd hand jacket was so clever and it was neat to see her eye in reanimating an article of clothing and giving it new life. Mindy's sewing skills are AMAZING! Her cosplays continually leave me speechless. Like I swear every time I try to comment I'm left dumb-founded and all I can say is "A-MAZING!!!" (it's true though!). I love how cosplay takes everyone's different view of the "Nerd-World" at large and shows their own perspective, and (most importantly) it's FUN!!!

I also want to say to those who read this, but might not be listed: Thank you too! People being cool amongst one another, and sharing different things respectfully are favorite! Cheers to you!
These people are my tribe. I appreciate them for who they are, how they make me think cognitively, and inspire me, to aspire for greatness. I'm not just inspired by them. But I'm grateful to them, and FOR them! Again, I say:

Thank you!

Five OTHER Fictional Vehicles I'd Love to Travel In (5 Fandom Friday)

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This week's prompt is about the vehicles of our dreams!!! And I have a few more than 5!  Obviously, the T.A.R.D.I.S. (complete with a David Tennent), Millennium Falcon, Serenity, and Baby are on this list in spirit...but I narrowed it down to the Top 5 I felt like needed a mention! HAHA!

1). Firebolt (Harry Potter)
Quidditch, free travel, all that good stuff! Yes. I would like one Firebolt please, and, thank you. Where's my cool, rich, and benevolent godfather?

2). Cloud Car (Care Bears)
As you may have seen with my Christmas dream list, I have wanted one of these for a long time. I like that not only do they fly, but they also can dissipate on no worries about parking! LOL But mostly: flying!!!

3). The Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)
The Serenity and the Bebop are one in the same for me. Don't ask why...I can't justify this. It just is for me. But the Bebop was my first love of the two. Also, if being on the Bebop means there's a smidgen of a chance that Yoko Kanno's compositions will play while I fly through space then yes! Forever!

4). Mach 5 (Speed Racer)
Speed's Mach 5 is a straight pimp-mobile (dude: white car+red interior=pimp car)! But more importantly, its fast, cool, and slick as all get out! Add on the tricked out gadgetry that help Speed get around the track? Yes!

5). Carpet (Aladdin/Jennifer Strange series)
It flies! And I remember thinking how cool the animation was (1992 was 1992) for carpet! Also pretty purples! From the Jennifer Strange aspect, it was used as a delivery vehicle, which, would be a fun side-job, but, more fun flying because no traffic! :D

There you have it! My five OTHER fictional vehicles!
What were yours? Leave your link in the comments so I can be sure to read yours! 

Five Guilty Pleasure Fandoms (5 Fandom Friday)

Fandom Fridays are brought to you by the letter N for (The) Nerdy Girlie; by the letter S, for Super Space Chick; and by readers like you!

Today's prompt is our guilty pleasure fandoms. I don't mind admitting to these, but I also don't mind admitting a little bit of "guilty" feelings for liking these either...some these are not the best lol.

Without any further adieu, my list:

1). Gossip Girl
This show's ingredients were everything I HATED in Teen-dramas growing up. But when you combine all of them together, they really make for a delicious Television series! Also, their wardrobe was so amazing! Also, I got some friends hooked on it, and would randomly say "I'll never tell...XOXO...Gossip Girl" in ridiculously simpering voices and it was a great laugh to us. (Ask me no questions, for reason escapes us on this too).

2). Pretty Little Liars
I started watching this as a recommendation from a co-worker. I didn't think I'd make it past the first "A" (the show's antagonist) reveal...but here I season 3...still watching this. I am rooting for "A" though...the main characters thus far are not very great and A seems interesting lol! Also the theme song is really fun!

3). Georgia Nicholson books & movie
I read these when I was in High School. This series would make me legit LOL...and snort out loud (SOL? IDK WTF that might be).  Any who, I LOVED this series so much I decided to donate it to the library I worked at because they didn't own the series...which I now regret as I've been wanting to go back and re-read it for the the laughs. It also got made into a movie titled "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" (the first book is titles "Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging"). And yes! I LOVED the movie...despite being 27 when I finally got to see it (I saw it a few years after it came out)! LOVE Georgia!

4). Musicals
My dad and mom love old movies and so, they handed down that love to my siblings and I. I particularly enjoyed musicals like The Sound of Music, Damn Yankees, Road to Moracco, and Shirley Temple! The best part about movie musicals (and why I hope they make a comeback) is that they are the more affordable ticket to Broadway musicals! Also, a lot of Broadway productions now are inspired by movies already so, that's cool too!
Additionally, The Tenor grew up performing in musical theater (thus his "codename") with his siblings! He has a great voice, and we both love sining songs from RentWicked, and Journey songs (not really Broadway I guess, but Glee did a good job breaking up the parts).

5). Once Upon a Time
This show is hell-a cheesy. I enjoy it though. But I'm hoping this show gets some more diversity. I really want more POC, and why the hell did they get rid of Mulan?!?! Come on now! But the next season will bring Lancelot back which means she might be sooooo **fingers-crossed**!

What do you think? Are any of your guilty pleasures on here too?

Favorite Animated Fathers (Fandom Friday)

Fandom Fridays are brought to you by the letter N for (The) Nerdy Girlie; by the letter S, for Super Space Chick; and by readers like you!
Today's prompt is to share our favorite fictional fathers. I decided to highlight my favorite fictional animated fathers (in no particular order).

Professor Utonium (The Powerpuff Girls)

Where would we be without the Professor? We wouldn't have the Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup (the best) saving the city of Townsville. While he became a father in an unconventional way, he's still a good dad! He takes care of his girls (who also take care of him, and their town). Also he's a scientist...and that's cool!

Goofy (A Goofy Movie, & Goof Troop)

Sure, Goofy is as his name implies. But let's be honest, you know the guy has the best dad jokes! Also, remember how he drove his son ACROSS the country, and taught him the Perfect Catch...which happens to be the coolest dance move; even Bruno Mars Power Line wanted to learn it!  Moreover, his reason for the trek was out of concern for his son, and, wanting to be a part of his life. He didn't think Max was destined to be a delinquent or failure, but instead, invested time to his son.

Isshin Kurosaki (Bleach)

Ichigo's dad is one of my favorite's because he truly cares for his kids. He may treat Ichigo oddly for the show's (and manga's) comedic aspect, but you can tell there's nothing but love there. Also, his interactions with his daughters (Ichigo's little sister) are ADORABLE!!! Plus, he's a bad-a!

Emmett Benton (Jem & the Holograms)

Emmett may be dead in the Jem universe, but, you can tell the he was a good dude! He took care of his family not just financially, but he instilled kindness into all four of his daughters hearts. I also like the Benton's because they show family isn't just mitigated by blood relations. Aja and Shana are Jerrica's and Kimber's adopted sisters. Adoption is such a beautiful action of love to me, that the movie change is (just one of the many) something sour to me. But to me, Emmett Benton is still a cool dad, who made a kick-a** hologram system, and adopted girls into his family cause love knows no bounds!

Ranka (Ryoji) Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)
(I used pronouns and titles based on this wiki-entry about Ranka, if I'm using the wrong one,
PLEASE let me know so I can change it. I was unsure)
Haruhi's father is a drag queen (?), who works very hard to take care of his daughter. He also has a very protective father streak in terms of his daughter leaving him for someone she will love. Also, Ranka has a very cute, goofy side when he follows his daughter to the store to make sure she is ok. I love how much he believes in Haruhi, and that she could be ANYTHING, much like her mother. Also, he and Haruhi have some really cute aloof qualities in their personalities--even thought they're very different than each other, but I adore them!
Also, this move:

Honorable Mentions:
Bob Belcher (Bob's Burgers)
Maes Hughes (FullMetal Alchemist)
King Endymion (Sailor Moon)
Mufasa (The Lion King)

Who are your favorite animated dads?

5 Nerdiest, Fangirly Things I've Done

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter M for Megan Elvrum and the letter S for Super Space Chick!

1). Harry Potter Engagement Photos (taken by Brooke Aliceon)

courstesy of Brooke Aliceon

See the WHOLE shoot HERE!

Our lovely photographer Brooke Aliceon and her husband are a photography duo, and (like the Tenor) are House Ravenclaw! Upon our first meeting we KNEW that one of our photo shoots had to Harry Potter themed! She also took my blog icon pic (which is from this same shoot)! The main reason I have a pinterest was because a friend found me on there! I was really excited! Brooke is such an amazing artist, and you should check out her photos! (I have MAD respect for photographers)! #Slytherin!!!

2). G.I.R. Tattoo

You know, there's actually a funny story about this tattoo: my friend and I have a matching one! She has G.I.R. with the red eyes on her calf! And when I have enough money I want get a robot sleeve! I need R2-D2, Optimus Prime, Bender Rodriguez, Baymax and more!

3). Theme Song Playlist


Yes! This how I start my day! I listen to this (or, one of my favorite podcasts) when I get up in the morning, and while getting ready. Also, I'm feeling especially stressed, I listen to it in the car! I highly recommend it. Also, blasting tv themes from your car brings joy to other people cause they know the words too ;-P

4). Fanimals

Please note: Thorin is NOT in a muzzle, but is wearing a Gentle Leader!

Much gentler to walk him with then using the collar! He can eat and drink, and serves merely to guide!

All our pet's are named after a fandom of some sort! Thorin Gallifrey (Tolkein, & Doctor Who) the puppy! Imogen Lovegood (Shakespeare, & Harry Potter) the grey cat! And our newest Friday Noir (Thursday Next, & The Mighty Boosh)! These are my fur-babies! (Friday wasn't here when I we took this photo).

(Again: Please note-Thorin is NOT in a muzzle! He is wearing a Gentle Leader, which is much safer than a collar alone for walking!)

5). Meet Ups, Geek Out Together, & Geek Girl Brunch

art by Allison Kim

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely, wonderful, and AMAZING geek girls in San Diego! Megan (The Nerdy Girlie) put together a hangout and I made some amazing friends (who, thinking about, I have no shame in admitting, I'm getting misty-eyed cause I miss them)! I can't wait until July for so many reasons! Getting to see these ladies again is one of them!

The other, is meeting my #PeggysPeeps: Gladys, Gwen and Travis at SDCC! We are doing a podcast together in association with Agents of Geek called Geek Out Together! I'm so excited...I think SDCC needs to be a little longer LOL!

And, since I had such a wonderful time making geeky girlfriends, when I moved to Florida, I knew the love had to continue! I'm now one of the GGB Brunch officers for Pensacola, and am looking forward to making more friends, especially fangirl friends!

The reason these three make it on this list is because I used to be incurably I didn't talk to anyone. My husband brought out my inner extrovert, and, helped me embrace allowing myself to feel (thus why I now cry even when I'm happy...I blame love for unlocking my emotions ;-P).

5 Binge-Worthy Shows

his Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

Today's post is also brought to you by the lovely Meli who suggested featuring our five favorite binge-worthy shows!

Here are mine (in no particular order):

 The Mighty Boosh
Old Gregg the Sea Manster
This odd, but AWESOME show is one that I had two very different friends tell me "you know, I think you'd love this show called The Mighty Boosh." So I bumped the show to the top of my Netflix list (sadly, no longer streaming :'[ but still DVD) and I was hooked! You've probably seen Old Gregg cosplays at conventions, or the Hitcher. They are all played by Noel Fielding who also plays Richmond in The IT Crowd (PS if you like IT, I would suggest Boosh as its very similar writing...just a little more outrageous). TBH I do have one critique that makes me cringe in this show as it does pull some occasional offensiveness. But overall, I do LOVE this show, and I never just watch "one" episode.

Princess Jellyfish
Moon. Jellyfish. TRANSFORMATION! ;)
This is a sweet, comedic, and just plain old fun anime. It has one of the more realistic (and HILARIOUS) makeover scenes which is more about "best-foot-forward" than "change-who-you-are"! I remember that the first time I was watching it, I started from the beginning cause the Tenor started some of it and was like: "I think I need to see this from the beginning" he loved it too!

Ouran High School Host Club
This episode cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!
I used to read the Ouran High School Host Club (OHSHC) manga (and actually really want to pick it up again, as I left before it was finished because: moneys) and remember busting up laughing out loud while reading it...regardless of where I was. When I got hold of the anime it was just with subtitles and visually devoured the whole season! Then, Funimation did a dubbed version and I was curious about how it would sound. It was actually pretty spot on! You can enjoy it on Netflix now in either language! This show always makes me laugh, and whenever I don't know what to watch, I pretty much marathon this show! (PS the pic is from a scene I legit go into a laughing fit at every time no matter how often I watch).

Pushing Daisies
While I don't really remember this being on TV (sad Joie) I remember buying the DVD because it looked interesting...and was on sale. I ended up finishing the first season in about 2 days (no judging), and the next day went back to buy season 2 while it was still on sale!
The narration, colors, wardrobe, story, actors (including Lee Pace & Kristin Chenoweth)...just ALL OF IT is so beautifully executed, and hooks you in! Also, Daisies writer is BryAn Fuller, who writes for Hannibal (my #6 binge show ;] )

Orphan Black
In 2013, the Tenor's and my friend recommended a little show to us that we should check out on DVD. Little did we know that we would quickly become a part of the Clone Club! The writing is engaging, and suspenseful, and Tatiana Maslany's acting is worth just checking out a few episodes, even if this isn't your thing! Also, homegirl should be winning ALL the awards, because her acting is top notch! Also, there's some mystery each season, leading to one greater one with a natural build in the shows tension. Seasons 1 & 2 are available on Amazon Prime, and since season 3 kind of just started, you're in a great position to marathon!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Hannibal
  • Sherlock (its so easy to watch)
  • Bleach
  • Doctor Who (esp. the Russell T. Davies seasons)

What are some of your more binge-watching worthy shows?

Favorite Fictional Moms

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!
Today's Fandom Friday focuses on the lovely mum's in fiction! These are mum's I wouldn't mind sending a card too...after I send my own mum one of course ;)

1). Thursday Next (Thursday Next series)- Yes...yes I love this series. But Thursday is one bad-a** mom! Her son's Friday, Tuesday...and Jenny are a part of what makes Thursday even more awesome. In addition to fighting both in the real world, and fiction, she also has to keep an eye on her kiddos, and, save the world/future...for them! And even if all that butt-kicking would take the gusto out of most people, she's still able to straight up lay down the law at home. Also she has a stay at home writer husband. She's the bread winner, and is a ride-or-die woman! I love her for more reasons than I can, I'll stop here.
Because even though I like HBM, this part is still badass!
2). Molly Weasley (Harry Potter series)- I'm sure she'll be on a lot of people's list. And that's because: SHE'S-BLOODY-AWESOME!!! Not only does she take care of her whole family, but she takes in Harry and Hermione and other people who are in need of a strong woman of character. She might be in the traditional stay at home mum role, but, she's no June Cleaver! She's a mother, wife, wiz, and kind hearted.
And the part in the gif, but in the book? I nearly lost my place while reading because I legit applauded and yelled "YEAH!"
3). Mom (Animal Crossing)- You know, this is the only fictional mother to have given me anything. And I wish I could just write her in return this weekend. Just once. I'd send her some bells, or, a pink rose, that I would breed especially for her on this day. Thanks "mom" for looking out for me in my "big move," and, raising me to be the woman who would become the best mayor BerryHil has ever known. #blessed ;P (also! Read this...its so true!)

4). Mrs. Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)- OK, so one of the reasons she's listed is, because without her, Pride & Prejudice wouldn't be the same. She's the comic relief, via satire (ok, the whole book is satire) and I just find her both hilarious, and moving. While she gets on my nerves, she does so because she understands the reality of life, and, the situation her daughters are in. It sucks. She knows it sucks! So she's trying to make sure their life is a decent the cost of happiness sometimes, but still, a decent one.

5). Mrs. Delia Ketchum (Pokemon)- She believes in her son's potential; the potential to be the best. The very best. Like no one ever was. She knew that to catch Pokemon was his test, and to train them: his cause. And so, she gave her son permission to travel across the land, and search far and wide. Knowing that what he wanted to do was understand each Pokemon, and, the power that was inside...his heart. She knew Ash needed to Catch 'Em All! She believed in her son, and his dreams and abilities. That is what makes her a great mom. ;P heh-heh

Some Runner's up:
Linda Belcher
Martha Kent
Sarah Connor
Eudora (Princess Tiana's mum)
Calvin's mom (from Calvin and Hobbes...because you know she's patience incarnate).

Who are your favorite fictional mom's? Don't forget to wish a mom you know and love a Happy Mother's Day! If you're lucky enough to live near them, hug them tight!

5 Video Games I LOVE With All My Heart (Fandom Friday)

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Today's prompt asks that we share five games we love. Be they card (which I have quite a few such as "Bull-sh*t!"), box (MUNCHKIN), or, board (Monopoly...and Mario know, argument games), video games, or, any combination of the latter.

I chose to focus on my favorite video games, as that was easiest for me. And here they are!
1). Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (GBA)- One of the more recent Kirby titles (see: not re-hased and re-packaged to be a "new" game). It's my favorite because it's the most difficult Kirby game, and has mirrors linking to mirrors and it's agog a bit of a maze and puzzles to solve! It's also my favorite franchise!

2). Super Street Fighter II (Arcade, & SNES)- I LOVED playing this in the arcade, and, on the SNES as a fifth grader! Cammy was my favorite! And my siblings played tournaments hours against each other.

3). Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS/2DS)- It's so beautiful on the 3DS! It's stunning! I have always LOVED Animal Crossing since the Game Cube, but New Leaf takes all the classic elements, and really improves on all of them. I hope when they make a new one, that we can customize our avatars a little bit more, like the skin tones! I love the new pants and shirts features, as well as the public works projects!

4). Rock Band 3 (XBox 360)- I was born to be a rock star on Rock Band! And this is a great party game because even if someone is shy about singing, there are back up vocalist, or, instruments that they can play/sing! LOVE THIS GAME!

5). Darkstalkers 3 (Arcade-ish & Playstation)- While Darkstalkers was the arcade, Darkstalkers 3 added new monsters to this Street Fighter-esque game (it's by Capcom too)! I LOVE classic monsters (you may have noticed by now due to my Monster High obsession) and this game took my monster love, and combined it with my love of Street Fighter and BAM! This game is supposedly rare, but I will never sell my Playstation just so I can always play it.

What are some of your favorite video games?

5 Favorite "Closed" Attractions

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

Today's prompt is based on our favorite rides, be they Disney, carnival, or, another theme park. However, while working on this prompt, I found that more than a few on my list are no longer in operations, so, I present:

My 5 Favorite "Closed" Attractions!

1). Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (Knott's Berry Farm, CA)
A basic animatronic dark ride (like Peter Pan, Snow White, and such...basically, my favorite type), with a conveyor belt based cart system, KotD is a nostalgia trip for me. You see, young Joie LOVED dinosaurs (Ok, I still do) and anything with a dino in it, I wanted to see! This ride was old, and you could hear the hydraulic pistons in the dinosaurs. I liked to pretend it was dinosaur farts (cause I'm a grown up). Also, the cart's you the rider sit in are in fact time machines. TIME MACHINES!!!  What makes this ride extra awesome is that since the carts continue to move on the conveyor belt, the line is super fast! You can see the ride here!

2). Star Tours-the Original (Disneyland CA)
via Wikipedia
While, I know they have the ride still it did technically it gets to be on the list.
But it's Star Wars, so WIN!

3). Swiss Family Treehouse (Disneyland, CA)
via wikipedia
Not really a ride, but it was still one I liked to just walk through and enjoy. I loved old Disney Channel, when they would play old Disney movies.  The Swiss Family Robinson was one of those movies. Its about a family (a Swiss one ;P ) that ends up stranded on an island, and they build their living quarters in a tree. I wanted my family to get stranded on an island so I could finally have a treehouse! But, this was the closest thing to it. And then they made it Tarzan's Treehouse...and I honestly can't stand that movie ( just was NOT a movie for me). So it's closure and the re-branding made me sad.

4). Colossus (Six Flags, CA)
I didn't get to go to Six Flags before they closed it (although it is scheduled to reopen this year..."improved"). Mostly because it's the iconic part of the park (National Lampoon's Family Vacation), and, because I like old coasters.

5). Knott's Bear-y Tales Playhouse (Knott's Berry Farm, CA)
Oh Knott's why do you take my childhood away? This was an interactive fun-house type of thing. Little kids, could crawl through the whole thing, and, see more to the whole thing. It was cool, and I'm such a sucker for cheesy animatronics. I don't care! You can kind of see it here.

Any who, those are some rides I miss! I can't wait to see what rides/attractions others have written about!

What are some theme park attractions you miss, or, wish would be opened again?

5 Magical Items I Need In My Purse IMMEDIATELY

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

Today's list consists of five items I would love to have in my possession!.

Without any further delay, here is my list:
via this FUN Buzzfeed nostalgia list
1). Jem's Synergy earrings- I was going to go with Sailor Moon's transformation pen, but decided that the hologram was cool since I could have my face changed too! I would cause some great mischief with these earrings! Maybe more Science Fiction than "magic" but I stand by this decision! ;)

2). Green Lantern ring- I think out of all the lantern's I would belong to green. I admit I might be confusing stubbornness with willpower, but I think I'd be ok! Anywho, with it I could fly...and that's what I want most of all!

by lurazeda found HERE
3). Thursday Next's Jurisfiction TravelBook- In my favorite book series ever, Thursday Next, the series heroine is able to travel into the world of fiction--ALL OF IT! She is apart of Jurisfiction, the Jurisdiction, that governs fiction. Anyway, the TravelBook is what helps grant her access to all of it! It's basically the "Intro to Entering Fiction" How-To book of it all. You know you want it too!

4). The Deathly Hallows- I was debating between wand and a Sonic Screwdriver...but I figured wand one works on wood, and can conjure things,! But, I also wanted an invisibility cloak...I need it! So...DEATHLY HALLOWS for the win! (Mostly I want the wand & Cloak, but if I could use the stone, I would use it to solve crimes!

5). The Keys of Keyhouse- First off, if you haven't read the series Locke & Key, please, please, PLEASE put this on your to-read list! It's brilliant! Second: these keys are fantastic! Some are a bit weird, but, I'd still love to have them in my bag. Also, while I've always collected random keys, the Tenor decided that keys would be a huge decorative theme to our house thanks to this series! YAY!

Speaking of which, I think I should address that issue, shouldn't I?

My purse of choice would be one enchanted like Hermione's in HP & the Deathly Hallows...but I'd like it to be my Avenger's bag that I was able to buy thanks to Gladys from Usagi in Wonderland!

from my Instagram!
What magical items would you like to have in your bag?

5 Times I Flipped Out Like A Fangirl

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

When you're a fangirl, you know, more than any other type of fan, the importance of keeping your cool. This goes against our innate nature though. We are like little magpies fighting our desire to go straight to the shiny things, so too, is the fangirl.

IDK if these literally fit today's prompt, but, I thought I'd share with you some embarrassing, but strongly fangirl-powered moments. And with that, here are sometimes where I lost my fangirl cool!!

1). Stan Lee at the Viz Media Shonen Jump panel
Up until 2008 if you wanted to go to a panel (that is, if you wanted to sit up front) at SDCC, you only had to show up to the panel before it started. At the time, I was reading Shojo Beat magazine (R.I.P.) and wanted to subscribe to Shonen Jump. My brother and I were excited since we both liked the mangas in the magazine; and, we both like Naruto & Bleach. But the most important thing in the panel description, for me, was that they would be talking about the Ultimo manga venture. I KNEW Stan Lee would show up, even though my brother insisted there would be no chance of this, and you know what?...HE DID!
My brother and I jumped out of our seats filled with pure glee, grasped each others arms and found ourselves jumping up and down (I'm NOT exaggerating). I fangirled so hard, that I broke the cardinal rule--I asked for a picture! I also tried to bring my brother up there, but he fanboyed so hard he didn't even feel me pulling at him, and just sat next to me, smiling the BIGGEST smile and looking on in awe at Stan! And though I'm sad I broke the rule, I'm glad I got this pic for free! :D
🌸#SorryNotSorry 😜
2). Billie Joe x Joie = Kiss!!!
So technically, my first kiss was Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.
Technically, when he called pulled me on stage I made sure my demand was quite clear.
Technically, my friend Ben and the Tenor (then, "just a friend") helped me get on stage to make this magical moment possible.
Technically, I'm not really sure how much of this is really "technical" but it seemed right at the time I was writing this.

3). The Geek Girl Meet Up at SDCC 2014
OK, so I don't know if this counts, but I'm putting it on here anyway! First let me preface this with the fact that I actually have a little bit of social anxiety. I push it to the side at cons and concerts, mostly because I know I NEED to, in order to enjoy them and have fun.
The amazing and sweet Megan (The Nerdy Girlie) put together a Geek Girl blogger meet up last SDCC! And I was really excited to go. I was able to meet the ultra kind, and comic book knowledgy Gladys (Usagi in Wonderland) earlier that day, trying really hard to "stay cool" and be sure to say hi versus, say, gush WAY too much...which I do...IDK if I did that day, and got to see her again at the meet up! But that evening by the end of the con, at the meet up, it was so excited to see some more of the geek girl bloggers! Especially those who I hadn't met yet, and who lived in San Diego. I got to meet Meli (Melificent) who I saw again at SherlockeDCC! I got super tearful when I started talking to Liz Locksley ( & Mia (XO Mia) who had started SuperHeroesque and basically were the reason I FINALLY cosplayed for the first time EVER at SDCC (I've been going for 10+ years, and was too self-conscious). So yeah...I cried...I lost my fangirl "cool" with my fangirl peers.
Basically, I found out I had (and continue to) become a fangirl of my fellow fangirls and fanboys!
Everyone is AWESOME!
Pic courtesy of The Nerdy Girlie

4). Meeting Cree Summer...and Crying
Also at SDCC (2014 was my SDCC of Happy Tears) I was at the Black Panel which, if you haven't been to it: DO IT! It's the most fun in a panel, there's never a line, and, you can MEET the celebrities! Some celebrities include Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow), Phil LaMarr (who might sit down right next to you, and has voiced at least one character in nearly EVERYTHING, including Futurama!), and, my voice acting hero: Cree Summer! Since I was a kid there were three jobs that I wanted; the most important of which is being a voice actor! Cree Summer was one of the FIRST names I ever memorized from those speedy cartoon credits! She was really cool, and the sweetest!
And--since I was fangirling too hard--I of course forgot to take a pic...yay Joie! (I actually do this a lot sadly). So, here's a picture of her with some of the voices she has done:
5). Geek Out Together/Peggy's Peeps/Daredevil
This is my home. These are my folks!
Incase you missed it, Gwen, Gladys, Travis, and I started a fan recap of Agent Carter! We had SO MUCH FUN that, we decided we wanted to do some more Geek Out hangouts! This month and next we'll be covering Daredevil! I love doing this with these with my fellow nerds! It's so much fun!

Holy 'Ship!

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

I am late on this post, but I couldn't NOT do it! Yes! These are **cough-some-of-cough** my Ships!!!

1). Olive Snook and Ned (Pushing Daisies)
I really love Kristin Chenoweth, and--thanks to Pushing Daisies--Lee Pace, too! While on the show, Ned and Charlotte "Chuck" Charles are (perhaps) meant to be I always rooted for Olive Snook! She was so cute and I'm a sucker for unrequited love. I was really happy for the episode in the above picture for Olive, not just because of the kiss, but because Ned reveals that he once saw her the same we she sees him. In my version: Season 3 (which wasn't made) has them together. #SorryNotSorry

2). Fry & Leela (Futurama)
This has been since episode one. I didn't waver once on this. I couldn't. I will NEVER budge! Fry and Leela forever. Do I need to explain this?
3). Yoruichi Shihoin and Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)
The mutual respect they have for each other and their abilities, and how they fight together?! They're allies who trust each other completely! I LOVE them!!! #CoupleCosplayGoal

art by: Yazawa Ai

4). Nana "Hachiko" Komatsu and Nobu Terashima (Nana)

These two seriously broke my frigging heart. I LOVE Ai Yazawa, and this Manga was bloody brilliant! But these two in the series?!?! They were so cute and perfect together...and then somehow, thy both kind of effed it up! I still ship them, and, desperately hope that the series gets back rolling (*sigh*) so I can see what happens to them!

5). Captain Jack Harkness and...Anyone (Doctor Who & Torchwood)
First I want to say, I wish he'd come back! Second, I LOVED Jack! He was an equal-opportunity lover, and in a way he sees the beauty in every being (even if in a lusty way)! 

EDIT: Thanks to my friend Victoria for reminding me of OTP, of OTP's!!!
Art by shinga

1). Jake and Cassie (Animorphs)
This IRC was the first one I EVER saw with an African American Girl, and, a Caucasian American boy! I ship them so much! To this day, I ship Jake and Cassie! They were cute, and sweet together. They also were so mature--thanks in no small part to an alien invasion they fought together! I can't BELIEVE I forgot about them! They mean SO much to me, that I HAD to edit this and make sure they mad it in!

Honorable mentions:
-Joker x Harley
-Ron x Hermione
-Cosima x Delphine
...actually, I'll stop here...this could go on forever

Items I Own, But, Have Yet to Utilize

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you
Today's Fandom Friday is about items we own, but may not have read, watched or played...yet! I have a few books that belong in this, but it is FIVE Fandom Friday right? Also, I tried to keep the items "fandom" related (which really helped my list narrow).

1). Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which I know many have already read. And I plan on it being next...after I finish...
2). The Magicians by Lev Grossman! I bought about 5 or 6 years ago. I had the WORST time with the first chapter. I couldn't get into it until this week. I think books and music can each occasionally have these times when they don't work for you at the time, but, one day you pick it up and read or listen, and it just clicks!!! That's this one. Seriously, I don't know why it didn't before, but it is now.
3). Witchblade the Complete Series was I remember watching on TV cause I enjoyed the premise of the comic...but felt it was not for me (I felt as though it was not geared towards me at the time). But the show?!?! So bad-a$$! I always wanted to finish the show--and now that I have it on DVD, I can--but since we bought it I haven't played it yet.
4). Lego The Hobbit we got this pretty much when we got our PS4, and I've been wanting to play this...but then I started Pokemon Omega Ruby and Assassin's Creed Unity...and it's pretty much what I want to play. (PS, if you play on 3DS, let's add each other!)
5). Blue Bunnies: Heroes vs Villains is a game we bought while hunting for Munchkin stuff at SDCC in 2013...we haven't played it yet, but we kind of need more people to play it...and not a lot of people want to learn the game with us lol.

Hope you enjoyed this Fandom Friday!

Favorite POP!/Funko Vinyls (and Future Faves)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

Today', Friday's Fandom Friday (now Monday for this week lol) features my favorite Funko POPs/vinyl figures. Also, at the end of the list, I have featured my top five Future Faves for 2015's release anouncements!

1). Funko x Hikari Batman
Not TECHNICALLY a POP figure, however, this is a Funko/Hikari vinyl Batman was a prize I won from Funko's instagram contest, and--while my picture doesn't do him justice at all, I'm so stoked to have him! (Seriously, the Hikari vinyls are awesome! I would highly suggest them).

2). Boo Berry

One of my earliest POP! figures, Boo, along with Franken-Berry, and, Count Chocula had shiny little POP!'s at SDCC 2011! I wanted all of them, but Boo Berry was MUST get! I LOVE marchmallow cereal...well, at least General Mills. However, I no longer buy them. But I have a nonsensical soft-spot for these cereal's little mascots. Especially the Halloween ones!

3). Donatello

My favorite Ninja turtle (and technically, the most ninja as purple is what faded black turns to heehee) was a must get! We got all four of the renaissance artists brothers, but Don is my favorite!

4). O-Ren Ishii
One of my favorite action movies is Kill Bill v. 1, and O-Ren is my favorite character in the movie! I had been hunting for her, and, Go-Go Yubari's POP!s for a while now, and finally found them both here in Florida!

5). Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West)
So I know this is the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz...but I call her Elphaba as she named this in one of my favorite musicals: Wicked! While I didn't care for the book Wicked is (loosely) based on, the score, the songs, all of it...I love! And she's shiny green!

For my favorite up-coming POP!s here are my top five Future Faves:
1). Sailor Moon (I squee-ed out loud when I read this!)
2). Doctor Who (which was a pleasant surprise, as I heard from a trusted source that BBC and Funko were in talks, as Titan was their vinyl toy maker. However, I prefer Funko...and theirs are cuter).
3). Bravest Warrior's CATBUG!!!!
4). Bleach!!!
5). Hanna Barbera waves 1 & 2 (I love the classic H&B cartoons, and am especially excited for Secret Squirrel, and Penelope Pitstop).

What are your favorite POP! or vinyl figures that you own?

Favorite Nerdy Items

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

Today's Fandom Friday highlights some of my favorite nerdy accessories! My favorites happen to fall under the "traditional" accessories of jewelry, and hair stuffs!

1). The Phantom's ring from The Phantom
My Precious...
I got this ring from 7-11 back in '96 when the epically underrated movie The Phantom came out! the hero wore a purple suit, and had these boss skull rings! I was sold! My dad grew up reading the comics and such, so he was enthusiastic to take us to see it! Also, Catherine Zeta-Jones is in it as a spunky pilot (if I recall correctly). Also, this ring save my pinkie from being either chopped off, or, completely disfigured in a car door, as it bounced the door off it...while my hand was there. It also thwarted unwanted advances. That's why this baby is my number one!

2). G.I.R. earrings from Invader Zim
While I still have the green G.I.R. in a dogsuit pair, the Robo-G.I.R. twin fell out of my ear somewhere. I like to wear one of each! G.I.R. is one of my all-time favorite characters; so much so, that I got him in tattoo form (is that an accessrory? Cause if so, that's on this list too...).

3). Osaki Nana's ring from Nana

This is cosplay ring, based on Nana Osaki's Vivienne Westwood armor ring. I got this at SDCC 2006 after getting to FINALLY read Nana via Viz's Shojo Beat Magazine. Yazawa Ai (Nana's creator) created one of my fave manga's Paradise Kiss. I found out about the Nana manga via the internet, and when I FINALLY got to read it, it became my favorite manga story EVER (so far). I still hope to cosplay as Nana O. But I'm really hoping and praying that Yazawa sensei will one day finish the story...cause I want to know what happens!!!!

4). Animaniacs bow from Animaniacs, made by NerdBurger Jewellery
I always get compliments on this bow! I love Animaniacs (especially Wakko), and this bow is so cute, and perfect! Cazz makes such fun accessories and this bow was just SOOO perfect!

5). Huntress brooch from DC Comics, made by Batearrang

Though this is one of my newest items, I love the little frame, and the bubbled effect Jessica used on this! It's also the perfect size, and, the way it's shaped, I can also wear it with more formal attire for events with stricter dress codes! Also, it's too cute to boot!!!

6). My Living Locket
I have an Origami Owl necklace, and I love these things! I wish they had more nerdy charms, but, luckily, many folks on Etsy thought the same thing...and they charge less than the O.O. folks do! I attached my little Catbug charm to it (because I want all Catbug, all the time)! I also have the lightning bolt for Harry Potter and Rock 'n' Roll; and, a stack of books that say "Love To Read" because...well, you know. I put mine on a mini shot bead necklace as OO's necklaces, while cute, are too dainty for everyday wear for me. Also, I feel like my chain suits me more, you know?

Anyway, those are my favorite Fandom Accessories!
What are some of your favorite nerdy accessories?

SongsThat Changed My Life

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

This has got to be the toughest list! Seriously...
I'm trying, but seriously, Megan and I were texting about this, I've been going through songs since this topic was announced! I realize too, that, I'm not sure what the writer's intent with all of these songs are, only, what they mean to me (which I do a heinous job of explaining). But that's what is so awesome about music!

So, here's my narrowed list.
1). Basket Case by Green day
Basket Case by Green Day on Grooveshark
My number one song (which also has the only song that immediately popped into my head for today's prompt) is Green Day's Basket Case! I remember it being the first song I discovered on my own (i.e. not my parent's music) as a kid, and I am quite sure that's why they became my favorite band! It's my second favorite song of theirs (after this one).

2). True Believers by Bouncing Souls
 True Believers by The Bouncing Souls on Grooveshark
This song is such a great sing-a-long! I love still how it makes me feel inside! It makes my tummy warm and my heart flutter! IDK why, but it really does. It's a lot like love, this song (for me at least). This song is one of my favorite, mosh pit, put-your-arm-around-a-stranger-who-is-now-family songs!

3). Light My Candle from Rent
Light My Candle by Jonathan Larson on Grooveshark
This was the first song I ever heard The Tenor sing. He sang it in passing, and I knew the song from the movie version, of the AMAZING musical: Rent! I like him before, but, hearing him sing this: I was SMITTEN! (We also like to sing this together...cause we're dorks).

4). Linda, Linda by The Blue Hearts
Linda Linda by The Blue Hearts on Grooveshark
This was the first song I learned in Japanese! It's a great Punk rock song, by a legendary band! It's also the title inspiration for an adorable movie: Linda, Linda, Linda (which I originally only watched because of my love for the song, but, I totally own, and, recommend). Also, my brother and I sang this at Comic Con for a Japanese channel (?) while at SDCC! I LOVE this song!

5). Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths on Grooveshark
 I feel like I was really late on The Smiths. I wasn't a hater, but wasn't a liker of them in my adolescence. I did come to appreciate them in my mid-20's. Gosh, I wish I could explain this, but, I guess, I could just sum it up with: The Smiths...(please tell me that is sufficient lol).

BONUS TRACK! (you know me)
For Good from Wicked
For Good by Wicked on Grooveshark
It's a great song, and reminds me of all of my friends, and, life experiences. But, also, in 2009 I went with a group of girlfriends to see Wicked, and my BFF hit me on the knee and nodded at the stage meaning "us" The song makes me a bit teary-eyed thinking about it.(Also, Idina and Kristen are goddesses of song!)

What are your Fandom Friday songs? Leave me a link because, yes! I want to listen!!!