Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Maleficent!!!

I am quite sure you knew from last weeks cosplay who was up next. I had actually been wanting to do this post since I knew the date the movie would be opening up!
While this cosplay is DEFINITELY based on the animated feature film version, I just can't contain my excitement for the movie that comes out the day after tomorrow! (side note: May seriously flew by didn't it?!?!). Also I think Mrs. Jolie looks so gorgeous as my favorite villain! She's been my favorite video game heroine, my favorite villainess! Heck if she ever plays Thursday Next, (which, now that I think about it she would do the character justice!) I would so asking her to marry me!

Or adopt me. Whatever's easier LOL!

Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain. She was cool as a cucumber (and due to a technical error, as green as one) and had such a commanding voice thanks to Eleanor Audley! She had a boss robe in purple and black a magical scepter, and a crow companion. And above all else, she could turn herself into the bossest of mythical creatures: a dragon!!!

Any who: on with the cosplay!
Maleficent Workout Cosplay

Maleficent Workout Cosplay by joie-fatale

1). Extra Long RunningTank with Mesh back - In addition to keeping you nice and cool during the impending heat, this tank has that edge of bad chick workout chic! I think it's brilliant and fits perfectly!
3). Asics Trail Running Shoes - Perfect for any fairy outcast who is cast off to the mountains, trails, or the moors!
4). Maleficent No-Show Socks - I got this set for my birthday because I LOVE designed socks! AND they are in my colors! I wear them to work and to work out! I love them and...well, they are cool!
5). Maleficent iPhone Case - Dear iPhone people: Why you hog all the phone cases? Seriously though, I swear that I am saving so much money having an S3 (what I tell myself to get over my case jealousy) because if I had an iPhone, I would have SO many cases!!! I don't know how anyone holds back! And This case would be mine RIGHT now, and on my phone.
6). Maleficent Bow - I LOVE this bow! It's a little dark, a little kawaii! And all Maleficent-y! I want it soooo bad!!!

And of course here's your playlist!
Maleficent by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

Are you planning on seeing Maleficent? Are there any parts you're looking forward to?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Briar Rose

Today's workout cosplay is inspired by Briar Rose! Or, Aurora...or Sleeping Beauty. I chose Briar Rose this time around, and I distinguish between the two since she really didn't know she was Princess Aurora until she was 16 (side note: Princess Aurora is kind of  gangsta-esque...I mean, she has two nicknames and Briar Rose is just shy from Little Tweety, eh? But I digress...).

Sleeping Beauty was such a beautifully stylized film. While Aurora was a bit...*couch*lackluster*cough*. But it was one of my favorites as a wee little lass because of the animation and of course: MALEFICENT!!!

Anyway I had been planning this one for a while now (since March [:  actually)!
Here's the cosplay!
Briar Rose

1). Sweating Beauty Tank- I LOVE Activate Apparel's fitness gear! I like how nerdy and funny they can be! This one is perfect Briar Rose AKA Princess Forest Cardio (oh hey, another nickname!).
2). Rosie Earbuds- I love how beautiful these earbuds are! They'd be great for jogging and listening to the below playlist!
3). Nike shorts- I like the multiple tones on these shorts since they fit right in with Briar Rose's dress!
4).Adidas shoes- besides the iconic neutral dress, there is a pop of color in the forest scene (pic at the top for reference) where BR is talking to the the animals. I thought these Lavender and rose running shoes fit quite nicely. ALSO they have a sole that is bouncy and light for running!
5). Sleeping Beauty Socks!- I LOVE fun socks! Working in an office, fun socks can be one of those last vestiges of awesomeness that you can rock in secret! (I happen to have a set of similar socks from next week's workout cosplay!).
6). Sleeping Beauty Sports Bra- Ok...prepare yourselves for a pun! This sports bra is not only cute, but we could call it: Sleeping Boobies, or (to run with the nicknames gag) Bra-er Rose! Eh? Eh? Ok, I really just thought this was punny, and perfect for this workout.

And of course, we have our "Once Upon a Workout" playlist:

Lastly a little sing-a-long! Goes to this song: (Sleeping Beauty) I Wonder by Disney on Grooveshark
I wonder.
I wonder.
I wonder what character is up next.
To cosplay.
For workouts.
Tune in next week to find out!
 ('tis a short song)

Have you seen Sleeping Beauty? I'm curious what is your favorite part? Least favorite part? And most importantly: why is Prince Phillip so darn good-looking?

Wednesdsay Workout Cosplay: Princess Tiana

Today's Cosplay inspiration is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog!

I thought I'd try to utilize my Polyvore account this time around. I'm hoping this helps on any load times for your browsers.

Princess Tiana Workout Inspiration

1) Since we are still hopping into spring, I figure light weight jackets like this Nike one would be nice at keeping the cold out, but not too much body warmth in.
2). I was kind of sad I couldn't find any Tiana Workout shirts, but this "Excuses Suck" one seemed in the vein of Tiana's ethic of "hard work pays off, excuses get you no where." And let's be honest, it's true in goals like working out. 
3). I'm a big fan of Capris and I liked how these looked like water reflections--like the water in a bayou!
4). Speaking of water...Since I'm a self-professed water baby, you know I have to throw in a swimsuit! I love this suit's retro cut (albeit from the 50's, not 20's). It looks like it would look great on any body type too!
5). These shoes were perfect! They remind me of the design of Tiana's flower crown!
6). If you're already in warmer weather, you might enjoy these compression shorts a bit more since they won't be as warm. 
7). OMG, I LOVE this bag!!! If you haven't seen Tim Shumate's interpretations of Disney Princesses in tattoo/pin-up form do so! I loved his Tinkerbell & Pocahontas design (so much so, I want to get them tattooed!) but I also like his Tiana design and it would make a great tote for post gym change of clothes. 

Since this is Tiana we're talking about, and she turns into a frog via a curse, let me share with you an exercise that YES you feel the results, but, feel like a curse (at least to me) to do. I give you, BURPEES!!! You will jump at the end and get air just like a little froggy!
Tiana has like 3 jobs! You can make time for this burpee workout!
Oh, you need some music for those burpees? No problem-o home skillet! I've got you covered with a New Orleans inspired playlist!

Tiana is easily one of my favorite princesses! I loved The Princess and the Frog (though, to be honest I was kind of let down by the soundtrack) for its throwback to 2D animation, beautiful scenes and characters. But, what I really liked was Tiana's go-getter attitude! 

She was determined, and worked hard to get what she wanted (no matter what the social climate of the 1920's south had to offer). She was self-reliant, and didn't need a prince to save her. In fact, she used her knowledge, and cool headed thinking to save the prince! She reminds me of another of my favorite princesses in the heroine/princess department--just, sans warrior training. In addition to being a beautiful princess, I thought she was adorable as a frog too.
Also Tiana cooks beignets...if you've had them, I think you know why that's a good enough argument. It is.

Have you seen The Princess and the Frog?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Being in the water; hair flowing in the ocean; and abs of steel from mermaid kick/swimming!
So I--like many a young girl in the 90's and today--naturally gravitated to Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Ariel is a part of the feisty princess era from the 90's. She hoards has her own collection of ave the sea items in a really cool sea cavern; sings; and has aspirations of becoming a human. This desire starts as curiosity, and solidifies into a soul-bargaining-desperate-desire upon seeing dreamy Prince Eric!

It's the dark hair & blue eyes I think
Ariel is fun, and spunky, and lives in the water! She's awesome! And I have to say this is definitely one of the times I'm glad Disney changed a classic fairy tale's ending.

Since we're talking mermaids, and oceans I will start with a VERY cute swimsuit, that looks like it could hold up in some surf (just be cautious of big waves)! I think its adorable! (This and this are cute too!)
Top  -  Bottoms
But since I'm focusing more on running and lifting some weights right now I'll come back to swimming when it's warmer! ;)

After finding the above swimsuit at Hot Topic, I looked for other Ariel  accessories and found the PERFECT thing for all of us "bright young women" who are attempting to walk/run on land.
Ok, it's not seashell bra, but it is a really cool sports bra!
This shirt I actually purchased! It's VERY soft and dries quickly! And, it's Purple!!!
And these awesome, bright green shorts should not only keep you safe at dusk, but they are a really spring green!
And since Ah-ree-el (Sebastian voice!) wished to ditch two fins for ten toes, I figured shoes that emulate running barefoot were most appropriate! There wasn't a green pair, so, let's just pretend ok? (psst! "normal" shoes here)

Hideous? YES! Comfortable? HELL YEAH!
Remember last week's post featuring Cinderella? I featured this and this by Groovy Baby Action Gear from Etsy!
Well, she also has  A LOT of other character items for cosplaying geared towards fun runs and working out!
Like these Little Mermaid one's being worn by your's truly!

You can find them here at her store!
I ran with them on Monday, and, Tuesday and they were a lot of fun. I'm going to try my hand at a product review (hopefully tomorrow or Friday). But the one thing I will go ahead and say up front: They are so fun!!! And it's nice to add a little pizazz to your workout attire! They are so cool (and as my husband made the note that they can double as Poison Ivy as well as Ariel!).

And now for what felt like the most difficult playlist to come up with, but, I feel like I got to do secret "shout outs" to parts of the movie and other characters...totally beach friendly dude! (Also, check out Sade's Mermaid, it's too slow for workouts for me, but its so relaxing!)

Hope you enjoyed this! 
Did you ever wish you were a mermaid/merman?


Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Cinderella

This month you may notice a bit of a theme on Wednesday. One might say it's "royally" inspired heehee. I thought I'd have some fun with the Disney Princesses, and do some workout inspired cosplay around them!

Today’s Princess is Cinderella! 
Let's get the party ball started!

Since this is Cinderella, I'm going to start with the running shoes, since Cinderella's main accessory would be that glorious pair of slippers! But these puppies are not made of glass, but, rather, they are strong and tough and ready for TRAIL-RUNNING!!!  Walking and running trails forces you to use your stability muscles, and creating great tone and strength! Also, they are totally in Cindy's colors! (Also this pair isn't available yet)
Next, are these SUPER adorable running sleeves for calves and arms! Amber from The Shiny Happy shared a product from Groovy Baby Action Gear, and I was in love with the store! They're ideal for race costumes, or adding a layer of warmth to yourself. And since I'm going with a trail running theme, they also had a layer of protection for you. Mostly though, Katie Dean--the shop's owner--made really cute running accessories that even when hitting the concrete, gym, or trails, give some fun-cosplay sparkle and shine (you know, some Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo) to your workout!
listing here

Listed here
Pairing them over these leggings will keep you warm enough as spring approaches, and affords one the ability to lighten up on the layers!

And this warm under shirt for a layer of er...warmth. 

I feel like the headband is one of those Cinderella accessories that fully completes the look, but this one will keep the ears warm and toasty.

And of course Active Apperal's totally awesome Cinderella shirt! I like this cause I'm more of a Doc/sambas/five-fingers type of show wearer!

I'll admit Lupita Nyong'O really inspired this post too. She looked like Cinderella in a dreamy blue ballgown; the fancy, but perfect headband, and her inspiring and sincere acceptance speech. And then this twirl really sold me on this idea too:
(via: some Facebook upload I couldn't link to)

About Cinderella, I have two contradictory feelings. My dislike is admittedly petty; and my like is kind of emo (Dashboard Confessional should write a song about it)! Dislike: Cinderella’s “sequel” / modern voice. I hate it so much (told you). I could go on about the prince thing, but I think that can be easily remedied (see below). And since I’m focusing on the Disney version (though I love, love, love, LOVE Drew Barrymore’s version best--totally watching it after I am done writing) I do wish she would have stood up for herself more. But I get it--that was a: “different time”

But what I like, is that Cinderella has this ability to really resonate with a lot of different people. She is admirable in qualities that are really hard to keep up under duress, such as patience, kindness despite how others treat her. She’s a hard worker, and is happy being who she is in spite of where she is. She's a dreamer despite it all! And in then end, her hard work, gentle spirit, sweetness and the strength from her humility make her stand out, head and shoulders, above the crowd. 

I think with things like, careers, crafts, cosplays, working out, whatever we are working really hard at, we all want at least a little acknowledgement. To me, Cinderella isn't about "landing some rich dude," but more about having patience, dreaming/hoping, and working hard so that your dreams will come to fruition--despite the stormy tide you may be sailing through!

This  idea translates well in working out, and being healthy I think. It's about the confidence that you've been working hard on you and having the glow of health. You're doing right for yourself to become strong. It's not about size or shape, but about accomplishment! And that friends, is your frigging "prince" right there!

Inspirational speech end.
Thank you for letting me rant a bit!

Do you have a Cinderella moment, be it, work, exercise, a hairstyle you successfully did on yourself (minor or major)? :)

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Fa Mulan

Of all the Disney Princesses, Fa Mulan was the first bad-a$$! (yes, I too could argue the "princess" semantics but in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow "for what point and purpose" savvy?)
The movie had this great animation style, and a great message about being true to you!!!
I always thought the songs were great because "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was hilarious because there were all these preconceived notions of strength being something only a man could have, but Mulan (a young woman) aced all of these "manly requisites." Your strength, is your ability to persevere, and in turn, you succeed.
Also Reflection hit me on a pretty emotional level too. I digress...let me just end the feels here and...

heehee...see what I did there?
(if you made the GIF lemme know!)
There are a few Disney Princess inspired shirts for working out in, and when I saw this one, I knew I had my muse!

Since it's winter, I would put this long sleeve tee beneath it to keep a bit toasty:
And to match her skirt were these gym shorts. I like that the band looks thick on these as, I like to have my shorts stay still when I work out, and don't have to worry about them slipping, or riding up (while running).
For cold weather, check out these cool and fun printed thermal leggings!

Since the weather is about to be RAINY (huzzah!) I figure a hoodie is rather apt...and this looks like a good fit!
I think these shoes are a good wrap up in the Mulan workout scheme! The red laces are the perfect touch (to me) in bringing things together!
Like I said...I love the Mulan shirt because it reminds me of squats. But you know what?

I HATE squats. I really do. I don't ever do them correctly. I don't mind that they hurt, but I don't know what's wrong with me. Luckily, Nicole at Pumps and Iron puts some AWESOME workouts on her blog for free. And this one's only 25 minutes! You can do this at home, or  in a gym!
Click for larger
And when you get back from the track/trail/weight room/etc.: relax with this Fa Mulan inspired candle. Because if you do squats, the above exercise: I promise you'll be sore!
from Walter and Rosie
listed here
Finally, we wrap up with what I like to call: "Bad-A! Mulan Playlist" just so you know, its gunna hit you hard like a sword from a warrior princess! (Also, I feel like its a good pre-board meeting/school presentation/running hills/lifting weights type of playlist--I was a bit selfish this week :P)

Birthday Wish List!

This is my birthday week and I've seen some of my FAVORITE bloggers post birthday wishlists, and since I REALLY like the idea, I thought I would do the same! (Thank you ladies!)

Joie's Birthday Wishlist!!!
Birthday Wishes for 2014!

1). Ok, so MAYBE I already got this for myself for my birthday. And MAYBE I'm a bit obsessed with of a CatBug fan. But can you blame me?!?!

2). I'm in need of a biker jacket to deck out, and purple or green are the colors I need!

3). If you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But you know what? It's ok, cause you can get the COMPLETE series and catch up! (just buy me a copy eh?)

4). This is out of my budget, but damn! This ring is wicked sweet! I have a costume Nana Osaki ring that's based on a previous Vivienne ring and I LOVE wearing it. But, this one is purple...so, I mean, I'm just saying.

5). I love the Island of Misfit Toys, and the little elephant (and King Moonracer) are my island faves. Since I've been collecting POP! Figures since my dad bought my first one a few years back, I've had an addiction to them. And I just can't say no to his little face!

6). I got a free sample of this for my birthday month from Sephora. It's Make Up Forever: Rouge Artist in "N9 Copper Pink" and I REALLY like it! Alas, they are perpetually out of stock on the darn thing!

7). Oh, sweet, sweet Disneyland pass...*sigh* you are what my dreams are not-so-secretly made of! If only petrol prices would decline; then, land of Disney; you would be mine!

8). Grape Docs = life goal/bucket list item fulfillment! I have two black pairs that I bought the moment I knew I was done growing. I just want my purple ones!

9). I am sorted Slytherin (like Merlin, and a wizard I won't talk about) and this swimsuit would TOTALLY be awesome to wear. School Spirit and junk you know!?

10). I love this bag! One day Vivienne...ONE DAAAAY! **shakes fist**

I'm excited for this week! I took my birthday off (my own personal holiday)! I honestly have NO IDEA what I'm going to do, but, I'm going to do something in my city I've never done before, so, yeah!

What's something in your hometown that you've always wanted to give a shot, but haven't done so yet?

Frozen - Movie Review

Let's travel back in time.


To the year 1991. On November 22.
An animated MASTERPIECE graced theaters (yeah, I said graced) by the company that has made some of the best animated films (...but not so much in the 80's)

This movie was Beauty and the Beast (BatB).
Belle will always be one of my favorite princesses. I mean, did you SEE that library she was given by Beast/Beau?!?!
Boys: it doesn't matter what you look like.
It's the size of your library that counts!
Books are totally the way to my heart!!! Any way, BatB was beautifully and lovingly done. It was the first animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture, had brilliant songs, beautiful artwork, a timeless score and...

Dang! I really can't get over that library!

Anyway, to say Belle--and my library envy-- is one of my favorites would be an understatement. I love Tiana, Meridah, Kida, and Pocahontas, too. But Belle...I got her. It will always be my favorite "classic" Disney film, and how it really sets the standard.

Which brings me to Frozen.

Ok, admittedly this may not be Beauty and the Beast (maybe its the CGI?). But you know what? My favorite Disney song is now Let It Go as sung by the ever amazing Idina Menzel the voice of one of my now favorite Disney Princesses--well Queen--Elsa!

Speaking of vocal prowess, I was also surprised by Kristen Bell's singing talent. I didn't know she could sing, but after finding this out, my Veronica Mars-based girl crush got that much more serious!

Oh, and Anna (Bell's character) is so delightfully awkward! YES. Awkward is being WAY over used right now...but it was just perfect for the sheltered princess that she is.

The beginning of the movie has Elsa and Anna playing together, and delighting in Elsa's uniqueness. But when an accident happens, Elsa is forced to hide her special gift, and Anna--with the aid from some rock trolls--is made to forget. The King forbids Elsa from using her powers, and Elsa shuts out Anna from her life, in fear of hurting her again, and of other repercussions that may befall.

When the girls are in their teens, the king and queen leave on a ship, which is wrecked, and thus, a coronation for a new regal must take place for the eldest daughter Elsa when she comes of age. Elsa is naturally feeling a lot of pressure, and Anna is glad for the company after years of isolation in the castle (as exemplified by Anna's friendship with the paintings in the royal gallery...VERY funny scene btw).

Anna meets Hansel

(he's so hot right now)

The two  fall in typical Disney "Love-At-First-Sight." The two ask Elsa for permission to marry, and she (wisely, in my opinion) says no. Anna and Elsa have an argument (which was really due after how many years with a door between them) and Elsa loses control of her icy powers.

Elsa runs for the mountains with Anna on her trail.
Insert this amazing song:
Let It Go by Idina Menzel on Grooveshark

Or this video that was just posted 2013/12/7

Every time she sings: "the cold never bothered me anyway" I seriously get goose skin! This just booted "Be a Man" from Mulan as my favorite Disney song (and I love that song!!!).

And Anna runs into the slightly crazy Kristoff, whom she hires to take her up the Matterhorn mountain. On the way they meet Olaf voiced by Josh Gad (who is BRILLIANT in Book of Mormon btw!) a snowman who "love[s] warm hugs."

I was perfectly content in my preparation to HATE Olaf based on my impression from the teaser trailer. But he had me laughing SOOOO much! I mean, his song and the animation...and his vacant stares?!?! I almost want to see the movie again just because of him.

I would go on, but to avoid spoilers, let's just say that I like how true love won out in this Disney movie.

Additionally, I would not be surprised if in a decade this was a musical...it would make a really fun one!

On a social note:
I have seen some fan art wishing that Disney would be a little more diverse with their princesses. While I love Frozen, I can't help but agree with this statement. Don't mistake my, or anyone else's desire for more representation as dislike/hate for this film. I don't dislike the movie in any way; in fact, I LOVED it!!! I would seriously recommend this movie! But, I would have loved to have seen an Inuit or, Japanese princess (Yuki-onna and The Snow Queen may share some similar roots). Maybe next time?

Regardless, please go see this film! Unless you hate musicals, or animation, you will probably really enjoy it.

8.5/10 (lost 1.5 for some lack of originality, and overused "awkward" archetypes, and not enough Olaf).