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Finn (Stormtrooper) Workout Cosplay

Stormtrooper Finn Workout Cosplay

Stormtrooper Finn Workout Cosplay



Back on track!

I need to finish out my Star Wars theme, and give some love to Finnie-Finn-Finn! I really loved The Force Awakens, and Finn was that perfect blend of familiar, and yet fresh! And I REALLY wanted to do a Stormtrooper outfit, but needed it to be Finn too! Also: that


is so cool! It's available through

Chicky Bands

! I want a few more from there (especially the Rey one 😍).

Here is a Finn inspired playlist!

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Rey (Star Wars) Workout Cosplay

Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens Workout Cosplay

Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens Workout Cosplay



Today is of course Rey...who's last name we "don't know." **

Spoilers Ahead

** (though by now you


 seen the movie): She is also a bad mamma jamma and a brilliant pilot...which I assume "runs in the family." I apologize for the quotation marks, but I'm pretty sure she's a Skywalker. Anyway, Rey is a fierce fighter, and becomes even more fierce as a Jedi bad-ass! That's why this outfit is based around outdoor terrain running...but also so you can use a bo staff like Rey

(and Donatello)


And here's a hand-holding/bo-staff swinging playlist:

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Kylo Ren Workout Cosplay

Today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by Kylo Ren!

Kylo Ren Workout Cosplay

Kylo Ren Workout Cosplay



I really LOVE that vest! I want one so bad! Kylo does dress in my favorite color (to wear): black! And since there's still a lot of cool weather, I tried to make this a warm for all (...ish?) outfit. I also really like the water bottle as these are a great way to bring some of your nerdy inspiration to the gym!

Here's a Kylo inspired's a moody-movement inspired, 'cause Kylo ;P

Hope you liked today's Workout Cosplay!

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Poe Dameron Workout Cosplay

Today's workout cosplay ties into last week's! Where BB-8 is a CSO, Poe is the pilot!

Poe Dameron Workout Cosplay

Poe Dameron Workout Cosplay



Oh, Oscar Isaac...why you be so dreamy. But seriously, Poe was such an awesome character in The Force Awakens (TFA), and I'm super stoked he was not killed off! Can't wait to see more of his and Finn's Bromance (/romance?).

As for the playlist...

Did you know: Oscar Isaac played in some florida ska bands in his youth? My Rude-Joie heart is fluttering! In fact,


article is 100% to blame for this week's workout playlist, dubbed "

Poe Skameron

"! Hope you enjoy this (mostly) 90's nostalgia trip!

Bonus points: for cardio,


-ing to the beat is not a bad cardio at all! In fact, it's really fun and makes you work your obliques if you swing your arms right.

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BB-8 (Workout Cosplay)

Today's workout cosplay is inspired by the



BB-8 Workout Cosplay

BB-8 Workout Cosplay



I love the Star Wars droids, and just generally love robots! But BB-8 is the cutest thing since R2-D2 and G.I.R. (from

Invader Zim

...told you I love robots)! I'm going to hold off on gushing about BB-8, but know: I have seriously thought about changing my pup Thorin's name to BB-8! Also: that gym bag! <3 p="">

Here's a BB-8 inspired playlist to help you


 a-long your workout ;)

Be week will be a strait up "Nostalgia Trip" in terms of the playlist, but it'll be FUN!

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Jareth: The Goblin King (Workout Cosplay)

Today's Workout Cosplay is based on David Bowie's iconic role of Jareth the Goblin King from


Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth

Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth



As you may have seen in my

previous post

, I was a late watcher of Labyrinth, but thanks to

my ride-or-die homey

, I got to see it! It was Muppets! It was magical! And, it was Bowie! The movie's brilliant. I based the outfit on his from


scene (Magic Dance), with the sparkly blue headband as an homage to the ballroom scene!

This workout playlist is very dance-dance oriented! I wanted it to be something with David's influence, but, also peppy to run or dance or what-have-you to!

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Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) Workout Cosplay

One of my all-time favorite video game heroines is the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft!

To me Lara is the greatest (yes! Even more than Indiana) relic/ treasure hunter, and even Nate Drake wants to be her! She's a bad ass, and got two movies that did really well at the box office despite "female lead movies not doing well" (and despite the fact that it was based on a video game ;P).

I decided that since it's winter and, I envy the snow, Lara Croft's outfit would be equal parts inspired by her more "classic" outfit, and a hike in the snow! (I'm such a California girl lol)! Also, I really just want to go out to the snow!

And, here is a Lara inspired playlist!

Any way, this is the last Workout Cosplay of 2016! I'll see you next year!

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Evie Frye (Assassin's Creed: Syndicate) Workout Cosplay

This week's Workout Cosplay is also Video Game inspired, this time featuring the first (sort of) playable female Assassin in the Assassin's Creed series: Evie Frye!

Evie is the twin sister of Jacob Frye (whom you can also play in Syndicate) however, where Jacob is a brawler (he's a bit a charging bull) Evie, is a proper Assassin who actually acts like an assassin. She's stealthy, sneaky and can hide like a chameleon! Also, those rose-print workout pants? Soon English Rose, eh ;) ?

Additionally, we have ab Evie inspired workout playlist!!!

Hope you liked today's workout cosplay!

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Kirby Workout Cosplay

One of my all-time favorite game characters is Kirby! When I was little this was the only game I was ok at (yes...the game is somewhat easy) and the character is an adorable pink cream puff!!! I adore his character! He's so cute!

And of course a Kirby in Dreamland inspired playlist!

Like I said, the games are relatively easy, though, to get 100% is a bit more difficult!  Also, how cute is that face? **squees**

Who's next on the video game list? Join us next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel! And remember...

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Vault-Boy Workout Cosplay (Fallout)

Technically, this is more of a Vault-Tec Jumpsuit inspired, but, you get me yeah?

Vault Boy Workout Cosplay

Vault Boy Workout Cosplay by joie-fatale 
ft. FitBit as PIP-boy

Yes, today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by one of the reasons I'm not sleeping: Fallout 4! Super fun, sometimes a bit scary/eerie (both for scaredy cats like me lol) the latest Fallout game has got me, hook, line, and radioactive-sinker!!!

One thing that's different about this particular playlist is that it's geared not so much to the S in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Strength) but more for the E, Endurance! I made it more of a mosey/for wogging! Think: walking/jogging...speed walking...but wogging is much more fun to say (albeit, slightly dorkier heeheehee). Also, it fits the theme of one of your PIP-Boy radio stations in the game:

One thing I really love about the game is that you can make your Lone Wanderer (the character you play) look any way you want. Also, (and actually most importantly for me) I'm not permanently stuck in First-Person Shooter (FPS) land! You can switch to third person!!! Meaning if you're like me and get woozy/nauseous/sick from FPS, then you can actually play this! The game is engaging...and addicting. Don't start it to kill some time before starting homework or anything LOL.

This was such a fun post for me!

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Slytherin Workout Cosplay

" Slytherin you'll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends."

As you likely guessed by now, this last November Workout Cosplay is for my Hogwarts house: Slytherin! Here's a cunning little number in silver, green, and black!

And a playlist for us Snakes!

While my house gets a bad-rep thanks to "legacy folks" (born Slytherins like Malfoy, Parkinson, Goyle, know, the more jerky students) there's the other half that I like to the see as the cunning rebels who are pulling more pranks on the legacy brats than Fred & George ever did. And we know that's a LOT!

More importantly MERLIN was in Slytherin! And that pretty much trumps everything, cause Merlin was the greatest mother flipping wizard to ever exist. **drops mic**

But really I love my house. I love Hogwarts! I love the Harry Potter series! There, I said it (but we all knew eh? LOL

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Gryffindor Workout Cosplay

"You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave of heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry, Set Gryffindors apart."

I will always have a lot of respect for Gryffindor. I mean, it not only was Hermione and Ginny there, but  Neville Longbottom was a part of this house! Those three are the epitome of Gryffindor. And add to the fact that Albus Dumbledore was there?! Well in one enthusiastic word: yay! They were brave, did what was right, and didn't care about popularity. They cared about people over glory. I like that, and that is what I like that about this house. They are very unit-oriented...mostly.

For Gryffindor, I chose to go with Ox-blood instead of straight up red because a). the "Official" memorabilia has more of that ox-blood/burgandy color to it (not the headband) with gold; b). it looks slick as heck; and, c). "OMG you guys! They have ladies items in burgundy and ox blood! Woot!" (*calms down*). Any who, workout cosplay!!!

And here is a ferocious playlist to workout to:

One more Hogwarts House to go! Save the best for last, they say ;P

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Ravenclaw Workout Cosplay

"Wit beyond measure, is man's greatest treasure"

Ravenclaw is one of two sister houses to my Hogwarts house. 

It also houses my second favorite ghost The Grey Lady, and my favorite character: Luna Lovegood!

I also love Ravenclaw's house colors of Blue and bronze (or--more specifically--a bronze colored pewter), as I think bronze is such an under used color, but, when pulled off well looks insanely wonderful! That being said it was near impossible to find anything bronze:'(! BUT I did find some bronze colored shoes (I make no apologies for loving bold shoes).

And a Ravenclaw Workout mix:

On an interesting note, my husband is a Ravenclaw, and consistently insists I quit to join (not going to happen hahahah)!

Who on earth could be next?
Also, if you have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me  @Joie_Fatale!

Hufflepuff Workout Cosplay

"Where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil."

Hufflepuff may be a house that folks love to polk fun at (including other Hufflepuffs) but truly, I think they are the noblest house.

I mean, everything in their house motto is what you want in a friend. That's not to say other House's don't have these qualities, more, Hufflepuff's values are are these things first versus say bravery, wit, or cunning (all of which a Hufflepuff may also be, only, secondary).

And with that a Hufflepuff Workout Cosplay:
Of course, that means we need some workout music:

I will always see Hufflepuff not only as the most chill of the Hogwarts Houses, but, I believe (at the risk of being crude) that Hufflepuff also has the most "action" ;) Also, I like to think the "Badger" mascot is more of a "Honey Badger" so don't be crossing those Hufflepuffs!

What's your favorite part of Hufflepuff House?
Bet you can't guess who's next? ;)

SDCC Workout Cosplay

It's been a while, but TBH, part of the reason why was gearing up for,

and getting distracted by


This weeks Workout Cosplay is inspired by the SDCC-Eye logo, and, by the people I saw wearing workout attire! They looked so comfy...and ready to run after celebs and artists...or sprint to the insanity that is the Funko & Hasbro booths!


Seriously though, I really like yellow and grey together! I actually have that laptop backpack in pink and grey and used it at SDCC this year! It's SUPER comfy and lightweight! It would be great to transition from gym to work to con to whatever else life throws your way!

Speaking of life throwing things at you, here's an SDCC-Summer-Super-Powered Inspired playlist! Mostly, its songs I felt spoke to my feelings of belonging as a nerd, and how for the most part, SDCC feels like home, away from home...even when I miss home (LOL):

Hope you're having an amazing summer so far! Also, let me know if you have any workout cosplay's you like to see in either the comments or tweet me



Swimming and Self Like/Love

I'm not afraid of swimsuit season. Hell, I'm planning on getting a two piece (the second I can afford it). And I'm not a conventionally-ideal-sized woman either! Sure, I WANT to fit that commercialized norm (I'd be liying if I said I didn't...but I know it's taken years of conditioning from media too), but when it comes to swimsuits:  I want whatever I want (and for it to fit in a way where ocean waves won't peel it's happened before...and it SUCKS!). Yes, I occasionally get self-conscious in a swimsuit...but at the same time, I don't let it get in the way.

First, PLAYLIST (since this was for Wednesday!):

I was thinking about what is it that has made me this way. And I know having done swim and water polo in high school helped.
Too accurate...via
I was never great at either sport (NOT fishing for compliments, I'm genuinely uncoordinated), but I enjoy how those sports make me feel after doing them. I feel like my muscles are liquid a cat. Sorry that seems silly (cause cats don't usually care for water), but I remember reading Animorphs, and that's what I most closely relate this to LOL!
Any way, after swimming, I feel my muscles in that "good" ache of use/fatigue that says, NO! my muscles scream: "I am invincible!"
Those muscles being used make me feel strong! My body cuts through the water, like a hot knife through butter (or some such analogy)! I can tread water, I can do flip-turns, I can be in water and know what regardless of my BMI standings (which PS, is BS!) I can kick butt in it! Heck, if it wasn't for the sun's rays being so intense here, I would stay more than four hours in the water (yup! I've done this!). I LOVE water! When I get out of the pool (or ocean) I feel like a brand new person! Like, I changed from Joie, into Bishoujo Senshi: Sailor Fatale!
Also, I remember that if anyone has a problem with how I look, I could probably hold them under-water (not that I would) and make them cry gurgle "uncle" while below surface. So haters can suck it!
OMG! I actually used a T. Swift gif **slaps own hand**
I wish I could give this to every person. I think it's insane for us to not enjoy that cool refreshing feeling of water and staying cool during the summer! It bugs the living crap out of me! Everyone has a right to be at the beach and not have to worry about how they look (and curse people who take pictures of strangers and post them online to be ridiculed. Curse them, may shame, dishonor and BAD LUCK forever curse their name).
All I'm saying is, get your a$$ in the water if you want to. Have fun! Stay cool! Wear a two piece if you want! Wear whatever! Have fun, get prune-fingers! Rock that eau de chlorine, or have those natural beach waves from being at the beach! Also, being in the sun will give you vitamin D, which will make you happy! And as Elle Woods said: "Happy people don't kill..."

The Corpse Bride Workout Cosplay

One movie that I really enjoy just sitting and watching is The Corpse Bride.I'm a sucker for stop-motion animation (see my Favorite Christmas specials countdown), and I like skeletons. I've always wanted to do a Emily (Corpse Bride) cosplay, and thought it would be fun to make her in Workout form this time around!

I'd like to go on record saying, I LOVE Helena Bonham Carter! She's an amazing actress, and she seems like the coolest woman in movies! She's one of my favorite actresses (don't try to ever make me pick one won't work). She and her husband make some great (ok, and maybe some not so great) movies together, especially when teamed up with Johnny Depp.

And here's a playlist for skeletons! Power walk or run peeps!

Have you seen The Corpse Bride? What's your favorite stop-motion animation movie?

Steven Universe SWIM Workout Cosplay

Today's Workout Cosplay is based on one of the most happy, and determined characters I've ever seen: Steven Universe!


This last week I've been swimming a lot,


I'm trying to get a water polo team going!!! I'm so excited to play in the water. It's my favorite exercise and cardio. Also, it's  funny how much my mood changes after being in the water. I'm a new person!!! I'm sometimes afraid I was a mermaid as a kid, and brought on land because the mer-mob was after me...or something.

Anyway, I want to point out four things in this outfit! First, the swim cap! I STILL wear one whenever I'm in the pool. In addition to protecting my side-shaves, it protects my platinum from turning pool green, and, (MOST importantly) keeps my hair off my face.

Next, the board shorts, which I only ever wear while surfing, or, to create drag (slows you down) in the water.

Then, is the


 important Hamburger backpack to carry your swim goodies in! If you watch Steven Universe, you know why this bag is a must!

Last, are the things I want a LOT right now: those Sony Walkman headphones/MP3 Players. They are WATER PROOF!!! You could even use them to listen to this while you swim:

I was planning this post a while back (when I posted the other Crystal Gems). Unfortunately, the folks I was using to share playlists were very naughty, and so I had to start his music from scratch.

But, I am glad this happened as I had help from my friends




in coming up with this playlist I though Steven would have grown up with thanks to his dad, and, their mutual love of singing! So there's a 70's-90's pop & rock influence!

Check out




, and


as well!

Workout Cosplay: Phoenix (Jean Grey)

Today's Workout Cosplay is based on the intergalactic bad-a$$:


Phoenix The Phoenix is my favorite version of Jean Grey. I love her powers (oh! the POWERS!!!) and how there are parts of both entities of Jean Grey the mutant, and, the Phoenix Force a galactic omniverse entity (NOT an alternate personality as a movie might poorly write it) working together (versus fighting each other with "Dark" Phoenix). Also, I liked the strength and confidence of them together! Phoenix as Dark Phoenix is cool too, but I like when super powers are used for good...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I like her green suit the best! ;P

Here's a Phoenix inspired Workout Playlist!

Do you have any favorite X-Men/comic story arcs?

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Colossal Titan Workout Cosplay (Attack on Titan)

Today's Workout Cosplay is a loose interpretation from an AMAZING anime (which you can watch on Netflix) called: Attack on Titan! This is primarily (for spoiler reasons) based on the colossal titan from the beginning of the anime.


This one is inspired by both the Titan, and, the wall he breaks through (thus the hints of concrete grey). I also think the titans are freaking creepy as hell! And...maybe I feel like when I "run" I look like a few of the more dorky ones lol!

One thing that REALLY inspired me are those leggings from Hot Topic! I think it would be so cool to be working out wearing those because it would be kind of like being able to "see" your muscles at work! Or like

Mr. Goodbody

from back in the day lol!

Here's a workout playlist for you:

If you haven't seen Attack on Titan I would highly suggest it! It's so good, and though a bit eerie, there's a lot of intrigue, and BONUS! Fights are NOT seven episodes long ;P heehee!

Have you seen Attack on Titan? Do you enjoy anime?

Have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see? 

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