Santa Claus (or North from Rise of the Guardians...or Jingle from AC:NL) Workout Cosplay

Today is Christmas Eve (that's Toy Day if you're on Animal Crossing! Which if you are, we NEED to be friends).

So I figured it was the perfect cosplay day for Santa...or, Jingle...or North!

If you've not seen Rise of the Guardians, I would like to highly suggest it to you as it is truely very good, and, quite fun. It's not a Christmas/holiday movie. But it kind of "feels" like one. Have you seen it?!?! (Do you 'ship Jack x Elsa? I kind of do teehee!).

How about you? Do you have a favorite Santa incarnation (like Robot Santa Claus)? Or a favorite Holiday character (like my family's favorite: Krampus!!!)?

Favorite Debatably Christmas Movies (Fandom Friday)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you
Today's Fandom Friday's theme is Christmas/Holiday Movies you just have to see every year! Last year (when this blog was new...and I started taking it seriously) I did a Christmas Special Countdown featuring my top 10 (and some runner's up...runner ups?) Christmas movies AND Television episodes.

Here are my top 5 (click the links for more...if you want):
4). Scrooge
5). Christmas Party (from The Office S2Ep10)

Since I did this last year, I thought I'd change this Fandom Friday, to share my favorite "Debatable" Christmas movies! While I understand how some may question the validity of the movies being actual Christmas movies, if there are two or more of the following present, I will debate forever why they are:
  1. "Oh no! Christmas is ruined! But wait..."- if this happens in ANY way shape or form--Christmas being the qualifier--it IS a Christmas movie...period! You don't even need any of the below to accompany, as this is the basis for all Christmas movies.
  2. An impossible situation arises during the holidays (not necessarily Christmas being ruined, but that is most often the case) and only one of our heroes is able to triumph over their feat (see: Sam telling Joanna in the airport in Love Actually; or, any of the movies below).
  3. There's a Christmas party during more than 25% of the movie, OR, more than once in the film- It doesn't get more Christmas than that. It's a party...celebrating a holiday. This not only is for the background, but it helps flush out the story, and, tells you not so subtly it's a Christmas movie.
  4. Soundtrack includes a Christmas carol of some sort- even if it's a horror movie, if the album the movie powers that be chose to have a Christmas carol on it's commercial record, that's their way of telling you it's a Christmas movie.
Debateable Christmas Movies

1). Love, Actually- I know it's #3 on my must-see-list, but I would watch this at more than just Christmas. Mostly, because it came out in college, and yeah, I went through the ubiquitous Mr. Darcy phase. Also, you can't blame me because Rodrigo Santoro...yeah. One of my roommates and I watched it whenever we felt like it. And as this Honest Trailer states, it's kind of to blame for all the holiday romantic-Pulp-Fictionesque-comedies. (easily hits 1-4 with it's multiple stories; also has one of my favorite examples of number 2).
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2). Die Hard- Even more so than any movie on this list maybe Die Hard is a Christmas movie!
This  movie  truly falls under the "Christmas is ruined...but wait.." listing. Think about it! LA almost loses Christmas (Thanks a lot Professor Snape)...but wait, there's someone on the inside fighting the movie's villains! And in the end Christmas is saved. And what's more Christmas-y than flying cross country to be with your family? And (obviously) there's a Christmas Party happening! (1-4- Ultimate Christmas Completion!!!)

3). Batman Returns-  There are Christmas trees and ornaments, and presents all over Gotham City. And if Burton put that in, it's clear he's got a Christmas happening right before your eyes! (Bonus points for being a Hero Movie that's also a Christmas movie!). Sure, it could have taken place any time of the year, but then we wouldn't have had the best dialogue-reveal ever...that utilizes mistletoe! (Hits: 2 & 3)

4). Little Women- Like Love Actually, I can just watch this movie whenever I feel like it. And I will probably watch it today (along with Christmas Vacation, and,  Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas). The movie is a year round movie as it does revolve around the March sisters. However, most of the pivitol scenes are during it's a Christmas movie!! (Hits 2-4, but, there is a round of #1 in the movie involving Mr. March, so, kind of a full gamut too)

5). Gremlins- Who doesn't want Gizmo for Christmas? I love this movie, and it's on this year's must sees because I just found out The Tenor hasn't seen it yet (I have failed him). But there's presents, trees, carols, cute animals, an-almost-ruined-Christmas. Also this cuteness (Hits 1, 2, & 4):
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So there you have my Top 5 Debatable Christmas Movies! Be sure to check out last year's Christmas Special Countdown for my all-time-faves (so far LOL).
How about you? Do you have any Debatable Christmas Movies that you have to see every December? And/or, do have a set of  prerequisites for Christmas/holiday flicks?