Steven Universe SWIM Workout Cosplay

Today's Workout Cosplay is based on one of the most happy, and determined characters I've ever seen: Steven Universe!


This last week I've been swimming a lot,


I'm trying to get a water polo team going!!! I'm so excited to play in the water. It's my favorite exercise and cardio. Also, it's  funny how much my mood changes after being in the water. I'm a new person!!! I'm sometimes afraid I was a mermaid as a kid, and brought on land because the mer-mob was after me...or something.

Anyway, I want to point out four things in this outfit! First, the swim cap! I STILL wear one whenever I'm in the pool. In addition to protecting my side-shaves, it protects my platinum from turning pool green, and, (MOST importantly) keeps my hair off my face.

Next, the board shorts, which I only ever wear while surfing, or, to create drag (slows you down) in the water.

Then, is the


 important Hamburger backpack to carry your swim goodies in! If you watch Steven Universe, you know why this bag is a must!

Last, are the things I want a LOT right now: those Sony Walkman headphones/MP3 Players. They are WATER PROOF!!! You could even use them to listen to this while you swim:

I was planning this post a while back (when I posted the other Crystal Gems). Unfortunately, the folks I was using to share playlists were very naughty, and so I had to start his music from scratch.

But, I am glad this happened as I had help from my friends




in coming up with this playlist I though Steven would have grown up with thanks to his dad, and, their mutual love of singing! So there's a 70's-90's pop & rock influence!

Check out




, and


as well!

Pearl Workout Cosplay

I have FINALLY been able to see a show I've been a fan of, from afar. That show is Steven Universe. Naturally I had to start a workout cosplay or two...or four ;)

I decide to start with Pearl because I knew some of her playlist right off the bat lol. Additionally, her sword is so cool. More importantly (to me LOL) she is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall who is not only an AMAZING  Broadway singer/actress, but was my FAVORITE member of the NEW Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) back in the late-80s/early-90s. If you follow me on twitter or instagram,  you know I had a FANGIRL FREAK-OUT at this (I might need to add this to the list)! Also,  she and some of her fellow MMC alum formed a music group while on the show (Miley, eat your heart out)! Its totally bubble gum, and, insanely 90s-influenced...which makes it radically nostalgic ;P

Hope you enjoyed this week's Workout Cosplay! Sorry I was late with it, our internet went down before I could string my pieces together.

Do you watch Steven Universe?  Do you have a favorite crystal gem?

Bender Bending Rodriguez Workout Cosplay

Futurama is a Fatale family staple. We love this show! It's consistently funny to the Tenor and I, even if we've seen it all...more than once! And as for fitness, let's be honest, I wouldn't mind being as strong as Bender, the loveable rascal! ;)


Also, I LOVE that Hydro Flask bottle! Its evocative of a beer bottle--you know, one of Bender's favorite things EVER,--but this is for water, and, it's 64 oz. which fits the daily "recommendation" of 8 glasses of water. PS. those shorts are for running, and will give you a shiny metal...Bender Bootie! ;)

Bender is a loveable scamp, and one of my favorite Futurama characters!

Have you seen Futurama (if you haven't, its ALL on Netflix)? Who's your favorite character?

If you have someone you'd like to see a workout cosplay of, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Dora, the Explorer

Oddly enough, I've heard something Dora related EVERY. DAY since last Wednesday! Maybe not that odd, but still...

My mum was a day care provider until I was a Freshman in high school. Combine that, and already apparent addiction to cartoons, and it was only natural that I was a Nick Jr. (NJ) fan--regardless of my age. Eureka's Castle, Blue's Clues, Gulla Gulla Island and Dora were my sick day shows! Maybe it was their simplicity, and a complete lack of flashing animation, but I found them relaxing (especially Blue's Clues...I still frigging love that show). Dora came out after the daycare years, but I still watched NJ on my sick days (ok, I still would if I had cable).

1). HeatGear shirt - perfect for the jungle, or, you know, that trail by your house! Explore this summer, and don't worry about the heat!
2). Wasatch Mochila- this day pack matches Dora's but is lightweight for running whether it be pavement, or a trail, and has pockets for your water bottle, and, can safely house your laptop too (in case you have to run to class or work).
3). GPS Mini Running Watch- Dora always has her trusty map, but if you're looking to gauge how far you've run/walked, this watch will be much less cumbersome!
4). Sweatband- Dora's signature accessory (besides her backpack) is her little bracelet. But, when your working out a watch and sweatband are usually all one can tolerate for "bracelets". Also, I find these puppies convenient for the occasional wiping or the forehead.
5). Crossfit Nano- So, while Dora's shoes are white, I wanted to bring a bit more color. Also I think these shoes look better! These are nice and breathable so your feet will stay nice and cool!
6). Running Shorts- I really like these shorts and they come in SOOOO many COLORS!

I liked Dora the Explorer for a few fairly simple reasons. Dora teaches kids (and adults) another language! Additionally, growing up in the 80's most POC characters were sidekicks not the star of a show, and that was a kind of shock to me about Dora, even in High school (a good one, but a shock all the same). And, of course: the GIRL adventurer aspect. This show easily could have had a male protagonist (only the cheap imitation spin-off did five years later). But, boys and girls alike love this show! Kids I baby-sat thought of this show as their jam!

I have seen the bottom corner face on a two-year-old...just saying.
And last but not least: BOOTS!
cute talking monkey + little boots= my <3 td="">
And to wrap things up, a "RUN from Swiper" playlist!

Do you have any favorite "little kid"/"Sick Day" shows that YOU watch?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Powerpuff Girls

One of the Cartoons that came about later in my "childhood" (see: adolescence) was an IMMEDIATE hook! The show feature three little bad-a$$es who saved the day, known as:

I loved this show! It was well executed, and at a time when a lot of cartoons were employing CGI, Powerpuff Girls (PPG) had a nice traditional hand drawn quality. Like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend, and MLP: Friendship is Magic would later employ PPG had many GREAT background characters and pop culture references sprinkled throughout!

My favorite was Buttercup. Maybe it's cause I KNOW she's Slytherin and house-pride and all that (Bubbles is clearly Hufflepuff, and Blossom is such a Gryffindor...and I mean these with no malice), but I like her take no crap attitude! I do appreciate all three girls and with that, today's workout cosplay!

I'll admit this cosplay is the same outfit in differing colors. But my two reason for this are simple: a). their dresses are the same but in different colors, and, b). it's been that kind of a week! But like the Hogwarts houses, or, Camp Half-Blood Cabins, fans tend to have a favorite between the three. So...options!

Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls by joie-fatale
1-3). Blue, Pink, Green- Protect ya mitts with these boxing gloves of awesomeness! Punch out the Gangreen Gang, or, take out the creepy and EVIL HIM with all your super strength!
4). Red Bow- If you're a blossom fan, then you know that the bow is required accessorizing! This one is nice and subtle, but, definitely there!
5). Climacool Shirt- seriously this shirt is awesome! I love the little metal beads that actually conduct heat away from you! So awesome (also, they come in a plethora of colors)!
6). Shorts- These shorts come in so many colors! And I like their length! Not too short, but not too long either!

I have three recommended viewings for this post:
1). The Powerpuff Girls- the cartoon is currently on Netflix! If you haven't seen it, check it out! And if you've seen it, go back and enjoy it!
2). Girlfight- is a movie about a girl who starts boxing to help get rid of a chip on her shoulder, and discover who she is through discipline in athletics!
3). Boxing Workout- this written one is really awesome! And boxing employs A LOT of the muscles we tend to focus on such as core, and arms!

Last off, is our playlist! Did you know there was a Powerpuff Girls "soundtrack"? It's pretty awesome! Devo and Shonen Knife are on it, so I featured those two (and of course the closing theme by the amazing Scottish-synth-pop band: Bis!).

Who is your favorite Powerpuff Girl?
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