Slytherin Workout Cosplay

" Slytherin you'll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends."

As you likely guessed by now, this last November Workout Cosplay is for my Hogwarts house: Slytherin! Here's a cunning little number in silver, green, and black!

And a playlist for us Snakes!

While my house gets a bad-rep thanks to "legacy folks" (born Slytherins like Malfoy, Parkinson, Goyle, know, the more jerky students) there's the other half that I like to the see as the cunning rebels who are pulling more pranks on the legacy brats than Fred & George ever did. And we know that's a LOT!

More importantly MERLIN was in Slytherin! And that pretty much trumps everything, cause Merlin was the greatest mother flipping wizard to ever exist. **drops mic**

But really I love my house. I love Hogwarts! I love the Harry Potter series! There, I said it (but we all knew eh? LOL

If you have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me @Joie_Fatale!

SDCC Workout Cosplay

It's been a while, but TBH, part of the reason why was gearing up for,

and getting distracted by


This weeks Workout Cosplay is inspired by the SDCC-Eye logo, and, by the people I saw wearing workout attire! They looked so comfy...and ready to run after celebs and artists...or sprint to the insanity that is the Funko & Hasbro booths!


Seriously though, I really like yellow and grey together! I actually have that laptop backpack in pink and grey and used it at SDCC this year! It's SUPER comfy and lightweight! It would be great to transition from gym to work to con to whatever else life throws your way!

Speaking of life throwing things at you, here's an SDCC-Summer-Super-Powered Inspired playlist! Mostly, its songs I felt spoke to my feelings of belonging as a nerd, and how for the most part, SDCC feels like home, away from home...even when I miss home (LOL):

Hope you're having an amazing summer so far! Also, let me know if you have any workout cosplay's you like to see in either the comments or tweet me



Garnet Workout Cosplay

If you've been hanging out here with me, you knew who today was going to be!

And you know what? Garnet was the most difficult! I LOVE all of the Crystal Gems (you can't make me pick a favorite! YOU CAN'T!!!) but Garnet is


 and stoic, and just amazing!

She's such a strong character: physically, and, as the leader of the Gems! Also, if you've seen the show, you know she's got super Gem abilities (**spoilers**)!

This show is so fantastic! And one of the best parts is the music, which creator Rebecca Sugar created (she did the music for Adventure Time too). Also, for Garnet in particular, she is voiced by musician Estelle!

Be sure to check out my




Workout Cosplays as well!

Have you seen Steven Universe? If not, can I encourage you to change you mind ;P heehee?

If there is a workout cosplay you'd like to see, tweet me at



Pearl Workout Cosplay

I have FINALLY been able to see a show I've been a fan of, from afar. That show is Steven Universe. Naturally I had to start a workout cosplay or two...or four ;)

I decide to start with Pearl because I knew some of her playlist right off the bat lol. Additionally, her sword is so cool. More importantly (to me LOL) she is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall who is not only an AMAZING  Broadway singer/actress, but was my FAVORITE member of the NEW Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) back in the late-80s/early-90s. If you follow me on twitter or instagram,  you know I had a FANGIRL FREAK-OUT at this (I might need to add this to the list)! Also,  she and some of her fellow MMC alum formed a music group while on the show (Miley, eat your heart out)! Its totally bubble gum, and, insanely 90s-influenced...which makes it radically nostalgic ;P

Hope you enjoyed this week's Workout Cosplay! Sorry I was late with it, our internet went down before I could string my pieces together.

Do you watch Steven Universe?  Do you have a favorite crystal gem?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Green Arrow

Today's Workout Cosplay is Green Arrow! I'm so happy that Arrow season 3 has started! And I am excited that the island is pretty much done with! I can't wait to see what all is in store!

One of the things I liked about Green Arrow is the social commentary. I also REALLY like that the show

doesn't shy away from comments about the differences between the rich and poor; race; and, corporate greed! So...maybe the playlist here reflects that!

One last thing:

Yeah...I don't know if I will ever be able to do that! But its cool as heck!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Hiyori Sarugaki

Wednesday's are back in full effect! And today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by Hiyori Sarugaki from Bleach! Like I said on my last Workout Cosplay, I've been trying to catch up on the anime of Tite Kubo's Bleach! Due to the move (and lack of a good connection to the internet) that has been on a bit of a hiatus as well. Also with the move I've made some friends and we've been working out and running together, so I haven't watched too much of it.

Anyway, Bleach has some awesome female characters who kick butt (see Yoruichi Shihouin from my last post)! Hiyori is a feisty and, well...aggressive former shinigami turn Visored. And I like her! I find her funny as she's so pint-size in relation to everyone else, but, she tries to take them on anyway. Her favorite attack is "smacking fools upside the head"...with her chonkla (Spanish for flip-flops and much more fun to say).


She reminds me of a modern, sassy, violent Tinkerbell who can talk!

Here's the cosplay:

What have you been up to? (I promise, I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs).

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi!

I don't know if you know this, but there is little show on HBO called Game of Thrones (wink-wink). On it there are many a bad-a in the forms of: knights, ice zombies, brotherhoods, imps, princes, and queens! Political intrigue, betrayal, hope, hopes-dashed, swords, and AMAZING costumes! Also--and most importantly--there are DRAGONS (OK...maybe this is debatable in terms of "importance"...but I mean: DRAGONS! We all love the s**t out of dragons, right?!).

And since one of my SDCC cosplays will be based on the MOTHER OF DRAGONS (caps means excited) and that's next week, here's a Daenerys (Khaleesi Mode) workout cosplay:

Also, I wanted to share with you Mia's (from xoMia) Daenerys cosplay picture taken by Aperture Ashley! She is one of my favorite cosplayers, and I love that she went for the Horse Heart Eating Dany (not often done)! It's such a great costume, and you can read Mia's process here:

I seriously LOVE Daenerys! I also like Tyrion, Oberon and others, but she's my favorite because, I love how her character's evolves from this push-over/girl who just does what she's told, to this straight up boss-lady queen! This week's playlist is workout oriented, but I ordered the track in a sort of "story arc"--in my mind at least (if you want me to explain, just hit me up on twitter, Facebook or in the comments, and I'll let you know my "reasoning").

This year at SDCC will be my first cosplay. I do cosplays to workout. One of which I will show a variation of next week (who is also a character I am cosplaying this year). I am SOOO excited (and nervous) about it!

Here's a hint at my SDCC Dany Cosplay:

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Who's your favorite character? Which house do you think you'd belong to?

Also, are you going to SDCC?!?! If so, hope to see you there!!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Alison Hendrix

Last year at Comic Con the Tenor's and my friend told us to checkout Orphan Black! She sold us the first season which we marathon-ed the following weekend.

I adore all the clones--yes, I am looking forward to learning more about Rachel--but for some reason Alison consistantly surprises me, but, not in an "out-of-character" way. This is such a GREAT testament to the writing and acting of this show! I love how all the clone have a little bit of crazy, and, three-big-scoops of bad-a$$ery in their genetic make-up!

While season two is well into it's stride, this past weekends episode reminded me why I love Alison Hendrix!

Basically this scene sealed the deal for this Workout cosplay:

All 3 images via
This scene (also featuring my beloved Felix) nearly cause me to fall of my couch from laughter! And so...Alison!!!
Alison Hendrix from Orphan Black

1). Run Swiftly Tee - I swear I saw this shirt on the show...but in longsleeve! AND I saw it on Alison! And While I wish LuLuLemon would change a few things (especially their prices) I like that detail as it can be really slimming. 
2). LunarFly Shoe - These running shoes are cute, super lightweight, and cushioned! It also has GREAT reviews! 
3). DNA Strand Charm - So while the clones have matching cellphones, I feel like this charm would be something Alison would find cute after she warmed up to an ironic little item such as this. It would look great on a necklace, or charm bracelet!
4). Moisture Wicking Headband- It wouldn't be Alison without a headband! And this cute little headband has a braided knot for detail and it happens to take moisture away. But mostly its Pink! ;P
5). Sonic Capris- these capris are great, and they help sweat evaporat, and are uber lightweight (I LOVE capris for working out).
6). Short Bra Top- This is a sport bra, meets tank! Racerback with preppy stripes? Sounds like this was made for Seestra Alison!

So back in Season 1, Alison is seen doing a Shaun T workout: Hip Hop Abs
wurk it gurl!
Now, you may know (if you're following me on Instgram) that I am doing T25, which is by the same dude. He also did the ludicrously popular Insanity (which is as it's title suggests: INSANE). I have yet to do Hip Hop Abs, but thanks to YouTube, I will by trying! And now, you can too! ;)

And of course, our playlist...which is an tongue-in-cheek pop list. You know, on the outside she's little miss Soccer Mom...but she will cut someone (and she packs heat! Gangsta!). (I also feel bad for not including a certain song that I used last here's the video!)

Do you watch Orphan Black? Do you have a favorite clone? Or, are you like me, and have equal opportunity Clone love? 
If you have not watched OB yet: STOP what you're doing, and go do so!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Finn x Fionna

Today we wrap up April and this current edition of Adventure Time Workout Cosplay (not the last, I promise)!

My my, this month flew by!!!

Last we have the main heroes of Adventure time. I consider Finn and Fionna one in the same. But I figured if you wanted to make a matching adventurer workout outfit for someone who prefers "dude duds" ("guy clothes") well, here's some workout cosplay for them as well!

I was mostly inspired by trail/outdoor running and that's why the shoes, GPS watch and, activity tracker!
Without further ado, let's wrap this mother up!

Finn x Fionna

1 & 9). His and Hers ClimaChill Shirt-These shirts look pretty darn comfy, and since the weather is heating up, the mesh helps ventilate your body and, the metal dots on the inside of the shirts take the heat away from the skin...perfect if you're snuggling up to to some hot royals!
2). Men's Fly Shorts - Ok, all I'm saying is I think women want pockets too. Luckily, clothes are universal and I am not adverse to wearing these. But they are nice meshy cooling off goodness (alas, as a short person I look even shorter in long shorts...tall ladies: you so lucky!).
3). Free 5.0+ Running Shoe - This shoe claims to be a barefoot running experience. So if you're not quite sure you want to get your feet tough (or, if you get nauseous at the site of the most comfortable shoes in the world) you might want to try these puppies out.
4). FitBit Flex Activity/Sleep Monitor - I use the cheaper version of this for walking (mine's just a pedometer) and I really like it. It syncs to an app, and, My Fitness Pal. I do like the idea of it telling me of my sleep patterns and possibly helping in that area (which mine, does not).
5). GPS Watch with TomTom - so you're hitting trails and stuff and let's say you decide to take an adventure and explore. But your dog isn't like Jake and can't communicate to you the way to get back on the path and darn it your lost! Enter this lovely to help you find your way back to where you need to be (sorry, I'm a worst-case-scenario person at times).
6). Merrill Barefoot Run Trail Road Glove - so I feel like the shoe's name pretty much sums that up, don't you? LOL
7). Wet Seal Knee High Striped Socks - self explanatory, and more importantly I feel like running in thigh highs might not be too comfy. but the knee highs should protect your shins from brambles (all my fellow "Danger-Prone-Daphnes" in the house make some noise!)
8). Mesh Shorts - I chose these shorts over the skirt simply because: I really like them! heehee! they remind of Proper Football (soccer) shorts! I like the colors and they look so comfy!
9). See above at number 1

Since I'm looking at Trail Runs, I thought maybe you might be curious about where one is near you. Enter and their handy dandy notebook trail finder! You can find things from Rail Trail running (running by old train rails), to ATV, to climbing, to cross-country skiing!

Last but certainly not least is your simple, Adventuring Hero Playlist!

Remember: April showers, bring May flowers! ;)
And with that, I bid you adieu!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Princess Bubblegum

I'm thinking April is going to be full. Full of what? ADVENTURE! And to celebrate, I'm going to use a theme again!
And so on to another Princess (trying to smoothly transition in from last month **winks**): Princess Bubblegum!

I like PB because she's a frigging scientist! I always wanted a chemistry set, and since P-Bubs is a princess, and a scientist how could I now like her (seriously, that is one FIERCE combo)! This look is a running, and lifting (definitely a heavy sweating session) since PB is always running from the Ice King, and lifting mad science gizmos and gadgets.

1). Princess Bubblegum Headband by WithYarnandGlue- I cannot run without a headband, and that's part of why I tend to feature them a lot. The other part? They're basically the workout tiara! Just saying!
2). ASICS Quinn Running Jacket - We are in that temperamental time with weather where if you're in the sunshine, it gets warm quickly, but the second you move to the shade, its all "shiver me timbers" This jacket is just right for that in between! It's moisture wicking, but will keep you warm until winter finally goes away.
3). Bionic Fitness Gloves - These gloves are really neat! Not only were they designed by a orthopedic hand surgeon, but, these gloves also promote less fatigue. So you can lift weights (or test tubes) all day!
4). ASICS Gel-evate Running Shoe- whether hitting the asphault, or hitting the Peanut Brittle streets, these gel-soled shoes should help absorb any of the nasty shock while running or jumping around on your exercise adventure!
5). Nike Women's Running Skirt - I'll be the first to admit: I don't know if I could run in a skirt. Ok, I could cause I've played some Field Hockey, but just running? It does leave me miffed. But PB seems like the girlie type and TBH...its pretty cute. I kind of want to try it! And since we're going with pink, this felt like the right character to do this with :)
6). ASICS Courtenay Running Top - we're getting to that time of year where longsleeves won't be an option anymore, and this one was too cool not to use! Since the sun is shining a bit more this shirt is extra awesome as it provides UV Protection on sunny days! Also the design is fun, and it looks like it might be reflective (extra safety is mathmatical!).
7). UnderArmor Wristband - wristbands are great! They're like little power bracelets in the gym, or, like mini towels on a run (wipe that glisten from yo' brow!). And these puppies are as pink as a gumball! I really like them as a place to hold a key ring-bracelet in place while working out!

Since we're talking about weights, I thought I'd share this FitnessBlender weight training video:

Also, some info about why you need to incorporate weights in your workout (to become strong really! It helps your core and arms. And if you wanted to lose weight, it will help there too).

Here is a sweet-and-pink playlist to run and lift to:

My Adventure Time story is a weird but brief one. I didn't know what all the fuss was about, and so I had seen many things and cool shirts for the show, and, I had done the last two Comic Con scavenger hunts for a medallion at SDCC 2012-13 (but TBH, I just really like scavenger hunts, they make me feel like Sherlock Holme, or, Hercule Poirot). Any way, last September a good friend was in town and we went to dinner. I asked him what the show was about, and he said that though at first it seems pointless, there's actually a darker story involving WWIII (The Great Mushroom War) and that it's technically post-apocalyptic. He told the Tenor and more about the show and I was sold. As I watched I saw very quickly that the shows randomness was something I could completely be on board with! And thus, the Tenor and I became fans! 

We're almost done with Season 2 (YAY! Netflix finally got season 2 and our next episode is: Mortal Folly) and, you may have seen the workout cosplay I already did for Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) if not, check it HERE yo!


Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Royal Sisters Elsa & Anna

To close out March's [Un]Official Princess Month, we're capping off with Princess Anna, and Queen Elsa!
I loved Frozen and, I'm dedicating this post to my little sister (whom I love too)! (^_^)

Let me start with Princess Anna!
Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Princess Anna

1). Anna's iconic magenta cape would have translated well to a hoodie...but that seemed too predictable, which Anna does not like. So, I figured, this vest would be good combination between her black vest, and cape.
2). I was debating this black longsleeve and a teal, but I felt like, with all the blue in frozen, the neutral of the black top would help break up the coloring and bring together the shoes!
3). These shoes in fact which have a GREAT combination of the colors featured, also have a cute polka dot design on the insignia!
4).I've worn pigtails while working out and the only problem for me were the whisps of hair that liked to poke me in the eye...not fun! So I think this headband is a great compliment to the overall outfit!
5). I'll admit it: I'm a huge Roxy fan! and so when I saw these capri's that have the Frozen teal band, and Anna's skirt blue, I couldn't help using them in this outfit!
6). And, just in case you're region is warming up and that long sleeve is a little to much to commit to, these sleeves (by Groovy Baby Action Gear, whom you know I LOVE!) would go great with this short sleeved tee.

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Queen Elsa

1). I LOVE this sweatshirt! It's so cute, looks so warm, and you can't beat that design for Elsa! I like how it has a snowflake design and is in icy white and blue!
2). This icy blue shirt is perfect Elsa it even has a shimmery print that matches Elsa's iconic dress!
3). Let It Go with these awesome shoes! It has Free flex grooves that will "keep you ready for extra mileage" the way Elsa hiked from Arendelle to her snowy mountain!
4). As much as I love Elsa's hair, I don't think I would sport her bangs during a workout. So, this headband would be great for keeping those awesome bangs off of your face. Plus, it has 360 reflection on it so it will keep you safe, and have you sparkling a little bit like Elsa does! (sparkle-age= RADICAL!!!)
5). How AWESOME are these training leggings? They even have a glacial look to them, and, remind me of Elsa's ice castle!
6). Alright, I'm guilty...I love these sleeves! LOL! There are three different Elsa types, but these had that cool point towards the middle of the hand!

And since this post is unofficially a sister and/or besties/your sister from another mister ;) post, how awesome are these phone cases!
Matching Sister Frozen Cases

Elsa and Anna - Artwork by Teo Hoble
FacebookTumblr | Deviant Art | Store

Frozen won best animated feature (The Wind Rises was my next hope for winning) and it was well deserved. The music was so, so, so good, and Olaf was funny as heck too (whom I though I would not like btw). I wrote a small attempt at a review back in December after I saw it.

The workout I chose for this was based on two things: first, Anna's crazy rope climbing scene:
And, Elsa's dress and the shimmery shoulders:
Soooooo, here's a shoulder workout!!!

There were there things I wish the movie would have done differently? I would scream YES! in just as fervent a manner as I would exclaim my adoration for it! But I really like it! That disclaimer being said, if you haven't seen it yet, please skip the blue sentence below:
One of the things I loved the most about the movie was that the "true love" mentioned was not based on the typical prince/princess coupling. It was instead the love of family, and the bond that siblings--specifically sisters--share. That being said, I felt like the proper end to this month's princess theme would be Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!

Even if you don't have a sister, you probably have best friends that are sisters! These people are important and you would fight for them too! Your "Sister from another mister" (not to discount brothers).

And with that, I leave you with this "Sisters in Ice" Playlist!
Sisters R Cool Playlist by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

Also...the only parody of Let It Go you need to see (caution: language!)!

Have you seen Frozen?

Product Review: Costume Running Sleeves by Groovy Baby Action Gear

On Wednesday I showed some groovy sleeves from Groovy Baby Action Gear!

Shop owner, Katie Dean makes these totally awesome sleeves as well as calf sleeves to complete a running cosplay look, and some fun flair! They're great for warmth, flair, and for danger-prone-Daphne's (like your's truly) a buffer against scrapes!
Ariel calf sleeves!!!

Buzz Lightyear!!!
"As a chronic over-user of the word "awesome" and someone who regularly abuses exclamations points, I have landed in my ideal place in the world. A runner myself, I started Groovy Baby Action Gear to celebrate the euphoria of the finish line. I also decided it was time to provide some seriously fun running and cosplay options for all those quirky, fun events that seem to keep popping up everywhere we go.
I strive to celebrate the uniqueness of every character, athlete and individual so if you have an idea for a pair of custom sleeves, hit me up and we'll co-create just the right pair for you!"

In addition to the items in her shop, Katie is working on some more AWESOME character designs, and she looks forward to creating sleeves: JUST. FOR. YOU.!!!
Be sure to check out her shop here:
Groovy Baby Action Gear
And now for my first review!

These Little Mermaid sleeves are first and foremost: FUN!!! They are a pretty poison green, with a sparkly, shiny  scaled print (sorry, my phone is my camera, so I don't feel I'm doing them justice). Also, these could double as Poison Ivy props too!!!

The fabric is stretchy, and breathable, but sewn fitted so they won't slip and slide down your arms, but they are not suffocating or overly tight. I ran with them Monday and Tuesday. Monday was very warm and where I was running it was 78 degrees with a small breeze, and I didn't feel overheated at all with them on. Tuesday was more like 64 (I was even running at the same place!) and the sleeves kept me warm enough while my body heated up from running. I also like that if they are too warm, they aren't bulky like a long-sleeve, or sweatshirt, and can fold up really small and fit in a fanny pack or pockets (yup, you read that correctly: I occasionally have run with a fanny pack...keys).

Though they are meant primarily for costume fun runs (which I totally want to, and will do!) they are officially a part of my go to for spring cardio!

I give them 5/5 Kirby's!!!

Be sure to check out Groovy Baby Action Gear!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Cinderella

This month you may notice a bit of a theme on Wednesday. One might say it's "royally" inspired heehee. I thought I'd have some fun with the Disney Princesses, and do some workout inspired cosplay around them!

Today’s Princess is Cinderella! 
Let's get the party ball started!

Since this is Cinderella, I'm going to start with the running shoes, since Cinderella's main accessory would be that glorious pair of slippers! But these puppies are not made of glass, but, rather, they are strong and tough and ready for TRAIL-RUNNING!!!  Walking and running trails forces you to use your stability muscles, and creating great tone and strength! Also, they are totally in Cindy's colors! (Also this pair isn't available yet)
Next, are these SUPER adorable running sleeves for calves and arms! Amber from The Shiny Happy shared a product from Groovy Baby Action Gear, and I was in love with the store! They're ideal for race costumes, or adding a layer of warmth to yourself. And since I'm going with a trail running theme, they also had a layer of protection for you. Mostly though, Katie Dean--the shop's owner--made really cute running accessories that even when hitting the concrete, gym, or trails, give some fun-cosplay sparkle and shine (you know, some Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo) to your workout!
listing here

Listed here
Pairing them over these leggings will keep you warm enough as spring approaches, and affords one the ability to lighten up on the layers!

And this warm under shirt for a layer of er...warmth. 

I feel like the headband is one of those Cinderella accessories that fully completes the look, but this one will keep the ears warm and toasty.

And of course Active Apperal's totally awesome Cinderella shirt! I like this cause I'm more of a Doc/sambas/five-fingers type of show wearer!

I'll admit Lupita Nyong'O really inspired this post too. She looked like Cinderella in a dreamy blue ballgown; the fancy, but perfect headband, and her inspiring and sincere acceptance speech. And then this twirl really sold me on this idea too:
(via: some Facebook upload I couldn't link to)

About Cinderella, I have two contradictory feelings. My dislike is admittedly petty; and my like is kind of emo (Dashboard Confessional should write a song about it)! Dislike: Cinderella’s “sequel” / modern voice. I hate it so much (told you). I could go on about the prince thing, but I think that can be easily remedied (see below). And since I’m focusing on the Disney version (though I love, love, love, LOVE Drew Barrymore’s version best--totally watching it after I am done writing) I do wish she would have stood up for herself more. But I get it--that was a: “different time”

But what I like, is that Cinderella has this ability to really resonate with a lot of different people. She is admirable in qualities that are really hard to keep up under duress, such as patience, kindness despite how others treat her. She’s a hard worker, and is happy being who she is in spite of where she is. She's a dreamer despite it all! And in then end, her hard work, gentle spirit, sweetness and the strength from her humility make her stand out, head and shoulders, above the crowd. 

I think with things like, careers, crafts, cosplays, working out, whatever we are working really hard at, we all want at least a little acknowledgement. To me, Cinderella isn't about "landing some rich dude," but more about having patience, dreaming/hoping, and working hard so that your dreams will come to fruition--despite the stormy tide you may be sailing through!

This  idea translates well in working out, and being healthy I think. It's about the confidence that you've been working hard on you and having the glow of health. You're doing right for yourself to become strong. It's not about size or shape, but about accomplishment! And that friends, is your frigging "prince" right there!

Inspirational speech end.
Thank you for letting me rant a bit!

Do you have a Cinderella moment, be it, work, exercise, a hairstyle you successfully did on yourself (minor or major)? :)

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Fa Mulan

Of all the Disney Princesses, Fa Mulan was the first bad-a$$! (yes, I too could argue the "princess" semantics but in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow "for what point and purpose" savvy?)
The movie had this great animation style, and a great message about being true to you!!!
I always thought the songs were great because "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was hilarious because there were all these preconceived notions of strength being something only a man could have, but Mulan (a young woman) aced all of these "manly requisites." Your strength, is your ability to persevere, and in turn, you succeed.
Also Reflection hit me on a pretty emotional level too. I digress...let me just end the feels here and...

heehee...see what I did there?
(if you made the GIF lemme know!)
There are a few Disney Princess inspired shirts for working out in, and when I saw this one, I knew I had my muse!

Since it's winter, I would put this long sleeve tee beneath it to keep a bit toasty:
And to match her skirt were these gym shorts. I like that the band looks thick on these as, I like to have my shorts stay still when I work out, and don't have to worry about them slipping, or riding up (while running).
For cold weather, check out these cool and fun printed thermal leggings!

Since the weather is about to be RAINY (huzzah!) I figure a hoodie is rather apt...and this looks like a good fit!
I think these shoes are a good wrap up in the Mulan workout scheme! The red laces are the perfect touch (to me) in bringing things together!
Like I said...I love the Mulan shirt because it reminds me of squats. But you know what?

I HATE squats. I really do. I don't ever do them correctly. I don't mind that they hurt, but I don't know what's wrong with me. Luckily, Nicole at Pumps and Iron puts some AWESOME workouts on her blog for free. And this one's only 25 minutes! You can do this at home, or  in a gym!
Click for larger
And when you get back from the track/trail/weight room/etc.: relax with this Fa Mulan inspired candle. Because if you do squats, the above exercise: I promise you'll be sore!
from Walter and Rosie
listed here
Finally, we wrap up with what I like to call: "Bad-A! Mulan Playlist" just so you know, its gunna hit you hard like a sword from a warrior princess! (Also, I feel like its a good pre-board meeting/school presentation/running hills/lifting weights type of playlist--I was a bit selfish this week :P)

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: DJ Pon-3

I apologize in advance as I know I'm complaining, but, this past weekend was warm, and not in a good way. It was summery warm.
Which left me with my realization...which I conveniently had at work:
"I'd rather be snowboarding!"
So, I had to change today's post to Snowboarding featuring  DJ Pon-3 (or, Vinyl Scratch, whichever you prefer)!

Let's start with the outer garments as they are the first shield against the powder!
This coat by O'Neill (like April!) looks so warm and I love the different tones/shades of teal! It reminds me of DJ's hair! (*o*)  What I like most about this particular coat is the wrist gaiters and powder skirt which help to prevent snow from creeping up in your jacket. Hide yo' wrists, Hide yo' side...never mind. Anyway, I love it!
And of course, you want some SWEET powder pants so your bum doesn't get soggy. The one thing I would add to these are patches of two bridged 8th notes on each side of the bum. Because "Gotta have your cutie mark!"
And of course we need some warm clothes under the shells. I found that Compression Thermal Thingys (this is a legit me) are best. I like this duo from Spyder. They look like maybe they will make me, 20% faster and cooler.

And some Snowboarding boots and goggles:
 The shiny blue is how they normally reflect!

You will of course need a board. I found this one, that looks pretty awesome. But then I remembered "Bronies are pretty awesome at ponifieing (sp) all the the things! I bet someone has customized a board?" And what do you know, I found these beauties by idontruntoofast! Seriously: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
And lest I forget, you need to keep your head warm! A lot of your body heat will escape from there. But, since we are keeping this DJ Pon-3 inspired, why not rock your brony/pegasister pride with this sweet cap! It even has ear flaps and ties so your ears stay toasty, and you cap stays on your head!

From Daretodreamca (portfolio)
listed here
And of course, some headphones to listen to your sweet powder-shredding-inspired grooves:

I will leave you with a DJ Pon-3 inspired mix; it also features music from the "greatest snowboarding movie of all time" Johnny Tsunami! Head's up, its' pretty bass heavy, I find that for snowboarding, I like DJ type stuff (and punk and ska, but that's just my favorite stuff). Enjoy!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Annie from Being Human

Ok, small confession:
I LOVE Being Human! I love both the US and UK versions. The UK version I watched first, and I like their werewolf concept better, and **sigh**the vampire Mitchell (whom you may know as Kili in The Hobbit films).

But we're here to talk about the UK's Annie!

via I

One of my goals last week--and all year for that matter, was to try 3 new exercises. One of those is yoga. I've been having a lot of work and SDCC related stress. Luckily the latter is no longer an issue (queue fan fare!). I have a yoga DVD that is supposed to help calm your nerves, and so for that reason, I thought I'd focus on a yoga inspired outfit via this ghost girlie!

Let's start with that cozy-of-coziest sweaters shall we? This sweater I actually saw at my local Target, And it looks so comfy! Perfect for bundling up and keeping yourself warm after a hot yoga session and heading out into the cold!

While Annie seems to prefer the quintessential white tank, I veered to a more athletically friendly top (in case one wants to switch things up, and go running?).

This tank has some cool pixelated print too, so, win-win-win!

Additionally, yoga, here's the thing: I looked for some, but for some reason, I couldn't find a single pair I liked, that would also transition to a cardio based workout. And then I remembered: ZUMBA! And I found these little leggings and they looked pretty comfy too!

If you do some yoga, and want to keep those toes warm, try these gripped toe socks:

And after yoga, or swim, or an activity you want to keep comfy and warm. I'm not usually a fan of shoes like this, except to keep warm. But to each her own eh? Also, these remind me a little of Annie's boots, but a post-Workout friendly version!

And in case you want to do some Zumba, running, or weights:

image: adidas adipure Trainer 360 Shoes Q34792
Like I said stress reduction yoga! And you know what I like about YouTube? FREE exercise videos! It's also, a good cool down stretch!

Also! Check out this video inspired by Robsen Green who plays the werewolf McNair!

I will leave you now with a ghostly-HIIT/ moderate-jog inspired playlist:

Pre Preregistration Jitters

Let me just say I've watched this twice already.

I am so scared, and excited about tomorrow.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel really stressed? That's been mine!
Because my week has been my thoughts about tomorrow are much like a tennis ball, bouncing between two opponents named: "Will-the-bad-week-continue-to-tomorrow?" and, "Surely-this-bad-week-will-lead-to-good-things-tomorrow"

I am worried and hopeful about badge sales tomorrow morning.

Things tend to work out ok...but I don't want to get too cocky. I keep reading The Nerdy Girlie's SDCC info, and trying to remind myself not to worry.

But putting this into practice? Oi Vey!

And the Starbucks Double shot I just had isn't helping LOL

So what to do? Here's some things to re-happy before tomorrow morning:

  • Check this 24 Hour Music Video! It's by Pharrell, but the song is really chipper, and I like the idea of a 24 hour video, mostly because I want to know if this is legitimately 24 hours.
  • Naruto! Sasuke! Goku!...Goku?! :D
  • Saban's opening theme and version for Sailor Moon (this makes me feel good because it DIDN'T happen!...Though at that time I was in elementary, and probably would have watched it anyway. Still glad). 
  • How adorable is Sandy?
Alright...see you in an hour or two!
Send me you prayers, good thoughts, and luck! 

I'm going for my Comic Con badge!


Work and Workouts Playlist!

To be honest, since Monday, this week has been productive, but INTENSE!
I'm kicking butt and taking names, but I'm really tired. I haven't even had a chance to read.

I am REALLY proud though! I caught up, and SHREDDED through some work these last three days. So much so in fact, that by the end of this week, I am hoping our team will be ahead of the curve!!!

I will resume Wednesday workout cosplays next week.

I work in an office environment. Sometimes the best way to just kick tail at work, is to listen to music that make you wanna kick tail. The tail I want to kick? Mine! I want to kick it in to shape. I've been failing at it a bit.

But I thought I'd share a playlist that, while not necessarily #CK4C inspired, has been getting me through most of this week, and is run/cardio friendly.

In other words, a bit drum and guitar heavy with some great timing/syncopation for one's pace! Well, at least I think so! (I can NEVER not run to The Donna's cover of Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself. It's PERFECT for my pace, and has the right kind of Grrrl growl to keep me all: "frak yeah! I can do this!" And well, I LOVE I apologize for it's lack of flow, but I'm not sorry it's a great movie! :-P ).

Admittedly, I also listen to musicals, scores, and classical at work. But these songs were on heavy rotation this week, and it's been awesome!

Each of these songs are feel good one's for me when I'm at work. I'm totally working for the weekend this week!

My brother will be in town from Northern California for his birthday (we share this month! Joint birthday party? I think so!). I'm really excited to see him as I haven't seen him since Comic Con last year!

What are your go to motivating songs? What are your plans this weekend?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Lumpy Space Princess

Occasionally when you work out you need to bring out your inner diva.
Now, I'm not saying be a diva to others, but you have to bring the diva out on yourself...bring out your inner:
Lumpy Space Princess!
Before we kick this party off, here's a work-out mix I loosely based on this (two songs are for sure for poops and giggles!)

LSP is so full of Valley-Girl-esque sass, that if you're not feeling those squats, or weights, just imagine your inner LSP (or scarier, LSP as your trainer). I went swimming Monday, thinking about this planned post, and when I considered this information, I went crazy"hardcore" with my swimming. I'm still a bit sore, but in that good way that lets me know that I'm:

This muscle tank is perfect motivation for hitting the weights, and doing some of those tricep dips. This would also be great for running!
And just in case you get a bit chilly, here's a cute jacket/seatshirt/jumper!

I think these cool leggings would be great at checking out your lumps turning into muscle definition! Now one place I need a LSP-esque boost is using weights, and squats. I always feel like I'm doing these wrong. But that's what's really great about leggings, they will help show your legs getting into shape and work.
But in case you want to see your own skin's definition these far-out shorts are PERFECT (they even have the pop of yellow, like her star)!
And then there are the these cross training shoes with (and I quote) "Lunarlon" cushion (that's space!!!) that will take quite a bit of the impact while you do jump rope, or jog! Also, the soles have good traction for a variety of surfaces. Maybe even...Lumpy Space!
And you will need to be able to listen to some sweet tunes here are some earphones...that I will be purchasing soon.

And I found a totally fun Adventure Time themed Workout from Accountablogity's tumblr! (She has some GREAT motivating posts on there!):


And if you wanna throw in some zero-gravity lighter density exercise, here's some swim gear (just don't wear the boots)
And to totally tote all of your totally totable, totables (and towels), here is a REALLY nice backpack (that I really want...I have a thing for backpacks):
And last but not least, I could stick this on my car to show off my lovely...Ok...I'm stopping...

I love purple, so LSP was fun to find workout gear for! Stay tunned for next week's post!

Harley Quinn Workout Inspiration

Good morning Puddin' s!

Today's Cosplay fitness gear features one of my favorite femme fatales. She's just written so well. She's effervescent and evil (but in an oddly innocent way). Crazy, and cute. 

She manages to hold the eye of one the most notorious men ever created--well, better than anyone else at least, other than Bats. And honestly: home-girl is hot to trot!

Yup, we are talking about none other than Dr. Harleen Quinzel M.D., better known by her more notorious--and "surprisingly" apt--moniker Harley Quinn. 

Not going to lie, I had a hard time finding cute Harley items for working out that were...well, affordable/reasonable. But looking at most workout clothes...very little of it is. I decided to share two different looks for this particular villainess (and sometimes least to me LOL).

First I am inspired by the sport I'm jumping back into this week: SWIMMING! Water is the one thing I'm less body conscious. I'm not featuring a cute swimsuit...but more of a athletic working out suit!
The traditional lap swim suit can be, well boring, even if the colors are perfect and Our Lady of Perpetual Mischief (can I get a "Here! Here!" on calling her this?) deserves something a bit more shiny:
But if you want some more flattering tanlines, and easier changing than this thing (**raises hand** I'm a total deck-changer if I have to), or, to REALLY motivate yourself into working out, well, here's a performance two piece:

From here & here

But check out this one that Mariko from Gamer Wife showed me! So FUN!!!

Dr. Quinzel was athletic before she became Quinn. She was a gymnist! If you're not a gymnast these next items are also good for running/yoga/weights/general training, and more importantly casual gymnastics training from know, so you too can be Harley Agile!

While, I'm not sure if Harley is a cheetah print girl, we can just pretend its hyena print right? Right! I'm not usually a cheetah print girl! It's got some pizzazz like her, and I can totally see her rocking this while she walks the "dogs" or, post workout to keep from catching a cold. But anyway, I really think this jacket is cute:

These leggings are cute, but a bit pricey! I do like the black panels on the outside of the calf, and (if you follow the link) the leggings are hemmed on to give a great Harley-esque boost to your own **ehem** ASSets.  Seriously, if these leggings really do shape "what yo' mama gave you," well, maybe they're worth the investment? I'll leave that up to you.
From NinBRoze on etsy
If  like me you like affordable, I would stick with these compression capris as they are HALF the price, and a more trusted workout brand:
And, most importantly, you gotta own working out to be like Harley! This athletic fitted shirt is perfect whether you're lifting--so you can have guns to carry guns with punching gloves at the end (or bags of cash)--or, if you need to work on your sprinting and running like you're running from Batman! Or, like Dr. Quinzel, take up gymnastics! Either way, this shirt totally gives you credit as the maven of mischief, while still providing plausible deniability!
via (I am totally ordering this!)
For either of these workouts the two following items will come in handy:
First is the much needed sports bag. I prefer the backpack type as I always feel like I am slanting to one side with the over the shoulder type (though the OtS usually is easier to open and see in). I thought this one was a good one (those buckles are great for holding your shower/pool towel versus it being in your me on this one):
And this cute key ring would be great to hold your locker keys, or if you're running, carry some cash in case you need to pick up some Gatorade in the middle of your jog, or, from the pool/gym's vending machine. Why carry the whole wallet?:
And last but not least, a workout! If you've never been in gymnastics (or need an at home refresher), this is a workout inspired by gymnasts, but is more living room friendly. Though, I would suggest a pull up bar as you will need them to scale small buildings and pull yourself onto rooftops--you know, to get away from Bats, his boy blunder, and the PoPo!

(OK, I still can't do a pull up, but I'm hanging like nobody's business!)

Any way, I hope you enjoyed this, and get out there and work out like you're Harley preppin' to break out Mistah J from Arkham!

I will be! ;)