Adventure Time

BMO (from ADVENTURE TIME) Workout Cosplay

So, now that I'm practically caught up on Adventure Time (ok, I have finished through season 5), I'm happy to be more in the loop (versus my previous Netflix only experience)! I really do like this show. And BMO (Beemo?) is too adorable for me not to like! I'm a real sucker for cuteness!!!

And, the BMO inspired workout playlist in it's 8-to-16-bit inspired goodness!

I hope you enjoyed this Workout Cosplay!

Do you watch Adventure Time?

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Pho Across America's Victoria: Adventure in Mobile AL (Guest Post)

Back in 2007 my brother's and I took Japanese at a community college. In my 101 class I was extremely blessed to make a friend (something I wasn't sure would happen). Victoria was this friend!  Victoria and I have become great friends and even blogged on LJ back in the day!

Victoria currently blogs at Pho Across America where she chronicles her travels across all 50 states in the epic search for great Pho! Additionally, Victoria shares her international travels (which often also include pho), and, her passion for Asian cultures!

If I remember correctly, my friendship with Joie dates back to 2007. We took Japanese together at a college in San Diego and have been good friends since. Seven years later, many things have changed. We both have degrees and blogs. Joie is married. On the other hand, I'm still single, but I like it that way. Between working, traveling, and a general dislike of men, I guess I don't really have time for a relationship or whatever they're called these days.

Victoria & Joie

I've been running Pho Across America for almost two years now. It documents my quest to eat pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup, in all fifty states. I post about pho experiences, my personal trips, cultural notes, and random things I like. If you can get on board, I consider you a Pho King or Queen. This month, Joie joined me for a "phoventure" when I visited her in Pensacola. I'd already done a pho experience in Florida, so Joie's husband Reggie drove us all over to Mobile, Alabama to cross off my 26th state.

Making the most of our day, we first visited Mobile's main attraction, the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. Open to visitors at a low cost, it’s a cool way to spend a day. Touring the huge battleship will take a while but is a fascinating slice of military life, and there's submarine USS Drum to tour as well. There are tons of cool photo ops, and apparently, not to a soul to tell you what you can and cannot do. It's like an adult military playground!
USS Alabama.JPG
Alabama cots.JPG
Our actual pho experience was at Pot Au Pho, and you can read a detailed account of it at Pho Across America. I rate the restaurant setting along with the quality of their pho, and Pot Au Pho scored highly in both categories. Believe it or not, the pho in Mobile was actually quite tasty! It was a perfect phoventure - even if they got my order slightly wrong.

Pot Au Pho.JPG

I'd like to thank Joie and Reggie for hosting me at their place. It was a lovely time and I'm so happy I got to combine work and play during this visit. Not to mention, I was the first friend to visit Joie and Reggie! Be envious!

 Be sure to visit Victoria at Pho Across America, Instagram, and, twitter!

A Big Announcement

At the end of September, I will be packing my bags and leaving America’s Finest City, for Florida.
From my Instgram!
That’s right, clear across the country I will be flying and moving to join the Tenor.
This has been one crazy summer, let me tell you! Not bad, though! But exciting and stressful! July started with him leaving for training, and then there was Comic con and my first ever (not Halloween) cosplay, and my nephew going to the hospital. And then to wrap-up July/kick-off August, my sister’s twin babies decided it was time to make their debut a month early!
This month continues to be crazy as I pack up, say good bye to friends and family; and order a much needed (ok, it’s also a bit wanted hee-hee) DRESSY-DRESS, and a dress for his graduation from training (I’ll be using some blogger’s affiliate links so they can get a kickback, cause: CommUNITY)!
I’m excited, and terrified all at once. I’m so excited to see my husband again, but sad to be leaving my city. It’s been such an amazing year! I’ve got this GREAT community of bloggers, hung out with people from there (LOVE to my San Diego Geek Girls especially). I’ve made friends at church, work, and even my local Target (I go in sometimes just to shoot the breeze with them while I get MLP blind bags or grocery items).
But, the things I have wanted from life are also on the horizon. Visiting Japan, England, Germany and Austrailia seem so much more likely to happen!  And with the internet I can still in touch with everyone! I’ll still be here and stuff. It’s just seeing my everyone, and hearing their voices; or, dancing in the car; and actually high-fiving each other that I’ll miss (and other stuff, those immediately come to mind).
I know I’ll be back though. The Tenor’s family and mine are based out of Southern CA! And there’s SDCCC!!! Which for some reason when people find out about the move, they ask “Oh. You won’t be able to go to comic con anymore.” They forget that I will totally be taking a plane to San Diego for it…silly rabbits—Cons are for all!
I am going to be on a bit of a hiatus while I pack and stuff. I have some rough drafts of my usual workout posts started, but I don’t think I’ll be posting them until the 10th or 17th just because these next few weeks are bananas (B.A.N.A.N.A.S.)! I will try to get one of these other outfits posted in between (I have one that's practically done) so if not this evening, next Wednesday for sure!
Lastly, I will have more content this fall! I’ll actually have more time--hopefully! So, cheers!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Finn x Fionna

Today we wrap up April and this current edition of Adventure Time Workout Cosplay (not the last, I promise)!

My my, this month flew by!!!

Last we have the main heroes of Adventure time. I consider Finn and Fionna one in the same. But I figured if you wanted to make a matching adventurer workout outfit for someone who prefers "dude duds" ("guy clothes") well, here's some workout cosplay for them as well!

I was mostly inspired by trail/outdoor running and that's why the shoes, GPS watch and, activity tracker!
Without further ado, let's wrap this mother up!

Finn x Fionna

1 & 9). His and Hers ClimaChill Shirt-These shirts look pretty darn comfy, and since the weather is heating up, the mesh helps ventilate your body and, the metal dots on the inside of the shirts take the heat away from the skin...perfect if you're snuggling up to to some hot royals!
2). Men's Fly Shorts - Ok, all I'm saying is I think women want pockets too. Luckily, clothes are universal and I am not adverse to wearing these. But they are nice meshy cooling off goodness (alas, as a short person I look even shorter in long shorts...tall ladies: you so lucky!).
3). Free 5.0+ Running Shoe - This shoe claims to be a barefoot running experience. So if you're not quite sure you want to get your feet tough (or, if you get nauseous at the site of the most comfortable shoes in the world) you might want to try these puppies out.
4). FitBit Flex Activity/Sleep Monitor - I use the cheaper version of this for walking (mine's just a pedometer) and I really like it. It syncs to an app, and, My Fitness Pal. I do like the idea of it telling me of my sleep patterns and possibly helping in that area (which mine, does not).
5). GPS Watch with TomTom - so you're hitting trails and stuff and let's say you decide to take an adventure and explore. But your dog isn't like Jake and can't communicate to you the way to get back on the path and darn it your lost! Enter this lovely to help you find your way back to where you need to be (sorry, I'm a worst-case-scenario person at times).
6). Merrill Barefoot Run Trail Road Glove - so I feel like the shoe's name pretty much sums that up, don't you? LOL
7). Wet Seal Knee High Striped Socks - self explanatory, and more importantly I feel like running in thigh highs might not be too comfy. but the knee highs should protect your shins from brambles (all my fellow "Danger-Prone-Daphnes" in the house make some noise!)
8). Mesh Shorts - I chose these shorts over the skirt simply because: I really like them! heehee! they remind of Proper Football (soccer) shorts! I like the colors and they look so comfy!
9). See above at number 1

Since I'm looking at Trail Runs, I thought maybe you might be curious about where one is near you. Enter and their handy dandy notebook trail finder! You can find things from Rail Trail running (running by old train rails), to ATV, to climbing, to cross-country skiing!

Last but certainly not least is your simple, Adventuring Hero Playlist!

Remember: April showers, bring May flowers! ;)
And with that, I bid you adieu!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Jake the Dog

Man! Where has this month gone?
Did "Adventure Time April" fly by for anyone else? *raises hand*

Don't get me wrong it's been an a great month! I just wish it hadn't flown by like Lady Rainicorn on her way to meet up with today's cosplay inspiration: Jake the dog!

One of the reason's I quickly latched on to the show was Jake. Not only was he voiced by the same actor as one of my favorite robots: Bender--the lovable rascal! John Di Maggio plays another deuteragonist (sidekick/second protaganist)!

Also, Jake is a loyal friend to Finn! They both go on crazy adventures full of daring and rescue in the land of Ooo!

And here for you are some Jake inspired Adventure-ready workout items:
Jake the Dog Workout Fitness Cosplay

Jake the Dog Workout Fitness Cosplay by joie-fatale

1). Track Jacket - I really like this track jacket! Like orange, yellow is not one of my favorite colors to wear. But this yellow is a nice spring pastel, that isn't overwhelmingly daffodil-like. Also--as with all the other pieces--this can easily complement some white pieces for a Cake ;)
2). Iron-on Patch - I would use this super cute to iron on the track jacket...over my heart...cause Jake *hearts* Lady R! :]
3). Techfit Sportsbra - Just in case you detest yellow, you can have Jake close to your heart with this supportive, and, cooling sports bra. It has mest panels to keep you as cool as one of the coolest dogs ever!
4). Studio Shorts - these shorts are a collaboration between adidas and Stella McCartney, and I really like their design! But what's really cool about these shorts is that there are pockets!!! With snap closures so your phone or keys shouldn't fall out!
5). Premium Basic Tee - with all the spring breezes, and warm sunny rays, this jersey tee will keep you nice and cool with it's mesh shoulder panels, and it's scoop neck. I really like the curved hem too!
6). Run Seven-Eight Tights - So, not technically tights, but, not normal capris either. These puppies will give a lot of room to move and be flexible just like Jake! They also have a zipped pocket on the bum!
7). SeeYa LS - comfort beyond measure, like Jake (and other pups) you too can run more naturally and almost barefoot!!! The SeeYa's are especially light and extra flexible to encourage a more natural movement when running!
8). Pet Collar - While I'm more of a cat person, I'll admit one of the best workout buddies besides your friends--hands down has to be, a well behaved dog. They will learn your schedule and on the days you don't want to workout? Well, tough! They got used to that afternoon/evening walk and you kind of have to take them. Just be courteous and keep your pet leashed. But this collar can be for any pet, and I'm not ashamed to admit: I've walked a cat! They enjoy going out too! Well, some of them do.

Anyway, I would normally post a video, but keeping the pet theme in mind, here are some exercises for you and your dog: here, here, here and here.
You could do these with your cat,  but I'm sure they will scratch the crap out of you.

And your playlist:

Do you own a pet? Do you workout with them at all? Will you now, if you haven't before?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Marceline the Vampire Queen

My favorite character from Adventure Time will be today's Workout Cosplay character.

Marceline: The Vampire Queen!

Adventure Time is such a zany show, and Marceline is my FAVORITE character (followed very closely by Lumpy Space Princess). She also voiced by Olivia Olsen, whom you may remember from Love Actually (one of my favorite Christmas movies) as the little girl who sings "All I Want for Christmas (Is You)." Also. Marceline sings and has an alto for me, her little songs and ditties in AT are songs I can actually sing a-long to!

Also...that AX! Like...litteral, ax+bass= the most awesome of animated guitars since...IDK what! are my vampire queen!! And since we're talking about the ax, here's your playlist!

I decided that if Marceline particiated in a team sport (I've only seen seasons 1 and 2...lemme know if she's played anything else) it would be a something, fun, but would allow for mischief, and some aggression.
And of course, something you could play air-bass and air-guitar with (**raises hand** I'm so guilty of this)!

Enter, Field Hockey Marceline cosplay!

Marceline the Vampire Queen

1). Under Armour Red Sonic Print Shirt- This shirt boasts the ability to beat the heat from this springs beating sun--you know, something vampires like to avoid--and has the ability wick away sweat and fight, well, odor. Also I think the print is really flashy!
2). Marceline Necklace - While I don't often workout with jewelry the only thing I can really ever handle is a necklace (I even had a "lucky" necklace I hid in my suit for water polo sometimes). And This neckalce is too adorable not to include!
3). Basic Blue Team skirt- While field hockey does allow for shorts (I mean, this IS the 21st century eh?) I chose the skirt for this as when I managed, our team had this universally flattering A-line kilt for the uniform and we had ladies of ALL sizes, and all the girls looked FANTASTIC...and well, I wanted to join the team so I could get one of these skirts...but I was too late.
4). Nike Compression Shorts - And while I like the skirt, I do like to rock that late-80s/early-90s look whenever possible and these fun shorts would be great to layer under the skirt, and would bring in the signature grey of Marceline!
5). Nike Storage Band - I think I'm in love with this thing, so don't be surprised if you see it again! This thing is pocket that you can wear around your wrist like a sweatband. It can hold keys, chapstick, a small snack...or if you're on an all red diet, you can sip at the red dye! ;)
6). Brine Vintage Field Hockey Stick - Like Marceline's sweet ax, this beautiful red hockey stick is going to slay the opposition, and totally provide some fun pretend air bass/guitar playing (don't judge me).
7). Adidas Women's adiZero Cleats- Playing on a field you could be prone to some serious slipping and sliding on the grass, so cleats are completely necessary in games such as Proper Football and Field Hockey. This pair seemed like a really cool fit!
8). CranBerry Glitter Practice Ball - to practice for this sport a ball is required. And this one is super cute and sparkly! You know, adding a little glam to the ultra rockin' Marceline!
9). Shock Doctor Mouth-guard - Marceline would need to protect those fangs, and you should protect your chompers as well! With sticks and a hard-as-a-puck ball flying around the field, a mouth-guard is a necessary piece of equipment. But this guard is the coolest since it's flavored as Fruit Punch--the quintessential "red" flavor!

And (since I'm in a Field Hockey mood) some fundamental drill sets for this sport.

That's this week's workout cosplay PLEASE be sure to check out the Ice King cosplay debuting today on PonyChops!!!

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Princess Bubblegum

I'm thinking April is going to be full. Full of what? ADVENTURE! And to celebrate, I'm going to use a theme again!
And so on to another Princess (trying to smoothly transition in from last month **winks**): Princess Bubblegum!

I like PB because she's a frigging scientist! I always wanted a chemistry set, and since P-Bubs is a princess, and a scientist how could I now like her (seriously, that is one FIERCE combo)! This look is a running, and lifting (definitely a heavy sweating session) since PB is always running from the Ice King, and lifting mad science gizmos and gadgets.

1). Princess Bubblegum Headband by WithYarnandGlue- I cannot run without a headband, and that's part of why I tend to feature them a lot. The other part? They're basically the workout tiara! Just saying!
2). ASICS Quinn Running Jacket - We are in that temperamental time with weather where if you're in the sunshine, it gets warm quickly, but the second you move to the shade, its all "shiver me timbers" This jacket is just right for that in between! It's moisture wicking, but will keep you warm until winter finally goes away.
3). Bionic Fitness Gloves - These gloves are really neat! Not only were they designed by a orthopedic hand surgeon, but, these gloves also promote less fatigue. So you can lift weights (or test tubes) all day!
4). ASICS Gel-evate Running Shoe- whether hitting the asphault, or hitting the Peanut Brittle streets, these gel-soled shoes should help absorb any of the nasty shock while running or jumping around on your exercise adventure!
5). Nike Women's Running Skirt - I'll be the first to admit: I don't know if I could run in a skirt. Ok, I could cause I've played some Field Hockey, but just running? It does leave me miffed. But PB seems like the girlie type and TBH...its pretty cute. I kind of want to try it! And since we're going with pink, this felt like the right character to do this with :)
6). ASICS Courtenay Running Top - we're getting to that time of year where longsleeves won't be an option anymore, and this one was too cool not to use! Since the sun is shining a bit more this shirt is extra awesome as it provides UV Protection on sunny days! Also the design is fun, and it looks like it might be reflective (extra safety is mathmatical!).
7). UnderArmor Wristband - wristbands are great! They're like little power bracelets in the gym, or, like mini towels on a run (wipe that glisten from yo' brow!). And these puppies are as pink as a gumball! I really like them as a place to hold a key ring-bracelet in place while working out!

Since we're talking about weights, I thought I'd share this FitnessBlender weight training video:

Also, some info about why you need to incorporate weights in your workout (to become strong really! It helps your core and arms. And if you wanted to lose weight, it will help there too).

Here is a sweet-and-pink playlist to run and lift to:

My Adventure Time story is a weird but brief one. I didn't know what all the fuss was about, and so I had seen many things and cool shirts for the show, and, I had done the last two Comic Con scavenger hunts for a medallion at SDCC 2012-13 (but TBH, I just really like scavenger hunts, they make me feel like Sherlock Holme, or, Hercule Poirot). Any way, last September a good friend was in town and we went to dinner. I asked him what the show was about, and he said that though at first it seems pointless, there's actually a darker story involving WWIII (The Great Mushroom War) and that it's technically post-apocalyptic. He told the Tenor and more about the show and I was sold. As I watched I saw very quickly that the shows randomness was something I could completely be on board with! And thus, the Tenor and I became fans! 

We're almost done with Season 2 (YAY! Netflix finally got season 2 and our next episode is: Mortal Folly) and, you may have seen the workout cosplay I already did for Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) if not, check it HERE yo!


Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Lumpy Space Princess

Occasionally when you work out you need to bring out your inner diva.
Now, I'm not saying be a diva to others, but you have to bring the diva out on yourself...bring out your inner:
Lumpy Space Princess!
Before we kick this party off, here's a work-out mix I loosely based on this (two songs are for sure for poops and giggles!)

LSP is so full of Valley-Girl-esque sass, that if you're not feeling those squats, or weights, just imagine your inner LSP (or scarier, LSP as your trainer). I went swimming Monday, thinking about this planned post, and when I considered this information, I went crazy"hardcore" with my swimming. I'm still a bit sore, but in that good way that lets me know that I'm:

This muscle tank is perfect motivation for hitting the weights, and doing some of those tricep dips. This would also be great for running!
And just in case you get a bit chilly, here's a cute jacket/seatshirt/jumper!

I think these cool leggings would be great at checking out your lumps turning into muscle definition! Now one place I need a LSP-esque boost is using weights, and squats. I always feel like I'm doing these wrong. But that's what's really great about leggings, they will help show your legs getting into shape and work.
But in case you want to see your own skin's definition these far-out shorts are PERFECT (they even have the pop of yellow, like her star)!
And then there are the these cross training shoes with (and I quote) "Lunarlon" cushion (that's space!!!) that will take quite a bit of the impact while you do jump rope, or jog! Also, the soles have good traction for a variety of surfaces. Maybe even...Lumpy Space!
And you will need to be able to listen to some sweet tunes here are some earphones...that I will be purchasing soon.

And I found a totally fun Adventure Time themed Workout from Accountablogity's tumblr! (She has some GREAT motivating posts on there!):


And if you wanna throw in some zero-gravity lighter density exercise, here's some swim gear (just don't wear the boots)
And to totally tote all of your totally totable, totables (and towels), here is a REALLY nice backpack (that I really want...I have a thing for backpacks):
And last but not least, I could stick this on my car to show off my lovely...Ok...I'm stopping...

I love purple, so LSP was fun to find workout gear for! Stay tunned for next week's post!