Six Weeks Later

It's been a while eh?
I've been in a bit of a rut. One that if it weren't for this past Halloween, I would probably still be stuck in. 

Luckily, I've had (in the words of The Beatles) a little help from my friends! Some of that helps includes:

~ Started The Nerdy Rebellion with Gladys, Gwen, and Travis!!!
~ Feels talks with friends
~ Phone calls that were much needed
~ ACTUALLY running, and pushing myself to limits I didn't think I'd be able to do!
~ Got a new job I'm totally stoked about
~ Making some personal crafts
~ drawing and painting
~ Assassin's Creed Syndicate (I adore Evie Frye)

It's been an interesting few months, and I'm trying to catch up on blog posts. But, I'll be honest, I won't get to all the one's I've missed, so PLEASE let me know of especially important ones to you, as I NEED to read those as well!

Thanks for sticking with me if you have.

And: see you Wednesday (tomorrow)!!! ;)

Fandom Based Resolutions!

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

My Fandom Resolutions for 2015 go back to my blogging/life resolution of time management. I have more time this year than...well, EVER! I plan on doing a lot more, but I am currently on making those things habits, more than resolutions. But it's the new year, and it's always fun to resolve to do what you've always wanted to do. I put in parenthesis how these resolutions are also involved in my fan girl life!

from The Hunger Games
1). Keep running & physically training!(Cosplay x Hunger Games)- I've been working out with friends this last month and I am seeing results (which is needed for me). I want to keep doing this and add more running to the mix. This also goes in with my last year's goals. But I feel a lot better about this year. (yes, for cosplay, and SDCC endurance).
From my fave series EVER, by Jasper Fforde, (pic mine)
2). READ! (books, comics, history)- My goodness, 2014 I FAILED in my reading. Like, I thought I might need to change my blog title (I might anyway...I don't want to though). I did not read as much. This year that will change!
My textbook & workbook!
3). Japanese (anime, dramas, movies, manga)-  back in 2007 my brother, and I took Japanese. There we made friends with Victoria, and others with whom we still talk. I however, have fallen out of practice. This year I plan on changing that. I have my texts, and am trying to get Rosetta Stone so I can have practice!

I need to get a "Sewing for N00bs" book too...
4). Cosplay & Sewing (multi-fandoms and...well cosplay)- I'd like to learn, and, make a few simple things on my sewing machine.  I mean, for crying out loud: I HAVE A SEWING MACHINE (now) so I really have no business not making at least a throw pillow right? Also, I'm working on two cosplays, and would like to work on more. I would LOVE to sew at least part of it. My unfortunate downfall (my biggest one I think) is my lack of patience. I want to finish a project THAT DAY! So, I'll have to start small, and as I get better, I 
Monthly planner...for the look ahead!
5). Dedicated TV/VG hours (shows, Hulu, Netflix, & games)- I don't have cable, so I have to Hulu. So, to better take care of my time, the shows I like will be in my planner, and should I finish all the things I need to do, then, and ONLY THEN will be video game time! I'm basically, going to treat myself like an elementary student, which isn't a bad thing. No more being lazy! Also, since I'm practically Hulu only, I'd like to see about "Live Tweeting for the Hulu Dependent" for shows, that way, no spoilers for Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural...basically anything not on NBC or ABC I have to Hulu.

Those are my resolutions!
Do you have any fandom resolutions?