Workout Cosplay

Charizard Workout Cosplay

Happy April Fool's Day! Today's Workout Cosplay is based on one of the "OG Starters:" Charizard!!! That dragon (though strangely, not "Dragon-Type" in the game) of fire, and flying. This is more of an all-gym-terrain cosplay! Cardio, weights, or yoga should be comfy in this (also, my current addiction: SPIN heehee).

While I'm a more of a Squirtle-starter kinda gal myself, but I think it's fair to say that Charizard really is a bad-a$$ Pokemon!

I really do like Pokemon! (lol, can you tell?!)

Which was your favorite starter of the first Pokemon game? Bulbasaur, Charmander, or, Squirtle?

Let me know in the comments!

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Sandy ("The Sandman") Workout Cosplay


This is a Sandy inspired workout outfit (with a bit of Pitch to keep it from looking like  Goldmember)!

Sandy is the loveable dream-maker, as inspired by one of the guardians (not those guardians). Sandy is a man of no words in the movie, and is an extremely powerful hero, who is humble, and thoughtful. He's more the thoughtful strategist of the Guardians. Also, he's the one who can defeat the main villain Pitch (the boogeyman) and, his polar opposite!

You may already be able to tell, I really like this movie! In fact, it is one of my favorite animated movies!

And for my fellow workout-ers (who also may or may not daydream on the treadmill or while pumping weights), a Sandy-inspired playlist!

Sandman by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

Hope you liked this Sandy inspired workout cosplay!

Do you daydream when you workout? What do you most often think of? (I tend to think about how much time I've done, and, who I want to cosplay as at SDCC).

Jack Frost Workout Cosplay

As I stated last week: I ship Jack (Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians) and Elsa (Disney's Frozen)! I have only seen some amazing fan art of the two, but I kind of love it!!!

Since I have done an Elsa Workout Cosplay, Jack seemed like the natural fit...also I just finished watching both Rise of the Guardians, and, Jack Frost this season, so I had to!!!

Here's the outfit:


And here is a Jack Frost Workout playlist! Keeping you cool in the gym, or wherever you are working out!

Jack Frost by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

Hope you liked this workout cosplay!

I'm curious: Do you have any cross studio 'ships? Or any cross studio specials you'd love to see (I'm still hoping for SuperWhoLock myself)? Let me know in the comments or, on twitter!!!

Rudolph the Red Nosed GAINdeer! (Workout Cosplay)

You know Dasher...and Dancer...and Prancer...and that gang that rolls eight-deep (nine if we include Santa). And I know you recall the most famous reindeer of all: Rudolph!!

He is today's Workout Cosplay inspiration because when I saw the tee from Activate Apparel, well, I knew I had to make a theme for him! Let me tell you, browns in workout clothes are few and far between...and all that I found are hideous beyond all cranberry and pine tree green green are the theme colors I chose.


I really like Rudolph and his underdog story. But as a kid my favorite reindeer were: Comet, Donder (or is it Donner), and Blitzen!

On a side note, I have been using some weights in addition to walking and running on a treadmill. I'm trying to do the "low weight; high rep" for fat burning (versus gaining muscle). I don't go below an 8 lb weight though, and not more than 20.

Do you have a favorite reindeer? Are you playing any Gain-deer games (see: lifting weights)?

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Yoruichi Shihouin

I'm back! I'm trying to have a few posts set up since I will be moving at the end of the month! And while I pack up I've been catching up on BLEACH!!!

I remember watching the anime back in 2008 and being super excited that I recognized my favorite Power Ranger's voice as the main character, Ichigo: Johnny Yong Bosch (seriously, he was the ranger I crushed on while everyone else was all about Tommy)!

Any who, I LOVED this show! And catching up has been awesome! And a few episodes in a cute talking cat shows up, and I was SOLD! As it turns out, the cute talking cat ends up being my favorite character in the show: Yoruichi Shihouin!

FACT: She has purple hair!

FACT: She turns into a cat!

FACT: She's a fighting bad-ass!

FACT: she's effing cool!

Also, she was the first anime character since like, Sailor Pluto that I had seenwho was dark skinned woman! The realization of that also seared her into my favorites list as it was a). something I didn't even realize would impact me on that level and, b). she was a character I wanted to be like too!

And with that, here's the cosplay workout gear!

1). Mesh open back tank- I used the black one of this tank for Meleficent, but if you've ever seen Bleach you know that an open back tank would have to be involved! Bad ass chick, has awesome shoulders!

2). Purple Headband-Ok this is a fancy headband, but it's the perfect purple, and I would use it to workout regardless! And it's the perfect purple for her hair! I love it!

3). Running Kicks- these will keep you quick on your feet, whether you're running, or, doing shunpo/flash step!

4). Yoruichi badge- motivation on your exercise gear push yourself and be the best!

5). Compression Capris-These compression capris will keep your muscles together and working! Also, compression helps prevent fatigue, so, they will be

6). Sports Bra- I have this particular sports bra and let me tell you: it is SOOOOO comfy!! Seriously! It's the best! And it comes in a cute tangerine color! It's got AMAZING support and coverage, but doesn't feel like like it would.

Last but not least, a workout to get you Flash Step ready!

A good agility booster (in addition to stairs, and sand running) is an agility ladder.

Here's a few to look at!

Have you seen Bleach? Who's your favorite character?

Better late than never, eh? And just under the Wednesday wire!

Wednedsay Workout Cosplay: Super Saiyan Mode!

Today's WedWorkCos is not on one character, but a race. I am basing it on my newest hair style change:

*insert menacing laugh*

Any who, I've been busy with some Comic Con prep, plus a huge lifestyle change since my hubs left for the military. Also I'm stepping up my workout game cause I want to surprise him at his graduation!

So I'm going: SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! And that's part of the reason I've been bad at keeping up with things. I'll be back in full swing once I work some things out--especially myself :D

I liked playing a few of the Dragonball/Dragonball Z games, but didn't really watch the show except for the fight sequences cause they were soooo frigging awesome! Which is funny, because the fights were also why I didn't watch the show since they lasted a bit too long for my preference. But my brothers watched it!

Have you seen Dragonball (any of them)? Who was your favorite? Or, do you have a memory of this show, even if you didn't watch?