Steven Universe WC

Pearl Workout Cosplay

I have FINALLY been able to see a show I've been a fan of, from afar. That show is Steven Universe. Naturally I had to start a workout cosplay or two...or four ;)

I decide to start with Pearl because I knew some of her playlist right off the bat lol. Additionally, her sword is so cool. More importantly (to me LOL) she is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall who is not only an AMAZING  Broadway singer/actress, but was my FAVORITE member of the NEW Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) back in the late-80s/early-90s. If you follow me on twitter or instagram,  you know I had a FANGIRL FREAK-OUT at this (I might need to add this to the list)! Also,  she and some of her fellow MMC alum formed a music group while on the show (Miley, eat your heart out)! Its totally bubble gum, and, insanely 90s-influenced...which makes it radically nostalgic ;P

Hope you enjoyed this week's Workout Cosplay! Sorry I was late with it, our internet went down before I could string my pieces together.

Do you watch Steven Universe?  Do you have a favorite crystal gem?