30 Day Geek Out - My First Fandom

Megan of A Geeky Gal made a 30 day Challenge that frankly, sounds like a lot of fun!

Today is day one and as the first day, it was appropriate that she chose “First Fandom” as the prompt. And mine? Mine was the Galaxy-Wide Phenomenon:


My first fandom was most definitely Star Wars. I was raised a nerdy rebel because my dad himself is a nerd. He to this day loves comics, cartoons, Star Trek and Star Wars. He grew to love video games through my siblings and I as home consoles were a thing that became available after our entries into the world.

But Star Wars was what my three younger siblings and I latched on to HARD! I remember using rolls of Life Savers and the handles of Light Sabers (because it felt more authentic ya know?). Wishing I was Yoda or that I had an R2-D2 of my own (in addition to the saber of course). And pretending to use the force! It was the fandom that awoke the nerd in me, the way to force awakes in Luke!


Heck! My friends and I did a podcast based on our love of Star Wars!And though I have mixed feelings about the recent trilogy (mostly based on the Director of Last Jedi doing a bad job while everyone else was AMAZING) I LOVE STAR WARS (a healthy critique doesn't mean hate or dislike, yah?). But I love Rose, Poe, Finn and Rey (and of course Leia, Chewie and the old gang) and will die on the hill that supports them! Because in the end:


So make sure to check out A Geeky Gal for the Prompts!

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What was your first fandom? Let me know in the comments!