Geek Out Challenge Day 7: Unexpected Fandom

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

Today’s prompt is “What Fandom do you love, but didn’t think you would?”

And there’s going to be a bit of a twist, because my answer is: Harry Potter.


It’s true.
One of the fandoms I most ardently adore was one I wasn’t sure I’d dig.

I’d heard a lot of negative things about it at my University, and frankly as a someone who worked in the library I was quite shocked we carried it.

One day while shelving books I decided to give the books a try. I had no care about the order of them (that and 1-3 were checked out for like, ever). So I checked out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (if you’re not cringing please do). See, it was the latest release and though it was the newest they had just started showing the trailer and the tv spots for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (which shows you how old I am).

I took the book back to my apartment and started reading.
Then, I grabbed a comfy blanket, and a pillow and a mug of tea and sat in my roommates’ and my hall closet and stayed up ALL DAMN NIGHT reading.

I couldn’t put it down. And I wanted more. I then reserved the first three books (and was filled in on the full Sirius Black Story) and waited for them to come in. I brought them home to my parents house that Christmas vacation, and my sister loved them too!

I didn’t think it would be a series or “my thing” but holy crow!!!! It’s the thing I love!!! My engagement pic (see my blog icon) was Harry Potter based. And honestly, though I can’t claim “biggest fan” who gives a F! I LOVE IT!

It’s even helped me coordinate clothes so I incorporate color without looking like a tacky ragamuffin.


What’s a Fandom you never thought you’d be a part of?
Please share with me in the comments!