Geek Out Challenge Day 6: What Real Life Geek Inspires You

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

Today’s post is about a real life geek I admire. I think I’m going to share about one of my favorite celebs and self-proclaimed “fangirl” (his word choice not mine) Orlando Jones.

I want to cosplay as Anansi!!!

I want to cosplay as Anansi!!!

Jones has played many roles ins different fandoms from Sleepy Hollow to American Gods (where he plays one of my favorite deities: Anansi).

At Comic Con Jones can often be seen at The Black Panel which feature a variety of African American stars from Jones, to Cree Summer, to Shaq to Michael B. Jordan. Also at SDCC, Jones has married some con attendees. Not only that! But he also officiated a Star Wars themed wedding at CON! (c. 2017)! Speaking of Star Wars, as a child Orlando tried to decode R2-D2’s beeps!


Also, Jones is a shipper! He openly professes his love for his ships both of fictional characters and real people (the latter done in innocent but clearly jest…unless, you know, it happens).

All I’m saying is, is that if you’re not a fan of any of his works yet, you should check him out! ESPECIALLY in America Gods. His monologue in the opening of Season 1 Episode 2 is one of the greatest pieces in television history to me.

So, he’s a nerd, for the nerds, and a really cool actor!

Who’s your favorite famous Geek?
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