30 Day Geek Out Favorite Con Experience

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

Today’s prompt is my favorite con experience…which I’m translating to mean favorite con moment.

And while I have quite a few nothing will beat SDCC 2007 (I think) when I made my brother and his friend come to the Shonen Jump panel with me. See I had been hearing a lot about Marvel looking to make a manga, and the hero was named Ultimo. Ultimo was a written and created by Stan Lee, and I’m sure you know where I’m headed here…

My face s so moon-like and young.

My face s so moon-like and young.

During Q&A i committed the ultimate taboo. And you know what? I actually don’t give a frak. I have a picture with a someone who was a hero of mine, my siblings and my father.

After a Naruto announcement that year, Shonen Jump announced the had a special guest. I looked to my brother Charlie and said “five bucks says Stan Lee.” And in he walked in. My brother and I straight up did this exact move y’all:


This wasn’t a ballroom or anything either. The room wasn’t full, and I bought my badge the week before y’all. It was an innocent time back in those days LOL! jk it’s all been groovy.

But he took three questions. I bidded my time, waiting to be the last, hoping beyond hope, beyond luck and hope again that I’d get picked. And I did, and I asked the forbidden question: “Can I get a picture with you?” And Uncle Stan said yes True Believers! He. Said. YES!

I floated up to him as if on a cloud. Trying to pull my brother with me, who was in a daze and I just kept walking forward not believing my good fortune and providence of that day. My tiny phone luckily ha this little camera and I was so happy i had finally switched from a nokia to my Pantech C300 (Check out how small it was here).

I loved this moment so much. I’ve never asked this question again, nor will I. But I took the moment that felt right. And I got my best moment at a con ever!

What is you’re best convention moment?
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