Geek Out Day 16 My Dream Crossover

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

This is probably the easiest post to write! While I would love to see my favorite book series made into a television series as it would/could cover any manner of crossovers, the other crossover I would love to see is pretty much surmised in this improvised scene from Parks and Rec by Patton Oswalt. It’s actually a fantastic idea I think (though I do think Hawkeye MUST be there). Even the Brian and John bits!!! Like, I’d throw my money at this kickstarter! Also I can’t help but be happy the X-Men are in the Marvel studios where they belong, which is 2/3 of this dream lol!


What crossover do you wish you could see come to life?