Geek Out Day 12 Favorite Video Games, & Series

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

My favorite video games include ones with cute, kawaii creatures; a badass woman; and shiny af shooters!

1). Animal Crossing


Since the Game Cube, I’ve been OBSESSED with Animal Crossing. I refuse to give up my cube because i love it (and Mario Party 5 & 6) so dang much! I’m so excited for New Horizons (and finally being able to be brown) that I preordered it the day it was announced!!! I love Pocket Camp and Happy Home Designer as well! But New Leaf (/Welcome Amiibo) has been my favorite iteration so far! I even bought the gorram sanrio pack so I could get all that sweet sweet kawaii sanrio goodness! I am so eager for March it’s not even funny y’all!

2). Kirby


Kirby was my first video game love EVER! I played Dreamland back on the old NES and was so stoked when it was available to purchase as a digital download on the 3ds! While Magic Mirror is BY FAR my favorite (it’s such a dizzying maze of a game and as a completionist I’m still not at 100%…though it is on my Game Boy Advance SP and I need to bust it out). I love the release on the Nintendo Switch as well. Kirby is the sweetest lil’ Cream Puff (his species as announced in the early 90’s…not sure if true still) and he even is so special to me, he became my first video game tattoo!

Tattoo & photo by  @pastelxtattooer

Tattoo & photo by @pastelxtattooer

3). Tomb Raider


Possible the most surprising on this list is my inclusion of Tomb Raider. While I always found men’s assertion of her physique and clearly male-gazey anatomy creepy, and tone deaf, I did enjoy seeing a bad-ass heroine who WOULD MOST DEFINITELY TAKE OUT NATHAN DRAKE AND INDIANA JONES (fight me!). I loved that her game was action and puzzle and had her in the craziest of places but still carrying on “on her own” (I mean I was the guide but still). I also really liked the movies (yes, even the admittedly terrible Angelina Jolie ones) as I got to see a woman being a bad ass as the STAR! And that’s something that I think Lara Croft, and Jolie deserve more credit and love on! I also refuse to give up my PS because I need to be able to play 1-3 in all their old school glory!

4). Overwatch

art by  WandaKun

Overwatch was a game I knew I would love just from the artwork. It’s Blizzard made (which means despite the non-story based game play, still has a solid lore). The characters are divers not just in their abilities, but also, ethnicities, sexual preferences, motivations! My personal favorites are Sombra, Zenyatta, Torbjorn, and more recently Baptiste for my mains. I actually play as a sub for Aggromancy a team on the Women of Overwatch League (WOWL) #WeChooseFist cause sometimes, you just gotta punch to win lol!

5). Destiny


I didn’t start playing Destiny until The Taken King DLC had already come out, so I missed most of the early drama (#dinklebot, and unfinished game). But Bungie created an intriguing lore, fun gameplay, and great for getting this old broad back in to FPS (a genre I’ve had vertigo based issues with previously). Like Overwatch the shine of my guns and armor in the game (though not as “Blizzard” level) actually kept me from getting dizzy. It was honestly the game that got me back into console gaming. While Destiny 2 has had a lot of negatives, (like the killing off of my “boyfriend” Cayde-6, and generally bummer of a first season of DLC) Destiny will always be a personal favorite, especially the first incarnation. (also: Ikora Ray is a bad ass who deserves more frakking credit!