Geek Out Day 11: Favorite Manga and Comic Series

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!

Let’s start with my two favorite comics (I realize manga is just comics in japanese, but I’m using these for distinction):

1). Bone by Jeff Smith

Bone vol 1.jpg

Bone is an underrated (well, actually “Not-as-well-known-as-it-should-be” would be more accurate) all ages comic series. I first heard about the series in the long defunct Disney Adventures Magazine. And honestly: it was the main reason I tried to collect all the issues (though the covers were also cool af and i’m 98% sure it would do well now-a-days). Smith tells an epic fantasy with a WARRIOR princess who truly is multi-dimensional. Also, there are dragons! Also, also there are Stupid stupid rat creatures (the creature in which an early meme tag/usage got the title from).

2). The Astonishing X-Men’s Age of Apocalypse series


This was my first or second comic book ever and I bought it at a class “auction” in school. It was my introduction to Clarice “Blink” Ferguson (my fave X-Man of all) and why I don’t completely hate Sabertooth anymore. Also: hot af Iceman ;) lol. I love re-reading them. And I try to buy ANY blink stuff (except when she had the mullet). Also: Morph in this series made me laugh aloud like a loon.

As for number 3, it is my most favorite manga (even more than Sailor Moon):

3). Nana


Nana is my most favorite manga, and Yazawa Ai my favorite manga-ka. The reason I got into Nana was via Paradise Kiss (another of her manga titles that serves as a pseudo-sequal to Gokinjo Monogatari). But Nana? Nana resonated! Even thinking of this manga makes me feel like a whole new person. The story and its puns, and its art?!?! It’s so beautifully realized and clever! I adore it. Sadly, around 2007 Yazawa-san got very ill, and the completion of the story has been on hiatus ever since. I wish I could writer her and ask even for the most basic essay form for what happens, and how it ends. But alas, I’d still want all the beautiful minor details.