There Goes The Sun...

Going home to San Diego back in July was amazing.

I went to Comic Con (AKA Nerd Family Reunion). Hung out with my family and friends and played a lot of D&D!

But the thing I got a lot of that I honestly missed the MOST was sunshine. I wore sunscreen cause I want to keep my vampire-ish youthful looks, but, I went back to my natural skin tone and honestly, I’ve been riding a happiness high ever since.

It’s true what they say: People with depression (especially those like your’s truly who suffer from “severe” depression) need the sunshine. I’ve been trying to keep moving out and about since coming back to The North, but dang. I’m not looking forward to the cold.

As the Starks say: Winter is Coming. And I’m a bloody Martell (or Targaryen, I’m not sure…I like warm is all).

I have a lot to plan for in preparation of winter. One of which is to continue the exercise route. after all:


I am not saying of course that exercise is “the cure to depression” because when you’re depressed, its bloody hard to exercise and honestly, it only helps my meds. But you get what Elle Woods is saying. You do feel good because you accomplished an activity you set out to do.

Another thing I’m looking into is a "happy/sunlight lamp". Winter is rough for me, so sitting in front of a lamp sounds weird and different. But I’m looking forward to the ability to be happy and get some “sun” (even if artificially lol).

I’m also trying to pull together fun winter clothing pieces, so there’s things to look forward to in cold weather. from cute spooky sweaters:


To Warm vests (with hoodies cause snow)!


It’s important to have things to look forward to. It’s probably the hardest thing for me to remember too.

What are some of your cheats for for beating cold weather blues? I’d LOVE to hear them! One might say: I need to hear them :)