Movies I Thought I'd Hate But, Enjoyed

Sometimes Facebook reposts have a great way of inspiring you. For instance, The Sartorial Geek reposted this blog post that has inspired todays!

The first movie on my list is Sucker Punch. There are still some slightly cringe-y bits in this movie, but overall, I enjoy a straight up super hero girl team kicking ASS as a movie!!!


Deadpool is probably the most surprising entry you’ll see as a lot of my disdain stems from my old hate fro Ryan Reynolds (of whom I’ve since become a “fan?”) and the fact that 90’s Deadpool comics were a staple growing up. I LOVED both movies and I wouldn’t be butt hurt at Marvel keeping Reynolds on in the MCU (thank God it’s no longer in Fox’s hands). But i remember being in Hall H at SDCC when they showed the trailer and thinking: “well…damn. I was wrong; this seems like it will be good” (see, I can admit to being wrong lol). Also: homeboy’s gin is amazing!!!


The Babadook was the movie that really kicked off my horror ventures. You see, I am a scaredy cat. I have straight up vivid nightmares so I avoided horror movies for the longest time. But in 2016 I started watching them and even wrote about a few of them to share how I was handling things. The Babadook I had heard was one of the scariest. It turns out, it was hard hitting and relatable for other reasons and I love the movie. I’d always had an interest in horror because I wanted to know what the deuce was happening. The Babadook helped me to start watching and enjoying!

Live.Die.Repeat. (aka Edge of Tomorrow) was by far one of the biggest surprises I have ever seen. I’m always a little iffy about a Tom Cruise movie (even though I loved him in Legend, and as Lestat in Interview With a Vampire). I do enjoy the bejeezus out of Emily Blunt. But more importantly, the movie has Tom Cruise dying over and over in a myriad of crazy and sometimes hilarious (?) ways. It really is one of the most fun SciFi movies I’ve seen. The Tenor and I bought a copy immediately after we RedBoxed it! Also Emily Blunt plays a BADASS lady soldier who is basically the savior of humanity!!!


Lastly is little more old school nowadays, but in the 90’s teenaged rom coms were all the rage (actually, tbh, since the 50’s—post WW2 to be exact—these have been a thing) and movies like Can’t Hardly Wait, and She’s All That were all the rage. I reluctantly went to see 10 Things I Hate About You and even if this follows all the tropes of then, the use of The Taming of the Shrew as a guideline (and Heath Ledger’s ridiculously adorable smile and accent) made my cold jaded grinch-y teenage heart melt.


What are some movies you were hesitant towards (regardless of reason) but ended up enjoying?