2019 Achievements to Unlock (Part 3)

Monday I went over my job and how its WONDERFUL being in the water.

The great part about teaching Level 3 is the added bonus of getting to work out! I’m able to swim with the kids and have to go back and forth in the pool with them. in about 3 weeks time of teaching this level, I’ve seen a huge difference in my legs and shape! I’ve started wearing fins because (believe it or not) they cause a little extra work for you while you workout!

I’ve been following up with light weights, or brisk walks after and boy…do I get nice and tired. It’s like being a kid again and having that sleepy after swim and play feeling! I love it!!!!

I’ve also been trying to drink more water. I’ve been way too coffee dependent the last couple of months. I try to avoid sweeteners and go more vegetarian (when possible…produce doesn’t last more than 48 hour—you’re lucky if that long tbh.

Cauliflower rice is my favorite thing right now, mixed with kimchi, cut up black bean burgers from Morning Star, or, some mock beef!

Trying to make sure I have a few healthy veggie options is hard, but I’ve been feeling a lot better with them. (Now if only the weather would stay sunny?).

What are somethings you are happy about achieving for yourself?