Geek Out Day 13 Favorite Book Series

Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal and this list of prompts, I’m participating in her 30 Day GEEK OUT!


My favorite series of all time is by Jasper Fforde. It’s the Thursday Next series, about a woman named Thursday, who finds out she can read herself into fiction. The first book of her series The Eyre Affair details how the Jane Eyre we now know and love was changed in part by Thursday, and how “we almost lost the book for forever.

From there, Thursday joins Jurisfiction: the jurisdiction, that governs/polices fiction. This is my literal/literary dream job!!! Thursday joins characters such as Miss Havisham, the Cheshire Cat (or sometimes “The Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat”) who guards/keeps an eye on The Great Library where EVERY work of fiction, in any ISBN version, in any language, etc is stored!

Honestly, I could go on FOREVER about this series. I reread this so often, and on top of that, I listen to it often as well LOL! I truly love this series, and the spin-off (yes! There’s a legit spin-off) in the Nursery Crime series, which I actually read first! It features a homicidal, gargantuan Gingerbread man and Jack Sprat and his partner Mary Mary have to stop:


The other series by Fforde is The Chronicles of Kazaam which is a YA series set in the modern world, with old medieval mythology, and a young girl as a knight! The first book also got it’s own made for TV movie! Also, I LOVE dragons so that, plus my favorite author? I was sold!

He also recently came out with Early Riser, which I am saving to read on my upcoming trip! But what could be my favorite series still only has one book. Shades of Grey is the series and its about a cast system based on Thomas Munssell tests. It’s so good and it’s been like 10 YEARS since a new chapter, (much like one of my favorite manga). But I would still suggest it!