2019 Achievements to Unlock (part 2)

In my previous post I talked about running specifically and hitting little goals. I wanted to highlight in this post something that has been helping me stay accountable to primarily myself, but was inspired by my friends Megan and Topher. 

The Apple Watch ⌚️ has been making me set small (but in the long run not that small if I think about it) achievements daily.  

My watch! 

My watch! 

I originally wanted the watch because my life goal was to be Penny from Inspector Gadget (Cree Summer has been goals since I was a wee lass) and I wanted the ability to text easily as I am often criticized for my long response time. But what’s happened is I now have those rings to fill in! Blue is for standing up at least once per hour for one minute to burn more calories. Green is to get 30-minutes of working out/physical activity a day in. And the red is for my personal goal of burning 610 calories a day. 

Surprisingly the blue one is the hardest. It’s the one I’m focusing on the most as depression makes me not want to move out of bed...like a lot. But once I do, I get up and go exercise. So I can eat more food (which I’ll address in an additional post...probably. Yeah that’s not a bad idea 💡).

There’s three apps I have on the watch that I use specifically for working out. I went over the Nike run club in my previous post.  But I’ve also used the Nike Training  Club (NTC) app and the Under Armour Record app! 

Record on my watch used my heart rate and motion to measure my calories if I’m in a class or watching a video (like Bodyshred, my current program). I like it because it automatically syncs with My Fitness Pal (whose watch app is mostly for adding those ounces of water).

NTC has ITS OWN VIDEOS!!! And it’s free! Tough it doesn’t sync with My Fitness Pal, I can use the latter’s app to calculate the right amount.

Again, I emphasize that NTC is FREE of charge, and you get all the exercises the app has to offer! I love this because unlike every other premium application Nike puts their money where their mouth is when comes to their goal of fitness for all! There’s no pop up adverts! #MadRespect

Guys I made a gif for you! 😂  

Guys I made a gif for you! 😂  

I digress/bunny trailed! On the Apple Watch ⌚️, the NTC apps sync between phone and watch to give a soft ding for when you switch exercises, or for your milestone workouts, you tap the screen when finishing a rep! 

Bonus info: Y’all! I know reps vs sets now! I don’t even second guess myself on which is which anymore 🖤🖤🖤 

Anyway, I do need to go fill in those rings for the day! What are your daily motivators? Even if it’s not the same one/ones, sometimes I workout cause I just want to eat a LOT of pizza one day. Another it’s cause I just like how it feels to workout. But those RINGS!!!