2019 Achievements to Unlock (part I)

You know there are things I’ve learned from video games that apply to every day life. From teamwork in games like Overwatch and Destiny, to the importance of checking on friends in Animal Crossing and the importance of dialogue via...well any game with a minimum of a story line lol. 

One of the things most gamers have in common from board to video is that we are achievement/trophy hunters. Maybe we’re not all completionists. But, when you review little mysteries or read about something you want like a little spray or armor or special plant or tool that you NEED, well; you try and go for it don’t you?

For example, I want all the pixel and chibi sprays on overwatch. While I’m not sure I’ll ever GET all of them, I can still try! I’ve surprised myself with some. For instance I got both for my boo Sombra, and the more unexpected pixel for Roadhog! In Animal Crossing ya girl wants ALL the Golden tools...and fishing and bugs have proven difficult, but it’s—STILL FUN TO TRY!

Right now, I’m trying to make sure I have fun trying in real life as well! In the Nike Run Club I want as many achievements as possible!!! So while im doing the Bodyshred workout by Jillian Michaels im changing up the cardio days with a focus on running.

10.21 is a start but I want MORE!

10.21 is a start but I want MORE!

Also Nike hosts contests which the only way to win is to run—including on a treadmill! And while I am an adidas girl through and through, but I love how Nike has always been at the forefront for social justice. Also their apps are AD-FREE! And, you don’t have to upgrade for anything!

What are some achievements you’re trying to unlock right now? 

P.S. I’m still HELLA salty about Cayde-6 and I miss my Robot (Exo) boyfriend 😜