About Me

"Legend says Joie (with an "Oi!" in it) is a California girl who has migrated to the Mid-West due to Grown-Upping. A born and raised geeky rebel, hailing from San Diego, she is still waiting for her mutant powers to manifest...or, for her midichlorian-to-cell count, to rise above threshold...or, for a bloke in a blue box to tell her to: "Run!" She's a lover of books, sociology, punk rock, comics/manga, cartoons, sic-fi, anime, and pop-culture in general! She and her Husband (The Tenor) both love behavioral sciences, and love to see how pop-culture both influences and, reflect societal norms!

Confession of a Book Pimp chronicles her goal to be healthy for life, especially in regards to exercising. One of the ways Joie seeks to inspiration is by having fun with character-inspired, workout playlists, and, Workout Cosplays!

She also will be doing book reviews, life posts, Fandom Fridays, and sharing any geeky exploits!"