Day 1 Very First Anime (30 Days of Anime)

You know what: I've missed writing...a LOT! These last few months have been trying...on us all if I'm not mistaken. But, to alleviate some of the gravity of the year so far, I'm doing the 30 day anime challenge this month.
30 Days of Anime with Joie Fatale

My first introduction to anime was when my family was stationed in the Philippines. While I'm 90% sure it was voltron...I just don't remember. So I'll go with the first one I truly recall: Unico.

Unico is an adorable little cinnamon-bun eared unicorn, and being the magical-girl-in-training-child I was in love with Unico. He was created by the great Osamu Tezuka who also created Astro-Boy, Phoenix, and Kimba the White Lion (ALSO! He's a descendent of Hatori Hanzo the ninja and samurai)!

I don't remember much about Unico to be honest. I remember it was one of the movies, and, that we used to rent it on VHS tape. But, I believe it was The Fantastic Adventures of Unico based on the covers of the two movies (which I am going to now purchase on Blu-Ray **SQUEE**).

While I don't remember anything plot-wise I remember being in love with the aesthetic style (I remember telling my parents that it reminded me of my favorite cartoons when we were stationed abroad) and well...I mean LOOK AT UNICO!
Cute af! (via)
I mean, that cuteness!

Magical af! (via)

Any who, stay tuned for more anime love! Tomorrow: Favorite Anime I've Watched so Far (god! How do I pick?!?!


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